Police say Peterson’s 3rd wife hit Stacy Peterson

Here’s the latest from the Bolingbrook Reporter on mysuburbanlife.com:

Although members of the families of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio publicly supported each other during a Dec. 1 candlelight vigil held in the cul-de-sac outside the Peterson home on Pheasant Chase Court in Bolingbrook, Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio were more apt to use derogatory language and exchange punches when in each other’s company, according to Bolingbrook police.

Bolingbrook police recently released a summary of 18 calls to police emanating from the Peterson/Savio house at 392 Pheasant Chase Drive between Feb. 17, 2002 and Nov. 11, 2003, and although the majority of calls were calls involving Drew Peterson and Savio — at the time still married to Drew Peterson — three of them involved Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson, Drew Peterson’s fourth wife.

According to police, units were called to the home on May 26, 2002 and Kathleen Savio was arrested for punching Stacy Peterson — then Stacy Cales — in the face.

At the time Savio and Drew Peterson still were married, although Drew Peterson and Stacy Peterson were romantically involved. Police said Drew Peterson was attempting to drop off children at the home when Kathleen Savio punched Stacy “in the face because she was in the car” with Drew Peterson when the children were being dropped off, the report states.

Kathleen Savio was charged in that incident, but the record was expunged by court order, according to Bolingbrook police.

In another incident on Dec. 20, 2002 Kathleen contacted police to advise them a certified letter had been sent to Stacy stating Stacy would face trespassing charges if she came on the property in the future. The call was logged for documentation.

In the third incident Kathleen called police to report Stacy called her “several derogatory names” while Drew Peterson was dropping off children. That call was referred to the Will County State’s Attorney’s office.

The summary also shows that on June 2, 2003 less than a year before Kathleen Savio’s death, Kathleen contacted police to report someone entered the home through a rear sliding glass door and removed a diamond wedding ring and a pair of diamond earrings from her bedroom. She also stated a camera was taken from the kitchen. The report said Drew Peterson denied any involvement.

Police said they supplied the summary of the calls because of the large volume of requests being made by the media requesting the information, according to Lt. Ken Teppel, public information officer for the Bolingbrook Police Department.

Stacy Peterson has been missing since Oct. 28, and Illinois State Police consider Drew Peterson a suspect in her disappearance.

State police continue to investigate the death of Savio, who died March 1, 2004. She was discovered dead in an empty bath tub with a cut to the back of her head. A six-person coroner’s jury said the death was an accidental drowning.

Following the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, the Will County State’s Attorney’s office re-examined Savio’s death and exhumed her body to conduct a second autopsy on her remains.

Specifics of that autopsy, performed Nov. 13, will not be known for a few more weeks, according to the Will County Coroner’s office.

Dr. Michael Baden, at the request of the Savio family, conducted an independent autopsy and said the death was a homicide.

Drew Peterson has denied any involvement in both cases.

On Saturday more than 50 people attended a candlelight vigil in the cul-de-sac outside the home of Drew and Stacy Peterson.

“Even though it was cold and there was a freezing rain, we still packed the tent,” said Sharon Bychowski, organizer of the event.

According to Bychowski, prayers were offered for Stacy Peterson, Kathleen Savio and Lisa Stebic, the Plainfield woman who has been missing for more than six months.

Members from all three families were present at the vigil, according to Bychowski.

Volunteers who spent part of the morning searching for Stacy Peterson were recognized, Bychowski said.

“One of the messages we wanted to reinforce is that we cannot stop searching for either Lisa or Stacy,” Bychowski said.


11 thoughts on “Police say Peterson’s 3rd wife hit Stacy Peterson

  1. Seems like I read Kathleens side of the fight in a police report that stated Stacy was taking pictures or acting like she was of Kathleen with the camera that had been stolen. Kathleen stated she tried to get the camera back.

    I am sure with Drew there were hurt feelings and drama. I am not surprised that he would state his version to make both wives look like nut cases. Typical wife-beater tactics.

  2. Sounds like both women were out of control and jealous of each other to the hilt. I would of expected Kathleen to be more calm considering stacy was so young. I doubt Drew could control or make either woman behave at that point in time.

  3. Roni, i very much agree with you. Drew has consistently slandered his victims blaming “hormones” and their “menstrual cycles”.
    He has become a poster boy for deadly misogyny.
    His hatred of women is so malevolent he can’t even keep it out of his public statements while he is the subject of a murder investigation.

    Drew used his police power to turn the tables on Kathleen Savio and have her charged, yet she was found not guilty. The Bolingbrooke police Department have purposefully minimized Kathleen Savios calls for police protection when she knew her life was threatened on numerous occasions due to their own negligence of duty leading to her eventual murder.
    Present Chief Raymond McGury continues to do so.

    i am glad that the media is following this case closely and that the FBI is involved. The evidence in this case so far suggests corrupt BBPD cops, a corrupt Mayor
    ( a close friend of Drew’s), and a very corrupt former District Attorney Jeffery Tomzack. All who should be held liable in the death of Kathleen Savio and cover-up of her murder.


  4. Honestly I am beginning to think that stacy killed or had kathleen killed because of the fights between them.

  5. My God Exlawenforcement!!! I don’t think you are “beginning to think” at all, especially not HONESTLY!!!! You are just fantasizing that some gullible idiot might come along and believe more of your stupid lies, innuendo, and imaginary speculation!! Furthermore, HOW can you even begin a sentence with HONESTLY???? Nothing you write is even believable!! If both women were jealous of each other, it’s because of what Drew (which is you maybe??) put them through, and he probably enjoyed every minute that they were fighting over him, because in his sick, disgusting mind, it made him feel “desirable!” And, I would also think he probably didn’t raise a hand to stop it because he got such a kick out of it!! He probably DID take Kathleen’s camera (and wedding ring to boot) and then gave it Stacy. Supposedly, that’s what Kathleen was trying to do, not fight with or attack Stacy, but get her camera back when she believed she saw it in Stacy’s hands. Stacy very likely didn’t know it had ever belonged to Kathleen, and quite possibly believed it was a gift from Drew, who really knows? Sadly, both of them are gone and cannot defend themselves one way or another. Also, the statement that Drew “couldn’t CONTROL or MAKE THEM BEHAVE” as you stated is assinine!! He shouldn’t have anyway!! However, that’s what people says he is (among many, many other nasty and unflattering things) …..CONTROLLING! But apparently only when he chooses to be. He certainly seems to be capable of lot of sneaky, dispicable and sinister things, but being truthful, honest, and honorable seem impossible for him….in my opinion. What a mess you’ve made Drew!!! And your poor children are left to try to live their lives in the wake of it!!

  6. “exlawenforcement”, on April 1st, 2008 at 7:41 pm Said:
    “Honestly I am beginning to think that stacy killed or had kathleen killed because of the fights between them.”

    FYI “exlawenforcement”

    “Days before she went missing, Stacy Peterson spoke with the same lawyer who represented Kathleen Savio in her divorce from Drew Peterson …

    Smith was Savio’s divorce attorney for her tumultuous divorce from Peterson. He said Savio agreed to finalize the grounds for divorce and save the financial settlement for later so that Drew Peterson could marry Stacy, who was uninsured and pregnant with her first child at the time.

    “Everybody at some point sort of sat down and said ‘forget the anger and the other strife we’re going through,’” Smith said. “If he’s not married to her, she cannot get onto his insurance coverage and they’re going to have this child without any health care benefits.

    “I talked to Kathy about that and she realized that was not an appropriate thing to have happen,” Smith said.
    Savio also agreed to drop an order of protection she filed against Drew Peterson so he would not risk losing his job as a police officer, Smith said.

    Smith recounted several letters Savio sent to his office and to public officials expressing her fear of Drew Peterson. The remarks echoed those made by Savio’s family members who have said she told them that if anything happened to her, it wouldn’t be an accident.
    …continued https://petersonstory.wordpress.com/2008/03/07/stacy-inquired-about-divorce-days-before-disappearance/

    Unlike your buddy Drew, Stacy had no history of violence towards Kathleen or anyone else.

  7. Once again hes not my buddy. Prehaps a rabies shot, distemper shot and some paxil will help you.

  8. Drew Peterson is an obvious abuser in so many ways, the fact the “women” kept meeting up with each other, was set up! Do you not think that Drew figured the new little girl, who was smitten with him, wouldn’t do anything she could for him? An older man! God we were all kids once and didn;t we all have crush on someone older than ourselves. Too bad for these two that they also fell victim to him too!
    Drew and his trip to “stardom”, I hope that the more shows he goes on will only help to impeach him in the end!
    No matter what happens, you can’t give up believing that someday he will be caught for not one of them but for both!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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