The search for Stacy: Week in review

Here’s a look at the week’s developments and curiosities surrounding the Peterson case.

• Bolingbrook resident Brian Lajewski put two windows from Drew Peterson’s and Kathleen Savio’s former home up for sale on eBay Thursday, Jan. 24. The windows later sold for $86 after a starting price of 99 cents. Lajewski now lives in the home Peterson shared with Savio in the 90s.

• On Friday, Jan. 25, reports of a woman’s body found on Chicago’s South Side raised interest among those searching for Stacy Peterson and missing Plainfield mother Lisa Stebic. Initial reports indicated the body was that of a white female and found near a blue container similar to the one Peterson searchers have been looking for. Chicago police later identified the victim as 41-year-old Carolyn Schranz. Police denied reports of a blue container being in the area.

• Officials from Fox Broadcasting Co. confirmed a report that representatives for Drew Peterson had contacted the producers of “Moment of Truth” on Tuesday, Jan. 29, and asked that he be allowed to take a lie detector test on national TV. The new game show hooks contestants up to the tests to win money. A woman answering the phone for Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky, said the former cop will not be taking a lie detector test.

• Drew Peterson and Brodsky on Tuesday, Jan. 29, released the contents of a death threat allegedly sent to Peterson while he and his family were away on vacation. The anonymous writer blasted Peterson for his recent comments about attracting women since he has been named a suspect in his fourth wife’s disappearance.

• Two siblings of Kathleen Savio petitioned the state Thursday, Jan. 31, to reopen her estate. The petition lays the groundwork for a possible wrongful death lawsuit against Drew Peterson.

• On Friday, Feb. 1, Fox News reported another possible Stacy Peterson sighting; this one in Thailand. One of the attorney’s representing Drew Peterson reportedly gave the network pictures of a woman in a Thai restaurant who looks similar to the missing woman. Drew Peterson reportedly said he cannot tell for sure whether the woman in the picture is his wife.

• Also Friday, a Will County judge delayed a decision on whether the state should return Peterson’s seized possessions. The judge heard testimony from a forensic scientist who said the state has had more than enough time to fully process the possible evidence collected from Peterson’s home. Joel Brodsky requested the items–11 guns, two laptops, three desktop computers, and two vehicles – be returned. The judge said he will consider the arguments and scheduled another hearing for Feb. 27.


2 thoughts on “The search for Stacy: Week in review

  1. 11 GUNS?…oh well…boys will have “toys”…I wouldn’t give them back to him in a “pink fit”. By my calculations DREWPY only has 9 orifices in which to stick the guns {2 eyes/2 ears/2 nostrils…get my drift?}
    Oops I forgot that this despicable arrogant murdering SOB could give himself 2 more A****** giving him 11 opportunities…one for each gun!
    I believe that the “so called” photos of Stacy in Thailand were taken by a retired Police Officer..hmmm.
    I hope DP gets a DATE….with a pair of handcuffs & some big burly “lifers” in jail! My thoughts and prayers are with the families of Kathleen and Stacy.

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