Video: Sharon Bychowski explains new fund raising effort

By Danya Hooker,

Stacy Peterson’s friends and family are rolling out a new fund raising effort to help defray costs associated with the search for the missing Bolingbrook mother.

Peterson’s friend and neighbor Sharon Bychowski said the group is selling “Where is Stacy?” bumper stickers for $2 each. Every week, members of the group Friends of Stacy Peterson, which has applied for non-profit status, will search for cars displaying the stickers and pick two winners and give them a free Stacy Peterson T-shirt.

Bumper stickers may be purchased by picking one up from Bolingbrook Village Clerk Carol Penning at the village hall, 375 W. Briarcliff Road, or by stopping by search meeting locations each Saturday and Sunday morning before searches begin.

Search teams are currently meeting at the Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, 200 Lindsey Lane, at 9 a.m. each Saturday and Sunday. The location may change. Check and click on “Searches” for updated information.


21 thoughts on “Video: Sharon Bychowski explains new fund raising effort

  1. Whose fuel is being paid for? I made numerous trips to search for Stacy…. at about 30 miles a trip….. and nobody reimbursed me from fuel because I volunteered to help look for her… and so did all of the other search team members that I met on these searches.

    All of the media I see these days is still talking about “volunteer” search teams….

    Is the family paying people to help with the search now?

    Whose gas bills are being paid?

  2. Hey Glenn,

    i was thinking of volunteering to find Stacy this week-end. i live in Montreal, Canada. But what the hell, i’m just gonna drive on down to Bolingbrooke and demand that Stacy’s family pay for my gas. 😉


  3. When did they apply for non-profit status? They’ve been saying that since November. It doesn’t take that long.

    Ask the hard questions Danya!!!

  4. Hi Thief…or is it sosoa today? Oh, wait, it’s Tuesday, so it must be John Vitale or Nosa. But you have Lola there…wow, so many nics, so little time.

  5. How quick we forget that last week you were crucifying Sharon over the cost of fuel for boats. Now you seem to have forgotten what the fuel was for. Careful now- we want to be consistent when we spew venom and accusations. At least be consistent.

  6. Glenn,

    The people searching are volunteering their time to help find Stacy Peterson. The money that was raised is being used to cover the cost of the boats and planes.

    I helped out the first weekend and never expected to be reimbursed for my gas or anything else. Stacy is a friend of my wife and all of the volunteers I met have one goal in mind and that is to find Stacy Peterson and won’t give up until she is found.

  7. This is a FOR PROFIT group. Buy a sticker get a free t-shirt, how lame. Pretty soon the city will donate the water tower for “Home Of Stacey Peterson ” ! or outfit the police cars with her name and photo instead of the city logo..If they would quit harassing Drew and the kids maybe they would have time to do something productive. Going on to his property to put ribbons on his trees took nerve.

  8. exlawenforcement,

    In your warped defense of your buddy Drew, you slander and disrespect Stacy Peterson and her family repeatedly. Which has been Joel Brodsky’s only legal defense of Drew Peterson.

    For “exlawenforcement” you appear to know very little about the law. That “property ” and “tree” that you refer to, STILL belongs to Stacy Peterson as co-marital property. Those ribbons are exactly where they should be until Stacy is found and brought home.

    Welcome to reality. Visit again soon.

  9. Stacy does not reside there anymore . Luring 4 year olds is not right either. Nothing like adding more fire to the situation. Sharon and cassandra knew that was wrong, what did they expect ? Then lets drive like a total idiot laying rubber down the street, making it unsafe for any one else. Now theres class for you. These ladies need to get a life, let things die down and let the police department do other things besides worry about that area . If they think this is going to win them support, think again.Stacy has been gone long enough that she is no longer considered a resident by law.And Drew is not my buddy!

  10. ” exlawenforcement ”

    IMO, you know nothing of the law. And i think you have some very personal reasons to want the search for Stacy peterson to “die down”.

    Your posts are very revealing.

  11. Considering I have many years of the law behind me I know more than you will ever know in a entire lifetime. Get that rabies shot & paxil soon, otherwise you will be joining the desperate housewives group in Bolingbrook. I am sure the police department would love to have things die down so they are not constantly getting calls from sharon & her gang. You know there other things to attend to on a daily basis there and this should not be a everyday thing for them.

  12. exlaxenforcement:

    Drew’s the one who made spurious police complaint.

    BB police wouldn’t have to be coming out for any of this if they had kicked his ass out in good time.

  13. exlax:

    Those wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) DO have a life and are choosing to live it doing what they know in their hearts is the right thing. Not seen honest commitment like this before?

  14. lolo,

    My point was….. a lot of volunteers are helping because they want to…. not because they are being reimbursed….

    perhaps you should try getting a life

  15. Exlawenforcement, I seriously doubt there will be anything GREAT about it. Brodsky won’t let Drew answer any questions, and the ones he will be allowed to answer will be answered with lies and slander. I won’t be wasting my time watching it because it will probably be like a rerun of The Today Show, and that’s all it will be…in my opinion.

  16. Concerned for Stacy,

    I agree with you, but will be watching. The last time Larry King tried to ask tough questions, his guest walked off the set. The gentleman was the plastic surgery.

  17. Ed from Plainfield.

    True, and the last time Shepard Smith asked Drew a question, about the blue barrel, in an interview, Drew did the same thing. Walked off the set, ended interview right then and there, saying “he did not agree to answer any of those kind of questions.”

    Drew will talk, as long as he gets to say what He wants to, but don’t Ask the Hard Questions. I get tired of listening to the same ole, junk from him. Always telling how Great he is. But then, maybe he will slip up again. He has done it before. I can always hope, anyway.
    Just My Opinions

  18. One thing in Drews favor. He has not run like most people do in a situation like this. That speaks volumes. No matter what has gone on he is staying still. Larry King is known for asking the hard questions and I am sure that Drew is prepared for those. Guess I will just have to see. I am sure that there are plenty of e mails sent in to CNN and the phone lies will be lit up, everyone across the nation has heard about this one way or another.

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