Drew Peterson’s son, Stephen, receives suspension from Oak Brook police

By Petras Barcas, pbarcas@mysuburbanlife.com

Stephen Peterson, son of Drew Peterson and a two-and-a-half year veteran of the Oak Brook Police Department, received an eight-day unpaid suspension Wednesday after an Oak Brook Board of Fire and Police Commissioners disciplinary meeting found him guilty for testifying before a grand jury in Will County in uniform and driving a marked Oak Brook squad car there.

The charges stated that Peterson disobeyed rules by using the squad for personal use after he was subpoenaed for court in the case involving his father Drew’s missing wife, Stacy Peterson, and third wife Kathleen Savio. Prosecuting counsel Charles Hervas also stated Stephen Peterson allowed himself to be photographed by the media, bringing negative attention to the Oak Brook Police Department.

Oak Brook Police Chief Thomas Sheahan said that Stephen Peterson has disciplinary action on his record since starting with the Oak Brook PD, including an incident in April 2007 where he made a “rude comment” to a citizen after another officer’s hearing.

Peterson was suspended for one day for that offense.

“He’s got a couple knocks here that I wouldn’t expect any officer in Oak Brook to have,” said Sheahan. “I would expect progressive discipline to halt problems like that. But it hasn’t, and that’s why we’re here today.”

Peterson’s defense, as outlined by his attorney, Tamara Cummings, stated that his driving a marked squad car while on duty to the courthouse Dec. 13 was a matter of convenience, and that he perceived he had consent to do so.

“I felt like it was any other court case, and no supervisor said any different that day,” he said. “I believed I had permission; no one told me not to go.”

Peterson said he was to be back at work at 3 p.m. that day, and didn’t have time to change his clothes and vehicle.

“Even if he had changed his clothes and worn a civilian outfit, the media would have identified him as an Oak Brook police officer, and an identical thing would have happened,” said Cummings. “This is not an action worthy of a police board disciplinary hearing.”

Sheahan maintained that it is Peterson’s special media attention that makes this a special case.

“We had media … outside the station, yelling ‘Steve! We want to talk to you!’ and it wasn’t even him. We were trying to protect this officer against the media.”

Sheahan said the print, radio, and television press intensified around last Thanksgiving.

“It was really a horde of media following him, and it drew negative attention to the department.”

Oak Brook Sgt. Casey Calvello, Peterson’s superior on Dec. 13, also stated that he didn’t want any more attention to the department as a result of Peterson being filmed.

“I didn’t want friends and family contacting me, asking me questions. I just wanted to do my job,” he said.

Cummings said the decision will be appealed through the circuit court.


12 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s son, Stephen, receives suspension from Oak Brook police

  1. Poor kid, hes just trying to do his job. This is another case of harassment. If you cannot get to Drew then find the kids. Hes a good officer . Oakbrook is so snooty !

  2. P:S/

    On the above video, you may have to wait for commercial, and then video will automatically load and start playing.

  3. ex

    Speaking of harassment, Cops have been playing that game on Private Citizens for years. Can’t get to the Parent, Get the Kid. In my knowledge, and opinion of LE. So, I can understand why you say that so fast about Steve.
    You should know. I don’t believe that is what Oakbrook P.D. is doing. Obviously, they stated their reasons, and also stated that this was not the First Time, Steve had to be disciplined.
    Don’t worry, you will get to here Drew, and Brodsky Spin this story, completely out of perporsion, just as they do on everything else, and everyone else, on “Larry King Live.”
    Just more opinions

  4. I meant to include this with the info on narcissistic personalities.
    More of my research. Especially for Glenn, and EX. If you read this, it will give you a wonderful “insight” to Drew. I leave it for you to decide. I do so hope you read this.



    Just more of my opinions.

  5. I have some sick cop humor: I will marry drew then my kids will not have to worry about my funeral. Thats the type of humor that cops use to take the stress away from the job. Totally normal. Alot never show their real feelings just because of what people would say about them. They cannot afford that luxury.

  6. At least the son is fighting it in court as he should. The police chief is more worried about Oak Brook being in the news than his officers.Had he wanted things kept quiet then he should not have done what he did. I would fight it every inch of the way.

  7. I did read and watch the articles. Not all of those things fit Drew. They fit alot of men in general. I guess it depends on where you want to draw the line. Whos to say that Stacy did not do this to get even with him or set him up. Like the runaway bride, look what she did and that was days before her big wedding. None of us really know for sure but the two people involved. Nobody knows the inside of their relationship. If you look at the photos you see two happy people in love with each other. I gather each case is different overall and we have to let it all play out to where ever its going. I will watch Larry King tomorrow night and see and hear what happens. I do not think for one moment Drew is happy or that hes dating anyone. The press would scare the hell out of anyone that wanted to.

  8. Must have been a really short shift that day. He said he had to be at work at 3? Interesting that at 4 he was in plain clothes driving his own car in Bolingbrook.

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