*Update* Kathleen Savio’s sister testifies before grand jury

By Danya Hooker, dhooker@mysuburbanlife.com

A sister of Drew Peterson’s deceased third wife testified Thursday before the grand jury investigating Kathleen Savio’s death and the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy.

Savio’s sister Anna Doman confirmed she had testified but declined to comment any further as she left the Will County Court Annex building Thursday.

Bolingbrook police officer Rich Berg also testified Thursday and declined comment.

Doman is the second family member called to testify before the grand jury. Last week, her sister Susan Doman testified, as well as Steve Maniaci, Savio’s boyfriend at the time of her death.

Savio was found drowned in a bathtub in March 2004, shortly before she and Drew Peterson were to finalize the financial terms of their divorce. Although the death was ruled accidental at the time, investigators reopened the case in November after Stacy Peterson disappeared Oct. 28.

An independent pathologist for Will County recently ruled the death a homicide. Police have not named a suspect.

Drew Peterson is a suspect in his wife’s disappearance, which police are calling a potential homicide. He has denied any wrongdoing in either case and has not been charged with a crime.


9 thoughts on “*Update* Kathleen Savio’s sister testifies before grand jury

  1. Hey, no complaints here- she must have alot of pertinent info if the GJ asked her to come back after testifying before them last week.

    G*d bless you, Anna!!!

  2. Guess this young woman’s mom didn’t exactly want Drew Peterson in her daughter’s life:

    22-year-old defends Peterson relationship

    May 16, 2008

    By JOE HOSEY The Herald News

    BOLINGBROOK — The latest lady in Drew Peterson’s life – a 22-year-old he rescued from a Naperville traffic stop last week – is keeping an open mind about her older male “friend.”

    “I’ve always been the kind of person, I’m not going to judge someone,” said the young woman, who asked that she not be identified.

    The woman said she met Peterson about three weeks ago through their mutual friend, Steve Carcerano, who tans at the salon where she works. Since then, they have spoken often and she has spent the night at his home – but nothing physical took place, she said. Peterson did not seem so sure about that.

    “Never ‘nothing’ physical,” Peterson said enigmatically.

    The woman lives with her mother, who must not have approved of whatever was going on between the 54-year-old, four-times-married Peterson and the woman 32 years his junior.

    “My mom called the police,” she said.

    State police have identified Peterson as a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, 24-year-old Stacy Peterson. They have classified the case a “potential homicide,” and also are investigating the March 2004 death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, which was recently deemed a homicide.

    The young friend of Peterson said a state police investigator gave her an earful about what he thinks of Peterson’s involvement in the disappearance of Stacy and the death of Kathleen.

    “They’re like, ‘We’re 100 percent positive he killed them. His family thinks he killed them. You’re going to be next,'” she said. “And I’m like, ‘Then why isn’t he in jail?'”

    When pressed about the nature of their relationship, Peterson said, “No comment,” and added “She has parents to be concerned with.”

    The woman, a Benet Academy graduate, said her relationship with Peterson has caused her some grief.

    “It sucks,” she said, “because I’m not a hooker.”

    Apparently, Peterson is worth the hassle.

    “He’s just a nice guy,” she said. “He’s been nothing but nice to me.”

    Sun-Times News Group

  3. Okay, now that I’ve read the above article and thought more about it, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how this guy can change young women into the Stepford Wives. She “spent the night at his home?” My God, this man has no respect for anyone, not the memory of his dead wives, nor his children. To bring a 22 year old into his home for the night is just mind boggling.

    I’m talking about the children here. He’s so much like that Scott Peterson, it’s eerie. Scott Peterson was flying to another part of California, I believe, to be with his “girlfriend,” who he told he was a widower, while searchers were in the midst of looking for her.

    I’m just flabbergasted by this poor excuse of a human being. And, to think, he has been blessed with children, and he can’t even raise them in a dignified manner.

    Not to mention, what must it be like to be a 28 year old police office and have to face your partners with this kind of press? I’d say embarrassing, at the very least. Can’t exactly say his father is getting a bum deal in the press, when he continues to make himself look like a donkey. No, worse.

  4. Rescue, I’ve read your post on here. Funny, but I posted almost the same thing in a shorter version on “Your Thread.” We are definitely on the same wave length this morning.

  5. facsmiley // May 16, 2008 at 7:14 am

    It was actually Susan Doman who testified last week. This was the other sister, Anna.

    Ok, it’s official: I’m a twit.

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