Des Plaines River search and barrel clean-up

Here’s a video from the river search and barrel clean-up last weekend.

Searches and the clean up will continue after searchers conduct a sonar training/demonstration tomorrow. We’ll post the full story in a bit but here’s the information posted at The event is open to the public:

Water Search Training & Demonstration- Saturday May 24, 2008
There will be no land searches Saturday, May 24th. We will be having training and conducting a demonstration of the Hummingbird Sonar equipment that we will be using.

We will be revealing the ‘Stacy Ann’ that we will be using in water searches for Stacy, and clearing barrels from the waterways.

Team Waters will be providing the Friends of Stacy Peterson with a Hummingbird side-scan sonar unit for use in further searches for Stacy. Team Waters will be conducting training for Stacy Peterson searchers and conducting demonstrations for the media and anyone else who would like to see the equipment work. We would like to invite not only the media, but anyone who would like to learn about the side-scan sonar.

Cathy of Mugz’s Hideout has expressed great support in the search for Stacy, she has offered her establishment for us to meet at this weekend and has provided resources for us to use in the searches for Stacy. Thank you, Cathy.

Please meet at:
Mugz’s Hideout – Click here for Map
24045 W Front St
Channahon, IL 60410

Time: 12:00PM


4 thoughts on “Des Plaines River search and barrel clean-up

  1. Certainly does not look like a glamourous job, but checking each one is a great idea, and cleaning them up helps everyone.

  2. True facs. I can see the family wanting to just do something. I can’t imagine what everyone is going through. I imagine it is somewhat the same feeling a family member feels when a loved one is dying of cancer. You are helpless to really do anything so you just do whatever to keep busy.

    I wonder how they determine what/where to search?

  3. Pearlsgirl, a lot of the places searched are places that ISP tells us to search. The others are just areas of interest to the family.

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