The search for Stacy: Week in review

Bolingbrook, IL -Here’s a look at some of the week’s developments in the Peterson case.

•Drew Peterson’s mother and stepfather testified Thursday, March 20, before the grand jury investigating the death of their son’s third wife and the disappearance of his fourth. Al and Betty did not discuss their testimony.

• A hearing to determine the fate of 11 guns seized from Drew Peterson’s home was postponed, the Will County state’s attorney’s office announced Monday, March 24. A Will County judge recently ordered state police to return the guns, along with other items seized during a Nov. 1 search of Peterson’s home. A day after the order, state police revoked Peterson’s right to possess firearms, rending the judge’s decision moot. Peterson’s attorney Joel Brodsky later asked the judge to allow Peterson’s son, an Oak Brook police officer, to hold on to the guns. The hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, March 25, and has been rescheduled for April 17.

•Stacy Peterson’s family announced Wednesday, March 26, that they will renew searches for the missing Bolingbrook mother this weekend. All volunteers are asked to attend a training session at 9: 30 a.m. Saturday, March 29, at the Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, 200 Lindsey Lane, and must present a valid state identification card. Weather permitting, searches could begin Saturday and Sunday and will continue every weekend.

• Also Wednesday, the group, Friends of Stacy Peterson, announced it will hold another fundraiser May 10 at Ditka’s Sports Dome in Bolingbrook. All proceeds will go toward continuing search efforts. Additional details will be released at a later date.

• The independent pathologist for Will County that recently ruled Kathleen Savio’s death a homicide, testified before the special grand jury investigating her death and Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. Dr. Larry Blum performed the autopsy in November after authorities exhumed her body. Savio was found drowned in her Bolingbrook home’s bathtub March 1, 2004.

~Compiled by Danya Hooker, Suburban Life Publications


4 thoughts on “The search for Stacy: Week in review

  1. You may not stop but there will be no results. Time to cut your losses and move on. Let the grieving process begin. The family need to heal and let the entire mess go. If there was going to be any news on this front it would have happened by now. You are beating a dead horse.

  2. We will not move on and we will not begin to heal until we find Stacy and you are behind bars, Drew.

  3. I am not Drew, and he does not belong behind bars. No law has been broken in this case. Time will prove his points. Slowly people will forget or get sick of hearing about it. Lots of people go missing everyday and no one gets in a uproar like this mess. Pretty soon it will be yesterdays old news. I support Drew 100 per cent and make no bones about it. He will get everything back, sell the house and move on to a better life.

  4. Meantime consider Rick Mimms words” stacy got everything she ever wanted” sounds like abuse to me. Beautiful large house, boob job, tummy tuck, lasik, new car, trips. Not having to ever work. What 24 yr old would like that ?

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