Peterson’s ex-wife, ex-fiancée appear before grand jury

By Danya Hooker,

Drew Peterson’s past and present collided Thursday as his second wife and ex-fiancée appeared before a Will County grand jury investigating the mysterious fates of wives No. 3 and 4.

Kyle Piry, who was briefly engaged to Peterson in the early 1980s, confirmed she testified Thursday but declined to comment further.

“I never thought I’d have to be here after all this time,” Piry said after her testimony. “I didn’t think I was that relevant.”

In previous interviews with media outlets, Piry recounted her relationship with the former Bolingbrook police sergeant. Piry said she broke off their engagement after four months because she wasn’t ready to get married.

In a December interview with MSNBC, Piry said Peterson followed her for months after the break-up and issued her tickets for trivial traffic violations, including driving with bald tires.

Peterson has denied Piry’s allegations.

In 1982, he married Vicki Connolly. They were married for 10 years before she caught him having an affair with Kathleen Savio, who would become Peterson’s third wife.

Connolly declined to confirm whether she actually testified before the grand jury Thursday as she quickly walked back to her car.

The Will County grand jury has met nearly weekly since November, just after Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy, went missing. Drew Peterson is a suspect in his wife’s Oct. 28 disappearance, which investigators are treating as a possible homicide.

The missing person’s case also prompted investigators to re-examine Savio’s March 2004 death. She was found drowned in her Bolingbrook’s home bathtub just weeks before she and Peterson were to settle the financial terms of their divorce.

Drew Peterson has denied any wrongdoing in either case and has not been charged with a crime.


5 thoughts on “Peterson’s ex-wife, ex-fiancée appear before grand jury

  1. Very interesting,but still shows no proof. No comment would be the proper comment to the press, what happens at the grand jury should remain private.

  2. How do you know it doesn’t show any proof? From what I’ve read and heard, Connolly didn’t ask for any alimony or other financial gain from Drew, and that may very well have spared her life in my opinion, and I’m sure the grand jury is taking that into consideration. Piry got out of her relationship to Drew before marriage, so she was quite possibly spared as well. There are a string of dead bodies relative to aqaintances of Drew Peterson, and it is my understanding those are being investigated as well, such as a boyfriend of Connolly’s and a brother of another girlfirend. As you said, “what happens at the grand jury should remain private” and it is being kept private. They’re building a case one testimony at a time, but I don’t believe it will be long before Drew is charged. We’ll see, won’t we?

  3. To my knowledge there is no string of bodies related to this case. They have nothing to go on and that is why they are digging into everything. Drew will not be charged, he will remain free and live his life in peace as it should be. There are leaks from the grand jury, fox news said that Drew pleaded the 5th. That is a leak, and should be tracked down. Lots of peole know Drew and they are alive & well, even the nut next door to him is still here. If he was Craig Stebic none of this would be an issue. But since he is a cop that brings out the loonies as Drew says. There is no case, mark my words. There will be no blood on anyones hands.

  4. I need to join the jury pool if there is going to be one. I think Stacy suffered too much, big beautiful home in a safe area, did not have to work, tummy tuck, boob job, trips, new car, lasik.This is a quote from Rick mimms “stacy got everything she ever wanted”. Sounds harsh to me.

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