Drew Peterson’s Publicist: “It’s gone better than I ever could have imagined”

Since neither of his high-profile clients has gone to trial yet, I imagine Glenn must be referring only to the money he has made when he says how well things have gone for him.

Glenn Selig Loves a Challenge

Glenn Selig Loves a Challenge

Tampa publicist Glenn Selig helps Blagojevich, Drew Peterson battle image problems
By Eric Deggans, Times TV/Media Critic
In Print: Monday, February 16, 2009


…The call that changed Selig’s life came while he was on a Disney cruise with his wife, Charyn, and young children, daughter Drew and son Joshua, at the end of 2007. It was Peterson’s attorney with an intriguing proposal.

How would he like to represent the most controversial husband in America?

Peterson already had an awful public image, behaving oddly during interviews about his missing 23-year-old wife and attempting to participate in a dating contest overseen by a Chicago shock jock. Selig met with the retired officer in Orlando, weighing whether his potential client was misunderstood or someone looking to bamboozle the world.

“Do I know whether he did it or not? No, because I wasn’t there,” said Selig, who eventually brokered interviews with NBC’s Today show and the Associated Press emphasizing Peterson’s parenting skills. “Do I believe he did it? No. And because no one else knows, either, he needs to be presumed innocent. … It’s a noble cause to defend someone’s image in the court of public opinion.”

Tampa public relations professional Lisa Brock said publicists can hurt their own credibility by taking on too many clients who seem arrogant or fame-seeking. “There are people who only care about the spotlight and not the reason why it’s shining,” she added.

Brock said such high-profile cases can spark fees topping $2,500 per day, jump-starting a publicist’s Rolodex. But clients can be unpredictable: Peterson, 55, made headlines for planning to marry 24-year-old Christina Raines, who called off the engagement in January, saying it was a publicity stunt.

But Raines backtracked, appearing on NBC’s Today show Friday with Peterson; the report also said Peterson hoped to develop a book or reality TV show deal. “She announced their breakup on a morning show … so it became important that they set the record straight,” said Selig, who arranged the interview after the two reconciled.

Selig said an attorney for Blagojevich called after seeing him quoted in a newspaper story on handling the public image aspects of pop star R. Kelly’s child pornography trial.

Selig’s hire puzzled journalists, who wondered why an official facing impeachment in Illinois would enlist a Tampa-based guy representing a man who police say is a suspect in his wife’s disappearance. (Peterson has not been charged in that case or in the homicide of his third wife, and has denied wrongdoing.)

“It seemed like the last thing a person who was insisting on his innocence would do,” said Eric Zorn, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. “(But) once you have Blagojevich determined to do this, well, (Selig) booked him on all these shows and not one of them was a disaster. So I think Blagojevich got what he wanted out of it.”

Selig declines to talk about his fees. Critics wonder how a retired Chicago officer or an impeached public official can afford a publicist who flies in and out of New York for media interviews at a moment’s notice.

Even if Selig is working for free, the boost given his company — which includes a press release writing service and a Web site for dads — may be invaluable.

“It’s gone better than I ever could have imagined,” he said. “I think people appreciate that I’m looking out for this concept, that people deserve a fair hearing, whatever you believe about them.”


Thanks, Bucket for the finding the article!

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64 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s Publicist: “It’s gone better than I ever could have imagined”

  1. BucketofTea also posted this link to an article about backfiring of PR in the case of Amanda Knox, the american girl accused of murdering her roommate in Italy:


    Mr Mignini’s supporters said the mounting evidence against Amanda Knox is increasing pressure on her supporters to undermine the prosecution.

    But they warned that those attacks risk alienating the very people – the Italian public and Perugia jury – who they want to convince.

    Worse still for the Seattle campaigners, it appears their strategy has backfired with their own defence team.

    Defence lawyer Luciano Ghirga reportedly told Italian newspaper La Nazione last week: “The attempts to discredit everyone from the police at the crime scene to the lead prosecutor in the case are blatantly obvious.”

  2. Facs,

    I posted on your previous thread regarding Ez transport. I don’t know if you want that up there or not?


  3. Lorie, not owned by Steve C. now or was it never owned by him?

    That’s similar to the info I saw posted in March.

  4. So much for Joel’s statement that the loving couple would make ONE appearance and then retreat back to their private lives…

    From Mancow’s Twitter:

    MancowMuller is excited because he’ll have the first radio interview with #Drew Peterson and his new fiance tomorrow on The #Mancow Show!
    10 minutes ago from web

    God, that mancow is a piece of shit.

    It’s interesting to me that as people’s careers/business ventures begin to flatline, suddenly doing business with a murder suspect becomes a pallatable option.

  5. Joel Brodsky:

    The idea is that they are going to do one interview—it’s like the paparazzi—you’ve got to let them take your picture and then they’ll go away. So I think they’re going to do one major interview, get everything out in the open, and then hopefully then they’ll be able to, the media storm will die down, they’ll be able to live somewhat normally.

    Obviously, they have no real interest in letting the media storm die down.

  6. Looks like Selig has a chance to get another notorious client:

    Octuplet mom’s publicist calls it quits
    Public relations group steps down because of death threats, its chief says

    updated 6:59 p.m. CT, Sat., Feb. 14, 2009
    LOS ANGELES – The public relations group that represented octuplets mother Nadya Suleman is stepping down because of death threats, its president said Saturday


  7. Hmmm -Seligs says “It’s a noble cause to defend someone’s image in the court of public opinion.”

    I do agree with this in most cases. However, in this case it is the defendent himself who is screwing his own image and he created the need for himself to get a PR agent the moment he jumped on the camera scene with that American flag bandana and then bashed his missing wife on the Today show.

    I think it would be more noble to find out the truth than defend someone for the sake of defending them. JMO.

  8. Agreed, TAI. Certainly there’s honor in defending someone who has garnered an undeserved bad reputation.

    But if that person has gone above and beyond to prove to the world that they are uncaring, egomaniacal and greedy then where is the honor in it?

  9. This whole “engagement” scenario is just getting too tacky for words.

    Makes you wonder what common grounds they have for a relationship/engagement if one says they don’t want any more kids and the other one says the opposite.

    What did they discuss for their future together if such an important issue wasn’t even raised ?

    “Serious lust” got a mention from Drew before, so that must have been the extent of it ………….

  10. justanotherhen Says:

    February 16, 2009 at 3:13 pm
    This whole “engagement” scenario is just getting too tacky for words.

    Makes you wonder what common grounds they have for a relationship/engagement if one says they don’t want any more kids and the other one says the opposite.

    What did they discuss for their future together if such an important issue wasn’t even raised ?

    “Serious lust” got a mention from Drew before, so that must have been the extent of it ………….


    Isn’t lust is all you need for a happy marriage??? LOL! Drew is stuck in teenager mentality and it appears that he has found a little girl that is also stuck at that stage in her life.

    The little fights moving in, moving out, moving in. It is just like my high school daughter and her boyfriends (minus the moving part of course).

    If you are in on-again, off-again mode how the heck can you even think of marriage unless you are not that intelligent…

  11. Christina just doesn’t get it –

    It is very unwise for Christina to have and openly air plans or opinions that don’t fit in with what Drew wants.

    She needs to take a good look at the clip where Drew says: “The Devil has won this round”

    That is 666 “kicking in”

  12. another excerpt from the Selig piece above: “…Tampa publicist and crisis manager Glenn Selig sounds almost giddy when describing the…scene where he and impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich…”

    * * * * * *
    You can just picture him….

  13. facs,

    Responding from last thread. Yes word is Peterson had the big “V”.

    I missed the CBS news at 5 & 6, do you know if there was a part 2 to the John Morphey interview? Checked their web site and nothing was posted. Will be watching the 10pm news…

  14. Hey everybody!

    Can’t make this stuff up, can you? Wow, while I’ve been gone, has Dopehead been busy.

    Lots of catching up to do.

  15. I watched about half of the CBS2 news at five and didn’t see anything.

    I also just happened to watch the end of the Geraldo that I had DVR’d. Rosanne Barr was on and she had plenty to say about Drew Peterson as in, “Why isn’t that guy locked up?”

  16. When I watched that video of Chrissy with Dopehead on the sofa, when they were interviewed by the Today Show, she looked like she was participating in the Twilight Zone. She was a meek, mild, scared thing anymore – she wasn’t Dopehead’s zombie person.

    Oh, yuck!

  17. hi everyone, how do you keep up with this new setup , and find everything on here lol. what is going on with drew , ?? heard that chick is back with drew again. that is to bad ya know

  18. Hi Lug. The easiest way to review something, or read the comments that might be of interest to you, is to click on Home at the top. Scroll down to read the various articles and the comments from the sections that are of interest to you.

    Hope that helps.

  19. Welcome home, Rescue!

    Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

    Selig is saying he was engaged by Badsky at the end of 2007, DP already had bad image from Win a Date With Drew????

    Win a Date aired January 23, 2008.

    Therefore, Win a Date was POST SELIG.

  20. Drew announces that he’s hired a publicist, January 14th 2008, which is 10 days earlier than the Win a Date with Drew episode. Post Selig.

  21. bucketoftea Says:

    February 17, 2009 at 9:33 am e
    Drew announces that he’s hired a publicist, January 14th 2008, which is 10 days earlier than the Win a Date with Drew episode. Post Selig.

    So Joel and Drew didn’t bother to call Selig before they called Dahl’s show? But Glenn stayed with him anyway?

  22. …..and if Selig is trying to say the dating game was a bit of a disaster, as his current publicist/crisis manager (don’t make me larf) why on earth does he keep mentioning it? There is so much conflict of interest going on here…

  23. Drew and Chrissy are on now.

    Drew said he’s with Chrissy “for the duration”. I wonder why he wouldn’t say for the rest of his life??

  24. Now Drew says that Chrissy has been in love with him for 9-10 years. Her response was 6 months. And then she jokes around that he was weird and was trying to molest her and then laughs. WTF is her problem joking around about that shit??!! That pisses me off for real.

    And these guys are all surprised that people have called in and one person asked Chrissy what method she prefers Drew to kill her and then they cut the person off.

  25. Chrissy had trouble figuring out that she needed to wear headphones while on the radio.

    Eventually, she was able to hear a caller (Beverly) who asked her, “When Drew gets tired of you and is ready to move on to his sixth wife, would you rather be drwoned in a bathtub or…” But she was cut off. Apparently the call made Chrissy angry.

  26. Drew is going to be at a benefit on May 3rd for a PO who has Colon Cancer.

    (Cancer Sufferer: Please Drew, please don’t help me!)

  27. During the break she asked Drew “Are you going to drown me in the bathtub?”

    “I was just playing!!!”

    Truly. I will vomit.

  28. Why did Chrissy even go there if she isn’t going to answer any questions?

    She said she has always like older men.

  29. She says she is going to run if he is convicted and then she’s just joking. It is so nice that these guys can joke around about these two women who are no longer with their family.

    He bought her a puppy. Awww! How cute!

  30. Giggle. Giggle. *Gasp*

    What did you think when you met Drew?

    “I thought he was weird and was trying to molest me. JUST KIDDING!”

    Would you stand by Drew is he was arrested?


    Even if he was convicted?

    “No…JUST KIDDING!!!!”

  31. “A big mouth sensationalist like that deserves a punch in the nose.”

    Didn’t he already get one of those?

  32. Was that a punch to the nose or a chair to the nose? I remember it being a chair thrown at him that broke his nose quite some time ago.

  33. That sounds familiar. I checked wikipedia and they say a punch, though:

    Although public perceptions in the show’s first season were leading to this dubious title, the episode that solidified Geraldo as “Trash TV” was the November 11, 1988 episode involving white power skinheads, anti-racist skinheads, black activists, and Jewish activists. A confrontation between the guests led to a full-out fist fight, in which several stage hands and Rivera himself attempted to break it up. In the process, Rivera was punched in the face and wound up with a broken nose. Geraldo’s injured face graced the covers of nearly every magazine and tabloid publication in America.

  34. My lie detector was going crazy during Drew’s LKL interview when he said he doesn’t have a temper and he challenges people to find anyone out there that has ever seen him mad.

    What BS!! Everyone gets mad. Even little old me.

  35. Well that would explain why he says you won’t be able to find someone that has seen him mad (at least before he started becoming a media whore and getting angry on the public airwaves)…

  36. I saw Sarah Palin’s 18-year-old daughter on Greta last night and she sounded way more mature than Chrissy did on this interview.

    The comment about her thinking he was weird and wanted to molest her (along with his comment that she’s loved him for 9-10 years) just will not leave my head. That is just sickening IMO.

    There are real victims of child molestation out there and they should be ashamed of themselves for making light of such a thing.

    Chrissy has a daughter right? Someone should ask her how she’d feel if Drew started hitting on her daughter when she’s at the age he started hitting on her.

  37. Mancow and Cassidy discussing how Chrissy acted in the studio.

    “I think she’s a frightened kid. Not afraid that Drew is going to murder her. She was scared to be in here. I think if I had said BOO she would have run out of the room.”

  38. For Mancow and Cassidy, it sounds as if Chrissy asking Drew “Are you gonna drown me in the bathtub like your other wives? Hahahahaha.” was the creepiest moment. It was during a break so we didn’t hear it.

  39. So…did Glenn Selig book this outrageously tasteless display?

    Is this how he salvages his client’s reputation?

  40. thinkaboutit2 Says:

    February 17, 2009 at 9:57 am
    … He bought her a puppy. Awww! How cute!

    Will he give it away if she pisses him off?

    facsmiley Says:

    February 17, 2009 at 10:29 am
    For Mancow and Cassidy, it sounds as if Chrissy asking Drew “Are you gonna drown me in the bathtub like your other wives? Hahahahaha.” was the creepiest moment. It was during a break so we didn’t hear it.

    I wonder if she said wives as in plural.

  41. I think it’s official.

    Chrissy is now part of the stunt.

    I guess the only way you can tell the difference between Chrissy and the box of rocks is the headphones?

    She might consider wearing those full-time.

    Okay … I’m getting snarky. But I’m not sure I can stop.

  42. Snarky is as snarky does. They deserve snarkiness for putting on a show of complete and utter stupidity and lack of concern for any of their children. Of course the older boys right now probably get some pats on the back for having a “hot” new mom-to-be as boys will often take looks over brains!

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