The search for Stacy: Week in review

Here’s a look at some of the week’s developments and in the Peterson case.

• Drew Peterson made his first court appearance Monday in his four-month battle to get back property police seized while carrying out a Nov. 1 search warrant. A Will County judge had recently ordered the property, two vehicles, computers and 11 guns, be returned. Peterson appeared in court to sign an agreement not to challenge the validity of any photographs or hard drive copies in the event they are used as possible evidence in a trial. Peterson picked up his vehicles Tuesday morning and will have the computers within two weeks.

Peterson’s attorney Joel Brodsky asked the judge to allow the former Bolingbrook police sergeant’s older son, who’s also an police officer, to take possession of the guns. The judge had previously ordered police to return the guns on the condition Peterson maintain a valid firearms owners identification card. State police revoked his FOID the next day. The judge will make a ruling on Brodsky’s request on March 25.

• Also Monday, attorneys for Peterson and for several members of Kathleen Savio’s family met in court to present their first motions in a petition to re-open Savio’s estate. Several of Savio’s siblings and her father are asking the court to re-open the estate in preparation for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Brodsky asked the Will County judge to dismiss the petition on the grounds that the two-year statute of limitations on filing a wrongful death lawsuit has passed.

• Shortly after Peterson picked up his vehicles from Illinois State Police Tuesday, his neighbor Sharon Bychowski called police to file a complaint against him after he used a garage door opener he found in one of his cars to open Bychowski’s garage.

Peterson’s attorney Joel Brodsky said his client found three openers in the vehicle when he brought it home and was testing to see which one worked when one inadvertently opened his neighbor’s door. Bychowski asked for the opener back and said Peterson refused.

• Brodsky also asked the FBI to look into possible harassment against his client from Bychowski and her son Roy Taylor. Brodsky said certain postings on the forum, including a call to boycott one of Peterson’s local hangouts, are meant purely to annoy and harass Peterson. Brodsky also blasted Bychowski for several “Where is Stacy” posters hung up in her home’s windows and yard. Some of the posters face the home of Peterson, who claims the signs are detrimental to his children.

• On Wednesday, state police asked Peterson’s former friend Ric Mims to identify a gun as belonging to Peterson, according to reports by the Chicago Tribune. Police had recently recovered the gun after seizing 11 others during a November search Peterson’s home. Mims told police that Peterson showed him the gun the night of the search but police apparently missed. Police also asked him to identify a .357-calibur pistol but Mims said he was unable to say for sure whether it was Peterson’s.


5 thoughts on “The search for Stacy: Week in review

  1. How much more needs to be heard ? Nothing the the grand jury has heard has developed anything . The court needs to give Drew what he needs at this point so he can sell his house and get on with life. This way he can get away from the crazy lady next door and the press. The saerch will bring nothing, too much time has passed for anything to be found. I still think theres a connection between stacy going missing and her mother doing the same thing, could this be a family trait ? Its totally possible that running is alot easier than facing life at times. No one knows what happens in others lives and their marriage. You can second guess all you want, but it does not make it true.

  2. Exlawenforcement, if running is a lot easier than facing life at times, why doesn’t Drew just run away and disappear instead of killing women he’s married to? He hasn’t ahd a single wife that he didn’t cheat on and lie to, and most of them he physically and mentally abused. Why didn’t he just take himself out of their lives instead of harming them? Why?? Because he’s more concerned with the almightly dollar than wth human life, that’s why. Here he is accusing Stacy of having affairs, when nothing could be further from the truth. He chose to believe that and in my opinion killed her because of that belief. She was going to divorce him because of who and what he is. And he killed her because he believe she was having an affair, something he had done countless times while married to other wives, yet he kills Stacy because that’s what he believed she was doing….in my opinion. I believe with all my heart that Drew Peterson meets all the criteria of a narcissistic, lying, psychopathic murderer that I fervently hope will get his due, even if Stacy’s body is never found. Everything points in his direction, and as he has said many times….the husband is always a suspect. I will be the first say I’m sorry if it turns out he didn’t have anything to do with this, but only a fool would believe that’s going to be the case……in my opinion.

  3. By the way Exlawenforcement, how do you know that nothing the grand jury has heard hasn’t develeoped into anything? Isn’t it still in session? And, isn’t the information gathered kept undislosed? What do you know that we don’t? Perhaps you will share it with us on this blog, hmmm? What the court REALLY needs to do is lock Drew Peterson up for life and get HIM away from “that crazy lady next door” as you referred to Sharon Bychowski. You could only WISH to have a wonderful person, male or female, like her in your corner. Unfortunately for you, there aren’t many upstanding, honarble, caring, and believable characters on your side of the court. You reap what you sow, don’t you??? There is SO MUCH more that could be said, and needs to be said as well as heard, but Drew is tired of it isn’t he? He’s tired of all the bashing and the media, and people lying about him. Nobody has anything good to say about poor old Drew, who’s been married four times, cheated on and abused his wives, hangs out in bars instead of staying home with his motherless children, had questionable incidents in his profession, suspected of murder, and heaven only knows what all else. What is there good to say about him? Not much that I can see.

  4. Drew has a right to go out once in awhile. His kids are well cared for by him. They spent spring break at a water park in Wisconsin just last week. There are plenty of men and women that have been married several times, its not unheard of. Drew had a long term job at that police department and I find it hard to believe that he did no “good things “while on patrol.Ofcourse you will not hear about that because everyone only thinks on the negative side. Funny that Stacy loved him, married him & had kids with him when he was such a monster. The photos of them together show a happy couple. If the grand jury had anything at all a warrant would have been issued long before now, they are digging at this point. As far as Sharon, no nice , wonderful, caring person puts up a huge sign that Drews kids can see everyday. That is so thoughtless and cruel. What I know cannot be discussed, I am like his exes and do not show my hand. He will prevail..

  5. How abused was Stacy any way? Lets see, she did not work, she lived in a nice large house, well decorated, she had a new car, lived in a safe upscale area, went on cruises.Had four computers in the house, a cell phone.Looked well dressed and groomed. Looks like Drew provided very well for his family.As far of the complaint that he watched out for her, that is normal behavior for a police officer, all officers know that their loved ones take alot of grief from the public,they do not like their loved ones in unsafe areas or with people whom they do not like. When I was married to mine I carried a pager and cell phone for my safety and his, plus if I was home the scanner was on 24/7 so I knew where he was on what kind of calls he was on. He watched out for me and my son like a hawk. I never felt that he was overbearing or controlling. I hung out with wives of fellow officers mostly and it was the same for them. You would have no idea what its like to be married to an officer or the stresses and fears that happen to your family. I feel Drew was protecting her and she was too young and wanted to spread her wings and never understood that .It was not unusual for my husband to show up where ever I was when he was on duty.

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