Drew Peterson’s back in the dating pool

By Danya Hooker

Drew Peterson is set to be the area’s most eligible bachelor Thursday.

Following an appearance on Wednesday morning’s Steve Dahl show on 104.3 Jack FM, Peterson and Dahl set up a “Win a Date with Drew Peterson” segment for 8 a.m. Thursday.

Peterson is no stranger to the dating game, having been married four times. The outcomes of his relationships, however, are a little unusual as he has been named a suspect in his fourth wife’s Oct. 28 disappearance. Authorities are also investigating the drowning death of his third wife in March 2004.

Stacy Peterson family spokeswoman Pamela Bosco called the stunt foolish narcissism on the part of Peterson and his attorney Joel Brodsky.

“I feel sorry for any woman that does find any appeal in it,” Bosco said. “(Peterson) claims he has a fan club out there and I find that hard to believe.”

Bosco said Peterson’s appearance on the show, laughing and joking while his wife is missing, is likely to look bad in the public eye.

The incident started when Dahl performed his remake of “Have You Seen Her,” the follow-up to Dahl’s mock remake “Wasting Away in Bolingbrookville.”

Shortly after, Peterson and Brodsky were on the phone sharing laughs with Dahl when Brodsky suggested a dating game.

Peterson said his only stipulation was “no three-way stuff.” Dahl suggested allowing a chaperone to attend the date.

Brodsky and Jack FM representatives were not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

Hear the show’s Wednesday podcast.


10 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s back in the dating pool

  1. Until they find the dead, decaying body that this jerk left behind, he’s still married. Going out on dates — not cool.

  2. Bring it on!!!! The more DP & JB are seen on TV the more they hopefully will trip-up!

    I would love Drewpy to get a date……WITH A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS!!!!

    Sadly the “Good Old Boy Network” covered for him whilst he was a SGT in the BB police….His title now should be “EX-SGT DREW PETERSON!”

    The murder of Stacy would be “bloodless”…{this sadistic SOB knows how to cover his tracks…and to set up “Red-Herrings”}. If he disposed of her body in a nearby crematorium her remains will never be found. Only Psychic Mediums may give us a clue as to what happened.

    Of course he is innocent until proven guilty, just because he has a track record of surveilling and mentally abusing all his wives and girlfriends are not grounds to convict him in a court of law….however we the public have the right to our opinion.

    I find it disgusting that JB states that DP “has the right to have some fun”….sri…his only concern should be raising the 4 young children {2 of whom were born to Stacy} and the other 2 adopted by her!

    Drewpy is “trawling” for wife #5 because he is incapable of looking after his children without ANOTHER FEMALE!…..what makes me sick to my stomach is that there are girls/women out there who would jeopardize their lives to go on a date with him!

    {By the way I sure could “line-up” some “FUN” for DP…but it would involve the removal his genitalia…which appears to have been the problem for all his wives!} {sri to be rude but I really despise him!}

  3. I just can’t stand this man.His actions tell all, that he knows something and no-one will ever know what happened to Stacey. He thinks he has us all fooled, so he thinks, in his own twisted mind, NO MOTHER LEAVES THERE KIDS BEHIND,PERIOD!!!!! I pray when the day comes that she is found ,my heart goes out to her family and friends.

  4. I hope the date DP gets is an undercover FBI agent whom is also a transgender man. The undercover tapes coming from the date reveal that Drew Peterson has always hated women and finally finds himself secure in the arms of a man/woman and finally owning up to it… admiting he truly is lost between being a man and an a.. hole!

  5. I really hope this stupid S.O.B. gets caught. I cannot understand how he is walking freely after all these woman end up dead or gone while with him. He is disgusting and insane. Sure, I’ll take a date….when I feel suicidal and don’t feel like doing it myself…hope he rots in hell

  6. Hey ballerina, how would you like it if someone you loved was accused of murder by a million different news junkies with nothing better to do than convict a man based on flimsy, circumstantial evidence? I hope YOU rot in hell.

  7. Flimsy circumstantial evidence?

    Gosh, I hope you didn’t pay for a law degree, because if so- you got the short end of the stick.

    There is nothing flimsy about this case from what I can see, and what I can see is not even half of what LE knows, I’m sure.

    I get wanting to defend people we care about, but lets be realistic, if Drew Peterson is convicted it will be because there was a strong case (Is a strong case) against him, not because news junkies thought he did it.

    The news junkies wouldn’t have anything to chew on if Drew wasn’t force feeding them with his lies, remember that.

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