Find Stacy Peterson forum shut down

A Web forum set up by friends and family of Stacy Peterson was shut down last week.

The Find Stacy Peterson forum was set up shortly after the young Bolingbrook mother disappeared Oct. 28 and served as a gathering place for thousands of people across the world to discuss the case and offer support to Peterson’s family.

A message announcing the forum’s closure Thursday states the site will be reconstructed to become an information-only site.

The forum’s parent site,, will remain intact and continue to provide information on upcoming searches and events.

On Tuesday, Drew Peterson’s public relations firm released a statement saying Peterson had filed two complaints, one with the FBI and one with local authorities, against the site for intruding on his personal life. The full press release is available at

Drew Peterson is the sole suspect in his wife Stacy’s disappearance. He has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with a crime.


One thought on “Find Stacy Peterson forum shut down

  1. I have posted here before and have basically taken the position that the forum on was more focused on bashing Drew Peterson than it was on finding Stacy Peterson. As a result of the opinion I formed about that forum I voluntarily stopped posting on it, removed all active threads I had going. (Which were all focused on find Stacy and not on bash Drew)

    I also saw similar activity going on here on this blog and had the fortitude to actually say something about it.

    None of these posts I have made at either place have been popular ones and I have been subjected to much critiscism as a result of having made them.

    I believe in the system of justice we have in this country as imperfect as it may be. I believe that any person in this country is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    I can suspect that Drew is guilty of doing bad things all day long and I belive I have the right to discuss those suspicions. I do not have the right, however to say Drew or anyone else is guilty of anything until he or shenhas been convicted of a crime.

    I really have many objections to people who do post “opinions” that are worded as being factual in nature and are in my opinion “bashing” Drew Peterson or anyone else.

    I for one am very pleased that the forum at was shut down because it was being used as the family’s public whipping place to bash Drew Peterson.

    My faith in our system of justice has been restored a small amount for this action that has been taken.

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