Peterson released from Will County Jail

Drew Peterson was officially charged with unlawful use of a weapon on Wednesday, a Class 3 felony which carries a sentence of up to five years in prison if convicted.

Drew’s son, Stephen, wrote a check for $7,500 for bail money and Drew’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky, posted the bail.

“I really believe that for some reason that I can’t comprehend the Illinois State Police seem to have an obsession with these guns and with getting them.,” Brodsky said. “They’re willing to go to any lengths to prevent that.”

The next scheduled court date in the guns’ case is scheduled for Thursday. Brodsky said he expects Stephen Peterson will get his father’s guns during the court case.

Brodsky believes this is a tactic by the Illinois State Police to harass his client.

“Any inconvience (the Illinois State Police) can cause (Peterson) the better,” Brodsky said. “They may believe it’s a tactic to shake him up, but it’s certaintly not going to work.”

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