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  1. Bash – I don’t know if you ever heard this little tidbit, but here goes.

    After the news came out about what Pastor Schori was told by Stacy, about him coming home and throwing clothes in the washing machine, Sneed, a columnist with the Sun Times, actually reported a snippet that LE was looking into water usage on the night Kathleen was murdered.

    Now, I don’t know how they’d do that, but that’s what she reported. Water usage at a certain time of night, on a certain day. Hmmmmm.

  2. Water utility would have the daily meter readings for that residence. It’s required, so that they can monitor for leaks.

    Course, DiP could always claim that Stacy couldn’t sleep, so she got up to clean house. You know how damn anal-retentive he is about maintaning a clean house/yard he is.

  3. “You know how damn anal-retentive he is about maintaning a clean house/yard he is.”

    Dang… I’m starting to sound like Yoda on acid…

  4. Yeah, but Bash, he’s stuck with whatever he told LE at the time of her death. He can’t change or move around the lies anymore. If he said he was in bed, asleep, at the time, then that’s the way it is. What, is he gonna say now he just remembered he got up to do a load of clothes? Not to mention that, supposedly, Stacy was calling him like crazy just prior to that looking for him when, again, he was supposed to be in bed with her.

    And, another thing, knowing he was supposed to be home, you would assume he’d be concerned about those phone records showing calls from Stacy to him. So, how is it that those phone records never materialized when they were supposed to be part of the death investigation?

  5. Uh, lemme guess…

    Cause no one in LE ever subpoenaed them from the phone company like they said they had?

    Wait- was that a trick question?

  6. That’s the point, bash. They would have been quite tricky for him at the time, knowing what we know now. So, me thinks somehow he got that little issue ironed out, but how, who?

  7. My guess is that he prolly called in a few “favors” from his buddies in LE to “lose” the paperwork.

    “Favors” or blackmail, one or the other or maybe even both, if it would accomplish what he wanted.

  8. rescuepet. That is what is so concerning about this case. And I hope who ever was doing the ironing back then, is held accountable. They let him get away with murder.

  9. Me too, Somuchschoolwork- LE let Kathleen Savio seriously down when investigating her death.

    I am glad that now she might finally get some justice for being forcibly and finally taken away from her sons and family, who deserved to be loved by her for a much longer time than she was given.

  10. The only LE on the scene was DiP, remember? Then the oparamedics that responded to the scene who tried to revive her, but ended up taking her to the morgue instead. Coroner hears “cop’s wife” or “cop’s ex-wife”, so he blantantly assumes that her death is on the up and up, and rules it to be accidental.

  11. The Alarm

    Some theories:

    1) Alarms go though the telephone lines, DP could have disable them to gain access to the house and then reconnected them at the NET-POP, it was after all, his home so he knew it very intimately.

    2) When an alarm goes off, the monitoring station notifies the police to go check it out. Who is the police? Um, that would be Drew or any number of his friends on the force that could be involved.

    3) He could have somehow gotten or guessed the code to disarm it.

    4) He could have made arrangements to meet KS as a ruse to her and she let him in thinking he was there for benign reasons.

    5) He or someone from the police department could have called the alarm company and said it was a runaway alarm and to shut it down remotely or give another code that would shut it down.

    6) About a million more possibilities.

  12. The alarm company will have a log for all functions of that alarm for the time in question.

    When it was on, off or otherwise. All of that is logged.

  13. Was the home alarm in fact even connected to an outside monitoring service like ADT, Wells Fargo or Alarm 24?

    Many people kinda got tired of the ever increasing monthly fees and just went stand alone on their home systems.

  14. I am sorry but calling the local water people will let you know that the following is an untrue statement.

    basherette // May 17, 2008 at 1:31 am

    Water utility would have the daily meter readings for that residence. It’s required, so that they can monitor for leaks.

    Course, DiP could always claim that Stacy couldn’t sleep, so she got up to clean house. You know how damn anal-retentive he is about maintaning a clean house/yard he is.

    In order to monitor individual accounts to that degree of accuracy would require much more sophisticated metering systems than presently used.

    But such metering is not in place.

  15. It is where I live, and also where my grandmum lives in the lower 48. Why wouldn’t a city so close to snazzy huge Chicago have a system like that too? Doesn’t make sense that podunk places would have it, but a big metropolis like that wouldn’t…

  16. I think we are inbetween podunk and snazzy, but I’m sure we don’t have something that accurate.

    Would be nice if Bolingbrook did. But bb would know.

  17. I don’t recall anything about hi-tech water metering being one of the mayor’s accomplishments during his time in office.

  18. I saw that someone asked about the alarm on SpeakYourMind. Can’t remember if it was Bash or not.

    It seems that Joel is going to only answer Qs by personal message now?

    Now … if you received a PM from Joel, what is to stop you from posting it there (or anywhere for that matter).

    And would Joel be able to claim you misquoted him or changed what he said?

  19. Here’s Brodsky’s reply to the lockpicking question:

    “If you mean the locksmith opening the door was “forced entry” you misunderstand. Locksmiths remove the lock cylinder to gain entry, they don’t “pick” locks. We checked with an forensic expert on locks and tool marks (Speckin Labs in Michigan) and they told us two things. First, even the best locksmith on his best day would take at least an hour to pick a lock with a lock pick set(its not like TV – he said an amature on a good day would take 4 to 6 hours to pick a lock even with a professional lock pick set) and secondly, a professional locksmith entering a house would not mask the tool marks of a recent prior forced entry. Finally, when the locksmith opened the door and Carerano and the other neighor went inside the arlam was off. Whoever turned it off had the code. Drew did not have the code.”

  20. Isn’t he just tying everything up in a nice tight package?

    I am just not sure why he is allowing himself to be questioned on a blog like that, except he’s trying to get ideas as to what he might expect from logical thinking people, something he has no clue about.

    DP managed to get his puss on tv after all, since it has been a while.

    Saw him on CLTV and he’s complaining that the ISP are harassing his family and friends, and there’s one particular young agent that is acting unprofessionally, according to him.

    I didn’t know they allowed him to be around when they’re interviewing people. Or, gee, is it he’s just putting his spin on everything again? Yup, I think that would be it.

    LE pretty much said they’ll interview just about whoever they please.

  21. Has everyone here visited the LegalPub blog? I first went there when I got a link to the Thomas Morphey blog post, and then I saw that Brodsky had left some comments.

    My first thought was that it was odd that his comment didn’t address the blog post at all, but was actually a reaction to the story about Drew and the 22-year old.

    As soon as I saw that I felt a little bit suspicious. For one thing, why was he commenting on a blog at all? For another, why wasn’t the comment about the blog post? My first hunch was that the entire blog might be a set-up where he could promote himself.

    So…today I see that he added yet another comment to that now three-day-old story and he advised that people start reading other blog posts on that site.

    So I did.

    Now, I’m even more convinced that the whole blog is kind of a pro-Brodsky site where he can promote himself and his team. I think he’s very much thinking beyond the Peterson case and trying to create so good press for himself. I mean, just LOOK at these anonymous comments following one of his:

    Anonymous said…
    I am really changing my opinion of this Joel B. guy. He is a real smart lawyer. His last few comments on stories are very helpful and informative. He may be the excellent lawyer L.P. says he is!

    May 16, 2008 12:06 PM

    Ms Calabaza said…
    Thanks Mr. Brodsky for that explanation. I have to agree with anonymous 12:06.

    May 16, 2008 1:28 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Me too. Joel you amaze me. If we are not talking, D.P., I actually like you. 🙂 Very good insight.

  22. Anonymous said…
    Thanks Joel. Your insight around here is really appreciated!


    May 15, 2008 12:12 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Joel is an alright guy after all!

  23. It’s pretty funny. He has the first comment on just about EVERY story, and then they are followed up by these anonymous strokers.

  24. How brilliant of a lawyer can he be if all he can think of for a username is joelabrodsky and anonymous.

    Not sure I believe that Drew did not know Kathleen’s alarm code.

    Personally, I’d have the alarm set all the time even if I was in the house (if it didn’t have movement sensors, that would not be a problem).

    Don’t think I would get in the tub without making sure it was set though. Especially if I’d had experiences with my ex-husband coming in my house without invitation.

  25. Yeah, I just don’t know about the alarm. My first thought was that she wouldn’t have it on if she was home and up, but then I’m the person who moved into a place with an alarm system and never paid to hook it up because I decided the blinking light on the units and the stickers on the windows were probably enough of a deterrent.

  26. Ah, very insightful, facsmiley.

    I agree that he’s setting himself up, trying to get himself some further recognition. Especially, since there is no reason anymore for any news talking heads to have him on. He’s been there, done that. He can only say so many times that LE doesn’t have enough evidence to charge his client with any crimes, and everyone in Drew Peterson’s life is a piece of garbage but him. Well, except for the latest 22 year old hottie that he thinks is being harassed by LE.

    Its quite laughable, too, that Drew Peterson has made comments to the press now about his disappointment in the ISP, and how they’re harassing his family and friends. Does he think the viewing public cares? I guess he does, but he is delusional.

    Now, if he wants to start sharing the time line he gave to the police, what he did for three days on his “head clearing” trip, leaving behind his four children and family to deal with the onslaught of police and press, I’m up for that.

    I look forward to your comments regarding Brodsky’s posts. I can’t stand the thought of going there myself because everything about him makes me sick.

  27. Rescue, I looked for the latest Drew story at CLTV, but there’s nothing on the site yet.

    Brodksy had an answer about the 3-day trip. He stated that Drew was at “an old friends house near Madison Wisconsin.” and that the motorcycle remains in that friend’s garage.

  28. How brilliant of a lawyer can he be if all he can think of for a username is joelabrodsky and anonymous.


  29. When Mark Fuhrman was reporting from Bolingbrook about the DP cell phone records that never made it to the hands of the investigators in the KS death investigation, didn’t he say they were never requested at all? I think that’s what I remember about that interview one night.

    If he had his phone off, obviously, the records would not show any calls made to his phone. But, I suppose he’s either one who leaves his phone on 24/7, or turns it off at night. That would certainly be reflected during the time line of KS’s death, whether his phone was on/off, and if there were calls showing up on it. If it was on, then it may be very telling about other calls too.

    Her phone records, it would seem, are the most telling, since she was the one that made the calls to his phone, according to what the pastor said.

    Maybe someone could ask the lawyer of the year if Drew is someone who leaves his phone on 24/7.

  30. Because, if he is one who leaves his phone on 24/7, how is he going to explain why he has calls made to his phone when he was supposed to be next to Stacy in bed?

    If his phone was not on, why would she use her phone to call him?

    I suppose, too, if he turned his phone off that particular night, he might want to explain why.

  31. I read on the MySpace page that the picture of DP that was posted by Mary2 really wasn’t posted by Mary2 . . . now what does that mean?

    Was someone posting under her name? How could that be?

    Makes me question the validity of every post I’m reading! 😀

  32. To clarify, that picture was posted on FSP.

    I just thought she wasn’t banned for it because her husband’s dealership had made a large contribution to the Fun-Raiser, but now I don’t know . . .

  33. noway – lavanda mentioned something here last night that she was no longer going to post here, because it came to her attention that blogging was going on (at the other forum, I assume) with imposters posing as others. Maybe M2 was one that was hijacked, I don’t know.

    Now, here, if you’ll notice, that icon associated with your name is unique to you. It follows you everywhere you go on wordpress, as long as you sign in with that screen name and email address. That icon is mathematically created by your IP address. So, that helps to eliminate any imposters using your name.

  34. At first I liked mine because I thought it was the only gold-colored one, but then I saw someone who had a true gold one, and now I think mine is more pee-colored. Oh well.

  35. Okay, I have a question. If KS had all of her jewelry on and her hair was down, like it usually was throughout the day, what time of night could it have been?

    Stacy was asleep, but woke up to find DP gone. So, what time would they have gone to bed? It had to be a common time, right? 10:00pm, 11:00pm, 12:00am, what?

    If it was late in the evening, or early morning hours when he slipped out of the house, why would KS still be in jewelry, etc? Was she expecting “someone.” Otherwise, being late in the evening or early morning, I would venture to say, yes, she would have had that alarm armed. Why wouldn’t she?

  36. Hi rescuepet. One thing I was wondering last nite ..was about the position Kathleen Savio was found.
    It is my understanding she was found slumped forward and over, with her hair over her face.
    My question is how in the world this could have been ruled an accident.
    If it was as simple as DP had made it seem, simple household accident..
    She would have had to haven fallen backwards, hit the back top part of her head….THEN pulled herself up , and some how got her face in the water enough to drown.
    Someone correct me if I have this wrong.

  37. I’ll throw this out there, if it helps:

    BADEN: Well, from the beginning we’re talking about from the rigor mortis and the lividity that was present when Kathleen was found in the tub about 11:00 PM would indicate that she died sometime between, say, 2:00 and 6:00 AM Monday morning, I think just the time that Mark has found out that Drew doesn’t really have an alibi. Whatever it is, whoever did it, was done — she died around 4:00 AM, plus or minus two hours, on Sunday morning.

  38. Hi Facsmiley Your icon looks more green on my computer than pee colored. It looks like a snowflake.

  39. Aww, somucschoolwork. That’s nice. But just don’t eat that snow!

    FUHRMAN: It would be nice if we found something that didn’t focus the attention on some act of Drew Peterson. I mean, when we go through these things, just like Michael Baden does the autopsy, when I go through these things, I’m not omitting objects that, you know, exonerate Drew Peterson. They all seem to inculpate him. Every time we look at something, it is drawing us closer and closer to a conclusion. So I’m not sure hypothesis or theory or really reading the facts as they should have been read in 2004 is a little more accurate. I will say this…

    VAN SUSTEREN: I mean, I don’t disagree with you, Mark. I guess it’s just that, like, I’m so scandalized and horrified by the lack of police work there that I’m just sort of…

    FUHRMAN: I, too, Greta…

    VAN SUSTEREN: … almost groping, thinking there must be some — you know, that’s — I guess why I’m — I’m so scandalized, I guess.

  40. Oh my!

    I read on the MySpace page that the picture of DP that was posted … meant Legal Pub.

    MySpace relates to another post that I wasn’t sure I was going to post here until I had more info.

  41. Oh, facsmiley, I had forgotten half of what I’ve heard about this KS thing, but this is chilling, absolutely chilling. I watched all the Greta coverage, but it’s been awhile, and there’s just so much between both crimes.

    “Mark found out Drew doesn’t really have an alibi” during the time of KS’s time of death.

    And it was ruled an accident? But, as we all know now, there was just so much wisked through, never looked at. Crime scene that was trampled through, as though it was a “routine” death, by way of falling in a bath tub.

    What is it about this man that had so many people looking the other way for him? What has he done, or can he do, for them to have made them go along with buying his story, his alibi, overlooking the circumstances of her death, the letters, the telling of family about him? It’s scary, very scary.

  42. I’m not worried about my posts here so much but wonder whether I thought I was reading a post from someone on FSP that wasn’t really that person. Make any sense?

  43. Brodsky has a post on today’s Legal Pub website. He’s not likin’ Hosey too much. Seems Hosey is getting more attention than he is. As Martha Stewart would say, “that’s a good thing.”

    Joel A. Brodsky said…

    I don’t want to get into a p-ssing match with Joe Hosey, but we did have words yesterday. (5/16/08) Bottom line is this: He chose to write a book, and the more a book sells the more the author makes. Therefore (unless he has a very unusual deal) Hosey appears to have a financial interest in keeping the Drew Peterson case in the public eye since if the story dies out the book won’t sell as much. (Is this why his paper is the only one that seems to be pursuing the story of the 22 year old girl?) This creates a potential for conflict of interest. I think that if Hosey is going to continue to write for the suntimes group on the Peterson story then full disclosure of his book deal needs to be made.
    May 17, 2008 8:08 AM

  44. Who all in a home knows the code to an alarm?

    Could this be the divide between Drew and his

    one son?

  45. LOL, so here’s the deal with Brodsky. Unless the talking head or the reporter addresses him as “yes sir, no sir,” he gets all hissy.

    Unless I’m reading this comment of his wrong, he says nothing about Joe Hosey misquoting him or printing “lies.” He’s only mad that Hosey has a book deal and he’s keeping the story alive in the public eye.

    This is so funny.

  46. truthis – I don’t know the true reason for Eric Peterson disowning his father, but I did read somewhere along the line that he chose to do so when DP became involved with Stacy.

    I’m not sure if he walked out of his life prior to KS’s death, or afterwards. He’s been very dignified, quiet, stays out of the news, and apparently, stays out of the life of DP.

  47. Wouldn’t it be funny if LP suddenly added that feature and you saw all the posts by Joel A. Brodsky and Anonymous that were the same. 😀

  48. LOL, but the quote of JB’s I just cut and paste above is making much better use of grammer and spelling. Maybe he “hired” someone to do it for him, what with all the defense money that was collected via Drew Peterson’s “get me out of jail free website.”

  49. rescueapet // May 17, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    truthis – I don’t know the true reason for Eric Peterson disowning his father, but I did read somewhere along the line that he chose to do so when DP became involved with Stacy.

    I’m not sure if he walked out of his life prior to KS’s death, or afterwards. He’s been very dignified, quiet, stays out of the news, and apparently, stays out of the life of DP.
    I’d read that Eric did not like Stacy because she was so young (didn’t like that his dad and her got married).

    But Joel answered that question (probably on SpeakYourMind) and said something different.

    IMO it was just a bunch of yada yada. Sons and fathers have differences of opinion or something like that. I don’t think he actually said why Eric doesn’t speak to Drew. But he didn’t say “Eric didn’t like Stacy.” or anything so clear as that.

  50. Oh, well, if it was something favorable to DP and went against Eric, Brodsky would be the first to slam bam him. After all, he doesn’t mince words about anyone else, most of all, the mother of four minor children who doesn’t have the benefit of defending herself against their verbal attacks.

    I’m sure it’ll all come out eventually. People talk and someone knows the true reason.

    I’m going to check to see if the LE statement is available yet in print on the CLTV website. They had a very proper way of saying to DP that they’ll investigate whoever they darn well please.

  51. Hopefully someone in the media will do a indepth story on the scandalious investigation of Kathleen Savio’s death. Including who.. why… those in charge would cover up for Drew Peterson.

    Now that would be a best seller and maybe stop the corruption.

  52. I happen to not believe the Kathleen’s death was a murder. I personally think the first ruling was the correct one.

    I think it was a tragic accident. I truly believe she slipped and fell, possibly while drying off, and hit her head on the tub itself, or the faucet fixture. If she had started to let the water drain as she grabbed for a towel that would explain the no water in the tub. It doesnt take a hit that hard to create a brain injury, and a fatal one at that.

    Sadly, Baden has seen better days and I wouldn’t trust a word out of his mouth after seeing him recently testify. And it’s also political season, so a lot of finger’s will be pointing, all in the name of votes.

    Just my opinion.

  53. letthetruthbefree, if she had started to let the water drain, she would not have drowned. Would she have? How long would it take a tub to drain versus a person to drown?

  54. I truly don’t believe there was much of a difference in findings between the first autopsy and the second and third.

    It was the way it was ramrodded through the death investigation panel, and the sloppy way records were dealt with. As a matter of fact, there were people on the original panel that said they would rule homicide now if they had not been shielded from some of the findings.

    Oh, and by the way, Drew Peterson supposedly brought home women’s clothing to drop into the washing machine along with his that night, according to some of the things that were reported coming from Pastor Schori.

    Wonder if there were clothes lying next to the tub where she supposedly was taking her bath. There should have been two sets of cloths. The ones she had on, but taken off for her so-called bath, and the bedclothes she would have put on after the infamous bath.

    Baden has seen better days? An experienced, knowledgeable doctor who happened to rule against the original findings of the death panel, and he has “seen better days.” I would have to disagree with that. Because, a younger doctor performed the third autopsy and came to the same conclusions. The autopsies aren’t the problem – it’s the way the whole investigation was handled in the first place. The findings are what they are. She didn’t grow new bruises and cuts/abrasions in the coffin!

    Everyone can’t be old, lacking knowledge, mental cases, drug addicts, senile, busy bodies and, well, I’m sure there are some other adjectives that the Peterson camp have used.


  55. Kathy remained fatalistic, however. Anna and Kathy’s nursing-school colleague Mary S. Parks offered to let Kathy and her boys move into their homes for protection. Parks recalls that by late 2003, Kathy “felt [Drew] was going to get her” no matter where she went. “She felt like he was omnipotent.”

  56. Who knows if her body blocked the drain, the experienced police officer moved the body in an attempt to take the pulse of a corpse that had been dead for 36 hours. Jumped right in and destroyed the crime sceene

  57. letthetruthbefree – “If she had started to let the water drain as she grabbed for a towel that would explain the no water in the tub. It doesnt take a hit that hard to create a brain injury, and a fatal one at that.”

    Did you mean to say she fell, hit her head, causing a fatal blow, and died from that blow and/or drowning?

    Because, I believe, all of the findings in the autopsies indicated that the gash on the back of her head was not enough to cause her death, or even render her unconscious.

    Early on in this new investigation, Brodsky was trying to throw out to the public that KS had a “heart defect” of some kind, and tried to indicate that may have caused her to black out and go down.

    What’s funny now is that he’s saying her “former” boyfriend (he claims they broke up 2 weeks prior to her death) should lawyer up and should have taken the Fifth at the GJ hearing. Claims he had access to KS’s house and the security alarm code.

    So, which is it? Is Brodsky agreeing to the second and third autopsies now, or is he sticking with the first one, because he’s all over the place and doesn’t make any sense.

  58. Rescue, I appreciate your opinion. Even though we dont agree on this, it can be discussed.

    I believe Baden is nothing more than a hired gun. Fox brought him in. Once a media outlet becomes involved, that is when they lose me. They will say over and over that it was the Savio brought him in. That would be all good and fine, had they done it years ago, not when Fox arrived on the scene with Mark and Greta. Baden is a hired commentator on Fox.

    I don’t know if you happen to watch Court TV, or anything similar, but Baden during the Spector trial was a mess. He was literally eaten alive on the stand during that trial. It was shocking. He had the “ah-ha” moment on the stand, not when he did the autopsy. It became almost comical if it happen been such a serious case.

    He used to be very good, and very creditable.

    I happen to believe all these big guns, Baden, Lee, Wecht get a little too big for themselves.

  59. Dr. Baden detailed bruises on her hands, chest, abdomen, and thighs. In his interview with Van Susteren, Baden described the hand injuries as “defensive” wounds.

    “”There were indications then of multiple blunt force traumas, of being beaten up,” Baden said. “One of the things we were able to look at today, those bruises were still there. And we could see from the naked eye they were fresh.”

  60. I’m basing my idea on what I have heard.

    And just like all of us, we have very little, hard, concrete evidence.

    Do I wish things had been handled differently, of course I do. And yes Will County was very corrupt. I just dont know to what extend Drew had within that ring.

    I’m just waiting to see this all unfold, time will tell then.

  61. Thats my point Rescue, that is what you believe. I dont happen to believe him, or his report.

    But this is the beauty of it, get all different opinions, and see if something comes up that nobody has thought of before.

  62. truthisthere // May 17, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    What does baden have to do with it, that is not the report the State is using.


    Officially, nothing, I would imagine. His autopsy findings were done independently of the second official one, but for the family’s use in a future civil case.

    However, I believe the official autopsy findings would not dispute the fact that she had the bruises that Dr. Baden referred to. The first one is probably on line somewhere too, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it also detail all of that bruising? Pictures were taken at the time she was found. So, those bruises were there in the first place. That alone is enough to make you wonder what in the world was going on.

    Did someone explain away those bruises as something else to make this all fit in with the idea she died after falling and drowning?

    Again, it appears that Brodsky has switched to a new theory, one that points the finger at KS’s “ex-boyfriend,” since he made ridiculous remarks about him getting a lawyer, etc. So, for that matter, he’s agreeing now that the bruises are defensive on her hands, and that she was beaten. Maybe he decided he can’t explain away the findings anymore, and he has to take a new turn.

  63. I think Joel tried to say that Kathleen’s long thick hair may have blocked the drain (doubt they checked the drain at the time of her death).

    Even if we go with the first report, it was not the head injury that caused her death, it was “drowning” … but I thought I read something about the water in her lungs … or not in her lungs.

    I’ll go look at the first autopsy report and see where I’m going with this.

    And letthetruthbefree, please do continue to post what you believe. If we all think the same way we could miss something important.

    There was talk about whether Kathleen would have set the alarm while taking a bath, and I thought she would for sure, being as she feared Drew would kill her, why take a chance when you are so vulnerable (naked in a tub).

    But then I read a post in which the person said that in her opinion, the alarm was not set yet.

    And it came to me that she wasn’t taking a bath either. I believe she was put in the tub to make it look like she had fallen.

    Any report of blood and/or hair on the faucet or any other surface of the tub where she hit her head?

  64. I am sure drew handled the faucets and spout when he checked the pulse of the 36 hours dead corpse.

  65. Considering how long the first autopsy determine that she’d been dead, why would an experienced cop with “32” years experience (including first-aid experience for accident and seizure victims) take the pulse of a woman who had to be clearly dead?

    Hmm … me thinks he had to touch the body so that he could account for any evidence from him.


    — to the refined bathrooms of America.

    Wonder is Drew did the Moonwalk?

    Good Bye
    Gene Gene
    The Dancing Machine

  67. Hee Hee- told ya the alarm was off! Nice to have in in JB’s own words though- how thoughtful of him!

  68. Ok, now I gotta go back to the last post I read and work my way to where everyone else is right now…

    Be back soon!

  69. HEY! I got an answer to my query to JB! Pardon me while I do a happy dance cause I was right!

    basherette at 6:50: (3) The only legal thing that had been done was the dissoluton of the marriage so Drew could marry Stacy so they could get insurance coverage for Stacy who was pregnenant. This shows it want not the angry divorce it is portrayed to be by this point in time (things had calmed down after an admittidly rocky begining). Kathy had temporary custody and it was agreed that Kathy would get custody in the final judgment, but the details still had to be worked out. Joint custody like you are referring to is very common in Illinos and I would think that would almost certainly have been the agreement in the end. When Kathy died Drew got full legal custody by operation of law, no court order was necessary.

    http: //

    (Take out the space between the “:” and the “/” when you cut and paste)

  70. Rescue: The phone records were never subpoenaed by LE from the phone companies. The phone companies, however, keep the records for 5 years, both landline and cell, so you can bet your sweet bippy that LE has those sapsuckers now.

  71. Alarm: if the doors were locked, it should have been on. The fact that it wasn’t is a big RED flag in my book.

  72. OK, I have a question. Baden says Kathleen was found in the tub at 11PM.

    How did DiP convince Steve and the lady to go to her house so late at night?

    And how the hell did they find a locksmith open that late on the weekend?

  73. Hadn’t Drew already messed with the keypad on the garage door once before when he entered Kathleen’s house to berate and threaten her?

    Why shouldn’t we think he would do it again?

    He didn’t know that she’d written the state’s atty about the incident.

  74. seppy’s stuck on the alarm! Check yesterday last post seppy.

    Doors locked doesn’t meen the alarm was on/armed.

    If you have an alarm system, and you want to stay in the house with the system armed, it goes like this:
    You lock your doors AND THEN you arm the system in a specific way (different than when you go out) so you bypass the motion sensors.

    Anyway, glad to see you guys discussing KS.

  75. As far as Brodskty and Hosey go, Brodsky needs to freakin’ grow up. If he doesn’t want to be quoted out of context he should stop feeding the press tidbits like “that’s just the kind of guy he is” about Drew. Even Greta VS reamed him over the stupidity of that comment.

    Who *wouldn’t* take a gem like that and use it? He’d better start thinking about that because, as Greta pointed out, he’s going to hear it every time the prosecution addresses the jury.

    “Why, ladies and gentlemen? Because that’s just the kind of guy he is!”

  76. I’ll say this much, IF there is ever a trial, it will be one interesting case to watch.

    So many characters, so much dirty laundry. Nobody will be safe on the stand.

  77. Bash, they think that you are someone else. At least I can tell you that Seppy is a very smart and fair woman, with good legal knowledge. If they have to misidentify you…it could be with someone worse!

  78. I saw this on Kimmer’s site:

    In response to the lawyer’s comment
    First, even the best locksmith on his best day would take at least an hour to pick a lock with a lock pick set

    I have seen this with my very own eyes
    entry gained in 25 seconds, picked a deadbolt open, lock left intact.

    See for yourself on the you tubes below, there are 100’s more:

    I hate it when people try to bullshit me.

  79. fascinatingtermsofdeservice // May 17, 2008 at 5:49 pm
    If you have an alarm system, and you want to stay in the house with the system armed, it goes like this:
    You lock your doors AND THEN you arm the system in a specific way (different than when you go out) so you bypass the motion sensors.

    Exactly. So Kathleen’s alarm should have been ON. Duh.

  80. Her alarm would have been on if she armed it.

    There is no telling whether or not she did.

    Someone posted about people shying away from them more and more, and I agree. Some are so sensitive that a stiff breeze sets it off. And many towns are now charging for excess police calls due to an alarm.

  81. Facsmiley- AH! JB must have only been talking about his experiences with graduates from the *Special Kind of Stupid School of Locksmithery*.

  82. The security company has records for the all activity/inactivity/code changes/etc. for her alarm system. LE/FBI has all of this now too.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see who’s right about this one, eh?

  83. We sure will. The alarm we have is not connected to a service, it was at one time, but now its just an audiable alarm.

    I seriously dont know that if it goes off, without being connected to a service, if there is anyway to know if it went off or not.

  84. Re: Blood in bath tub. Some things I found:

    Savio was found to be free of drugs or alcohol. She had no prior history of seizures or fainting spells. Yet she wound up drowned in a dry, blood-splotched bathtub with bruises all over her body, and a bloodied head from blunt force trauma.

    The bathtub was dry of water when Savio’s body was found. But her hair was wet. The blood, in some areas, was reportedly wet. There was blood splotched around the tub. If the tub had drained on its own, why were there splotches?

  85. Re: Getting into the house:

    Another foreshadowing: she detailed how Peterson secretly programmed a way to open her garage door and get into her house. She told how Peterson ambushed her, threw around his authority as a police officer, and held a knife to her throat.

  86. This incident is significant because when Savio’s body was found, Peterson made sure he told Steve Carcerano that he couldn’t get into the house. One question: why did a trained, and reportedly aggressive, cop, send an unarmed civilian into a home where the cop thought something might be wrong?

  87. letthetruthbefree // May 17, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    Her alarm would have been on if she armed it.

    Kathleen had that alarm system for a damn good reason. She would have kept that sucker on if she wasn’t home, and if she was home alone, and if she & her boys were home at night. The ONLY time she would have had the alarm off is if it was daytime and her boys were in and out playing.

    Now, I am guessing that the alarm system was already in place when she and DiP both resided there. Probably didn’t use it often, but it was there. After all the 911 calls, the beatings and the stalking, I’d bet my left tit that she would have had that alarm system ON more often than OFF. It was something that made her feel safer. NO WAY would she have NOT had that sucker ON if she was home alone, or away from home. FOR ANY REASON.

  88. Personally I think we do ourselves a disservice if we make statements like “she would have definitely had that alarm activated” or “why would she have the alarm on if she was taking a bath?”

    I mean, we could play that all day. We can talk about what might have taken place if it were on, and what might have taken place if it were not on, but there’s no way we can know right now which was the case.

    i always thought it was odd that there was some amount of blood around the drain. So does that mean her head wound continued to bleed after the water had drained? Do you keep bleeding after death, even when there’s no blood pressure? I know blood tends to pool at the lowest point in a dead body, so maybe her head was pretty low in the tub.

  89. Blood pumps as long as the heart is still beating. After that stops, it’s all about gravity, and how fast her blood would coagulate at the wound site.

  90. Water that goes to the toilet is the same kind of water that goes to bath tub pipes and kitchen sink.

    Tub didn’t have to have any water in it at all.

  91. UNLESS she had one of them toilet cleaner tablet thingies or liquid toilet bleach containers in the tank of the toilet, the water found in her nasal passages could have come from any water source in or out of the house. Even a garden hose.

  92. Bash – there’s reports that KS’s fingers were wrinkled. If her fingers were wrinkled, then at some point she had been submerged in water. but, yet, she was found in a dry bath tub.

  93. Coroners would have had the water in her nasal passages tested. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that the second autopsies test results took so long. “More sophisticated” tests, remember? Pretty easy to test the water in her and see if they come across any toilet bowl cleaner stuff in it.


    http: //

    (Take out space between the “:” and the “/” when cutting and pasting)



  95. 5. On the mid shins, there is a 3/8 in., circular-shaped, purple contusion on each.

    Okay. Interesting. On both??????? Handcuffs are circular!

  96. The wrinkling was ONLY noted on ONE hand- on the LEFT hand the fingertips and her palm showed wrinkling.

    Autopsy was done on March 1, 2004, at 2:20AM.

  97. Except abrasions are slightly different than contusions.

    An abrasion means that there is some scraping of the skin surface- like a skinned knee.

    A contusion means that the skin surface is unbroken.

  98. Oh, I understand, bash. So, what would cause circular bruising on each shin. Getting banged in the shins, or banging into something?

    The linear abrasions ont he right outer wrist is more along the lines of the “handcuff” mark?

  99. (Hit enter by accident!)

    A contusion means that the skin surface is unbroken, but that there is a visible injury under the skin surface. Like a bruise and/or swelling like you’d get if you whacked your head and got a goose egg.

  100. She was 65″ tall- so 5’5″. Now it says “shins”, so I infer that to mean both legs. At her height, in the bathroom, what could she have whacked her shins on? The toilet. The edge of the tub. And that’s about it. Outside of the bathroom, well, whe had 2 kneebiters in the house, so she could have whacked her shins on toys, furniture, whatever. Unfortunately, we do not know WHEN she got the bruised shins, so it’s all speculation.

    I’m more interested in the LINEAR ABRASIONS she had on her wrist. Fingernails scraping her skin from being held?

  101. The bottom line is: She was beaten, fought, drowned.

    Was she was held down under water and that was the cause of death? Or, was she was rendered unconscious, put in a tub with some water, and drowned? Blood was spattered within the tub, so wouldn’t that indicate movement in the tub?

  102. Ah, the bruising was explained away at the original death hearing by saying it was due to exercising, kids’ toys, horseplay with the kids.

    That was acceptable to a panel of people, that she was so bruised up by normal, everyday activities?

  103. Handcuffs are more likely to leave bruising contusions than abrasions- they’re smooth metal. Now, you CAN get an abrasion from handcuffs, but only if you apply a hell of alot of force to the cuffs against the skin- which would result in abrasion AND contusions. You’d have BOTH- scraped skin and deep, swollen bruising.

    She only had abrasions- but she had 2 of them on one wrist. Her right wrist. She was rigth handed. If she was struggling, that would have been the hand she’d use the most to fight with, so it’s more likely also the hand that the killer would need to control the most.

    That’s why I think the abrasions are from the killer’s fingernails- from gripping her wrist.

  104. Where did you find that “blood was spattered in the tub”? I must have missed that- can you find a link?

  105. I just found an answer to one of my questions regarding DP’s cell phone. I wondered if he had it on or not.
    Per Mark Fuhrman:

    Stacy actually confided in the pastor, she made a statement that she woke up in the middle of the night, she could not find Drew. And this was the night before Kathleen is found in the bathtub. And she can’t find him in the house, and she starts calling incessantly, numerous times, to try to get a hold of him. He never answers.

    “He never answers.” Didn’t say it went to voicemail, said “he never answers.” If a phone is turned off, it doesn’t ring, it goes immediately to voice mail.

  106. Anyone know if Baden publicly released his autopsy report, cause I can’t find it if he did. If you find it, could you post a link?

  107. There ya go, Rescue – “he never answers”…

    Voicemail would have been mentioned. It wasn’t. Process of elimination. Good find!

  108. Rescue, Bash,

    I read somewhere that the contusions on her shins were consistent with being struck by a nightstick. Will try to find that and post it.

  109. She had water up her nose. So what? That wouldn’t make her drown.

    This is just getting stranger and stranger…

  110. What I read read says they were made by a round object such as a nightstick….something to that effect.

  111. cfs – now I remember hearing that too. Struck on shins with nightstick!

    Bash – I’m looking for blood spatters in bathtub. Greta maybe?

  112. You can have water up your nose and still breath through your mouth.

    This doesn’t make any sense.

  113. Not sure- might have been one of the Baden interviews on Greta?

    I gotta do some respiratory system work…

  114. You’re so funny Bash! If you head is under water, you can’t breathe through your mouth or your nose.

  115. 2. Moderate pulmonary edema.

    Ok, now it is starting to make more sense. Pulmonary edema = swelling and/or fluid accumulation in the lungs.

    But only “moderate”- is “moderate” bad enough to drown? Three classifications: mild, moderate and severe. Severe usually results in death.

    Gotta do more research on moderate pulmonary edema…

  116. could the contusions to kathleen’s shins have been caused by a blow to each to knock her to her knees?

    if handcuffs wouldn’t leave abrasions to her wrists, rope could have.

  117. could she have gotten water up her nose but not her mouth with her head being forced down into the toilet?

    nose would have been the first to reach the water.

  118. Pulmonary edema is related to congestive heart failure. Don’t think that was related to the drowning.

  119. WALTER LEE JAMES, JUROR AT SAVIO CORONER’S INQUEST: “at the time, we were given three options to either come to a decision as to whether it was natural, homicide or accidental. We did not have at the time the option of determining “undetermined” status.” – “there was a police officer on the panel, and he indicated at the time he knew or knew of Peterson. And he indicated to the panel that he thought that Peterson was a good policeman. He was charitable and helped his neighbors, and so on and so forth. So I think that — I think that might have influenced some of the panel members, but I don’t know that for sure.” – “I was kind of apprehensive with one photograph showing her face down in an empty tub. And there was a lot of blood remaining in the tub, and I just — I didn’t — myself did not consider — it was inconsistent with drowning. I feel that the blood that was in the tub should have probably dissipated into the water and drained out with the water. But like I said, I’m not an expert forensic person, so as a layperson, that’s just how I felt.”

  120. November 23rd, 2007 4:42 PM Eastern, GretaCast – OTR PRODUCER GETS AMBULANCE REPORT! LISTEN HERE!!!, by Greta Van Susteren – ( HERE listening to audio file:”Report: “Dispatched to the above for signs of life, upon arrival met by PD officer stated response for well being check, (Steph: “that’s interesting”) and found the patient unresponsive in the tub. Heard PD and neighbors last seen Saturday evening. On assessment, found patient on left side in bathtub with wet hair and molting and pooling to the right shoulder and left elbow. Blood dried and coagulated on bottom of tub. Patient cold to touch. Placed on EEG on ???.” (Steph: “Baden’s looking at that.”) And it’s got, “turned over to PD”, that PD officer would have been Drew Peterson because at that time there was no police there and the well being check doesn’t go with the story we’ve told. He [Baden] also thought it was interesting that there was dried and coagulated blood in the bottom of the tub so Dr. Baden has a copy of this and he’s looking over that now and he’s going to talk about it on the show tonight. I’m working on getting the crime scene photos to Baden because he would like to look at them for his final report on his autopsy that he did for the family.”

  121. about the blood in the tub, from what i recall, there was also a bit of blood around the drain. i remember thinking when i first read that, how could that be if the water had drained out? seems water would have taken any blood around the drain with it as it drained out. unless of course, kathleen wasn’t quite dead until after the water had drained.

  122. I don’t like to speculate on how horrible it might have been, but she could have been coming down the stairs while he was hiding somewhere. Who knows?

  123. Cfs- th top of your head could be underwater up to just below the nasal passages, but you’d still be able to breath using your mouth.

    Ever thrown up in a toilet?

    Try kneeling in front of a toilet, with the seat up or not. The angle you put your head in, upside down, would leave you with room to breath through your mouth, even though your nose might be underwater. The average toilet has a water depth of 5″ at the deepest part- that little dip in the bottom of the bowl where the water from the tank pushes the waste into the drain. The water level next up from that little dip is 1 1/2″ to 2″ deep. Try imagining sticking your head in far enough to cover your nose and mouth- and then think about the wounds Kathleen had- and DIDN’T have.

    In order to completely cover your mouth and nasal passages in a toilet bowl, your whole head would have to be almost perfectly parallel to the floor-resulting in noticeable and notable neck injuries on the front of the neck (compression contusions, bruising and possible hyoid bone injuries), and on the back of the neck, esp. in death, there would be also be compression contusions and possibly also bruising from the head being held n that position long enough to result in drowning by accident or force. With a forced drowning, there would be additional injuries ONLY if the person being drown was NOT already unconscious. If a person who is unconscious is being drowned by someone, they’d have similar injuries just as if it were an accidental drowning.

    Now, if she was drowned in the TUB accidentally, HOW? Cause I sure as hell can’t figure that one out. Have you seen the pics of her bathroom? That tub is so damn small it’s almost a bidet- she’d have to be suicidal to drown herself that way “accidentally”.

  124. rescue — the article you included says crime scene photos at the end. i thought it had not been processed as a crime scene??

  125. basherette — that’s what i’m thinking! and where i was going with my comments about the nose hitting the water first. unfortunately, i do believe this is the way kathleen died. 😦

  126. Beans, beans, beans…

    Sorry about the $^% and the )@&*, gatehouse.

    Oh, and for the !@# too.

    I’ll go stand in the corner again…

  127. Yes, I see that. I think whenever there is a younger person involved in a death matter, even when it appears to be accidental, they still consider that a questionable death, and investigate it as such. They would take pictures and evidence at the time.

    I think that’s the reason why it is referred to as “crime scene.”

  128. The only police officer called to testify never was at the death scene, and didn’t attend the autopsy, where eight separate injuries were noted on Savio’s body.

    The coroner asked him if there was “any signs of a struggle noted at the scene?”

    The officer answered: “no there was not.”

    “Any signs of a struggle or defense wounds?” the coroner asked.

    “No, there was not,” the officer answered.

    “And there was a little bit of blood in the tub?” the coroner asked.

    The officer said, “That’s right.”

  129. Bash, I understand completely what you’re staying about your head in a toilet. Bottom line….she drowned. And the head injury she sustained was said to have NOT been bad enough to have rendered her unconscious. Your theory of her being drowned in the toilet it as good as anything I’ve read. Like you, I don’t really think she was drowned in the tub, but had to be placed there because she actually did drown somewhere, and it had to look like as accident.

  130. If she was drowned in the bathroom sink, that could explain the 1″ blunt laceration on her head- it could have been from the faucet…

  131. Also, looking at the original coroner’s report, the water in her nasal passages, and the fluid in her lungs was NOT tested. Nor were samples of water from her home tested- i.e. water from her tub faucets, the toilet, etc.

    Hopefully they kept samples of the water from her body just in case…

  132. I’m still trying to figure out how “moderate” pulmonary edema could result in death…

    Be back soon… hopefully with the answer…

  133. “Pulmonary edema is related to congestive heart failure. Don’t think that was related to the drowning.”

    Not always. It can appear in other situations like drowning.
    PE it means there is water in the lungs coming from INSIDE (the blood vessels in the lungs).
    PE in her case shows she was conscious while she drowned. She was breathing against closed glottis (throat) and caused negative pressure inside her lungs that pulled the water from the blood vessels out in the little “sacs” (alveoli) of the lungs.
    A unconscious person when drowns has the glottis open so the water in the lungs comes from the OUTSIDE (the water in the bathtub/toilet)

  134. Her death (IMO) was caused by the cerebral edema (brain swelling). It’s mentioned in the autopsy report. Seppy you may want to look into that.

  135. basherette — what does the “Beans, beans, beans…” refer to? if to me, i was agreeing with you.

    rescue — thanks! that helps to explain it.

    cfs — i agree, it had to look like an accident. and if we websleuths can put together the injuries and ways it all could have tied into kathleen’s death, the fact that the coroner and jury, etc., didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, — well — IMO, that’s one travesty of justice in her case!

  136. I say “Beans” when I goof. Most of the time I say it here, it’s because I let a naughty word slip into my post, and I’m apologizing to gatehouse.

  137. i have always suspected that she was drown in the toilet, just a guess. it would be an immediately accessable means to end someone’s life . the head injury does not appear ,from what i have read, to nescessarily be fatal. my gut tells me that it was rage meets opportunity, and poor kathleen’s briuses and abbrasions were incurred in her final struggle.

  138. Fasci, you’re right that drowning can cause edema, but she also had a heart infarction, so I thought the edema was possibly from that. I’ll just leave it up to the professionals, because I sure don’t know for sure either way.

  139. All three autopsies said death by drowning. The medical examiner from the first autopsy had his findings. Those findings were given to the Coroner and the death panel. It was their determination that the death was accidental, but only because of the way the evidence was presented to them. After all, there was a police officer there telling them “facts” that he couldn’t possibly have known, since he was never at the death scene and didn’t attend the autopsy.

    I don’t believe anyone disputes she died other than by drowning. Also, there is no way to determine if she was unconscious or not at the time she was drowned.

    I believe earlier I said I though I’d read that the gash to the back of her head wasn’t severe enough to cause unconsciousness. However, I just read that Baden determined that blow could have rendered her unconscious.

  140. My thoughts on why her fingers were wrinkled and not her toes:

    That she was forced to kneel near the edge of the tub, and used her arms to try to push herself out of the tub while she was being pushed in.

    Her feet were never in the tub.

    And again, that tub looked small for her whole body to be in as described (placed in there afterwards).


    And seuthimer, purple is my fave too.

  141. fascinatingtermsofdeservice // May 17, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Her death (IMO) was caused by the cerebral edema (brain swelling). It’s mentioned in the autopsy report. Seppy you may want to look into that.

    Ok, look, bucko- let’s get something straight.

    I am Basherette.

    At first, I must admit I wasn’t too thrilled about being called “Bash”, but I got over it pretty darn quickly, because no one was using it in a mean way- it was just easier and faster to type. Ok? So I’m FINE with anyone calling me “Bash”. Happy as a lark. Think it’s cute now. Friendly.

    However, I do NOT like being called someone else’s name. I do not know “seppy”, least not that I know of, so I’m asking and telling you nice as I can to stop calling me that. It’s just getting annoying as allgitout, and frankly, it’s starting to piss me off. Now, if your intention IS to piss me off, congratufrickinglations, you’ve succeeded. Time to move on to your amazing next trick, bucko. Until you address me properly, I am gonna ignore the hell out of you, whilst pointing my finger in your general direction and laughing at your sorry arse.

    Good luck and good riddance, ya commie ratbastard.

  142. You know, we can pour over mounds of things that are out there. The fact that cops testified about the death scene, but weren’t there to see it, autopsy findings, bruises on the body, and on and on, but I have yet to see one thing that stands out that would “clear” Drew Peterson of any wrong doing, or having anything to do with this.

    He has no alibi anymore for the time during which she was killed. Stacy is gone, so she can’t “lie” for him, and if they had confronted her with phone records, how would she have downplayed that? She called him repeatedly when she woke up and he wasn’t home. You don’t call someone who is lying in bed next to you! End of story. No alibi. He can’t change a word of it now. He’s stuck with it. How is he going to squirm out of this now?

    When is it going to be reported why a copy testified at a death investigation, yet he had no first hand knowledge of anything!

  143. ONLY the fingers of her left hand were wrinkled.

    Maybe she was doing one handed pushups upside down in her full bathtub?

  144. I don’t remember reading anything about a “heart infarction” (myocardial infarction)…

    Cerebral edema is part of the drowning caused by hypoxia (low oxygen). Her swollen brain pressed against the skull compressing the centers in the brain responsible for the heart and breathing. When those centers were damaged, either her heart stopped beating or the breathing ceased.

  145. Oh- and one last thing, “fascinatingtermsofdeservice”-


    Grammar is your friend, you dork.

  146. Show us the link you refer to that says she died from cerebral edema. All I’ve seen is death by drowning.

    Please show us what you’ve got, okay?

  147. From the 2004 coroner’s report:

    1. Cerebral edema with cerebellar tonsillar notching.

    (link above somewhere)

  148. Brodsky referred to a heart condition very early on as mitral valve prolapse, an innocent heart condition. He tried to make it sound as though this could have caused her to black out. That went no where.

    I don’t put any credence in what he says, because he blows with the wind. He’s trying out his latest theory that her boyfriend suddenly, in his words, became an “ex,” and he should be taking the Fifth, only because Brodsky said so.

    See, when it comes to Brodsky, you need your super, duper secret decoder book to figure all this stuff out.

  149. Basherette , don’t get mad ; it’s just a reflex from the times I used to call you seppy. (could have been worse, you know … seepy)
    Fine, i’ll have to get my reflexes in CTRL, I’ll be back then !
    (no point in getting you mad Se sorry Basherette!

  150. Here’s the whole schmeer:


    1. Cerebral edema with cerebellar tonsillar notching.

    2. Moderate pulmonary edema.

    3. Water in the ethmoid sinuses.

    4. Hepatic, renal and splenic congestion.

    5. Laceration of the posterior scalp.

    6. Mild mitral valve thickening.

    7. No tumor, significant trauma, infection, or congenital anomalies.

    8. Toxicology is negative.

    Link: (take out the space between the “w’s”)


  151. fascinatingtermsofdeservice // May 17, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Her death (IMO) was caused by the cerebral edema (brain swelling). It’s mentioned in the autopsy report. Seppy you may want to look into that.

    Oh, pardon me, I see that you’re saying it’s YOUR opinion that she died from the trauma to her head.

    May I ask how you get to that place, when three reports indicate death by drowning?

  152. exactly rescue, all that you said!!!!

    seems to me, folks keep saying how very intelligent drew is, and yet…….. had he really participated in making stacy vanish, he surely didn’t think about the fact that there goes his alibi for kathleen’s death. if he didn’t participate in making stacy vanish, then the very fact that she IS his alibi for kathleen ought to have lit a fire under him to get out there and find her.

    really really really sux to be drew right now. heh.

  153. Bash – what was that all about? I was just about to call the Great White Shark Hunters over here! Barrels and all.

  154. I Didn’t say “trauma to her head”! The trauma to her head was not big enough to cause cerebral edema!
    Cerebral edema in her case was caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen).
    ok, I’m gone before Basherette gets really mad at me.

  155. No evidence or a “miocardial infarction”.

    Cardiovascular System: The heart weighs 260 g. There is a mild amount of epicardial fat. The myocardium is red-tan and homogenous. The left ventricle measures 1.0 cm. The right ventricle measures 0.3 cm. The valves and chordae tendinae are thin and delicate, except for mild thickening of the leaflets of the mitral valve. The chambers are of normal size. The septa are intact. The coronary ostia are patent. The coronary arteries pursue their normal anatomic course. No atheromatous plaques or thrombi are seen. The great vessels are patent and pursue their normal anatomic course. The intima of the aorta is red-tan and smooth with hemolysis.

  156. I don’t think there’s any question in any one’s mind that KS died from anything but a violent death.

    Examiners can and have determined that, but not WHO did it. That’s for the cops.

    DP’s on pretty shaky ground with that right now. No alibi, phone records that go against what he told the cops.

    What do you suppose it would take to actually charge him with the crime of murder, and prove it?

  157. Oh, before I go! Those diagnoses have some numbers .. 1 2 3
    they are in an order… think about …
    Maybe that order has a reason…
    From the worst to the least dangerous … hmmm
    Now, i’m really gone.

  158. fascinatingtermsofdeservice said

    PE in her case shows she was conscious while she drowned. She was breathing against closed glottis (throat) and caused negative pressure inside her lungs that pulled the water from the blood vessels out in the little “sacs” (alveoli) of the lungs.


    Another interesting thing about this kind of drowning is the person usually ends up with large amounts of water draining into the stomach. Kathleen only had a teaspoon or so of fluid in her stomach. Another reason she might have been drowned in the toilet. I really hope some of those extra test were for tidybowl.

  159. What do you suppose it would take to actually charge him with the crime of murder, and prove it?

    1. The landline, cell and DiP’s BBPD work phone records. (For the times before, during and after Kathleen’s murder & Stacy’s “disappearance”)

    2. The alarm company records. (Savio’s)

    3. Financial records. (Where’s da money coming from and going to?)

    4. Fingerprints, or the lack of them, on the Savio-Peterson will and the bank paperwork DiP had to get Kathleen’s sig on so he could buy another house.

    5. Body fluids analysis (Kathleen’s) and water samples from the Savio-Peterson home (if poss).

    6. Results of the analysis of DNA and evidence found in the Cales-Peterson vehicles and home by ISP/FBI.

    7. Audio and written records of all the 911 calls Kathleen made, as well as complete reports from the responding officers dispatched.

    8. Direct testimony from Morphey, the Savio’s, the Cales’, the Cales-Peterson neighbors (former and current), the Peterson children (all of ’em), DiP’s former BBPD coworkers and the former and current Chiefs, past and current business associates/partners of DiP’s…

    I could go on, but I’m pooped. What a day!

  160. Confirmed- the cop at the first coroner’s inquest for Kathleen had NEVER been at the scene.

    Coincidentally, he DID happen to be a very good buddy of DiP’s, though.

  161. DP’s on pretty shaky ground with that right now. No alibi, phone records that go against what he told the cops.
    Do they have the phone records?

  162. That was from rescueapet // May 17, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    … and I have never heard that ISP got the phone records just that whatever phone carrier the Petersons had at that time kept records for 5 years.

    I would think if they had the records and there was proof that Stacy called Drew during the time she said she did, that would mean something pretty important.

    But I’ve not heard that they actually have the phone records.

  163. One of the first things they did.

    The phone records for the period before, during and after Kathleen’s murder were also subpoenaed during the beginning of the second investigation of her death. Luckily, the phone company keeps ALL (landline, business, cell) phone records for 5 years.

  164. I guess it all comes back to the hearsay. Stacy told the pastor Drew was not in bed and that she called him.

    So if the records show that she called his phone but she’s not here to tell us that is what she told the pastor, and Drew has plead the Fifth so he’s not telling us either, that’s not enough to arrest him.

  165. Cause I read it. Plus, it’s SOP for LE and FBI to do so.

    I’ll find the links…

    Be back soon…

  166. noway406 // May 17, 2008 at 9:08 pm
    So if the records show that she called his phone but she’s not here to tell us that is what she told the pastor, and Drew has plead the Fifth so he’s not telling us either, that’s not enough to arrest him.

    Not true. The statement that DiP gave LE about his movements before, during and after Kathleen’s murder is still on record. If he told them he was asleep in bed with his wife Stacy, and those records show she was trying to reach him multiple times during that same time period, that is just cause for police to arrest him as a suspect in her death.

    There’s a link to the IL State Law site- be back with it soon too…

  167. Bash, I reread the autopsy. You’re right, as usual….only MVP, no heart infarction… least not in the autopsy report. Drew is supposedly who told the ambulance driver(s) that came to pick up Kathleen’s body that she had a heart problem, and might have had a heart attack. Will see if I can find that too. There’s just so much stuff there that people have said, who knows what true and what’s not??


  168. They must not have the phone records or the pastor’s statement that Stacy said she called DP several times would have been backed up by phone records.

    And then, I guess that brings me back to my “that’s not enough to arrest him.?”

    You can choose the punctuation at the end.

  169. Rescue, I’ve seen both things about the blow to her head….not bad enough to knock her out, as well as not bad enough to kill her. If she was unconscious when she drowned, I guess it must have knocked her out. Sorry, I’m behind the convo, but my neighbor came by looking for a lost puppy. Will try to catch up now.

  170. The problem with the phone records is that during the first investigation they were supposed to be subpoenaed but they never were.

    That’s what Mark Fuhrman discovered. That’s part of what was so appalling about the policework and followup.

    “MARK FUHRMAN, FORMER LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: “Now, the Illinois State Police agents that are [were ?] working on this, the detectives, they supposedly told the coroner’s inquest jury that they had phone records, but they were not — they had not yet received them as of May 1 [2004]. And of course, we know Kathleen Savio died March 1 [2004]. And in that — in those documents — in that testimony and in those documents, it states that, Well, we don’t believe that those phone records will give us any other outcome. Well, I started doing some research. Well, first, we know Drew Peterson and Stacy had Nextel. They keep those records for five years, luckily. But I cannot find anything at the county courthouse. I checked with them. There was no search warrants served in the name of Kathy Savio, Drew Peterson or Stacy Peterson in the year 2004.””

  171. Mark Furman said it only takes a couple of weeks or so to get the phone records, so they should have them by now I would think. I’m sure LE isn’t talking about anything they may have until they’ve gotten everything they can possibly get before an arrest is made.

  172. One cool thing about the phone records is that if they corroborate what Neil Schori says that Stacy told him, then it gives Schori credibility.

    There’s no way he could know about those phone calls unless Stacy told him. And if what he says about the phone calls turns out to be backed up by evidence, then why shouldn’t we believe everything else he said about what she told him.

  173. JB is hard at work trading answers for info. Presently he’s milking people for the reasons why FSP forum was shut down.

    “Just posted some more answers. Going out for the night. If anyone could get some more information as to the reasons being given for the fsp forum being taken down I would appreciate it. All we have is speculation at this point. What are the former fsp admins and member saying on the other blogs? I will check again tomorrow. “

  174. He waits until late to go out! Most people start getting ready to stay in at this time of the night.

  175. OK, here’s a “copy” of the press release the ISP made on 11-9-07. They specifically mention the cell phone records for Stacy and DiP. Of course, at THAT particular time, they were little over a week into investigating Stacy’s disappearance, and were just starting to kinda get suspicious about Kathleen’s death.

    “Since that time, 15- 20 ISP officers (supported by BBPD officers) have conducted numerous interviews of family, friends, known associates, classmates, BBP officers, of both drew and stacy. they have also conducted quite detailed telephone analysis of calls of SP and DP cell phones. Those cell phone calls have been plotted on a map, and given the best estimates that we can, we have tried to superimpose them on a map of where searches should take place. ”



    From CNN, 11-13-07:

    “As for the autopsy results, officials say they won’t be immediately available. And as for Kathleen Savio’s family, they say they welcome this second autopsy, because they’ve always had suspicions about her death. As for Drew Peterson, his phone records from his home phone and cell phone have been subpoenaed by a grand jury. ”


    Hope that helps…

  176. cfs, its not that late here to go out. It’s actually pretty common.

    Bar, nightclubs etc are open until 4am, a least a good majority of them do.

  177. I almost broke the name-calling rule when I posted JB’s post where he fishes for FSP gossip.

    Question: Why is it so important to him? He’s asked this a couple of days in a row and that is the only question he has asked.

  178. Brodsky should try staying in at night at studying case law instead of sliming through the absolute bowels of the internet to glean information to help his client from people with nothing but hatred in their hearts.

    Can you say “desperation”?

    Wonder how close it is getting to an arrest. Must be close if you have to rely on the intelligence of absolute bitter people who post lies and rumors.

  179. Bash, looks like that is the phone records for DP and SP now. (wondering where the pings are)

    I want to know if they have the records from 5 years ago (although the pings could be if Stacy was in bed when she says she was … ugh!)

    My son wants me to watch a movie with him.

    Good night all!

  180. 4 years ago, and yes, they do. I’m still lokking for that link…

    Have fun with your wee laddie!

  181. They are *dazzled* by him. One person there let him know that she called his office at christmas time to alert him to the fact that people were posting about Drew’s vacation plans and to let him know that someone had posted a mocking video of Drew on a Myspace page.

    These are the people who will be sending him marriage proposals when he’s in jail.

    /Just made myself shiver with revulsion

  182. Are you guys looking for phone record info? I got a phone call myself, so I’m behind here.

    Now, Greta, here’s another thing. If you get an alibi from a girlfriend, a wife or a mother, you have to corroborate that because those are the three people that you don’t take on face value on an alibi because those are the three very people that will lie for a loved one every time.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And they still — they still got some time to go out and serve these warrants. We only have about 10 seconds left, but how long are they good for, these phone records?

    FUHRMAN: They’re good — Nextel — we contacted Nextel. They’re good — they keep their records digitally for five years now. It’s good because back when I was on the job, it was 18 months. Now they keep them for five years. I hope they’re still there. I hope the ISP is listening.

    And by the way, Greta, there has been search warrants via the grand jury that has been issued in the Savio case since the grand jury has reexamined it since Stacy’s been missing. So I can’t imagine of anything that they would give a search warrant for if it wasn’t for financial records and cell phone records.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right. For the night Kathleen Savio was found — or at least, we think she died. Mark, thank you.

    FUHRMAN: Thank you, Greta.

  183. letthetruthbefree // May 17, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    cfs, its not that late here to go out. It’s actually pretty common.

    Bar, nightclubs etc are open until 4am, a least a good majority of them do.

    He said he was going out to dinner. I just thought that was kind of late. I would be STARVING by then!

  184. If it has been transcripted or printed or posted, you can do all of your one stop shopping at acandyrose. com, she has archived just about everything there is.

  185. cfs: Yes, thank you!!! I thought I saw something at one time or another that the gash didn’t render her unconscious. But, look:

    “The one-inch gash in the back of Kathleen Savio’s head did not render her unconscious, which would have been necessary for her to accidentally drown in the bathtub,” the petition stated.

    This was the petition that was filed to have Kathleen Savio’s body exhumed, because, after reviewing the “crime scene photos,” they determined the death was staged.

    Talk about driving me crazy~!!!!!!!

  186. You know, the GJ session is due to end at the end of this month. That means there are two more sessions left. Of course, they could extend it, but, at least in the SP matter, it seems as though they’ve finished up, except for the testimony of the teens. Seems they’d have to get that resolved in the next week or so.

    As to the Savio matter, who else would they need to testify, since they’ve heard from the medical examiner, the bf, her sisters, and the prince of darkness.

    Think maybe they are winding down? Looks like it to me.

  187. From CBS2Chicago:

    “LE are seeking nearly four year old phone records which could raise doubts about DP’s whereabouts during the 48 hours prior to KS being found dead.”


    “Questions were raised about whether the phone calls were ever subpoenaed in the original investigation.”

    http: //

  188. Yes, I think so too, Rescue.

    Plus, the two teenage sons DID give 3 hours of testimony to ISP at the beginning of the investigation into Stacy’s disappearance, and that testimony was submitted to the GJ by LE.

    So, even if they don’t get to testify before the GJ in person, the GJ can still read/listen to the testimony the boys gave to ISP.

    I think it’s all gonna be over real soon…

  189. Rescue, I didn’t know for sure that GJ was scheduled to end this month. That’s great news, but as you said, they could extend it. Hope NOT!!!

    Bash, that was an excellent video about the phone records. Had not seen that one, or forgot it I did. You must have a veritable LIBRARY on this case!!

  190. Does anybody know the answer to this?

    I understand that Stephen Peterson lived with Drew/Stacy for a while. That would have been early in the relationship, right?

    My question is – was he living with them at the time KS died?

  191. Rescue, I read somewhere that Stepehn AND his girlfriend were living there. Did you read that too Bash?

  192. They were still kneebiters when DiP married Kathleen, so they actually literally grew up with her as their step-mum.

    Makes Eric’s estrangement with DiP after her death even more interesting…

  193. Didn’t think they were there when Kathleen died though, but I’m Bash knows more about that than I do.

  194. No, basherette, I think you misunderstood me. I believe I read somewhere that Stephen lived with Drew and Stacy.

    If Drew and Stacy started living together in 2004, when KS was killed, I wonder if Stephen was living with them at that time.

    In other words, was he also living in that house on the night KS was killed?

  195. Though, he and his brother Eric would have had *visitations* with DiP at his and Stacy’s home before Kathleen died- is that what you mean?

  196. Unofficially, rumor, blogging, stuff I’ve heard about Eric is that he moved out of Drew’s house after Kathleen “drowned.” I’ve also heard that he didn’t not approve of his father taking up with Stacy, being such a young woman.

  197. Since Stephen is 28 now, he was 24 at the time KS was killed. That was the same time, 2004, when he got on the OB Police Dept. I had heard he lived with Drew at one point, and I was wondering if it was around the same time as when Drew went off that night and killed KS?

    Otherwise, when was it that he lived with Drew and Stacy?

  198. Rescue, I read that too, and he certainly did not want Drew to marry Stacy, which has also been stated as the reason they become estranged.

  199. cfs – see, but here is the confusing thing to me. If Eric moved out of Drew’s house after Kathleen died, that means he was living with Drew and “Stacy,” since Stacy woke up tin an empty bed the night KS died.

    If Stephen also lived with Drew and Stacy, when did all this moving in with their dad take place?

    Kathleen was in one house, Drew was in another, with Stacy.

    Boy, I’m really getting confused now. Maybe it’s just being tired.

  200. woke up to an “empty” bed.

    I know Eric & Stephen didn’t live with he and KS. They were raised by their mother, Carol “Brown” and stepfather. He merely had visitation with them. It was Vicki Connelly, his wife of 10 years, who would pick them up for visitation is Drew wasn’t available to do so.

    By the time he took up with Stacy, they were adults, men.

  201. Wait a minute- I think I’m getting the kids and mums mixed up…

    Kathleen’s boys were at DiP & Stacy’s home the night Kathleen was killed.

    Stephen and Eric were living who knows where in 2004- but not with Kathleen, not with their mum and not with DiP, as far as I can recall.

    My children were with me the nights Kathleen was killed and Stacy “disappeared”.

    And that’s all I know…

  202. Older than Stacy. Stephen is 4 years older than Stacy, and Eric is the oldest, although I don’t know how old he is. I assume he’s about 30.

  203. On the Speak Your Mind site there is a poster that is claiming it was the FBI that visited Sharon. This person used to post on here a lot before we had to sign up to post, and between us we had some pretty good discussions about this case. That was before most of you all started posting here I believe. Now, according to this poster the FBI is visiting Sharon, even though Drew’s own attorney stated there was dealer tag on the car. Even said on there that Sharon needs to explain why this visit from the FBI.

    Personally, I believe it was Mary2 and her husband/boss who own the car dealership that donated the $1,000, but nobody on there is disputing him. My point is, I would like to, but does anyone here have any proof that it wasn’t the FBI and if it was Mary?

  204. rescueapet // May 17, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    cfs – see, but here is the confusing thing to me. If Eric moved out of Drew’s house after Kathleen died, that means he was living with Drew and “Stacy,” since Stacy woke up tin an empty bed the night KS died
    No, it doesn’t. Eric could have moved in with his mum, his best friend or taken a flat somewhere by himself at that point. We don’t know WHEN he moved out exact-date-wise. And, technically, Kathleen’s home WAS still also Drew’s house too. He co-owned it with her.

    Confusing, to say the least.

  205. Hopefully, someone will have figured out this sorted mess!

    We’ll soon find out, in a couple of weeks, what’s going to happen with the GJ, and if they’re going to end the session or extend it. That’s a given.

    After that will come the tricky part. Will they charge him with one crime first, and then the other? KS first, or SP? Certainly, I wouldn’t expect them to charge and try him for both crimes together. Completely different circumstances.

    Send him away for life for KS. Then send him away for life for SP!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. They were grown, so I don’t think they were living there. Stephen just lived with them a short time I believe, but he and Stacy didn’t get along I read, so he moved out. He used to berate her, etc. so I read. Lke I said earlier, so much garbage is out there……what’s true and what’s rumor???

  207. cfs – that FBI thing is just a rumor, I would venture to say. I think someone came in here to and said the same thing. Claims to know it for a fact, but just “said” it and ran back off again. Nothing to “prove” anything. Just junk talk.

    If Brodsky has investigators like he claims he does, he’d have been on that like white on rice. It’s all a bunch of yackity yack, IMHO.

    Rumor because the site finally decided to wind down to stop the rampant novel writers and who knows what else was going on, and trying to connect it to the “FBI” visiting Sharon.

    yeah, right.

  208. And as for Brodsky trying to fish out responses from people about why the Stacy board went down, it’s very simple. They decided to take the high road and stop the forum part of it and make it informational only.

    Geesh, all Brodsky had to do was come here the last couple of weeks and see the blogging going on about the financial matters, etc., and all the backlash from that. Seems to me, they didn’t have much choice if they wanted to take the focus off all the stupid riff raff and get it back on the main objective – find Stacy Peterson.

  209. Uh, all someone needs to do is contact Sharon, correct? Well, I’m sure there’s got to be someone out there who has her email or phone number, right? Or maybe she’s listed? Heck, you know her addy (5 Pheasant Chase whatever), so send a telegram if it’s that important.

    Heck, if it IS that important to find out if the FBI visited Sharon, and if that had anything to do with the FSP forum site being removed, get a nosey reporter or two to check it out.

    Personally, I could give a fig. I think the whole FBI visiting Sharon story is pure crapola, and nothing to do with the FSP shut down. I’ve got more important things to do than worry about something this inconsequential.

    Wish ya luck finding out!

  210. And Brodksy’s claiming it was because he reported the web stalking! Oh, I know it’s a rumor, but I pretty positive figured out who this poster is, and they are occupationally connected to Drew. I just think Drew thinks that maybe it was the FBI, and he’s getting scared!! Probably thought they were coming to his house next, LOL!

  211. Uh, if anyone else here think that the FBI has *already* been to DiP’s house, raise your typing hand…

  212. Bash, I think you misunderstood my post. It ISN’T that important to me. I’ve not posted on the other site yet….just joined after I heard about it here this week to read the posts on this case. This poster that I was referring to also just joined, and I don’t think you or Rescue remember them because you weren’t posting here at the time. Nearly everybody here at the time accused them of being Drew. I thought so too but now I know it isn’t.

  213. Those two people that visited Sharon were her friends the owners of the car rental business that donated lots of money at the last funraiser.
    I’m not talking to seppy( i’m not cured yet) , I’m talking with the rest of people here. I truly thought she’s tired and she went to bed already so I can have some quality time with you folks… hmmm …
    (dunno why she got so angry? I didn’t call her dork… hmmm guess not every question has an answer )

  214. CFS7360, Basherette:
    The best way to call out these posters is ask them to prove it. They never have proof.

    It’s always I heard. Well, I can hear, I want to read.

    They are all just BS-ers.

  215. I didn’t mean it was important to YOU, Cfs- it’s that it seems to be very important to *JB*.

    He’s a lawyer and has access to PI’s. So let HIM do the footwork if he wants to know so bad.

    That’s all I meant.

  216. Fasci, thanks. I had read that about who the visitors were somewhere. Could have been one of your posts, not sure. I just wondered it any one knew for sure it was who you said it was. How do you positively know it was them? Don’t doubt you all….please don’t misunderstand, but how DO you know for sure it was them? I think Bash thought I might be trying to say it WAS the FBI. Nothing could be father from the truth, and I’m sure NOT going to call or telegram Sharon to find out. Just thought someone previously connected to FSP might know her personally and heard her talk about it. Thanks Fasci.

  217. The posters on the the forum where Brodsky posts. Where they lie about Sharon and all that. All you have to do is ask them to prove their accusations, they never can.

  218. Hello all I am new here. We have a site that called

    We all discuss the case information etc there. There has been so much speculation lately, and so many things happening this last week!! I am really hoping this case progresses soon!! ‘

    There is no doubt in my mind Drew Peterson is guilty!! I just hope that they are finding enough on him to make the charges stick, and get a conviction on this.

  219. cfs7360 // May 18, 2008 at 12:21 am

    Rescue, Bash named them. I won’t say anymore.

    I did?

  220. Welcome freistyone37. I’m not familiar with your site, but will to visit soon. Right now, I’m heading to bed. Came and chat with us any time.
    Nite all!

  221. basherette // May 18, 2008 at 12:38 am

    cfs7360 // May 18, 2008 at 12:21 am

    Rescue, Bash named them. I won’t say anymore.

    I did?

    basherette // May 18, 2008 at 12:12 am

    “exlawenforcement” was also a member at FSP- so yes, I DO remember “her”.

    Yes, ma’am.

  222. Oh, and hi there Feisty! I’ll check it out tomorrow. Gotta get myself some beauty zzzzz’s now…

  223. Thank you all for the welcome!! I look forward to seeing you all there. I was also a member at FSP. I am a member of alot of sites. I like to read, chat, and participate on the boards!! The more information circulating the better to help bring Stacy home!!

  224. fiestyone37 I read on a board that IRL you’re whorie lorie!! Is it true?
    They say you friends with the FBI and you visit each other regularly. (Well … Mobile is friends with them too)
    Now if I come at your forum, how can I make sure FBI doesn’t want to be friends with me too? Not that I care much but my house it’s not always tidy ready to get their visits.

  225. fascinatingtermsofdeservice
    “They say you friends with the FBI and you visit each other regularly. (Well … Mobile is friends with them too)
    Now if I come at your forum, how can I make sure FBI doesn’t want to be friends with me too? Not that I care much but my house it’s not always tidy ready to get their visits.”
    Fascinating, you sound jealous of Feistygurl! Clean up your “house” & all should be fine.

  226. “lookingforthetruth
    Fascinating, you sound jealous of Feistygurl! Clean up your “house” & all should be fine.”

    Thanks for your help LFT, but with so many kids playing “guess who my daddy is” around here “cleaning” it’s an impossible task.
    Anyway, thank you!

  227. Thanks for the invite Feisty, but my registration was rejected.

    feistyone37 // May 18, 2008 at 3:33 am

    Thank you all for the welcome!! I look forward to seeing you all there. I was also a member at FSP. I am a member of alot of sites. I like to read, chat, and participate on the boards!! The more information circulating the better to help bring Stacy home!!

  228. I too was rejected Feisty?!?

    I am mostly a lurker-with a few posts here and there- Just want to say Hi to everyone!

  229. That’s strange Facs & 3roots…..I registered with no problem. Wonder why you two couldn’t? Did they give you a reason or anything?

  230. Nope cfs, just this:


    Regrettably, your application to join Where is Stacy has been rejected.”

  231. LOL, I guess this is just “home base” for me. If I keep registering elsewhere, I won’t know where I’m at anymore.

    So, if anyone surfs and gets anything new, bring it back here for us!

  232. I didn’t make the cut either!


    Regrettably, your application to join Where is Stacy has been rejected by the FBI.”

  233. I was on the SpeakYourMind but figured Joel was just responding via PM now … and everyone is posting what he says in those anyway.

    So I removed my account. I do like the way they deal with people who break their rules. Bam! You’re gone.

  234. “facsmiley // May 18, 2008 at 12:22 pm

    Maybe someone confused me with Fascinatingrhythmsofendearment…”

    Don’t think so fac…
    I got my own rejection so please bear yours too, don’t put it on my shoulders!

  235. And now … I read what Basherette posted above about the phone records … but all I really got is that they had been subpoenaed, not that the ISP or FBI had them.

    And if they had them, and they showed calls from Stacy to Drew during the time he was supposed to be in bed with her, why is he still a free man?

    And does anyone know what happened with the vision Sonia had just before FSP shut down? She was sure that Stacy was around the Dresden Dam area and search was in progress or may have been conducted the weekend before when FSP stated that the searches for a particular weekend were too dangerous for volunteers.

    Note to Joel. You’ve got PIs. Tell them to get off the Internet for a minute in their search for Stacy and figure out for themselves who visited Sharon.

  236. Note to Joel. You’ve got PIs. Tell them to get off the Internet for a minute in their search for Stacy and figure out for themselves who visited Sharon.

    From the sounds of it, he just has Drew peeking out the front door to check out the action at Sharon’s.

  237. fascinatingtermsofdeservice :
    Don’t think so fac…
    I got my own rejection so please bear yours too, don’t put it on my shoulders!

    Well, you have to admit you weren’t exactly fawning over Feisty, and your name is sort of similar to mine. But I’ll take your advice and bear up under this scathing rejection…although after such a blanket welcome I must say…*sniff*…I am somewhat hurt.

  238. facsmiley // May 18, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    “Well, you have to admit you weren’t exactly
    fawning over Feisty, and your name is sort of similar to mine. But I’ll take your advice and bear up under this scathing rejection…although after such a blanket welcome I must say…*sniff*…I am somewhat hurt.”


    you think she rejects us by letters or by numbers (IP)? Just wondering where she’s got our numbers from? hmmm …

    Anyway, if is any comfort to you, your rejection was not as bad as mine. In mine she got the FBI involved. (see the message I got)

  239. Fac,
    you think she rejects us by letters or by numbers (IP)? Just wondering where she’s got our numbers from? hmmm …

    Maybe she didn’t like our pee-colored avatars.
    Maybe she throws a dart at her monitor?

  240. Ok, I’m going now before seppy gets up and catches me here. Don’t want to ruin her day.
    It was sweet talking with you girls.
    Catch you later!

  241. ok, so while seppy is on her way here, I might get a few secs to throw my last comment:

    Guys, all of you that’ve been rejected please read careful your “rejection message”

    Mine: “fascinatingtermsofdeservice,

    Regrettably, your application to join Where is Stacy has been rejected by the FBI”

    Heck, great they rejected me! I don’t know about you, I DON’T want to join where is stacy! She’s dead, right?

  242. That would explain the guy poking around my neighborhood last week pretending to be taking a survey!

  243. Observation on the whereisstacy forum and rejections after the invitation to join ( which, BTW was very all-inclusive and welcoming):

    Anyone who reads here knows that fascinatingtermsofdeservice and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our opinions about the Peterson case, FSP, etc.

    It’s interesting to me that both of our applications were rejected. What does that mean? If there is a selection process or some criteria for approval…what is it?

  244. Dudes, I was a little suprised to see this comment from Brodsky today:

    “To end the speculation and comments I have come accross in other blogs and posts, Yes, I am the first chair. Drews team has obviously planned for any contingency, no matter how remote, and in the very unlikely event that there is a trial I will be lead counsel. This has been discussed and agreed to by all.”

  245. I wonder if it is true all the defense team will wear red rubber balls on their noses in court? Maybe it is just a rumor.

  246. I am surprised about that post from Brodsky. But maybe anybody can put their hand up his (heck where is Bash when you need here) and make him talk.

  247. noway406 // May 18, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    I am surprised about that post from Brodsky. But maybe anybody can put their hand up his (heck where is Bash when you need here) and make him talk.

    I think the term you’re looking for would be “arse” or “Walla Walla, Washington”. Either one would nicely suffice.

  248. Just a thought regarding the plethora of other website invites we’ve been getting here lately:

    If you tried to sign up using the same user name you use here and elsewhere, hope you didn’t use the same password too.

    Cause if you did, now they’ve got it.

  249. I may use the same user name everywhere I go, but the password is different for each site.

    Makes it a slight pain in the arse to remember ’em all, but I believe in being cautious on the net.

    Never know when you might accidentally bump into a nutter in web-land…

  250. As far as the phone records go:

    We KNOW that LE subpoenaed the records for DiP’s and Stacy’s cell phones at the beginning of the investigation, and got them. That’s how they were coordinating the areas to search way back then.

    We also KNOW that, in mid-December 2007, LE subpoenaed the phone records in for DiP, Stacy, Kathleen, etc. for the time period before, during and after Kathleen’s murder.

    Does anyone *really* think the LE/FBI *doesn’t* have all the phone records they asked for by now?

    If so, then I think you’re a silly wabbit.

  251. Just in case anyone is interested, here are the links for Stacy, Kathleen and Lisa at the “Light A Candle” site:

    (Remember to take out the space between the “w’s” when you cut and paste the addy.)

    Stacy Peterson:

    Kathleen Savio:

    Lisa Stebic:

  252. Basherette said: If so, then I think you’re a silly wabbit.
    So having Drew’s statement that he was in bed with Stacy and her calling him means diddley?

    And thanks for the Walla Walla Washington idea. That’ll work. And by “anybody could put their hand” I really meant “anybody but me.”

  253. No, no no no… THIS is what I was talking about:

    Does anyone *really* think the LE/FBI *doesn’t* have all the phone records they asked for by now?

    If so, then I think you’re a silly wabbit.

  254. And thanks for the Walla Walla Washington idea. That’ll work. And by “anybody could put their hand” I really meant “anybody but me.”


  255. If DiP told the investigators that he was in bed with Stacy, but the phone records show otherwise (she tried to call him a gazillion times or something), then he is royally screwed up the Walla Walla Washington far as Kathleen’s murder goes…

  256. basherette // May 18, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    If DiP told the investigators that he was in bed with Stacy, but the phone records show otherwise (she tried to call him a gazillion times or something), then he is royally screwed

    I just love that it vindicates not only Stacy, but the Pastor as well.

  257. Not trying to be dense as a shrubbery here, but:

    How does that vindicate Stacy? Do you mean that it would mean that she told the Pastor the truth?

  258. Oh, this is just TOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!


    Regrettably, your application to join Where is Stacy has been rejected.

    The Where is Stacy Team.

  259. Pretty much.

    I still stand by my previous statement:

    If you tried to sign up using the same user name you use here and elsewhere, hope you didn’t use the same password too.

    Cause if you did, now they’ve got it- alond with your email addy too…

  260. Think they have a sick sense of humor? What a way to spend the day, huh? Send out rejection responses.

  261. I used my name (Basherette), a different password, and the email addy I specifically set up to use when I join a forum or blog about the Peterson/Savio cases.

    Better to be safe than sorry…

  262. Hello. I was trying to post a link to a site for missing persons that you can read without registering.

  263. Ok now it looks like I am ok to post – I came across the following site at

    I tried posting this a few minutes ago and it never showed up I guess.

    Anyway, thought to share as there is a lot of discussion regarding Stacy and Kathleen there.

  264. Oh, no worries, Gotoutandhappynow! The site you listed is a jewel!

    I was referring to the site “Where Is Stacy”, which was promoted by a drive-by poster, and ended up rejecting everyone from here who applied to register, except for one.

    I should have been more specific- sorry about that!

  265. Hi Basherette – I understood you sweetie – I just like to read at a site before I register there that’s why I posted the anniemyth site, since it’s open to read.

    I understood you were talking about Where is Stacy. Not sure why so many are not getting in to that site?!

  266. Basherette, Yes. I was thinking that if the phone records verified what Stacy had told the pastor then she was vindicated just in that she told him the truth, and he would have proof that he wasn’t just making up a story.

    As for whereisstacy, I just don’t understand the big ol’ group welcome when they really only wanted certain people there.

    Yes, I used a different password. I’d hate to think anyone would be that coniving but I guess that could be the case.

    /damn, it’s hard to type with a bandaid on the end of your finger (shaving incident).

  267. Yes, I tend to steer away from sites that require registration before reading also. I like to “toe-test” the waters- familiarize myself with the site, it’s members, the rules, etc. to see if it’s worthy of joining before I jump in with both feet.

    I’m still pretty leery of the “safety” of the web, being an oldtimer. That’s why I’m so particular about using the same name for the Peterson/Savio sites, but a different password for each one. Which reminds me- I’ve actually joined just a few sites about these cases- so if you come across any message by someone named “Basherette”, and you’re wondering if it’s really me, just ask.

  268. Well, Facsmiley, I agree with you that it would be vindicating for the Pastor and for Stacy if the phone records prove that DiP wasn’t where he said he was.


    It leaves me with a heavy heart too- because while that news would be great for the Savio family, it would suck major winkies for the Cales family and Peterson children to find out that Stacy knew Kathleen had been murdered all those years, and provided DiP with an alibi to boot.

    That’s something that I have serious trouble reconcilling with the other information about the Peterson case. If Stacy indeed knew that DiP killed Kathleen from the get-go, why would she keep that secret for so damn long? What kind of hold did he have over her to keep her silent for so long? Gotoutandhappynow, you prolly know what I’m talking about.

    Thing is, if Stacy knew that DiP murdered Kathleen, it still doesn’t give him a motive to kill Stacy in order to cover up his crime of murdering Kathleen. Yes, she was his alibi for the night of Kathleen’s murder, but as a cop, he KNOWS that there’d be no way in hell to explain the phone calls Stacy made to him that night if LE or the GJ (the first one) ever got a look-see at those damning phone records.

    The ONLY reason DiP would kill Stacy for reneging on the alibi she provided him on the night of Kathleen’s murder is if he’s setting HER up to take the fall for Kathleen’s murder.

    Of course, this is only accurate if DiP indeed killed Stacy because she was exposing his alibi as hogwash- not if he killed her for any other reason.

  269. Hurm… just noticed this on Kathleen’s autopsy report (2004):

    DATE OF DEATH: MARCH 1, 2004

    TIME OF DEATH: 11:17 P.M.


    TIME OF AUTOPSY: 2:20 P.M.


    Uh, so he performed the autopsy while she was still alive? Talk about a serious f-up! No WONDER the DA wanted a new autopsy… sheesh!

    Sorry… just couldn’t believe what I was reading there..

  270. You’re not talking to yourself. I keep checking in, Basherette.

    One thing I also noted everywhere I looked about the autopsy was that Glasgow said that as soon as they looked at the “crime scene” photos, they knew it was “staged.” It’s everywhere. No doubt about it. Clearly evident just by looking at the pictures of the scene.

  271. Like I said before, was Kathleen doing one-armed pushups upsidedown in her full bathtub? I don’t think so…

  272. And thanks, Rescue… sometimes it’s nice to be alone on the ocean, but other times it can be a real drag…

  273. I have nothing important to say but am reading all your posts.

    I think the date of the autopsy is incorrect but the date of Kathleen’s death (March 1, 2004 at 11:17 p.m. is correct).

    But it doesn’t give you much hope that what’s inside is going to be right does it?

    As far as the pastor, I believed him. Who would make up crazy lies so they could be part of this nightmare?

  274. Her time of death is 11:17pm? He was discovered by Stacy back at the house at 6:00am washing the clothes, correct? Wow, hours and hours to “stage” the scene.

    I’m guessing that LE will finish up with the GJ and the KS case will be the first one they charge him with. They have the body, they have the no-alibi, and they even have the evidence.

    IMHO, “evidence” to me doesn’t necessarily slam bam him as the murderer, but he sure as heck had the most to gain by her being dead. It’s probably going to come down to who’s the best lawyer in the way the case is presented.

  275. I’ve been catching up … how did I miss this?

    Quote: truthisthere // May 18, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    I hope they tell me I was rejected by the FBI, I am the FBI.

    truthisthere // May 18, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    I wonder if it is true all the defense team will wear red rubber balls on their noses in court? Maybe it is just a rumor.

  276. I have no reason *not* to believe the Pastor, except for the simple fact that I’m naturally curious as to why it took him so long to come forward as well. If he had informed LE of what he knew the minute after he found out Stacy was “missing”, then I’d find him more credible. Until the case moves forward, and LE releases more info, I’m looking under the carpet wherever the clues take me.

  277. The smiley was for the red noses comment, not Bash’s comment about the pastor.

    I think the pastor really felt he had a convidentiality issue he had to protect. Perhaps he was thinking Stacy had left Drew. Who knows. He didn’t find it necessary to share that with us … dang him.

  278. Well Noway, did you find out about your application yet? This is just really curious to me why so many were rejected!

  279. Sorry, but the day I let my religious beliefs hold more sway over me than my moral obligations, somebody shoot me please.

  280. Hey Cfs- I was rejected too!

    How come you weren’t? That’s what I’m curious about! Did you bribe ’em with some cupcakes?LOL!!!

  281. No cupcakes at all? Dang…

    So what’s the deal with the site then? Have you actually taken a look-see there yet?

  282. Isn’t is possible this feistyone37 is also feistygurl that was posting on here? I don’t know that it is for sure, but I thought it was kind of strange that she popped on last night, said she was new, and then invited everyone to their forum to discuss Stacy.

    Wouldn’t that be the same here, except most of us do discuss different aspects, but we’re not pro-Drewpy. I think that just might be the group that is very persistent in pointing out that Stacy was no “angel,” even though they claim they want her found and don’t believe Drew.

    You know, the group that had one that called Stacy “trailer trash.” (Watch for sharks now)

  283. I just don’t have a clue Bash, but if there’s anything you all need to know about, I’ll bring it here if it isn’t against any rules over there. Can’t imagine that there would be anything more there than anywhere else. Just wanted to check it out since we were all so very nicely invited.

  284. I guess I’m not as scary as most of you. I was accepted there.

    Maybe the FBI just felt bad for me since I didn’t get a purple identicon. 😀

    I have to say that I am very impressed with the plethora of information there. Someone really did a fantastic job.

    Oh … should I have said it was a terrible place and none of you should feel bad for being rejected (not accepted sounds better)? 😉

  285. I’ve heard that it is Lorie’s site? I’m not sure where all she posted before. She did say at FSP, tho.

    Bash, sadly I have never doubted that Stacy knew about Kathleen’s murder from the day it was committed. However, I don’t judge her as some others do. Considering her f’d up childhood and young age, I think trusted DP in all things and didn’t question him for a long time.

    I do believe that as she matured she began to question Drew and begin to realize that she was being manipulated and abused, as she said in the email to her friend, Steve Cesare, shortly before she disappeared.

  286. Okay, who’s Lorie? She wasn’t posting here, because she did say she was new, but if she posted at the other site, what was her screen name?

  287. Well, that’s weird. I don’t know that I’ve ever come across anyone named “Lorie” on any of these boards…

    Oh, well. No use cryin’ over spilt milk.

  288. You know what I am curious about, though, is what Lavonda “found” out. Remember when she was here the other night and said she wasn’t going to post here anymore? Did she say something like she happened upon information that others were posting to her or as her, under different names.

    I don’t know much of anything that was happening with the other forum, in which Lavonda got caught up in it. I wish she’d stay here too. She’s also very informative and helpful.

  289. no, i’ve heard that this feistyone37 is not the same as feistygurl or any other feisty. it’s likely just as i am known as myst, if i can sign in that way, and am not the same as the one with the nic of mystic. it’s a bane in life, trust me, when someone has a nic similiar to our own, who have totally opposite viewpoints, manners, etc.

  290. Yes, Rescue, that’s what she said. Someone she trusted, their user name was hijacked by an imposter, and used for ill purposes. That’s why she decided to leave this site (and others), and post only at her site for the time being.

    Can’t blame her one bit- I’d do the same.

    Course, only after I’d torn a new one for the despicable miscreant who’d pulled that stunt.

    I’m not as polite as I should be sometimes…

  291. rescueapet // May 18, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    Okay, who’s Lorie?

    I don’t know! I saw at another site people saying they had been invited to join “Lorie’s forum” and then were rejected when they tried.

    I thought it was probably the same forum.

  292. I thought Lavanda meant PMs looking like they came from (for example) Noway but the real Noway (me) didn’t know anything about the PM she received. I can ask Lavanda.

  293. Well, if they were PMs, then wouldn’t they have to have hacked into someone’s user name id to send them? That’s what I thought she meant too.

  294. I’m just wondering how I managed to piss someone off that I don’t even know enough to be rejected from joining a site?

    I’ve never been rejected from a site before. This case has just been chock full of new experiences for me…

  295. Yep, me too Rescue. Got them in my faves right under SpeakYourMind, which is right under ACANDYROSE, which happens to be right under AngelsForStacy, which happens to be right under this site, which happens to be right at the top of the list.

  296. Actually, you guys, I’ve found Danya’s reporting to be quickly posted here, so this is a great site for information. Having the blog now is a plus too.

    And, again, I think the GJ will probably start winding down, and maybe the news will really begin to get interesting.

  297. Aw, bash, too many sites would drive me crazy. acandyrose is one of my favorites for information, of course, and I do like this one too.

  298. basherette // May 18, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    I’m just wondering how I managed to piss someone off that I don’t even know enough to be rejected from joining a site?

    I’ve never been rejected from a site before. This case has just been chock full of new experiences for me…

    I feel the same. I thought I would at least get the chance to piss someone off and then be banned.

  299. facsmiley // May 18, 2008 at 8:31 pm
    I feel the same. I thought I would at least get the chance to piss someone off and then be banned.


    Oh, YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. It’s taking awhile for my screen to refresh. More action tonight I suppose.

    I suppose Brodsky’s tipline is ringing off the hook with people who have seen Stacy, but since Joel isn’t the one answering the phones, he’s got time to blog.

  301. Noway, saw your question over there about the RV pad….good one. I also saw a recipe for meth!! What was that all about? I couldn’t figure out why anyone would post that in the section on chemicals. Did you see it?

    Yes ladies, Lorie is admin over there.

  302. cfs … didn’t see the meth recipe. Did Drew post it? 😉

    See … I just can’t play nice when I’ve been out in the sun.

  303. Lorie is one of the fruitcake bunch that saw stacy waving from a river in a satellite picture.

    She was also in on the theory that drew strapped Stacy onto the back of his motorcycle when she was dead.

  304. If you feel comfortable doing it, cfs, could you ask her why she rejected so many of us after the big invitation she gave us last night?

  305. Thank you Myst!. i am not lorie/feistyone. & if ya’ll did get accepted i dont stand a chance in hell lol. im not going that route.

  306. Did anyone check out the myblueshark forum? I took a look but it seemed like there were only 1 or 2 posts under each topic.

    And freakin’ music started playing everytime I went to the site.

    /Pet Peeve

  307. You could try, feisty. Isn’t the forum mod “feisty” too? Maybe you’ll get in just because, LOL. Go for it!!!

  308. Waving from the riverbed…corpse fell off!

    I’m LOLing so hard that I’m tearing up over here.

  309. Feistygurl, if you get accepted and they have sleepovers and chocolates and stuff, don’t tell us. We’re already so hurt… 🙂

  310. Hi All:

    Ok. Just a quick comment. Have to get back to tend to my board. First of all, the autopsy report contained a huge error. Being that the date/time of the autopsy is wrong. If it were correct, that would mean that Kathleen was autopsied while still alive. Know what I mean? This, in my opinion further goes to show the “haste” in which all was done.

    Here is what it stated:
    DATE OF DEATH: MARCH 1, 2004

    TIME OF DEATH: 11:17 P.M. (is at night)


    TIME OF AUTOPSY: 2:20 P.M. (is in the afternoon)
    ____ Secondly, here is my thoughts:

    Kathleen was expecting her children home so I don’t believe while she was in the house waiting that she would have set the alarm. Knowing how kids are, they run out of the car that daddy drops them off in and run straight into their house to get to their own video games, etc. etc.

    So I do not believe the alarm was set.

    I believe a very good possible scenario is this: I believe Drew overpowered Kathleen in her home. I believe he snuck in just like she reported he did before. Yes, he could pick a lock and in a few moments. An 11 year old showed how it could be done on YouTube with a Bam Key kit. (Mims stated Drew had all the newest and latest gadgets including the newest locksmith sets)….regardless of how he may have gotten into her house, I believe he dragged her up the stairs and forced her head under the bathroom sink to drown her. I believe her trying to fight him and come up is how she got the gash on her head by the spigot itself. I believe this was Drew’s method because any compression bruising done from forcibly holding her head under the water of the sink would have been masked by her hair. It’s also possible she may have had one hand in the sink to try and steady herself to help push herself upwards and hence the one hand with the injuries. After she drowned I believe he then took off her clothes and placed her into the bathtub to make it appear that she fell in the tub. Cleaned up the scene and left. (the sink area)

    She never took a bath with her hair down.
    She never took a bath with her jewelry on.


    1. A dead body has noticable smell and appearance. A pulse was totally unnecessary. It was an act. One in which he had to do as he probably forgot he left prints on the sides of the tub when placing her in it. here’s his chance to touch the tub in area’s while checking for a pulse.

    2. Remaining outside while the neighbor and Steve C went into the house was suspect in itself.

    3. If he was concerned as to where she was and that she was not there to answer when to pick up the kids..then why didn’t he have the kids with him?

    4. Why didn’t he phone her sister and friends looking for her the day and a half earlier? Why not phone her friend mary the very day she didn’t respond when it was time to get the kids? History shows if one or the other was five minutes late they would automatically file police reports. Why when he was to take the kids and she didn’t answer didn’t he call her best friend Mary and ask “wheres Kathleen?, Last thing I need is her calling the police saying I’m not bringing the kids home on time”.

    Just my opinion.

  311. I’m sure I heard somewhere a theory about Drew, or Steve C or someone having a meth lab and some huge cover up involving drugs. All based on nothing, of course.

  312. Lavanda. Welcome back. Why don’t you stay? It’s okay here. Of course, when Danya sees we’re talking about corpses waiving from riverbeds and strapped to a motorcycle, it might be all over for us.

    But, we’re hoping to start our own sleepovers with chocolates if we can infiltrate and get pointers.

  313. Lavanda, I agree with everything you’ve said there. Thanks for putting it together so nicely.

    The only wiggle room for me is that I think she could have been drowned in either the sink or the toilet and gotten the head injury that way.

  314. I may pop in here and there. It’s kind of hard as I work fulltime and I did get myself a little overboard in signing up at too many sites. Right now I’m keeping my puter on most of the time even when away so that I can check in at my site and respond as I can. But I will try. Take care all…g’nite.

  315. Okay, back to reality.

    My first thought about him calling in everyone but the National Guard was that it was the total opposite of what he would’ve done normally.

    I agree that if they called the cops on each other for things such as being late with the kids, I don’t get why he wouldn’t have made a big stink about her not being around to take them. That would have been my first thought of what he’d do, just to piss her off.

    And why would he assume that she was even in the house. Why would he know that? If her car was there, that didn’t necessarily mean she was. Why wouldn’t he think she could’ve been with her bf?

    I’d like to know now why Glasgow said it was obvious just by looking at the “crime scene” pictures that the whole thing was staged. Must’ve been pretty obvious.

  316. If he “took of her clothes to put her in the bath tub,” my question would be were her clothes there on the floor, next to the tub? Obviously, not, because they were probably damaged or bloody, so he took them with him. Thus, what “clothes” were in the bath room.

    If she were to take a bath, my thinking is the clothes she had on would either be laying on the floor next to the tub, or in the hamper, if one was in the bathroom. Also, she would have certainly gotten out fresh clothes, or bed clothes to put on. Were they there? If not, that would be very strange.

    Nonetheless, there’s now two additional autopsy reports, one independent and one official, that says she was a homicide victim. That’s a given. How they charge DP for it is the question.

    His alibi sucks. In fact, there is no alibi anymore.

  317. Nice to see you too Feistygurl 🙂 Hope all is well. THREE baby granddaughters? That has to be fun! I miss holding a baby! I just love em!!

  318. You all will find this interesting. Who knew such a thing as forensic astrology existed? YOWSIE!

    (add the h)

  319. Hmm. Throws about everything in there.

    You know, though, I’ve often wondered why they didn’t or haven’t (at least that I know of), searched in the other direction from Bolingbbrook, north. I’m 15 miles in the opposite direction, down I55, that also has roads that run alongside the S&S canal, a nearby forest preserve, and a gazillion off-the-beaten path kind of places. Just a 20-25 minute drive from there to the area I’m thinking of. Although, I guess they must be using the “cell phone pings” to zero in on their target area searches.

  320. rescue, that’s what I ‘ve been wondering about the searches too. I work in BB and live in Joliet and every day while I’m on 53 I’m wondering if they searched different areas that you can see from the road.

  321. I never thought of the bathroom sink since all the focus was on the tub.

    I myself have cut my head on my bathroom faucet so it’s a very real theory.

    Can’t say the same about DP using the motorcycle as his method of disposing of Stacy. All I can picture is Weekend At Bernies and that goofy face of Bernie.

  322. scott15 – Exactly! All along I55, as you drive from B’brook towards Downtown, there are roads that run along the S&S Canal that, as you said, you can see from the expressway. Again, from B’brook, driving a few short 10-15 miles north, theres a lot of wooded areas.

    Do you remember this past winter a frozen body was discovered by a man surveying some land near railroad tracks and the S&S Canal? That area itself can be seen if you take the CTA Orange Line from Midway Airport to Downtown. At the time the woman’s body was found, I thought it could have very well be SP. I still don’t think it impossible that that is still an area where her body could have been placed.

    Again, for just a short distance of 10-15 miles, I would think it’s worth searching, since there the same kinds of wooded areas, waterway, and service roads that are just as accessible as the areas they’ve been looking at.

  323. I just wonder what keeps them focusing on certain areas south of Bolingbrook. Strictly because of the “cell phone pings,” or do they have something from his navigational system? Who can know, huh?

  324. With things like seeing a body in a riverbed and strapping a corpse to a motorcycle IMO that is not one of the sharp knives in the drawer. But hey that is only my opinion.

    I think there was also some statement(s) by ??? when those motorcycle/corpse posts happened trying to support that it could be done pretty easily because someone knew someone who used to strap their GF on the back when she was drunk/passed out and ride that way.

    Possible? Yes, IF you are riding a big full dresser with the trunk and armrests (maybe).

    But not on that Harley DP had.

    I just discount those kind of statements to “reddotisis”.

  325. Drew had lots of time to deal with Stacy and not use his motorcycle. IMO, it is suspiscious that he would not let LE search Stacy’s car during the first search.

  326. It does make one wonder why DP would store his bike “at a friend’s in Wisconsin” doesn’t it?

    And why … for a man who seems to be somewhat of a neat freak … is his garage such a mess?

  327. rescue if they are just going by the cell phone ping, who is to say that wasn’t done on purpose to throw them off.
    Also I’m wondering if anyone from here has searched with them? I tried to but they didn’t want me.

  328. Well, as I said, I am just curious as to why they focus their searches to the south, and haven’t said anything about searching to the north.

    I remember reading somewhere that Cassandra, Stacy’s sister, said when she called DP as she was sitting in the car near their home, she heard a sound as if something were being dragged along concrete, and the car door being open and dinging. Maybe that was the time he was disposing of her body. So, I assume they’d be looking in the specific area where he was talking on his cell when Cassandra called him. Makes sense.

  329. Hi Everyone. I just read thru everything since I was last here. I love reading what you all write but am always a behind on the conversation.
    I think the reason the Pastor and Stacy didnt say anything sooner..they were scared.
    If you think about Tom Morphey, he was so scared of Drew, for his family’s safety, thats why he tried to kill himself.
    If I remember correctly, when Morpheys neighbor was interviewed, he said everyone in their neighborhood was afraid of Drew Peterson.
    Makes you think maybe the way he gets away with so much… is not because he is charming. Its because he has ways of instilling fear in people.

  330. I’m still curious about the whole route from BB to Newark (location of airport where he keeps the ultralight). I know it was the next day that he drove there and maybe no corpse was disposed of, but why was it so important for DP to take the trip there and put a sticker on his plane the day after his wife went missing? He might have disposed of evidence during that trip along the remote country roads or…well, I just don’t know.

  331. Hello All My real name is Lorie. I used to be a member of FSP. I was also once a member on Annies board. Everyone has split up cause of the usual internet drama. No to set the record straight I never once thought Drew carried Stacy off on a motorcycle whatever your saying for the record that was Cranky nana, and Annie myth which annie has her own proboard now thank you.

    Also, I was not fiestygurl over at FSP. I am Lorie over at FSP , and over at the new site. You can verify this with Cass and with Sharon. They know who I am.

    I also am not a Drew supporter and am very much Pro Stacy, if you dont believe me, come check out the site yourselves.

    I feel Drew is guilty and hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars, or gets the death sentence for what he has done to Stacy, and Kathleen Savio.

    I left a message here cause I seen a couple good people, I knew was from FSP boards, and just people here conversing that seemed like they were down to earth, and would be nice to conversate with and discuss the case.

    I didnt come here to cause any trouble. I know with FSP down some have been left homeless. I feel the same way also and am sad it is down right now. I was just inviting people to a PRO STACY site, that would like to find a place to have some good conversation reguarding the case.

    I know there is like 2 people here, that seem to be following me around making comments. You know how the troll thing works. Too bad for them I have nothing to prove, nor am I immature enough to argue with them about it.

    I have nothing to prove neither will I attempt to. If you want to see how I am for yourselves I have given you the link.

    I am wanting justice for Stacy, Kathleen, and I back FSP, Sharon, and Stacys Family 100 percent!! That is my opinion, how I feel and I stand behind that.

    Anyway, nice to meet you all. I will keep reading here, and might see some of you over there by us!! God bless talk to you soon!!

  332. So…do you want us to attempt to sign up again? I’m confused. You invited us all last night, but then rejected most of us when we followed you up on the invitation.

  333. Let her know you were an FSP poster. She gave me an email address but I don’t want to post it here. But try to register again.

    She had suggested that you let them know that you posted on FSP but I don’t know where to do that. I don’t remember there being anything to fill out for “where I’ve posted” …

  334. feistyone37 // May 18, 2008 at 3:33 am

    Thank you all for the welcome!! I look forward to seeing you ALL there.

    Caps are mine.

  335. lol for one I am not FBI but what names did you guys try to use? Tigger has been approving everyone that has been signing up? I dont have anything to do with the approval. I am just back up in case she is away. Tigger runs her own board.

    Let me know what name you using so I can watch for you guys.

  336. Facs, I understand your feelings. It sure made it sound like you would just sign up and wait for approval to post.

    I won’t push anyone to register, and other than the meth recipe (which I have not seen yet), the posts are really very good.

  337. Thanks for the paranoia, BB, but no thanks. And BTW, knowing someone’s ISP is useless. Please get over that. Oooooh – He logs on though AOL. OOOOoooOOOoooh, lookee, she get’s her highspeed through Verizon!. Gotcha!!!


  338. The meth posts were also made by Annie. She is not on our board anymore. She went back to her own board she was originally at

  339. Now someone is probably going to say that all the posts are faked just so I’d fall for it and register … 😉

  340. facsmiley..If they dont let you and basherette in, I dont know if I would be comfortable there. I havent tried to sign up.

  341. Well, they can get my ISP information while I read and post. 😀

    And scott15 is right; it’s a “simple machines forum” so it looks like FSP.

  342. Why does it matter anyway about those posts? People say all kinds of things on boards. Doesnt mean anything. We dont stop people from posting their opinions about what Drew might of done to Stacy. It doesnt matter about that. There is so much information there other than that.

  343. They are welcome to come here BASH and FAC. Tigger didnt know I didnt tell her I invited everyone. She didnt know who everyone was. She knows who to look for now. I am very sorry about the inconvienence.

  344. Well we have like 50 members maybe? Im not sure says 3 pages of members. Do I have to count them? lol

  345. Feistyone37- Can you please ask Tigger why on earth she rejected so many people from here who tried to register at her site?

    I tried to register under my FSP/SFS/ACR/SYM/AFS nome de web “Basherette”, and not even 5 minutes later, received a rejection email.

    What’s the point of inviting people to join a site if you’re just going to reject them, with no reasonable explanation for that action?

    It’s an annoying waste of time, and I graduated from the kindergarten sandbox a long time ago. Can you shed some light on this frustrating situation?

  346. Aw, beans- I hate it when I crosspost…

    So why would Tigger reject ANYONE who tries to register over there? How does one know who they are rejecting- is it just because of the user name they are requesting or their location?

    Just seems weird. Talk about a preemptive strike…

  347. She said she apologizes and to please accept her apology. We had some problems in the past with members using other members screen names to get into our site to do their usual Troll thing. We are pretty liberal and allow members to post pretty much anything.
    We had a problem though with some of the members coming in just to argue, and bring fights to the boards. So we pretty much closed it up for awhile till things calmed down.

    We have a good fun group, who likes to have fun, research and conversate about the case.

    I am very sorry about the problems. It was in part my fault for giving her the FYI. We couldnt seem to hook up earlier today. I had alot of running around to do. Then we had new members coming in and I was greeting them. Sorry about the problems. She said she is sorry and I know your name also from FSP.

  348. Your welcome Basherette and again I am truelly sorry. She said you guys are set to go, if you guys want to sign up!! Gosh I feel so bad. I am so sorry!! 😦

  349. Aw, shucks- this is my home site, even though I’m an active member of several other sites regarding this case too. I’m not leaving here…

    Well, unless gatehouse gets tired of my potty mouth, that is!!! LOL!!!

  350. feistyone37 said:
    The meth posts were also made by Annie. She is not on our board anymore. She went back to her own board she was originally at.


    Oh snap! That’s right! Annie went on back to her own first board after you and Tigger yanked her second board out from under her. Don’t even go there trying to deny that either Lorie, there are several of us who watched in amazement and disgust as you and Tigger systematically played Annie at her own games. We don’t want or need any of what you are smokin’.

  351. Well said Myst. I watched it too. Be careful playing with Lorie. She likes to write letters to ISP and BPD with your names and IPs trying to get forum posters involved in this case. She thinks everyone is a player in this.
    She even had the cops and her door and the doors of people who have posted along with her on forums.
    Annie, Tigger and Lorie all need to be locked up in the nut house.

  352. Excuse me? I am not going to argue with you. I wasnt even there when I signed on and Annie deleted her own account at the forum. I also have proof she deleted her acct and wanted to go back to her own board cause she like it better over there. She didnt even like it over at the new board. She said she felt better back over at the bunker. That is where her home was. So what we going to make an argument over this now? As for what Im smoking? Should we really go there? Im not going to argue about it. Annie liked it better at her bunker where she was long before any of the members signed up over her place. She is where she likes it, in her own space, with her own rules. I am not the one talking bad about Annie here. I am stating who posted what.

  353. Snyder go log out and log back in as your other name you were using singing the same tune. Nobody believes you. You are trouble!! Give it up already. I honestly dont care what you have to say and am not going play your games. People can come or not come join us. To be truthful I really dont care. We have a good board, and good group of people. We go to all sites and dont have any problems with it.

    It is people like you that need to start arguments about what people post which is everyones opinion and they have the right to it. So anyway good night argue with yourself cause I could care less. I have other things to do better than argue with the likes of you.

    It is ashame all these good people out there, and then there is people like you walking the earth. Toot a loo

  354. snyder73: thanks! 🙂

    feistyone37: you’re right in that we are not going to argue, because it takes two to argue. i simply spoke the truth and am now finished. you can continue to sputter and stutter if you like.

  355. I agree Myst. I spoke my opinion of her and her friends. Now, I am done. People can go and see for themselves.
    What I dont understand is how she knows I am trouble and no one believes me if she doesn’t even know who I am. What is it they say about assuming?

  356. LOL snyder73 and bb! so very true tho. hey, my house is clean if ISP wants to come calling! while they are here i can show them the proof i have, in tracing back the certain two who tried to hack my computer. hehe. poor ISP will be making short our visit and heading on back. 😀

  357. Good night guys, maybe sooner or later you guys will actually have enough guts to act like grown adults and do something constructive with yourselves besides sit on here brewing up trouble.

    Ya know there is alot I can say about you BB but your not worth it. You can get your kicks and giggles on here all to your little hearts desire. You know karma is a bitch, and it will eventually come back to bite ya in the ass.

    Your how old? And you have to follow people around and use different names to cause trouble? You think your upsetting me, but your far from wrong. I could care less what the likes of you 3 have to say.

    Your company wasnt exactly the best either, or your reputations. So if I were you, I would shut it !! You are all cowards running your mouths, trolling internet sites, and causing trouble, drama, and grief to people.

    Say as you want, I really dont care. Your the one looking like the immature fools not I. So have it, this space is all yours!!

    Have a good night all!! Im going to let these 3 amigos have their kicks and giggles. They get a kick out of ruining everyones site, and blogs with their BS.


  358. Seems all was fine until she had to show up. Takes alot of nerve to come to someones site and solicit for their own site.

    What was that about karma? I think I know and understand karma a little bit. It is like if you do bad things – bad things will happen to you.

    So – how are those nagging health problems?

    Karma? Yeah , that’s it – karma.

  359. Hmm, I have never seen BB use any other name. I wonder how it is that she has no idea who I am but yet has an opinion of me and my reputation and what I do with my time when it comes to searching for Stacy. She has decided that all I do is sit here and cause trouble.
    Gee, I guess she has the same mentality as Admin of FSP. She forms an opinion of people by who they associate with not by what they say and do in helping to find Stacy.

  360. trolling internet sites? *looks around* yep, just checking. we were here long before you were, you the one who trolled on in here, Lorie/feistyone37. so you were leaving were you? buh bye now. don’t let the door slam you on the bum on your way out. doncha just hate it that you cannot ban the ones daring to tell the truth to your face, calling THEM the trolls, the way you did on Annie’s site? sux for you Lorie! neener.

  361. FACSMILEY!! Yes I see you made it!! Welcome Im glad you could make it!! We said welcome to you, but you left already lol. Ok just came in to say welcome and glad you made it in alright!! 🙂

  362. Isn’t that the truth. They may put her on the back of a motorcycle and drive her to where she can wave at everyone from google maps or Drews garage if she doesn’t get out soon.

  363. Do you honestly think any of these people from FSP are going to listen to you 3 or any of your group that was trying to tear their site apart? The ones that were digging for information on their tax exempt records? The ones that were talking and putting down the cales family, sharon and everyone else?

    lol nice try guys, everyone knows who you people are!! They know your the internet cyber bullies get a life will ya?

    Oh and we send alot of people here to wordpress, and alot of other websites who have good information. I have been coming here for a long time. Just never posted , mainly read here. This is a very good site.

    I will go back to reading here, so you internet bullies can have your center stage. Good bye good riddance.

  364. There you go assuming again. I have never done any bashing of Stacy, her family,Sharon or the tax exempt status. I 100% believe all is legit and anyone who thinks it isn’t is off their rocker.

    Myst nor BB have ever done any of that bashing either to my knowledge.

    I have been here for a while now. I rarely post because I am not here for the bashing that normally comes about but when I see people like you portraying themselves as something they are not, I step up and speak my mind!

  365. true that snyder73! none of us are the ones who did the bashing. and neither you or i post very often. i feel the same way you do! see someone come in here like a snake in the grass, i gotta say something! there has been many good discussions lately in here, and i’d like to see that continue. i don’t want those in here who are calmly and nicely posting to be lied to by the likes of that one.

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