Drew Peterson to collect pension *with video*

Here’s the latest from Tuesday night’s Bolingbrook Fire and Police Board meeting. The Board officially accepted Drew Peterson’s resignation, meaning Peterson is entitled to his $72,000 a year pension.

Peterson’s former boss, Bolingbrook Police Chief Ray McGury, also lashed out Tuesday night saying: “In my mind he has brought shame to this department.”

According to reports, McGury wanted Peterson to face disciplinary action for alleged violations of departmental policies while he was on the force. The chief also said that investigation is now a “moot point” because the Board accepted Peterson’s resignation Tuesday night.

McGury also said he plans to present his findings to Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow for possible criminal prosecution in the near future.

In other news, Kathleen Savio’s exhumed body was returned to its grave on Monday after an autopsy.

Drew Peterson also appeared on “The Today Show” Monday flanked by his lawyer. Last Saturday he did an interview with Geraldo Rivera where Peterson said he was coached on what to say. See the video here:

This video of Stacy was put together by her family: http://findstacypeterson.com/videos.php

3 thoughts on “Drew Peterson to collect pension *with video*

  1. why did it take o bbpd 12 months to decide drew had criminal activity and should have een fired then why didn’t they do it ? ow they the bbpdmight be held accountable and need to ge the monkey of their acks so lets zeroi on drew. she left why is thatso hard obelieve? any easier to believe susan smith who did drown her babies. and didn’t we all believe her crying drama ?inocent unil you PROVEI ID IT. right oj?

  2. I would like to know how Bolingbrook handled ( or mishandled ) the complaints of domestic violence. There are proceedures and laws which may have been ignored over and over, again. The Domestic Violence Provention Act does not grant immunity to cops. This seems like a civil rights issue. The BB police dept. has a lot of company out there in the land of the fraternal brotherhood, thats for sure.

  3. The more that comes out on Drew Peterson, the more ashamed I am of this City’s government and law enforcement. You should all be ashamed.

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