Peterson case: The week in review

There were many developments in the Peterson case this week as reported in the Bolingbrook Reporter Newspaper and online at

Here’s a look at the busy week:

Activity and developments continue to occur around the Stacy Peterson missing person story. Peterson, the 23-year-old wife of former Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson, has been missing since Oct. 28.

New information that came out this week includes:

• Drew Peterson’s son, Stephen Peterson, an Oak Brook police officer, testified Thursday before a grand jury in Will County.

• A Will County judge will rule Monday on whether state investigators can retain possession of two vehicles, guns and other property seized in a Nov. 1 raid on the Peterson home. Drew Peterson has been named a suspect in Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. He has denied any involvement in his wife’s disappearance.

• Divers continued to search the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal near Romeoville looking for clues of the missing woman.

• A Web site,, was posted by Drew Peterson’s attorney to seek donations to offset costs for his “defense.” It was disabled Tuesday, less than 24 hours after it was opened.

• A former friend of Drew Peterson, Richard Mims, sold his story to the National Enquirer and on Wednesday Mims quit the board of a Stacy Peterson charity.

• A former Oak Brook police officer, Randy Mucha, said that although he has received many inquiries recently about his connection to the Drew and Stacy Peterson case, he has never been questioned as a suspect by authorities.

• Drew Peterson said his wife, Stacy, and not he, accidentally fired a gun in their house last summer.

• A briefing on the case was given Wednesday by multiple agencies, including the Illinois State Police, to relatives. Family spokeswoman Pam Bosco said of the briefing, “It really encouraged us.”


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  1. I have been doing some background research on the Village og Bollingbrook and the surrounding county. Shameful! With Boss Hog as they call the major and dirty officials rampant in every level of your government, Drew’s alleged behavior is just a minute piece of the pie. Beyond disgusting, clean up your act. Nows the time to take a good look at yourselves.

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