Your thread: Peterson and Brodsky on Larry King Live

With Peterson and Brodsky scheduled to appear on Larry King Live tonight and take live phone calls from viewers, we thought we’d give you an opportunity to discuss the show amongst yourselves. Here’s an open thread for you.

Some discussion suggestions:
What would you ask Drew or Joel?
What did you think of the questions people asked?
Is Peterson’s public image changing?
As always, say what’s on your mind but keep it civil.


21 thoughts on “Your thread: Peterson and Brodsky on Larry King Live

  1. QUESTION TO DREW – This question is for you, and you only, and I am hoping that you will answer this all by yourself without even looking to Brodsky for any advice [ ie.] giving him the signal to answer for you…..Given the fact that many posters on a lot of forums have speculated on the possibility that you may have been involved in several other unsolved crimes in the area over the past several years, would you, as a way of absolving yourself of any guilt in the eye of the public, be willing to submit a sample of your DNA, to be used by law enforcement for purposes of comparison to any and all unsolved crimes in the area? After all, if you are totally innocent of any wrong doing you would have nothing to lose by doing so and at the same time, you would probably gain the support of a good deal of the public by showing that there are “no hits” connected to your name. Can YOU answer this on your own Drew?

  2. I do think that the dancing comment will be blown up all to hell, but besides that, I do think he was respectful and came across as a man that is scared, but being a hardass to protect himself from the attacks.

    I agree that we only hear the bad stories about him. Why haven’t they interviewed or shown the interviews of people that are supporting him? Also, why wasn’t Cass mentioned in the visitation question? Why didn’t we hear that the aunt from CA got to see the kids at Christmas time? Overall, the interview did raise questions…not so much about DP, but about how the media really is covering this story and how much public opinion is driving this case in the media.

  3. You will never hear the good side because the public does’nt want to hear that at all. This has been blown out of sight from the beginning and probally will continue to do so. I found the comment without a body it will not help in the case since this state does not go forward without one. Some supportive people coming out would have helped the intervew. I guess you can only do so much in an hour. I agree on the dancing comment, that was not a good idea.Atleast the kids have some family members that can vist.I highly doubt cass is on that list ever. Too much damage in that relationship now. I may know too much and yes I am ex law enforcement as I have always stated, No I am not Drew and am not dating him or know him. Just someone that has a cop view on life in general. I am a female. Enough said on those questions.

  4. Exlaw, Drew does enough on his own to alienate the public. On nearly every interview that he’s done, he almost NEVER has anything good to say about anyone involved in this case, whether it’s Stacy’s family and her friends, his past friends, his former lovers?wives, the media, law enforcement, and even Stacy’s minister. I did notice that Drew actually tried to keep Stacy in the present tense in this interview, unlike his first ones. Feel sure that was on the advice of his publicist, however, because it was noticed in past interviews. Even Brodsky seems to be in lala land when the legal panel pointed out how wrong it was for Drew and Brodsky to be doing interviews, etc. They were trying to tell him that Drew was bascially hanging himself in the public eye by all of his public statements inferring that everyone else was lying about everything, and the most of them had some type of mental problem. Poor old Brodsky comes back with the statement that only the negative things get press exposure and the “good” statements about Drew don’t get published. Hey Brodsky!!!!! DREW MAKES ALL OF THE NEGATIVE STATEMENTS HIMSELF!!!!! ON NATIONAL TV IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!! This is what people see, and is exactly why there is such a dislike for him!!!!! Nothing that Selig does and will do is going to save Drew in the public’s eye, because every time he goes public, he just says and does the same old crap and claims that everyone else is lying and crazy. Doing what Drew does and saying the things he says are ALL known sociopathic and psychopathic traits.

    But you know what got me the most on this interview???? And I think it really shocked Larry King as well, because he seemed to be amazed at how Drew responded…..when Drew said his older children were “BORED” with all of this…..BORED????? They’re probably hurting very, very, VERY deeply over this, and Drew doesn’t have the insight or intuition to even realize it. My GOD!!!! BORED!!!! What an assinine, insensitive statement, and I KNOW how it infuriated me, so my guess would be that others were shocked and disgusted by it as well. UNBELIEVABLE! NOTHING he said was favorable to him, and he and Brodsky should have stayed at home away from more damning national exposure. Good grief!!! They both just further substantiated the reasons most of Amercia thinks Drew is guilty and Brodsky is a poor excuse for an attorney. But then, I read somewhere that Drew had chosen him from the few that answered his plead for legal defense because Brodsky also had some trials and tribulations with divorce, suicide threat, bad press, etc. and they just “clicked!” These are my opinions only.

  5. Furhtermore, I meant to add that just because it has been since 1850 (or whatever the exact year was) since a case has won a conviction, that only means it is about time for it to happen again, don’t you think??? If it happened then, it can surely happen again, and with regards to this case, maybe it will. At any rate, that’s a poor excuse for a defense…in my opinion.

  6. Kimmer, I’ve wondered also why we don’t hear more from people who support Drew. Maybe it’s because the press can’t find any, or if there are any, they’re too scared to admit they support him on national TV or the written press. Yes, the dancing remark was very stupid, and also the remark about his daughter needing female attention. Duh!!! She needs her mother!! He needs to let Cassandra or Sharon, or some of the other women that HAD been in those children’s lives spend some time with them to show them they love them. They must be thinking that not only has their mother left them, so has all of her friends and family. Those poor children! They don’t deserve any of this, and for Drew to keep them from other people who love them, NOW when they need to know it more than anything, is just another cruel and insensitive act on his part. He just has to have things his way, regardless of who he hurts. For God’s sake Drew, why don’t you let Cassandra see those children???? Are you afraid, or are you just being a selfish ass???? There are lots of things Drew COULD do to better the public’s opinion of you, but he doesn’t really seem to care what they think obviously, because he does everything CONTRARY to what he should, or what most other people WOULD do in his situation. I can’t decide if it’s because he’s that stupid, or if it’s because his attorney is…….with whatever advice he’s giving Drew. Either way, what Drew does is all wrong, in my opinion, and that’s why he gets the negative press. He puts it out there for everyone to hear, see, discuss, AND be disgusted with!!! Just my opinion………

  7. Well, obviously the relationship with Cassandra and more so Sharon is strained due to the recent acts by them. Guilt or innocence aside, I can understand him wanting to protect his children from any undue stress. But yes, IF Stacy is not there, then the daughter does need some sort of female attention. Believe me I was the only girl in the family of brothers, and the bond between my aunts, grandma and I is stong, but not like that of the bond with my mother.

  8. Kimmer, I understand that the relationship is strained, and all the reasons why. I just wonder about what Drew tells the children is the reason they can’t see most of Stacy’s family. I also wonder if those children think that Stacy’s family is mad or upset with them just because they’re mad and upset with their father. Who knows what goes on in their little minds??? I don’t believe for one second those older children are “bored” with all of this!! I just think when they come across it on TV it’s like having a knife thrust in their hearts, and they may be tired and weary of being hurt by what they see and hear. Somehow or someway, I wish the court could or would get involved to allow visitation for Stacy’s family, even if a mediator had to collect the children and return them home so the fueding adults wouldn’t have to have contact with each other. It just doesn’t seem right that Drew gets to call of the shots and keep the chilren away from people they love and know love them. Don’t you think not being able to see their own family or fully understand why they can’t is “unduly stressful” for them as well? I would certainly imagine it is. I have an almost three year old granddaughter that begs her mother (my only daughter) all the time to come see me. Not only me, but my sister, and my prarents, and my husbands parents. She loves them and is always asking to go visit. I can’t help but compare her to Lacy since they are so close in age. It’s just so tragic and sad….all of it…..for everyone involved.

  9. Only the courts could decide on any visting. Right now you are right it is Drews call. If he feels that it would only make things worse then theres not much that can be done. So far hes following the advice of a therapist with the kids. It really could be that the older kids are bored with the subject,stacy is not their mom and teenagers have their own ways of looking at things, mostly boys since they do not get emotional like we do.l could hear my son saying something like that when he was that age.I am not saying that is right, but possible. Nothing was solved last night. I think there are plenty of people that would be happy to come out and support drew, but he has not asked for that, and like me they are probally afraid what would be said about them. After all I have been accused of knowing too much, dating drew and etc. Drew does probally not want to date any one either because of the spotlight on that person. I could just begin to guess what would be said about the lady. Hes smart not to.

  10. One other thing. Its too bad adults cannot put aside their differences for children in many situations. Maybe some day supervised visting could be discussed where nothing is said about Stacy or anything relating to the case. Protecting those children is of the utmost importance, and I am sure right now there no way drew would allow that to happen because of the recent problems. Last weekend probally made things alot worse and thats sad. Adults on both sides need to think before they do anything.

  11. exlawenforcement,……………… on April 12th, 2008 at 2:45 pm Said:
    “So far hes following the advice of a therapist with the kids.”

    Yeah, Great “therapist”. Dr. Dan Budenz specializes in alcohol and drug addiction.

    exlawenforcement, on April 12th, 2008 at 2:51 pm Said:
    “Maybe some day supervised visting could be discussed where nothing is said about Stacy or anything relating to the case.”

    Visits where, “nothing is said about Stacy” ? STACY IS THEIR MOTHER !

    How dare you even suggest that. But then, that was exactly what Drew wanted. To “erase” Stacy.
    But he got caught. Because too many people know and love Stacy. So that is NOT gonna happen. EVER.

    Drew Peterson has become the poster boy for the new trend of Murderer.

    “New Book Profiles Eraser Killer, Author Available to Speak on Drew Peterson Case” – March 27, 2008

    “They kill not to gain something but to remove something no longer wanted from their lives. …”

    “Eraser killers share a deadly combination of psychological traits known as “the Dark Triad” of personality. They are expert liars and manipulators
    who sometimes lead a completely double life. It is often the discovery of their secrets and the unraveling of their lies that leads to violence.”

    “Men who kill their wives or partners in this way often research their crimes in advance and seek to exploit weaknesses in the legal system, police
    procedure, and death investigation, and can go on to kill a later wife or girlfriend, often in the exact same way that they eliminated their first victim. ”

    However Drew kills for gain too.
    Not to pay child support, alimony.. share marital assets, his pension, or child custody.
    It’s all about CONTROL and self centered greed.

  12. This dr. is not treating the children, hes just defending drew. Your comment is not correct. What I meant was that if the kids were to see the other side of the family there might be comments that daddy killed mommy.Not that stacy should be erased. I would never agree to that. Those children have to be handled with kid gloves right now, having to face the media alone is damaging. They see those signs next door also, which is not good. I totally disagree with that, its okay to say what they want about Drew but the kids should not have to deal with the rest. They have enough already.

  13. Stacy would not get his pension, they would have had to been married ten years for that by state law. I highly doubt this has anything to do with money. Had they divorced Drew would have given her what is allowed by a judge, he would not have alot to say considering shes a mom and had no job., with two kids to take care of. He has always supported his other children so that would not be an issue. Besides that he loves all his kids and hes a decent dad to them. Ofcourse nobody on the other side would support that , its easier to be negative.

  14. exlawenforcement, …………on April 12th, 2008 at 6:59 pm Said:
    ” This dr. is not treating the children, hes just defending drew. ”

    Uhmmm, why would a specialist in alcohol and drug addiction be defending Drew ?
    And why is he the Only “therapist” who has commented on Drew’s parenting ?

    exlawenforcement, ……….on April 12th, 2008 at 6:59 pm Said:
    “What I meant was that if the kids were to see the other side of the family there might be comments that daddy killed mommy.”

    SURE. So don’t let the kids see, “the other side of the family” or allow them to speak her name.
    STACY’S family was very close. Stacy was the primary caregiver to those children and with her, the little ones constantly saw Cassandra.
    They’ve lost a mother that they love and all those close to Stacy whom they had developed attachments to.
    Their losses are horrendous. Ask any “child expert”.

    The youngest children are aged three and five… or three and four. Apparently Drew’s not sure.

    CNN LARRY KING LIVE – Drew Peterson Answers Questions – April 11, 2008

  15. Kimmer, on April 11th, 2008 at 9:01 pm Said:

    “I do think that the dancing comment will be blown up all to hell…”

    i would suggest that the “dancing comment” has finally secured his future in hell.

  16. I’m just wondering whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? We are hearing certain things thru the press and from all parties involved and of course each side is going to bad mouth the other side. Plus has anyone considered that Drew was a policeman and that maybe just maybe he has made some enemies who will do anything to hurt him?

  17. scott, on April 13th, 2008 at 11:27 pm Said:
    ” … Plus has anyone considered that Drew was a policeman and that maybe just maybe he has made some enemies who will do anything to hurt him?”

    scott, i believe that anything is possible.
    But what is most probable based on the details in this case ?

    Ask a behavioral analyst.

    “Why it makes sense to suspect Drew Peterson”
    “If I tried to leave him, he said he’d kill me.” Those were the words allegedly spoken by 23-year-old missing mother of two, Stacy Peterson, to a friend and neighbor about a threat her 53-year-old husband Drew Peterson made.
    On Oct. 26, Stacy told Drew she wanted a divorce. Two days later she was gone. …… ”
    “Clint Van Zandt is a former FBI agent, behavioral profiler and hostage negotiator as well as an MSNBC analyst.” – November. 13, 2007

    Ask a mathemetician.

    • 1 in 1.8 billion chance of having one of your wives drown and another go missing.
    But what is the probability that this would happen to two of wives of same man?
    If the world’s population is 6.6 billion, “You’d have to go through a quarter of that to have this happen to someone – so roughly four people in the world,” said Jeremy Nadolski, assistant professor of mathematics at Benedictine University.
    http://www.suburbanchicag…_NA19_PETERSON_S2.article – November 19, 2007

  18. I totally agree. The Stacy side is just as bad as the Drew side when it comes from negative comments. They think they are right no matter what, and if they were he would have been arrested. There is no proof. This week his guns will go to his son he is winning and we people who believe in him will smile once again.

  19. The State has all the proof they need. Sooner or later Stacy will be found. Any day, any hour, any second a warrant WILL be issued, a pounding on the door…. especially now that Stephen’s supended and can’t be point-man.

  20. What on earth has his son got to do with all of this? The state is groping for anwsers and help because they have nothing in 5 long months. So whats he pointing to ? The getting back the guns in court on the 17th ?

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