Exclusive new photos

Suburban Life Publications has acquired some exclusive photographs of Stacy Peterson with her family. Once again the folks over at FindStacyPeterson.com were kind enough to provide us with the photos. You can view the pictures by clicking on the Photo tab at the top of this page or click the slide show link below.



4 thoughts on “Exclusive new photos

  1. Yes she was Exlaw, and you can certainly tell she loved those children very much and how happy they made her. She’s smiling in every picture taken with them together. At least they will have these pictures to remember her by….so very, very sad she’s gone, and I hope with all my heart just will prevail in this.

  2. exlawenforcement:

    I guess you aren’t as insensitive as i thought. I posted a comment to your previous comments before i read these. i had asked you several questions, and your comment on the 22nd answered one of them. Yes, she was beautiful and it looked as if she was in love with her babies. That is not something that can be staged. the joy and twinkle in the eye of a mother with her child can never be faked. Imagine how much they miss her and long for her touch, to see her face. I weep for those poor children. I also feel that our lawenforcement as a whole need revamping. when something like this happens, it needs to be resolved with the utmost importance. How many women are gonna go missing and be found or presumed dead? Something has got to be done!

  3. Just curious as to your “exclusive” photos…were these given to you exclusively in exchange for not writing the tough stories about FSP?

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