Volunteers needed to plan fund raiser

Here’s a brief release we received earlier this morning from Bolingbrook Village Clerk Carol Penning. She is organizing the May 10 fund raiser at Bolingbrook’s Ditka Dome to aid search efforts for Stacy Peterson. The group is inviting those interested in helping to plan the event or participating in searches to attend a weekly meeting tomorrow, April 9. We’ll have more information on this when it becomes available. In the meantime, the release is below.
Hello all –
We will be meeting tomorrow evening at Village Hall in the Boardroom.  We will have updates regarding the fundraiser and the search.  Meeting time 7:30 p.m.
Anyone wishing to attend to help with the fundraiser or with the ongoing search is welcome to attend.

Carol Penning
(630)300-4207 – Cell


3 thoughts on “Volunteers needed to plan fund raiser

  1. What resources? It’s boardroom that isn’t in use at that time anyway? What the hell is your problem Kimmer? No wonder everyone left your site. Such a toxic person to be around. You should look into therapy for whatever it is that made you such a hateful person.

  2. This is not a city problem and it should not be used for this purpose.They cannot meet at someones house?

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