Savio estate proceedings granted continuance

A Will County judge Thursday morning granted a continuance requested by a Savio family attorney seeking more time to respond to Joel Brodsky’s motion to stay court proceedings on Kathleen Savio’s estate pending the outcome of an appeal that would close the estate

The next court hearing has been set for 10 a.m. July 17 in Will County.

Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, also announced Thursday that he will be seeking to subpoena the Bolingbrook Police Department for records relating to the registration of a gun owned by Peterson found to be illegal — the source of Peterson’s arrest Wednesday.

Brodsky has contended that Peterson owned the gun for more than ten years and used it as a SWAT team duty weapon. Brodsky further claims that the Bolingbrook Police Department had approved the weapon and therefore Peterson broke no law in possessing it.

A Will County judge is expected to decide Thursday afternoon whether Peterson can transfer eight guns seized from his home to his son Stephen Peterson.