Video from Saturday’s search

FYI: The helicopter shown at the end of the video is a miniature, remote-controlled camera that shoots high resolution pictures. This is just one of the many tools brought to the search by Sean Henady’s Indiana-based company, Aerial Image Corp. Henady’s group also had the real deal up in the air Saturday, March 29.


5 thoughts on “Video from Saturday’s search

  1. Now Drew has his computers back…Step by step he is proving his point ! Next he will have his firearms card back and his guns. Proving once again that hes telling the truth !! I love it.

  2. No, Drew, it does not prove you’re telling the truth. It only proves that the police have all of the evidence they need from those items and they are no longer of any use to them. So they returned them to you so you and your joke of an attorney would quit your b!tch!n’.

  3. Yes, Drew has his computers back, with “ghosted” hard drives. The original drives are being retained by law enforcement, probably because of some incriminating evidence on them, so I don’t see any proven point whatsoever on Drew’s behalf. Furthermore, no matter how much Brodsky begs for the guns and card, I don’t believe any judge in his right mind would ever release them to a man “suspected” of murder!! Give me a break!

  4. Exlaw, tomorrow is the day they are supposed to have a hearing on Drew’s guns. Do you STILL think he will be getting his firearms card and his guns back? I’ll be shocked if he does, but we shall see. Actually, tomorrow through next weekend are the days some of the psychics say Stacy willl be found and Drew will be arrested. Don’t put much stock in that stuff myself, but a lot of people do. Wouldn’t it be something if they were right???

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