First search done, more on the way

By Danya Hooker,

More than 40 volunteers turned out Saturday for the first family-led search for missing Bolingbrook mother Stacy Peterson.

Searchers spent more than eight hours combing wooded areas and open fields near the Illinois and Michigan Canal in Joliet. Although the search didn’t turn up anything groundbreaking, lead organizer Roy Taylor said the group will continue to meet every weekend until weather stops them.

“As long as it takes, that’s our new motto,” Taylor said. “As long as it takes, we will find Stacy.”

Volunteers from across the Chicago area gathered at 9:30 a.m. in the Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center for a short training on safety and search tips, led by Mike Muto, director of the village of Lyons Emergency Management Agency.

The training was the first in a series of efforts the group is taking to make searches run more efficiently. All volunteers will be required to take the training course and to register before going out to the field.

After a full day of searching Saturday, search spokesman Shawn Michael said the first training appeared to have benefited the group.

“It definitely paid off,” Michael said “It was a lot easier to get people signed in and out in the field. They had more knowledge, especially when we were giving them directions in the field.”

The team searched a small area near the Illinois and Michigan Canal, about two miles east of Interstate 55 and just south of Interstate 80 in Joliet. Organizers said information from the FBI, Illinois State Police and a tip line all pointed them to this location.

The team called off searches at about 6:30 p.m., after more than eight hours of scouring the area. Michael said organizers are confident the area was searched thoroughly enough to be marked off the list.

“There were a couple items of interest that we bagged for the Illinois State Police that we felt they should look at, nothing groundbreaking just some items of interest,” Michael said.

Search crews will gather again at 9 a.m. Sunday at the Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, 200 Lindsey Lane, before going to another undisclosed location.

Volunteers are also in process of planning another fund raiser May 10 at Ditka’s Sports Dome in Bolingbrook. The group’s last fund raiser, held March 2 in Merrionette Park, generated more than $11,000. Proceeds will go toward continued search efforts, which can cost up to $1,000 per day, according Stacy Peterson’s neighbor and close friend Sharon Bychowski.

“The primary objective of course is to find Stacy but doing so costs a lot money for fuel, airplanes and boats,” Bychowski said.

Stacy Peterson, the fourth wife of former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson, was last heard from on Oct. 28 when she failed to meet a friend to help paint a house. Her husband has been named a suspect in her disappearance, which police are calling a possible homicide.

Stacy Peterson’s disappearance also prompted investigators revisit the March 2004 drowning of Drew Peterson’s third wife Kathleen Savio. He has denied any wrongdoing in either case and has not been charged with a crime.

Drew Peterson has said Stacy called him at 9 p.m. to tell him she was leaving him for another man, a claim her family has denounced.

“(Drew Peterson) believes my sister left, which isn’t possible. She wouldn’t leave me she wouldn’t leave her kids,” Cales said. “Police have already looked into that. There’s no way she left the country.”


10 thoughts on “First search done, more on the way

  1. What costs a thousand dollars a day to search? The people who went out donated their time. How did Sharon go from Best Friend to close friend? What happened to the 25 thousand dollars stacy took with her? If her mom disappeared its totally possible that this runs in the family. She already was on meds for depression.In law enforcement you see people leave the family and friends everyday, it does happened all across the US.These searches will find nothing, way too much time has gone by. Winter takes its toll on everything & we have had alot of rain. Theres going to be a point in time that the family has to move forward and let go.

  2. 40 people? Was that including the reflection of the 20 that were actually there? Or are we counting the media again too? How many actually searched?

    Where is all the money going? Why have they only collected $35K?

  3. exlawenforcement, …There has been no evidence that Stacy took $25,000. Only Drew has made that statement.

    If you think he ever gave her access to $25,000 you know nothing about life with Drew. Stacy was not allowed to carry pocket change.

    For some insight into Life with Drew, please visit:

    It is a complilation of the numerous news statements by those who knew Stacy and what she, and Drew’s previous wives had to endure living with a narcisistic serial killer.

  4. If there were only 20 people searching then they had to be family members. I think stacys family is using the press to make money. Funny nobody would let Drew do that for his defense.

  5. The only people trying to make money off the murder of two women are you, Brodsky and Selig with your little book deals. No one wants to hear from you. Shut your pie hole.

  6. Exlawenforcement says “winter takes its toll and we’ve had a lot of rain” and “there will be a point in time when the family has to let go and move on.” They’re “moving on” Drew, to try and find her body because they believe you killed her and put her somewhere. They’ve “let go” because they’ve given up all hope that she will be coming home alive. How would you feel if your step father was suspected of killing your mother and disposing her body, and you believed with all your heart that he did it, even though he denied any involvement? Would you just “give up and move on” or try to bring him to justice? I seriously doubt you would just give up!! You know what? The saying that “the truth will set you free” comes to mind here. Aren’t you tired ot all the lies and deception? The inevitable is coming, and you’re only postponing it, burying yourself deeper and deeper. Why don’t you just come clean so YOU can go on with YOUR life in prison, and your children can get on with theirs in a healthier environment??? You’ve created a hell for them, and the sooner they can get free of your control the better, in my opinion. Tell the truth Drew, and put an end to this for everyone. I think the majority of the world believes you’re guilty, and the longer Stacy is missing, the more your children are going to believe it too. Tell the police where Stacy is, for your children’s sake. They’re going to prove you killed her sooner or later. Why drag it out and prolong their pain? Where is Stacy Drew??? You owe it to your children to be honest and admit your wrongdoings!! How are they going to feel when they find out that not only are you the world’s biggest liar, you’ve murdered their mothers. Come clean Drew!! Isn’t that what you’ve told “suspects” in interrogations when you were a police officer? It’s time Drew, and it’s time to stop wasting other people’s time looking for Stacy when you know where she is!!

  7. for those of you complaining about sharon saying $1000.00 a day… .she should be quoted “UPTO $1000. per day”
    Why would people donate to Drews defense.. he’s nothing but an arrogant pompeous!!

  8. Whoa somebody has a large chip on their shoulder ! I am not Drew, hard to be him when I am a female. There are alot of people that think he was not the cause but the effect of this. If he was Craig Stebic there would be no issue. No signs in his area, no hate mail, no blogs. Because Drew is a cop the hate is unreal. Remember who you call for help when your titty is in the wringer! The cops. But they always get the loonies that think so many things that are no where near the truth. No one will find anything to charge him with, it will ride out and life will go on as before. His kids are fine, you can see that by the photos, they love him and it shows. Law enforcement knows better too, they cannot speak out but they know he did not do it.

  9. That sign needs to be taken down. Its upsetting the kids, they do not need to see that. Its cruel for Sharon to even think it belongs out there. The city should make her remove it, theres probally a city law that covers that. Where is the code enforcement officer from City Hall , he should be checking this out. Its a disruption to the entire neighborhood. Nobody in their right mind would do anything like that.

  10. Quoting Rick Mimms” stacy got everything she ever wanted”. Boob jobs, tummy tuck, lasik, new car, beautiful large home in a safe area, trips. That is really bad treatment if you ask me. Add that to my list of crimes on this blog.Ms law enforcement to you !

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