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  1. His family thinks he killed them.

    That’s what the officer said to Ms. 22YO.

    Not their families meaning the wives’ families.

    His family.

    So who have they interviewed who said that? Paul, Mrs. P.?

    Or was it just how the officer said it? With no hidden meaning attached?

  2. I’m just catching up on some stuff and saw that “abandonment after one year” is reason for a divorce (this is in NY, which has very restrictive divorce laws). So that explains why Drew would be free to mary in November. The question is: Will it be Bachelorette #1, Bachelorette #2, or Bachelorette #3?

    I’m not doing very good about talking about something else. 😉 Sorry, Freedom. Looks like this is the topic of the day for now.

  3. noway – DP’s brother was very supportive in the beginning, of course. But, I’ve not seen or heard a word about him, and it’s never mentioned that he has a hand in watching DP’s kids.

    I did see somewhere on a blog that someone mentioned he’s a very nice person, and he and his wife thought the world of Stacy. Hard worker, family man.

    There’s nothing wrong with him coming to grips about the facts he’s seen come out. He’s been in the GJ room and he knows what kinds of questions they’re asking. Maybe he doesn’t like hearing DP call their mother senile either.

  4. Saw this on Greta’s blog. Don’t you wonder what makes people get so angry like this, but in the opposite direction? Let’s all talk about who’s in Drew’s bed? Well, his hottie thought it was a good idea to talk about it. What’s wrong with us slamming her and him for being such pathetic idiots?

    Comment by Memers
    May 16th, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Oh boy let’s all talk about who’s in Drew’s bed. Yea! Lonely pathetic people that seem to think they are entitled to everyone’s business. Stacy did alot of sleeping in that bed of his. Makes her no better than anyone else you talk about.

  5. noway406 // May 16, 2008 at 11:26 am

    …And maybe we should cut him some slack. After all, he hasn’t been doing this Mr. Mom thing very long. He’s bound to get mixed up and make mistakes.


    According to his lawyer he’s been doing this befriending of “street scrubs” for a long time. In the interest of his family (not to mention his PR), maybe he should curtail that.

    And, good intentions or not there IS something awry in people who seek out those who are outside of their social standing or age group to befriend. That’s why people suspect Michael Jackson (an extreme case, I’ll admit).

  6. noway406 // May 16, 2008 at 11:19 am

    His family thinks he killed them.

    That’s what the officer said to Ms. 22YO.

    Not their families meaning the wives’ families.

    His family.

    So who have they interviewed who said that? Paul, Mrs. P.?

    Maybe they meant Tom Morphey.

  7. lol carry on!!

    as far as parents that party and leave their kids home. I don’t agree with it never have done that and never would. But many do and it’s not against the law.

    so fsp is closed down. good now maybe 1/2 of the circus will get their act together and find stacy.

  8. More from Brodsky:

    Actually she didn’t want to talk to the media, but they were relentless, especially Joe Hosey, who is with the Sun Times group of newspapers (owned by Rupert Murdoch). Hosey has a book on the Peterson case coming out in August and he wants to keep the story hot until then. He cornered the poor girl and work.


    No one can make you talk to a reporter. If she isn’t mature enough to say ‘no comment’ when asked a question by a reporter, she probably isn’t mature enough to handle a relationship with a murder suspect.

    I assume in the last sentence he meant to write “at work”.

  9. Just thought I’d say “hello”. I haven’t had time to read all the posts yet. By the time I do everyone’s usually gone… LOL

    What girl was interviewed?

  10. jurorthirteen // May 16, 2008 at 11:54 am
    What girl was interviewed?

    The 22-year old tanning-attendent friend of Steve C and Drew.

  11. cfs7360 // May 16, 2008 at 10:55 am

    I guess he thinks the deat threats are directed at him and not the kids, but something else….a fire, kids choking, or even fighting could happen. Of ocurse there are the neighbors who would come I’m sure, if they were needed.
    Right…they have a neighbor right next door…giving play by play to the entire internet. I don’t understand how that is though, aren’t all of her windows covered with posters of their missing mom?

  12. 22-year-old speach….LOL

    “My mom called the police,” she said.

    “They’re like, ‘We’re 100……….

    “They’re like, ‘If you talk to us, we…………….

    “It sucks,” she said, “because I’m not a hooker.”

    “And I’m like, ‘Then why isn’t he in jail?'”

    54-year-old-pervert speach……LOL

    “I don’t know if people are looking because it’s me or the age difference,” he said.

    “She has parents to be concerned with.”

    “Want a cookie little girl”…….(Okay I made that one up…LOL)

  13. I know this isn’t really pertinent, but isn’t Steve C. married?

    So this older married guy befriends this girl and then introduces her to another older married guy? It just sounds so…pimpy.

  14. Kimmer, I didn’t want to mention her in my post because everyone is aware of that particular situation. However, I’m sure she would help those children in a heartbeat if Drew wasn’t there and she needed to.

  15. I think leaving the house at 2:00 am to go pick up a 22 year old, 6 months after your wife disappeared and left four minor children without her, trumps any pictures a nosy neighbor has on her windows.

    That’s old news.

  16. That’s traumatizes them, but none of the official police comments don’t? They don’t believe the police, and they’re “bored” with any news, according to their father. So, I would then have to believe they’re “bored” with Sharon’s pictures. Works both ways. Either they’re bored, or they’re not.

    With all due resepct, ah, I’m not buying into that one.

  17. My gosh, if those children are traumatized by pictures on windows, and signs with Stacy’s pictures, how must they be traumatized by the fact that the only people these days that show up at their house seem to be street people Drew picks up. Where’s all the family, friends, loved ones, aunts, uncles?

    A “Paula” has to stay with his children when he goes to New York. A 15 year old has to watch his siblings whilst his father darts out on a mission to rescue a damsel.

    Don’t even go there about pictures on a window, when that woman would probably do more for those kids than any 22 year old pick up would even dream of. Just my opinion.

  18. cfs7360 // May 16, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    Kimmer, I didn’t want to mention her in my post because everyone is aware of that particular situation. However, I’m sure she would help those children in a heartbeat if Drew wasn’t there and she needed to.
    I’m not saying she wouldn’t. I just think it does do more damage than good with the pictures. And the telling of the internet when they are home alone is just beyond dangerous.

  19. Kimmer, I personally think she is doing an awesome job of keeping it together. I give Sharon a LOT of credit. I find nothing wrong with what she is doing – she is the only one that knows what she is going thru and I commend her, Pam, Cassandra and others for speaking to the media and others in a respectful manner. I’m not sure I would hold my tongue as well as they do.

  20. I personally think that things are being handled in a manner, by BOTH sides that could harm the children.

    I guess, first and foremost, for the sake of the children, I wouldn’t try to take pot shots at their father. Secondly, I wouldn’t make it a habit to take shots at him if he is as bad as everyone says, not to mention a suspect in a potential murder.

    The last part just doesn’t add up for me.

  21. You know, kimmer, I understand we all have our opinions as to how involved people should or should not act. You’ll never convince me otherwise about Sharon being anything but, at best, nosy and trying to get in Drew Peterson’s face. I’ll give you that. However, that gets me to a completely different place than where I am with that monster.

    His 15 year old son, especially, should be enjoying the company of girls, prom dates, dances. How in heaven’s name can he have a semblance of normal activities such as that with the likes of his father to get his stupid antics published in the newspapers. I would think that that’s not the way he grew up, with his father being investigated for the murder of two wives, and picking up 22 year olds in the middle of the night, six months after the “disappearance” of his current wife.

    I certainly would not allow my daughter to be anywhere near that sick man’s house, especially since they seem to be home alone quite a bit at night. Doesn’t give his son much opportunity to enjoy spending evenings at his friends’ houses, does it. He’s too busy keeping the house together while his father entertains himself, what with being a single man with needs.

  22. BTW, Brodsky claims that the young woman was misquoted by Joe Hosey and was not on the phone with Drew at the time they were pulled over.

    Does that mean he was present while she was being interviewed (at work)? Huh.

    Also, why the question make about talking on the phone with Drew while with her boyfriend? If she and Drew are just friends, what would be odd about that?

    About today’s article quoting the girl saying that she wason the phone with Drew already (while she is riding with her boyfriend?) is inaccurate. The article is by Joe Hosey of the Sun Times group who has misquoted me more than once. But this whole thing is a side show of a side show. Only Hosey reported on it and he has a book coming out he wants to sell. It has nothing to do with Drew, Stacy and Kathy. Don’t get sidetracked by it. (I almost did, but no more)

  23. Only Hosey reported on it because only Hosey got the quotes. I’ll bet Greta’s and Nancy’s staffs are scrambling to get some phone time with her.

  24. rumor has it that Stacy has been found alive and that she left on her own free will.
    hence the visitors to sharons, the shutting down of FSP.
    rumor also has it that LE is currently trying to cover their tracks so they can come out smelling like a rose.

  25. Hi Gotoutandhappynow and lugnut. Good to see you all.

    By the did so much good at FSP in the domestic violence section of the forum. You were very helpful to many there. You were one of the lowkey humble ones. But you helped many.
    Good to see some from that forum here.
    Wish they had given some notice to the members before they closed it.
    Hopefully it means they will be arresting Drew Peterson very soon before he can hurt another young girl.

  26. It is more likely that the visitors to Sharons home were Mary2

    and her husband. She is the one that posted the picture of Drew

    without a shirt on. Well her and her husbands picture hit the

    internet right after that and she was really upset about it and

    that is when coffee talk and the about me thread were deleted.

    What I would like to know is where she got that picture and why

    didn’t she just sell it to raise funds. Was this a picture Admin had

    and gave it to her or was it given to her by LE to embarass Drew.

  27. truth – whatever it was, whatever was done, it was time for that forum part to move on. That was doing nothing for the dignity of the site. It’s better off with an off-site forum than to let go on what was happening. Too many opinions, to many off-the-wall comments and doings. JMHO.

    Posting that picture was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen over there yet. Really, it was.

  28. Funny, though, truth, now at least Brodsky has been stupid enough to start blogging himself, and that will do nothing for giving him or his client credibility for anything.

    I think he’s having a go of it now trying to get himself on tv with his assinine remarks, and the only thing left for him is his blogging. But, that’s not mainstream, so I think he’s burned himself out. Or, at least we can hope.

  29. somuchschoolwork – Thank you for the kind words. I tried to be honest and helpful in the DV threads because there are so many women out there who don’t know you can get out – and be happy.

    I am happy to see some of my favorite posters here as well.

  30. I am not familiar with you as a poster, gotoutandhappy while on the other forum, but it sounds as though you had a nice thing going there and tried to do the best you could to help others with information.

    Hello to you.

  31. rescueapet – I think you mentioned what your nic was from FSP – and it you are C. A. (maybe I am wrong) anyway if this is you, I always appreciated the updated articles posted right away.

  32. yes, and I did try to eventually move in that direction of being informative, and not so much novel writing opinions, LOL. It seemed that it was getting that way. I think, though, as hard as many tried, it was getting to be too long of a time between news, and imaginations ran wild. We’re all impatient for justice to be done, but not so rushed to see things go awry. At least, that’s how I think. There will be a day when it’s all tied-in and figured out.

    Thanks, GOAHN!

  33. I tried not to bash Drew even before Cassandra posted the warning about not bashing Drew and that if it didn’t stop it would turn into an info site only. I really only posted when I felt I had something to add or before you beat me to it – the news articles. =)

    I can’t wait for the day we know what happened to Stacy either.

    I like the GOAHN by the way.

  34. freedom08 // May 16, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    rumor has it that Stacy has been found alive and that she left on her own free will.
    hence the visitors to sharons, the shutting down of FSP.
    rumor also has it that LE is currently trying to cover their tracks so they can come out smelling like a rose.

    Whutchu talkin’ bout, Willis?

  35. Basherette – nice to see you hear – always thought you avatar was pretty.

    There are a lot of rumors (like always) going around after a poster who says he’s Joel Brodsky has been posting at a site.

    Freedom08 – is that where your info is coming from?

  36. No wonder I refuse to go to that site and read his trash. Rumors going around she’s alive? Now, who would say that but Brodsky.

    And who would believe that but someone mad at everybody but Drewpy?

  37. I agree rescueapet. I think Brodsky has been reading all along and knows who to try to align with. There are some posters at different places (Greta’s for example) that are not shy about their feelings towards FSP and Stacy’s family. I think he found a place where people will listen to him and give him attention.

  38. Very nice to see you here too, gotoutandhappynow! You made some strikingly informative and knowledgeable posts, and I sure appreciated ’em!

    Don’t think I mentioned it to you before, but we have something in common, unfortunately. He’s going on 7 years in prison now for what he did- and I am now VERY happily married to someone I always thought was just something to dream about… 🙂

    Like the late Mother Teresa said, “G*d never gives me more than I can handle- I just wish He didn’t trust me so much!” 🙂

  39. One pathetic thing about Brodsky’s blogging is he’s jumping from board to board. He posted at Legalpub until the “FSP crazies” (read: people with hard questions) started posting. Now he’s fled to Speak Your Mind but I think he’ll abandon that place soon as well, once he realizes that:

    1. Registration required means not many people read there.

    2. People with hard questions are going to find their way there as well and make him just as uncomfortable as they did at LegalPub

    3. He can’t get away with lying there any more than he can anywhere else

  40. If Stacy were alive, wouldn’t they have shut down the donations for the SEARCH for Stacy Peterson?

    Or do you think it’s still up until ISP and the FBI come up with a story to save face?

  41. And, as far as all this hoopla about the 22 year old, and whomever else DiP is stringing along, well, I said it before and I’ll say it again:

    DUH! Heir and a spare ring any bells? DiP does NOT like being alone, and in every single one of his marriages, he cheated. He ALWAYS made sure he had backup female companionship waitng in the wings before he divorced, and I suspect it’s par for the course that he was cheating on Stacy as well. Tigers don’t change their stripes. Leopards don’t change their spots. And DiP wouldn’t change his “formula” after all this time, cause its worked so well (for HIM) in the past.

    Nope, nosireebob, no way Jose- not surprised, shocked and/or amazed about this at all.

    What WOULD surprise, shock and amaze me to the core would be that DiP DIDN’T have any gals waiting in the wings. I’d prolly have a figgin’ heart attack if that was the case! :-O

  42. basherette – I didn’t know you were a survivor also. I knew I liked it when you typed in green 🙂 but didn’t know we had that in common. I am so glad to hear that you are happily married.

    Anyway – I appreciated the Mother’s Day post you did at FSP for all 3 of the moms.

  43. I read the posts that “JB” supposedly made on the Legal Pub forum, and all I’ve got to say about ’em is this:

    How the bloody HELL did he manage to become a lawyer, when he can’t even write grammatically correct sentences, and wouldn’t recognize a spellcheck button if it came up and bit him on his arse?

  44. Is there a link available for JB’s latest public plethora of puke-inducing perjurous postings?

  45. Nice alliteration, Bash! You’ll need to find the Stacy thread and then the Q&A with Brodsky thread.

    I can attest to this being Brodsky, because I had a communication with someone who spoke to him offline, and he immediately reacted to it there.

    But yeah, before that I had my doubts – especially when he wrote “perverbiale” instead of “proverbial”. Who knows, maybe he’s dyslexic or something.

  46. basherette // May 16, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I read the posts that “JB” supposedly made on the Legal Pub forum, and all I’ve got to say about ‘em is this:

    How the bloody HELL did he manage to become a lawyer, when he can’t even write grammatically correct sentences, and wouldn’t recognize a spellcheck button if it came up and bit him on his arse?
    Does Cracker Jack require that you can spell when give you that prize?

  47. Thanks, Facsmiley!

    Hadn’t thought of dyslexia. I thought that meant that letters in a correctly spelled word got reversed whilst reading/writing? Does punctuation also prove to be a problem with dyslexia?

    Hurm… I dunno. Maybe it was his paralegal’s day off?

  48. Well, Bash, that’s where I got my law degree. It’s written on a teeny tiny piece of paper. 😉

  49. It was there or a box of Lucky Charms. I can’t remember. 😀

    Disclaimer: For all those who may have taken me seriously, I have no law degree at all.

  50. There should be a few other people using that disclaimer, if you ask me.

    Okay, looks like I can’t play nice today.

    I’ve been out in the sun all afternoon, and it’s such a change for me that it’s affected my brain.

    I’ll come back tonight. 😀

  51. I’ve worked for lawyers for 28 years, and if I ever produced letters that resembled half of what he writes, I would have been out of a job long ago! That is just not acceptable. There is no excuse for that, when, if nothing else, he had to be a h.s. graduate before going on to college and law school.

    Just no exxcuse ……

  52. has anyone heard anything more on Stacy being “alive”? I’m reading on here and saw the rumor but was wondering what came of it?

  53. I saw this on Greta’s board, and I thought it was funny:

    Comment by you’re way out there
    May 16th, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    My daughter is 22. If she said Drew Peterson was nice, after all the media coverage, I would probably have to disassemble her and send her back.

  54. nomoredramaplz – LOL, what new about this rumor? Peterson and his lawyer have been saying this for six months. She left with $25,000, her passport, a bikini, and called her husband only to tell him where to find the car.

    Now, from what little I’ve seen mentioned here, someone has added to it that LE is covering their butts by hiding her, or something like that.

    Yeah, that’ll work.

  55. YAY for the mum who called the police when she found out about her daughter and DiP!

    I’da done the same thing. Who the hell wants their daughter dating Bluebeard?

  56. i never knew they had been saying this for 6 months…lol. that’s crazy. it makes sense to think JB would pull something like this…especially since he can’t even talk right! he ALWAYS stumbles over his words etc. i have something i want to say but i don’t feel i can say it. i don’t want to get involved really…and i don’t even think its possible…what i think i saw :(…unfortunately

  57. aww…thanks basherette! i hope you were talking to me and i’m not making a donkey out of myself lol. i mean i had heard the theory that she ran off with another man, had a bikini, 25,000…she was in Thailand etc…but i didn’t know it was an ongoing rumor or theory! the crap you learn!

  58. everyone…i need to be serious here for a moment…this has been bothering me since Stacy went missing. I’m afraid to say what I saw but it can’t be possible therefore I’ll share because its been bothering me since October…the end of October. Me and my mother were in the car in a town called Morton…its in Illinois and I’m from Illinois. Anyway I’m not sure of the time of day except I know it was dark out. I want to say 8:00pm? Anyway we were on a back road in Morton and this car came up on our bumper…kind of out of nowhere. It was none other than a purple Grand Prix…and the driver…a petite young female white girl…pretty young. Would have bet my life at the time it was Stacy Peterson. Me and my mother never said anything because of the fact that at the time we thought we saw her…the Denali and her car were in police custody/impounded. So I guess its not even possible. Weird? Yes. Was it her? I don’t know. If her car was impounded and in police custody then I don’t know how it would have been possible to be her. Its nothing sinister but its been bothering me for the longest time. I needed to tell someone to get it off my chest, whether it was her or not. And Morton is about 20 minutes or so from where she was supposedly “spotted” in Peoria which is the next town or two over. ***breathes a sigh of relief***

  59. nomoredramaplz – all I can say is that law enforcement has made a statement, a number of times, that Stacy Peterson did not leave her house voluntarily, she did not cut-off communications with her family abruptly, and they have now declared Drew Peterson a suspect in a homicide.

    It appears that even though they follow up on most leads that come to them, they have firm and every reason to believe that she is dead, and they are looking for her body.

    Other than that, I can’t say much more about what you saw.

    As to being “spotted” in Peoria, it was verified that it was not her by the shelter that someone reported her being at.

    Hope that helps.

  60. rescue – yes that helps and thank you. must have just been a coincidence…what i saw. i guess when you want to believe something so badly (that she is alive ..not dead) i guess anything can happen in your mind.
    Oh, I know that it wasn’t here that was spotted in Peoria…I just thought it was an important part of my story how the towns are so close. Thanks again 🙂

  61. Yes, nomore – it would be everyone’s dream come true if she were alive. I’ve stated a number of times that I could very well have believe that Drew Peterson took her forcefully from their home to scare her and hide her away somewhere, since it’s been reported that she told him she wanted a divorce. I also assume that if she told her pastor that she knew about Kathleen’s death circumstances, she probably threatened her husband with exposure.

    If a man in Austria can hide his own daughter from the rest of society, as was just recently uncovered, I guess anything is possible.

  62. rescue – I am a good person and its not that I want to believe in Drew…its not that at all, its that I want to believe Stacy is alive. Is it possible? Yes! But is it true…probably not. I mean my mom always says well how do you explain them fighting and then silence all the sudden? I don’t know for sure…I don’t have an answer. I’ll stop thinking and just let LE uncover the truth of what really happened. Its hard, the waiting game, but its all we can do right now. Thanks for your response 🙂

  63. Watching Nancy Grace – I want to say once again how much I respect Pam. Articulate and respectful. No trash talk like Drew and Brodsky.

  64. You know, the article says that the 22 yr. old was *already* talking on the phone with DiP when her boyfriend was pulled over for the DUI.

    What I am wondering: who called who? Did she call DiP, or did he call her, that late at night?

  65. basherette // May 16, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    You know, the article says that the 22 yr. old was *already* talking on the phone with DiP when her boyfriend was pulled over for the DUI.

    What I am wondering: who called who? Did she call DiP, or did he call her, that late at night?

    I wonder that as well. She also said, “We were talking a lot that night.” So…while she’s out with this other guy she and Peterson are exchanging phone calls?


  66. gotoutandhappynow // May 16, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    somuchschoolwork – Thank you for the kind words. I tried to be honest and helpful in the DV threads because there are so many women out there who don’t know you can get out – and be happy.

    I am happy to see some of my favorite posters here as well.

    You’re more than welcome to start your own thread in my forum for your advocacy of domestic violence. I think what you were doing is awesome.

  67. All I know I can is what must his children, the teens and the adult sons, thinking of their father?

    We all know one adult son doesn’t speak to him, and I think he’s the luckiest one in this whole mess. At least he doesn’t have to defend the antics of his father to anyone. He’s running from them!

    And, how are his teen sons to have any kind of a life now with him. They’re responsible for taking care of two little ones while he’s hanging around bars and young women, bringing them to his home, no less.

    He’s taunting LE to come and get it, and he’s trying to show off in the public with his trophy women. He is one sick dude. Really sick. Really sickening also.

    His poor children. God help them!!!!!

  68. basherette // May 16, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I read the posts that “JB” supposedly made on the Legal Pub forum, and all I’ve got to say about ‘em is this:

    How the bloody HELL did he manage to become a lawyer, when he can’t even write grammatically correct sentences, and wouldn’t recognize a spellcheck button if it came up and bit him on his arse?

    Bash, I agree with you. I’m beginning to wonder if that is not really him after all. Anyone want to email him and ask? Heck. I think I will.

  69. I meant to say: All I can say is what must his children, the teens and the adult sons, be thinking of their father.

    Whew. I’m so frazzled after watching Nancy Grace, and can’t stop thinking of those poor kids.

  70. I wonder how sharon enjoyed her vist with the FBI agents the other day. Then everything gets shut down ? Big surprize…

  71. I just want to say to all..due to the recent misunderstandings that I encountered with some very good people at FSP I’ve decided to no longer post in any other board except my own. Please know that I value all your opinions, online friendships and thought processes…even those who may disagree with mine. Hey! I love my husband bunches and believe me…he and I have different opinions on things in life too:)

    I just value my friendships that I have made and because of my recent postings regarding the fundraiser at FSP, many misinterpreted my thoughts….or, I was unclear and overemotional in how I posted them.

    What I have found out is that there was a poster from FSP who has been diving into the lives of many and falsifying emails and online names claiming to be other people..who are “real people”. (In other words “pretending to communicate with me as someone else.) I believe this person has done this to many and is part of what instigated one against another. Without divulging further, I hope I’m making sense and that you all can understand why I feel it best to remain at my own forum.

    Take care all and feel free to keep in touch with me via emails or pop in at our site anytime.

  72. gold – get on with it. We’re not going to give you a forum to blog your baloney. Run along now.

  73. Hey its too bad that you cannot handle who visted her the other day, it was on this blog, and yes they were there. You can think its baloney thats your right, but I know better..Maybe you ought to ask Sharon herself.

  74. goldmustang // May 16, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    I wonder how sharon enjoyed her vist with the FBI agents the other day. Then everything gets shut down ? Big surprize…

    Let me clarify something before I go. The FSP site was already in the process of being shut down long before it occured. (This is why I was so intent on posting why it was important to be kept seperate from the Find Stacy website itself. )

    It had absolutely NOTHING TO DO with any law enforcement, IRS, or any government agency. This I can assure you of.

  75. The article on the 22 yr old was not totally the truth either, Mr. Hosey is really busy pushing things for his book too.

  76. rescue – if you are talking about Lavanda’s own personal site i can help you…

    her site is if that is what you needed. apparently she left without posting it and since i know it, i wanted to help. sorry if that’s not what you were talking about.

  77. goldmustang // May 16, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    I wonder how sharon enjoyed her vist with the FBI agents the other day. Then everything gets shut down ? Big surprize…
    Dream On MustyStang

  78. thank you nomore. Yes, I wanted hers. I forget to bookmark the link the last time she posted it!

    Thanks again.

  79. another baiter. Maybe someone could post a link for the prince of darkness and his followers. Not here.

  80. Uh, how does that link thingie work? I clicked on it and got a bunch of ads for talking to angels.


  81. I am not a baiter. You ladies want truth, but when its right in front of you, you go into denial. I have nothing to lose or gain from what I know. Are so afraid to think outside of the box for a change ?

  82. people…rescue & bash…that is the link to her site…i don’t know why that page comes up. does it say something about being parked free courtesy of ? it does that for us too. what my mom found out is that you have to favorite it and bookmark it to get it to work. she had to do something from work and send the link to her home email for the page to pull up. but that IS LAVANDA’S site…we can’t figure out what is going on. rescue – you are very welcome. i don’t know why it does that and pulls up that page but try what i said and see if you can get it to work by putting it in your favorites. its so confusing…sorry

  83. What truth, GM? That you think Sharon got visited by the Feebs yesterday? I could really care less whether it happened or not- how does it help find Stacy? How does it solve Kathleen’s murder?

    Can’t think of one damn thing it does to help either situation, so why even bother to mention it? It doesn’t matter- no es importante, bucko.

  84. Mustang, I don’t know what you’re smoking but Dan Rozek was present with Hosey when those quotes were stated and can verify they were accurate.

    Was Brodsky anywhere near when the interview took place? No, he was not. So he is in no position to deny anything about it.

  85. I honestly think you all have been brain washed. I will leave and let you get back to your fantasy world. Just remember that you were told long before you hear the truth from another source.

  86. Aliens from Mars could have shown up at Sharon’s, and I could I could care less.

    Now, if you’re going to say that LE came to handcuff Drew Peterson, the suspect in the disappearance and presumed homicide of Stacy Peterson, I’ll listen. Otherwise, talk to the hand.

  87. Uh, is “bookmarking” a site the same as adding it to your “favorites”?

    Hell, you can prolly tell that I learned how to type on a TYPEWRITER, ya know, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth… :-/

  88. you are welcome bash 🙂 thats what my mom said…because we can’t access it from our home computers but she can access it at work. so i believe she said that she bookmarked it and sent the link to her msn email account and clicked it and it worked. I’m not sure I totally understand what she means. I bookmarked it and tried to pull it up and it didn’t work for me. I’m trying to find Lavanda’s email somewhere…anywhere so I can tell her that lots of people are experiencing this problem with her site. says its not an active site but it is….I hope that helps you out. I haven’t been able to access her site for weeks now.

  89. Who said anything about Brodsky ? Not me. The story was only half correct, the rest was lies. And No Ms. Broad it does not solve the cases, but it does raise questions about the money being raised, which I might add has never ever been explained to the fullest. Yes, everyone would like this to be over once and for all.

  90. I’ll say it and say it again. Brodsky does not have to testify and never will. He can drop hints and even go so far as to outright lie in his quest to boost his client and discredit the victim, her family and friends.

    Now he’s doing exactly what we discussed a week or so ago — going to blogs and planting the seeds so the fanatics can grow them into nonsense and disperse it.

  91. Brodsky calls Yelton Cales a “quintessential sex offender piece garbage” and refers to Kathleen as a “hell cat”. We attempt here to refrain from name calling in order to keep things civil and have a dialogue. This is not important to the suspect’s defense.

    Winning is all that matters.

  92. nomore – that would be helpful if you could find lavanda’s email and have her come back here to post the link, or let us know what’s wrong.

    Thank you.

  93. This has nothing to do with discrediting the family. This has nothing to do with Drew’s lawyer. This is not nonsense.This does not boost Drew either. This has to do with things that are going on that should not be. The FBI does not drop by just to chat.

  94. Sorry, but $$$ means shit to me, compared with a person’s life.

    You wanna worry about the $$$, you go right ahead. I have different priorities.

  95. I guess I am trying to get a valid point across, I do not want to offend any one, but its hard to get your attention when you guys do not want to hear it.

  96. Nope, I still can’t get the sapsucker to work. I am hopelessly computer challenged, I’m embarrassed to say…

  97. It doesn’t work for me either, bash. We’ll get the link sometime later. I’ll look for it in earlier posts, and if I can find it, I’ll post it, okay?

  98. Darn link. Having the damndest time with links not working lately, and I’ve got a friggin’ high speed cable modem.

    Please send Lavanda an email from me too, Nomoredramaplz. Thanks!

  99. gold – no offense, but I think you’re on the wrong blog. Really. Not trying to be rude. We don’t care about going over and over again regarding fund raising, Sharon, or plant people. Really. Don’t wanna hear it. Sorry.

  100. Every time I have been on here lots of people are asking about where the money is going. Thats a valid point. If there is something fishy going on thats not good. I am not against the searches or anything thing else, I just think theres more than meets the eye here, and that goes for both sides. Its almost like theres a war going on.

  101. Uh, nope, uhn uh, sorry. Still don’t care about the money. Preaching to da wrong choir here, bucko.

    Movin’ on back to more important things now…

  102. I tried your link too, Somuchschoolwork… didn’t work for me either. Thanks for trying to help though!

  103. Well, I bit. I posted a question for “JB” to answer at the Speak forum.

    Apparently, I got there too late- he’d just posted that he wasn’t gonna answer anything more publicly, cause he might get misquoted.

    Whatever. Didn’t stop him before now, did it?

  104. bash – here is how you get it to work.

    I can’t type the link here because it won’t post.

    Copy the link as it was posted, but leave out the http. Just paste the http://www.xxxxxxxxxxx.

    Understand what I’m saying?

  105. Okay. Now, copy the two lines, but, of course, paste it into the address bar as one line, and that should do it.


  106. yes rescue – that’s correct. it won’t let me post the link…been trying for the past 5 min lol

  107. Bash, he may answer it tomorrow. I think he was just shying away from a particularly hypothetical question.

  108. I typed it in as :


    and this is what I got:

    “Sorry, ‘www.angelsforstacy’ does not exist or is not available.”

    Frustrating, to say the least. Never had this prob before when I went to take a looksee over there- so it’s likely just a server mishap thingie going on.

  109. Frick- why did it just add the “http://” thingie to my post? What a pain in the rear…

    I typed www. (without a space)angelsforstacy

    There. Hope this posts like I intended.


    It keeps adding the “http://” to every dangblasted w w w I type!!!

  111. okay one last try lol. go to your address bar and type in h t t p : // angelsforstacy . hqforums . com all together and it should work because it did for me!

  112. Well, this IS my home, so to speak. I just thought the answer he gave the other fella regarding custody of the boys was a bit misleading…

  113. Man, now THIS website just changed format on me…

    I’m bout ready ta give up on my crummy communist computer!

  114. Bash – take a deep breath!

    What did you say the question was you asked JB when he quit answer questions?

    By the way – lavanda’s website is a little harder to follow than here. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with the format.

  115. Aw, someone asked why Kathleen didn’t get custody of the boys, esp. since Stacy was pregnant at the time of the divorce, and JB answered that adultery didn’t affect the custody- whomever was the better parent for the boys “won” custody, and used a prostitute with great mothering skills vs. a priest as an example. So, he basically didn’t really answer the question at all, in my book at least.

    Far as I know, DiP and Kathleen had shared legal custody, but Kahleen was awarded primary physical custody of the boys- so they would have lived most of the time with her. That part of the divorce (the custody part) was already finalized- the ONLY part of the divorce that was NOT finalized when she died was the division of financial assets.

    Of course, with Kathleen dead, DiP would have sole legal and physical custody of the boys- at least up to when Stacy formally adopted them. At that point, DiP and Stacy had 50/50 legal custody of them- but that wouldn’t become too important unless they divorced.

    See where I’m going with this?

  116. rescueapet // May 16, 2008 at 8:00 pm

    gold – get on with it. We’re not going to give you a forum to blog your baloney. Run along now.

    how is this forum yours to give?
    back biting again I see.

    gold good luck with this bunch! it’s like

    you are soo mean to dare speak the truth!
    I bet you are drew himself!

    in other words worthless!


  117. Well, bash, who do you think has custody of those two teens now? Because, from what I have seen, they’re pretty much running the show at night when he’s partying around with 22 year olds. Seems like the teens are taking care of two little people more than they should be, doesn’t it?

  118. Freedom has a point. If we humor the folks who come here with wacky theories maybe SearchForStacy will be Brodsky’s next destination (since SpeakYourMind is pretty much played out for him) and we won’t have to go to other forums to have a Q&A.

  119. DiP would have to pay one hell of alot of child support for the four children- check out the Illinois CSED child support guidelines here:

    Number of Children/Percent of Non-Custodial Parent’s NET Income

    1 = 20%
    2 = 28%
    3 = 32%
    4 = 40%
    5 = 45%
    6 or more = 50%

    Yipper, that’s right- 40%…

    And people have the audacity to say DiP didn’t have ANY motives for doing away with Kathleen and Stacy? Bullpucky.

  120. Well, bash, I’d say when she told him she was done with his mind games and controlling life, and told him she wanted out, that was enough motive for him to wipe her off the face of the earth.

    Now that he has his four kids, he has a hard time staying home with them, doesn’t he?

  121. Bash, I think the money was very much his motive in both cases (well, money and control).

    I believe when Stacy called Pam about a house for rent where she and the children could go, she was talking about all four children. She had no job so that would be alimony AND child support for all four of the children.

  122. How the heck did I already get to 101 karma thingies when I’ve only made 1 post, and had 1 karma thingie (which was a surpise to me already) not even 10 minutes ago?

    My question wasn’t THAT good… weird, huh?

  123. Think of all the money Drew is already saving. no more Cales family get togethers, no groceries for Cassandra, no more ‘repairs’ or gifts for his wife.


  124. Sorry. I was pm’d to come and post the link. The website is not up because it was taking forever for the graphics to load pages and very complicated to keep it maintained appropriately. While I do own the link of, I need to find another server to bring the website out again.

    AS FOR THE FORUM LINK, it is :
    (add another w)
    Sorry for the confusion.

  125. Hurm- has anybody posted what Nancy Grace had to say about the 22 yr old? I don’t watch tv, so if someone knows, could you please post it or a link for it? Much appreciated!!

  126. You know what, bash, there wasn’t anything more than you already know. She made her point throughout the whole show to make DP look like like a womanizer/stalker/cradle robber. Hosey was even interviewed by phone, but I wasn’t real impressed with it. He didn’t seem like he was totally engaged in the conversation. Like he was sitting around talking to some buddies, not really forceful or informative. JMO.

    It wasn’t much new – just rehashing the news about the young woman and today’s news article. So, you didn’t really miss anything.

  127. Gee… how boring. Oh, well, it was worth trying… never know when some new info is gonna show up, right?

  128. Uh, Lavanda- how do you find the forum once you’ve signed up? I can’t find the darn forum… just the index page, no threads…

  129. Ok, it’s official again- I’m a twit.

    All I had to do was click on the BIG CAPITAL LETTERS that said:


    LOL!!!! 🙂

  130. It’s a little confusing bash. Here, it’s just post and submit. There, it’s a lot of different threads, which you have to click on to read through. It’s just good to be able to find someone you may miss from fsp if you need to.

  131. Sounds blah. I have it recorded so I’ll watch but too bad they couldn’t get ahold of that girl. I know, I know! The decent human being inside me says good for her that she learned to shut up.

    It’s not nice to say, but I know she would have been entertaining.

  132. It was sorta blah, facsmiley, but she did make him out to look like the creep that he is. You know how NG is when she wants to make her point.

    What’s funny is that JB isn’t getting his media exposure anymore. He’s old news! Has to resort to blogging. Now, that’s funny. Really, really funny. Silly, icky man.

  133. BRODSKY:

    Hey bud, a couple things:

    1. Press the SPELL CHECK button when you post, it will give your posts a more “polished” look.

    2. Rupert Murdoch sold the the Chicago Sun-Times a long time ago:

    In November 1983 he bought the Chicago Sun-Times for $90 million. He sold it in 1987.

    After Murdoch sold the paper (to buy its former sister television station WFLD to launch the Fox network) the Sun-Times was acquired by Hollinger International, controlled, indirectly, by Canadian-born businessman Conrad Black. After Black and his associate David Radler were indicted for skimming money from Hollinger International, through retaining noncompete payments from the sale of Hollinger newspapers, they were removed from the board, and Hollinger International was renamed the Sun-Times Media Group.

  134. chateauofdoubt – I don’t know what it is your referring to, but it must’ve been good. What did Brodsky do now? Can you give a little background, please?


  135. I’m still logged in A-OK over there- and since my piece of caca (<– see gatehouse, I DIDN’T say “shit”! I CAN learn!) computer hasn’t gone kaput while on that site, may I humbly suggest that it might be a modem thingie problem?

  136. My favorite part of joining that site was this part of the member agreement:

    You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or otherwise in violation of ANY law.

    This is not only humorous, but legal actions can be taken against you.

    It’s funny, but you could be sued?



    Somebody forgot to add a much-needed “NOT”…

    But, I, personally, am glad they forgot, because it gave ME a much-needed *SNORT*GIGGLE*SNORT!!!

  138. Among the many blunderous Brodsky statements he has made on TV and print, now on that forum he stated he was misquoted by the Chicago Sun-Times and then he put in parenthesis “which is owned by Rupert Murdoch.”

    I loves me a multi-facted Brodsky Blunder.
    I can’t wait to subscribe to the cable channel.

  139. If you are still there Basherette, can you kindly bring that Brosdky Blunder over here about the Chicago Sun-Times?

  140. What did he say he was misquoted about? It’s hard to keep track of his blunders, I must say.


  141. [quote author=joelbrodsky board=stacy thread=18 post=2586 time=1210954085]Actually she didn’t want to talk to the media, but they were relentless, especially Joe Hosey, who is with the Sun Times group of newspapers (owned by Rupert Murdoch). Hosey has a book on the Peterson case coming out in August and he wants to keep the story hot until then. He cornered the poor girl and work.[/quote]

  142. Thanks Basherette.
    Not only does he not read law journals, now we know he hasn’t picked up a newspaper since the late 1980’s.

  143. Ok, THAT was weird…

    I’ve been trying to post one post over and over, but it’s not posting- and yet the above one did!

    Anybody know what’s up with that?

  144. I can’t read anything of his anymore, really. He is half illiterate, and can’t even write a complete, correctly spelled sentence. Like when he sits on tv with his head cocked to the side and that smirk on his face, so goes his grammer and spelling. Eeeewwww.

  145. Joel, I would like to bring your attention to your quote below in Hoseys article about forced entry and the alarm.

    There was forced entry, the lock was picked, which destroyed

    any evidence there might have been of it being picked before.

    Who disarmed the alarm when everyone went inside to look for Kathleen?,4_1_JO09_PETERSON_S1.article

    Attorney: Police have tunnel vision

    May 9, 2008

    The daughter of Drew Peterson’s second wife and the sister of his third wife appeared Thursday before the grand jury investigating the third wife’s death and his fourth wife’s disappearance.

    Sue Doman, the sister of dead third wife Kathleen Savio, said Savio’s former boyfriend, Steve Maniaci, testified before her Thursday. Maniaci spoke to Savio on the phone two nights before she was found drowned in her dry bathtub in March 2004.

    Drew Peterson (left), of Bolingbrook, is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson (middle). The death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio (right), is also being investigated.

    State police initially found no indication of foul play in connection with Savio’s death. Their opinion was contradicted in November after a forensic pathologist performed additional tests on her remains and concluded she was the victim of a homicide.

    Did couple break up?
    Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, claims Maniaci and Savio broke off their relationship the weekend before she was found dead.
    “If he was smart, he took the Fifth,” Brodsky said of Maniaci. “If it was my girlfriend who was found dead, and it was declared a homicide, and I had the code to the alarm system, and there were no signs of forced entry, I would have a lawyer with me.”

    Maniaci could not be reached for comment. Savio’s niece, Melissa Doman, disputed Brodsky’s assertion.

    “No. If memory serves me correctly, he was at my aunt’s wake,” Melissa Doman said. “Why would he be there if they broke up?”

    State police have not named suspects in the Savio homicide. They have conceded Peterson is under suspicion for disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, a matter they have classified a “potential homicide.”

    Brodsky said that instead of focusing on Peterson for Stacy’s disappearance case, police should be turning an eye to others.

    “They’re got tunnel vision,” Brodsky said. “I’m not just whistling Dixie.”

    Women testify
    Peterson’s second wife, Vicki Connolly, is alive and well in the tiny town of Paxton. Her daughter, Lisa Ward, appeared before the grand jury but declined to discuss her testimony. Sue Doman said she was advised by an attorney not to comment on her grand jury appearance but did share her feelings on the case.
    “We miss my sister very much and this is just a horrible situation and we just want justice to be done,” she said.

    “We’re just not letting this go,” Doman said. “We miss her so much and our family just hasn’t been the same.”

  146. chateauofdoubt // May 16, 2008 at 10:21 pm


    Hey bud, a couple things:

    1. Press the SPELL CHECK button when you post, it will give your posts a more “polished” look.

    He prolly thought you said it would make him look more “POLISH”…

  147. rescueapet // May 16, 2008 at 10:57 pm

    What did he say he was misquoted about? It’s hard to keep track of his blunders, I must say.

    Brodsky claimed that the story of the girl was inaccurate and then accused Hosey of misquoting himself and Drew more than once. Hosey called him on it and Brodsky backpedaled, saying that the quotes in question were actually used out of context which amounted to being misquoted. He didn’t say which quotes.


  148. chateauofdoubt // May 16, 2008 at 10:21 pm


    Hey bud, a couple things:

    2. Rupert Murdoch sold the the Chicago Sun-Times a long time ago:


    LOL, That is sweet!

  149. facsmiley – he did this on the blog he’s been playing on today?

    I can’t stand to read anything of his, so I’ve stayed away from that blog. What was it that he claims he was misquoted about, which he then backed off of, if you don’t mind?

  150. That blog posting of his will do wonders for his law practice, his reputation and his future “potential” clients, don’t ya think, LOL? What an incredibly feeble minded person!

  151. Bullcrap Quote #1 – Sun-Times:
    “Actually she didn’t want to talk to the media, but they were relentless, especially Joe Hosey, who is with the Sun Times group of newspapers (owned by Rupert Murdoch).”

    Bullcrap Quote #2 – inaccurate reporting on the part of Hosey:
    “About today’s article quoting the girl saying that she wason the phone with Drew already (while she is riding with her boyfriend?) is inaccurate. The article is by Joe Hosey of the Sun Times group who has misquoted me more than once. ”

    “Joe Hosey just called me up all upset that I said he misquoted the girl and me (and Drew) on occassion. I called Drew and we both agree that we have been misquoted by him on more than one occassion (taking quotes out of context is misquoting).”

  152. This guy is just out of his mind. I think he’s lost his grip on reality, really. He must be so frazzled that he’s not getting on tv anymore, he’s desperate.

  153. You’ll notice that he didn’t try to defend his accusations about the interview with the girl. That’s because that part was an outright lie.

    Brodsky was not there when the interview took place . On the other hand, Hosey was not alone when the interview took place and has at least one other person who can verify that quote.

  154. Bash, spot on in regards to the alarm situation. But not only that, Brodsky really has to make up his mind about whether or not Kathleen’s death was an accident or a homicide. He keeps switching back and forth.

  155. Can you please tell me how he can do this and get away with it from “some,” but others on “the forum” were chastised, slammed, degraded, ripped apart, and everything else thrown at them, and that’s okay????????

  156. LOL, facsmiley. You have a very valid point there. Which is it. First autopsy was right, and now the boyfriend should have taken the Fifth at the GJ hearing?

  157. That’s a good one for the Q &A, huh?

    As for why people react the way they do, IMO so much of it comes down to hurt feelings and being rejected by “that forum”.
    They were turned away at FSP. So, if Brodsky welcomes them and answers their questions, he must be a good guy. He joined their forum. He spoke to them nicely. He was just a really nice guy! And like, it sucks. I’m not a hooker!!

  158. rescueapet // May 17, 2008 at 12:09 am

    Wanna take bets Brodsky is the laughing stock of his peers? He’s one famous Bozo.

    Honestly, I think they are just sitting back and watching to see what happens. Winning is everything. If Drew is charged and acquitted, his white noise media technique could very well be written up in the law books. If Drew is convicted…he could very well go down in history as the boob that he appears to be.


  159. And like, you know, like, I understand, facsmiley! Like if you’re really nice and stick with the Drewpers and Brodmeister, like everything will be hunky dory.

  160. facsmiley – well, there was just that recent case where the man was convicted of murdering his wife, with no body ever found, and the jurors said they couldn’t stand the man. I believe that’s what convinced them to find him guilty of her murder. They said he constantly bad mouthed her, and that totally turned them off, to the point they despised him. He paid the price for that!

  161. Here are the links, Truth:

    (Make sure to delete the space between the first “w” and the second “w” after you copy and paste it)




    Notice how not even the littlest hint of a *peep* about the alarm system is mentioned by anyone? If it HAD been on, then:

    A. Someone would have mentioned it, because that would be important and loud enough for them to remember that it went off.

    B. DiP would NOT have been able to disarm it, since Kathleen had changed the codes since her last frightful visit with DiP.


    B. DiP changed the code for the alarm and disabled it himself, so that it would not go on whenever he went over to “perfectly” stage the scene before he and the stooges he suckered into his web “found” her body.

    *AND, most importantly*

    C. POLICE would have been contacted by the alarm company, and either one or both would have responded to the scene immediately.

    Now, I am reasonably certain as allgitout that the LAST thing DiP wanted at the time of the discovery of Kathleen’s body, was a bunch of security guys and police showing up because the alarm went off.

    The alarm HAD to be disabled, or ANYONE could have set it off before the time that DiP wanted her body to be “found”. What if one of the boys had walked over from the Peterson house a few houses away? What if the boyfriend decided to come home early and surprise Kathleen?

    Nope, it HAD to be “off”- because if it was off, then who would the “responding” officer be? You got it- DiP would. Much easier for DiP to control a murder scene without any honest cops around to contradict or suspect him. I mean, think about it- who the heck’s gonna call the cops when they’ve already got one right there on the scene?

    Least that’s MY theory…

  162. Wow, bash, that was pretty, pretty good.

    Her boyfriend says he talked to her two days before she was found dead.

    I can’t remember, but how long did Baden and the second official autopsy say she was dead when found?

    In all likelihood, if she was about to “take a bath,” as it was supposed to look, that would probably be evening, right?

    Also, they’d be able to tell when any calls to, from her stopped completely. No one goes for two days without making any calls, so that would also be an indication of time of death. Boyfriend talked to her at one point, calls stopped when after that?

  163. I guess it never crossed the police minds that the woman had numerous violent episodes with her ex, filed reports that he broke into her house and stole things, filed reports that he assaulted her and held her in her home and there she was late at night getting into a bath and never set her alarm.

    If the boyfriend had killed her why didn’t he reset the alarm?

    See I can see drew rushing everyone in and punching the code into the alarm to disarm it. What is the normal setting, 1 minute to punch in the code to disarm. Wonder what ever happened to that alarm system?

  164. Interesting stuff. Could they just claim that she didn’t set the alarm because she hadn’t retired for the night? So it was a moot point?

  165. …And why was Kathleen’s hair down, when she always put it up, and why was she wearing her jewelry, when she always took it off, *IF* she was getting ready to take a bath?

    She’d take her jewelry off before she even *started* the bathwater, according to her family. DiP obviously didn’t pay much attention to her bathing ritual, because he is such a stickler for details, that he would *NOT* have forgotten about it while setting the scene up.

  166. Sure, they could say that, Facsmiley. It shows an apalling lack of intelligence, but they *could* say that.

  167. It most likely was, Truth. I can’t find anything that says it *wasn’t* admitted into evidence, at least.

  168. basherette // May 17, 2008 at 12:50 am

    Sure, they could say that. It shows an apalling lack of intelligence, but they could say that.

    I would ask why Brodsky brought up the boyfriend knowing the alarm code at all, when it would be so much less troublesome to just claim that it wasn’t enabled. But based on what I saw Brodsky post today, I realize that nothing he says really follows any logic. It’s pretty much just pulled out of his ass, as the occasion demands.

  169. Also, you can bet your sweet bippy that LE would have checked with the security company by now, especially since her death was ruled a homicide. They’d be subpoenaing those phone records and every bit of documentation from the security company that they could get their hands on.

  170. The alarm issue is a tricky thing. If he got into the house early on, the alarm wouldn’t have been armed. I have an alarm, and it’s not armed during the day or early evening. We set it at bedtime.

    Wait, now I’m really confused here.

    He killed her at night, came home, told Stacy to give him an alibi, went to bed, then went to her house the next day and “found” her? Is that how it goes?

  171. Hon, JB would publicly insinuate that Mother Teresa killed Kathleen if it would take the limelight off of DiP as the more likely suspect.

  172. In fact, I’d bet my sweet bippy that Mother Teresa’s blowing raspberries in JB’s general direction even as I type this… 🙂

  173. One thing I did find interesting today among the Q&A was Brodsky’s answer to questions about Drew’s 3-day head-clearing trip and his motorcycle.

    According to him, Drew took off to see a friend near Madison, WI and he left the bike in that friend’s garage.

    Now…you and I probably wouldn’t have left the kids…and the state…immediately after our spouse disappeared, knowing that we were the prime suspect, and that we had four children who were most likely confused and scared by cops and FBI poking around and mom being gone, and that our spouse might return or call at any point and it would probably be a good idea to be there if she did…but OK.

    So…what WAS that? Assuming he is guilty, did he go there thinking that they might discover evidence and he wanted that one day’s head start? Was it kind of like OJ in the white SUV?

  174. “He killed her at night, came home, told Stacy to give him an alibi, went to bed, then went to her house the next day and “found” her? Is that how it goes?”

    It was more than a day I think. But basically, yeah.

  175. rescueapet, do you have a person you feel is going to kill you the first chance they get? Kathleen had that fear and put it in writing. I bet she had that alarm on 24/7

  176. I think that’s a reasonably approximate statement of how some people believe the events of Kathleen’s murder may have occurred, Rescue.

  177. Guys, why does Brodsky have to say anything, or Peterson?

    Stebic has a missing wife, and he is also being named as a suspect in a homicide. Not the generic term, “person of interest,” but suspect in a homicide.

    Other than a story here or there, mainly about getting property back, he’s not hated nearly as much as Peterson. Granted, Stebic has more name recognition here locally, but he has no where near the recognition Peterson has.

    That being said, there’s also a GJ investigating him, he lives his life as he pleases, and he’s still a free man. However, he has not uttered barely a word about his missing wife, nor has his attorney.

    Why, then, does Brodsky feel the need to continue to shine the spotlight on his client and himself, when, in all reality, they’d fall into oblivion for the most part if he just shut up for a while? Every time things quiet down, they start them back up again, but for what? LE isn’t making a stink in the news, and the media is gone, for the most part. I just don’t get it. They’re absolutely nuts. Both of them.

    However, I do think that Brodsky is taunting LE to do something, because he’s absolutely in the dark about everything. Clueless. He can’t fight the claims of LE if he doesn’t know what they are, and LE is telling. Brodsky seems like he’s prodding them and trying to make them look foolish and inept, when, in all reality, they’re holding the fate of Drew Peterson and they know it.

  178. I can see Kathleen having the alarm off during the day *if* her boys were home, but no way in hell that she’d *NOT* turn it on at night when she was alone.

    All DiP needed to do was call her up and ask if he could drop the boys off early- then show up without them and *voila*, no pesky alarm to deal with *OR* a pesky alarm to reset at his leisure.

  179. I’ll bet he was hoping that the boyfriend would return and discover Kathleen first and then it would be easier to pin any suspicions on him. But, a couple of days went by and her body still hadn’t been discovered. How he must have sweated!

    It was time for him to trade off the kids, but there was no way he was going to have them with him when he entered that house…

  180. Hello everyone,
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    Also, we’ll have the new daily thread up in a few minutes.

  181. What can I say, Rescue?

    *Apparently* (LOL!!!!! 🙂 ), JB and DiP suffer from the chronic condition known as “Diarrhea of the Mouth”.

    Sadly, the only cure is death.

  182. Rescue, didn’t Brodsky state that he was modelling his approach after the cases of OJ, Michael Jackson and Robert Blake?

    He seems to think that if you do what they did, go public, use the media outlets to garner favor for your client, that you can’t lose in court. It’s like magic!

  183. Okay. So, if I’m thinking correctly, her bf talked to her on the phone, and not much later, she was killed. Right? Why wouldn’t Brodsky use common sense before opening his trap about that? He knows the results of the first autopsy would show the time of death. What’s he making himself look like an ass for with the kind of remarks he’s making about the bf taking the Fifth and lawyering up?

    Again, I guess he thinks he’s talking to a bunch of Forest Gums when he does come up with this stuff, huh?

  184. You know, I never really gave this much thought before – about the timeline, etc. That animal killed the mother of his children, went home, slept it off, then spent his visitation with them, knowing all along their mother was laying dead in a bathtub?

    OMG. I can’t believe this. I never imagined the thought of how this was.

  185. That’s what sociopaths do- it’s alot easier to kill somebody when you don’t even recognize them as a human being, much less one that should be considered their equal.

  186. Seppy/basherette

    So much noise for nothing! Why would Kathy be in the house with the alarm on? This is nonsense.
    I have an alarm system to my house and i don’t arm it while I’m in the house. I can do it but it’s just a nuisance: I have to arm it in a “special mode” so I disable the motion sensor while the doors and windows sensors are armed, then I have to remember when I wake up to not open the windows or the doors before disarming the system. If I set the alarm off then I have to stay on the phone with the alarm people for 10-20 min to explain what happened, give them my password, listen to their latest offers blah blah blah. Is extremely inconvenient to stay in the house with the system armed so I believe Kathy had it unarmed.
    Ok, even if it was armed, there is a possibility her older son knew the code to disarm it and Drew got that code before they entered the house.

  187. fascinatingtermsofdeservice // May 17, 2008 at 9:12 am

    So much noise for nothing! Why would Kathy be in the house with the alarm on? This is nonsense.
    I have an alarm system to my house and i don’t arm it while I’m in the house.

    You also don’t have a husband who beats you and has threatened to kill you.

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