Savio’s sister to testify Thursday

The sister of Kathleen Savio is expected to testify Thursday afternoon in front of the grand jury investigating the disappearance of Bolingbrook resident Stacy Peterson and the March 2004 drowning of Savio.

Susan Doman is the first of Savio’s family to testify before the grand jury. She showed up at the Will County Court Annex building in Joliet with her daughter, and made a brief statement.

“We miss my sister very much,” she said. “This has been a horrible situation and we just want justice to be served.”

Doman is one of five family members who petitioned the court to reopen Savio’s estate in preparation for a possible wrongful death lawsuit against Drew Peterson. Peterson is considered a suspect in the October 2007 disappearance of his wife, Stacy. Peterson was also married to Savio, who was found dead in the couple’s bathroom tub.


4 thoughts on “Savio’s sister to testify Thursday

  1. Anyone know how well Susan Doman knew Stacy? I guess she could testify about Drew and how he treated her sister. Also any incidents she may have witnessed that ocurred between Stacy and Kathleen?

  2. I think you’re right, Facsmiley, I think she’ll be a witness to Drew’s past behavior.

    It sad to think of how far apart these families were, and that the only thing that draws them together, now, are the tragedies of these two women. 😦

  3. Unknown- but I must say that I am glad the family is finally seeing a glimmer of justice for Kathleen.

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