Reporter’s Notebook: Questions anyone?

Now that developments in the Peterson case are no longer daily front page news, we here at the Bolingbrook Reporter and Suburban Life Publications have a little more time to focus on the nuances of this case. Over the last week, the staff here has been compiling a list of frequently asked questions and questions still unanswered. As we track down the answers to our own queries, we’d like to give you, our readers, a chance to let us know what questions you’d like answers to. As questions come in, we’ll take them and find the appropriate family members, experts and authorities. Then, we’ll post the question and the answer on the blog.

So, if something in this case has you puzzled, perplexed or just plain baffled, post a comment with your question or send it to me, Danya Hooker, at Be sure to include if and how you’d like to be identified when I post the question and its answer.


3 thoughts on “Reporter’s Notebook: Questions anyone?

  1. My first question: Is there any way Drew Peterson can be restrained? His actions are completely inappropriate, vulgar, disconcerting… etc. Is there anything Stacy’s family can do?

    Also: Is there any new information on the autopsy of Drew’s previous wife?

    And finally: Are there any facts in the case that definitely don’t point to Drew Peterson, or suggest another explanation for Stacy’s disappearance?


  2. I think the family is making alot of money from this. If stacys mom disappeared then so could stacy. I honestly think more will come out in time. The family needs to get on with life and realize she is not coming home either way. People run away from their lives every single day. Drew has done nothing and nothing but nothing points to him.

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