Peterson wants 4th divorce

Curious to see what you all think about this… The Herald-News ran a story today saying Drew Peterson wants to divorce Stacy. In the article, Peterson insists his wife ran off with another man and that he shouldn’t have to wait around for her to return.

Peterson also reaches out to Chicago divorce attorney Corri Fetman, who is expected to appear in Playboy next month.

Another thing to keep in mind; this is just a week after Peterson and his attorney Joel Brodsky attempted to set Peterson up with a date by asking radio program host Steve Dahl to run a “Win A Date With Drew” contest.

Share your thoughts. We know you have them.


2 thoughts on “Peterson wants 4th divorce

  1. He deserves a divorce. And a date. Girls date guys with sick motorcycles who carry around automatic weapons because those guys are dangerous and cool. How is dating Drew any different? I’d date Drew. Why not? The excitement alone would be worth it.

  2. I’d love to date the old bag. If he’d try to flick his shriveled
    old stick, I’d just laugh my head off. You know, girls just
    wanna have fun ………..

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