Drew Peterson seeking defense fund money via Web site

Drew Peterson started a new Web site, DefendDrew.com, this week on which he is seeking donations to offset the cost of what the site called his “defense.”

As of Tuesday evening the site was taken down because of what his lawyer said was too much traffic. As of Wednesday afternoon the site was still down.

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3 thoughts on “Drew Peterson seeking defense fund money via Web site

  1. I can’t believe that anyone would actually support this crooked cop its cops like him that make me wanna pull into a well lit place at night that has plenty of ppl until i reach that place i wont pull over i have had cops draw guns on me cause of it well not draw them but unsnap them this sob killed his wife and i cant believe he wants us to pay for him to get off if we help this sob whats it telling our kids that its ok to kill 2 ppl and get the public to help you get off i think not this sob should be locked up right now i just cant believe he isnt

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