Video from Saturday’s search


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  1. This video made me realize that there are guys missing too. I do not remember hearing about them on the news. Maybe one of those families will have some closure, I sure hope so. Theres a blog on Fox news from a girl whos cousin is missing and shes upset that nobody seemed to care and is frustrated that only one person gets the news, but if she sees this she will know that there are others like her that are searching for their loved ones. Thankyou for posting this .

  2. That is an excellent video of the “Friends of Stacy Peterson” Search. That shows a very clear cut reason, why so many people are behind Cassandra and her Family, and Friends. This is why so many people are joyously giving donations to the Search. These people have very giving hearts, and hope their donation will help some family to find their missing loved one. I know that is why I donate to the Search for Stacy. Cassandra, family, and friends are lovingly opening their arms and embracing All missing persons, families in that area. I think it is wonderful to see all of these families combining their resources, and Searching Together for a loved one. Lisa’s family also is included in these searches.
    They not only Search for Stacy, they welcome Other Missing Persons families, to join them, in the hopes that maybe, If they don’t find Stacy, they will find one of these other missing persons. With all of them uniting in Spirit, Hope, and Love, they All have a better chance to find a loved one. There are definitely others missing in that area.. Please keep praying for all of these searchers, that they may stay safe and bring someone’s loved one home. IMO

  3. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to Bring awareness to the others that are MISSING. The Cousin that was seen on the Fox News (by exlawenforcement) was one of the Cousins of Bradley Olsen that attended the Stacy Peterson Benefit on March 2nd. I am the Mother of Bradley Olsen and with the Support of my Family and the Families of Stacy, Lisa, John and Scott, I will continue to attend every search that I am able to. It is a Very Trying time for all of us, and as we all know having support from others is a Blessing. A Special Thank you also to the Search & Rescue Groups, Canine Groups, and TEXASEQUUSEARCH for all your Donated time…

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