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Since midnight isn’t all that far off, here’s a new thread to continue today’s discussion and start tomorrow’s.


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  1. Hey, myblue; bye liz!

    I’m guessing Bash is looking into what DP said when he called in sick … just called in sick or called in sick because his wife wasn’t home and he had to watch the kids.

  2. Again :

    Search Staff

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    Re: what is up with Texas Equusearch
    « Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 06:00:33 PM » Quote

    We in the search team now know exactly what we’re doing and what we’re looking
    for. As much as we appreciated their help when they were here, there are other
    families around this nation that need their help more than us. We are organized
    enough and have all the resources and contacts that we need to continue looking
    for Stacy and one day bring her home. As much as none of us ever wanted to know
    how to search for a missing loved one, we now feel comfortable in conducting such
    an operation with the help and support that we have. Again, Equusearch helped to
    get us started and we a very thankful for that, but now we’re taking over the
    reigns of the search and one day we will bring stacy home.

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  3. letthetruth

    i thought i saw something like that before. that was their way of saying no to professionals. theres no excuse for that.

  4. I think the key phrase is ‘but now we’re taking over the reigns of the search and one day we will bring stacy home.’ Sounds to me they didnt like taking order and not having control.

  5. What we need to do is come up with a list of facts and leads and build a time line. A fact would be a documented time such as when Cass called the police or the documented time of a phone call, police reports, etc. A lead would be all the statements made by witnesses and others involved. I think it would be interesting hand helpful in sorting out all the stuff that has gone on.

  6. The problem with the timeline information is that it differs from source to source, and there is no real way for us to know which one is right.

    And a few minutes here and there could make a difference. I’ve seen the time Stacy ended conversation with Bruce as 10, 10:15 and 10:28.

    Now, I’d guess the 10:28 was accurate and the others estimations but who really knows.

    I’m not sure how to go about it.

  7. pearlsgirl

    good idea. hard to do but good idea. trying to decipher fact from a lead doesnt seem to be cut & dry in this case.

  8. The only ones who have a timeline that makes some kind of sense is the LE, and of course they know things that we don’t since they won’t release that info.

  9. To be fair, Aquasearch will not continue to search forever. They only stayed a while in the Natalie Hollaway case. I think later her father borrowed a boat and started up where they left off.

    I have the idea that LE is not involving them as much as they would like. I’m sure they have had some training. After this much time, if Stacy is found it will be quite by accident. I just don’t think she would have been put in a place that was easy to find.

  10. And I’m thankful the ISP is at least keeping their mouths shut.

    And someone posted earlier about the ISP possibly giving the search members more specific as far as what they are looking for.

    I dont believe for one minute the ISP gives them too much information. They probably give them an area, and that’s it.

    The ISP know exactly what is going on with this FSP group, and I would bet they dont have a lot of trust in them.

  11. Pearl, I can understand that Texas wont stay forever, but they will stay longer than a weekend, and they will list the person on their front page of their website.

    Stacy is buried in the website, with hardly no mention of her at all.

    Something happened, and I’m sure it wasnt pretty, and I’m sure Roy’s and Sharon’s ego’s got in the way.

  12. If the ISP (and FBI for that matter) knew exactly what was going on with this FSP group, do you think the FSP group would be doing anything other than jail time?

    Or do you think they are humoring the FSP members so that they’ll do ISP’s job and find Stacy?

  13. I don’t believe that FSP is the evil, lawbreaking, money stealing group that you do.

    I think a lot of questions would be answered if they would just post their financial information, and I don’t understand why they don’t, but if they were doing something illegal, I doubt they would be doing it under the noses of the ISP/FBI.

  14. From your quote: We in the search team now know exactly what we’re doing and what we’re looking for. As much as we appreciated their help when they were here, there are other families around this nation that need their help more than us. We are organized enough and have all the resources and contacts that we need to continue looking for Stacy and one day bring her home.
    I agree that this sounds awful.

    When was it posted. He says they have all the resources and contacts they need …

  15. I don’t believe the searchers are getting info from ISP on where to search because if they were I believe they would have been told to expand the search area. I did awhile back that the searchers would not rest until every rock in Bolingbrook has been searched twice. I work in Bolingbrook and they are doing constustion behind my work and I have not seen anyone searching there, and no I don’t take days off.

  16. Noway, I guess what I’m trying to say is, if the ISP has a very creditable lead, they are not going to give that to FSP, they themselves are going to follow up on it.

    They cant afford to take the chance that those that volunteer would handle something wrong, and potentially screw up a case.

    I’m sure the ISP says to them, look in this body of water, look in this field etc.

    And we dont know that they arent being investigated. I think more than a few people have filed complaints with the Illinois Attorney Generals Office, and its a process that the complaint has to go through.

    That post that FSP made about knowing what they are doing etc was made on April 3rd. Its now May 23rd, and since April 3rd, they have attended some training, had some fundraisers, having more training….and VERY little actually searching.

    Something smell with this, and its not good.

  17. noway406 // May 23, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    If the ISP (and FBI for that matter) knew exactly what was going on with this FSP group, do you think the FSP group would be doing anything other than jail time?

    Or do you think they are humoring the FSP members so that they’ll do ISP’s job and find Stacy?
    Good point. I can’t see Cass being involved in some big scam. She may be young and inexperienced, but I just can’t see criminal.

    I don’t know the source of the bad feelings and after seeing some of the posts, I’m glad I don’t.

    Just like everyone else, I just want to know what happened and if there was foul play, to see the person responsible pay. I have no illusions of Stacy being perfect, but who among us are. We simply do the best we can with the circumstances we are given. Whatever Stacy was, she was a young mom, a sister, a daughter, and friend and did not deserve the death penalty.

    And yes, I tend to believe she is dead and not sipping a drink on a sunny beach somewhere. The facts just don’t add up to that. It is true that her mom disappeared, but I have read that her mother had problems (drugs, mental) and I haven’t heard anyone say that about Stacy except her loving husband and his lawyer.

    If someone comes forward with evidence otherwise, I will change my view, but right now it is a bit much to swallow.

  18. As I have said previously, I live about 11 miles from Bolingbrook. There isnt a sign, a billboard, a flier, nothing at all around here about Stacy.

    And as much as people want to believe that this case is so known, and everyone knows what Stacy looks like etc, that isn’t true.

    There are people like all of us here that follow these cases, and become interested in them.

    Then there are people who could careless. They are too busy raising their families, working etc to even turn on a tv. I say this because I have friends that are completely clueless about Stacy Peterson, or Drew Peterson.

    When I mention something about it, I usually get a reply like, “Oh, they havent found her yet?” And these are Chicago people.

    The fundraisers alone should say something about the lack of interest. They dont get many people at them.

  19. Pearl, with all due respect, Cassandra has a record. Not for theft, but she has a record, and has spent sometime in the county jail.

    Her father was a crook also, and her brother is sitting in prison as I type this.

    I know its not politically correct to bash the family members of the so called missing, but its not fair either to not look into everything.

  20. As I have said previously, I live about 11 miles from Bolingbrook. There isnt a sign, a billboard, a flier, nothing at all around here about Stacy.
    Well then, we know where to have the trial. 😉

    Seriously though … they are looking for a body. At least that is what they believe and that is what ISP believes … I don’t believe ISP would let a bunch of people waste time looking in forests and fields if they thought she was alive and on a beach. I just don’t.

  21. Scott, Im the opposite direction, and its that way even in the city.

    Why is there such a lack of interest?

    Something has happened along the way that have turned people off, and made them turn their heads.

  22. Noway….I agree. But I cant put my finger on it, something just isnt right.

    And Scott’s even closer than I am, and he’s seeing it by him, which is the County seat.

  23. I have a friend who doesn’t read the newspaper and rarely watches the news. She laughingly says she doesn’t have to because I tell her everything … but there are people like that.

    And I guess those are who will end up on the jury?

  24. Noway, sounds like my friends, clueless about whats going on around them.

    Its amazing to me, as Im a news junkie. I know people that dont read a newspaper….mind blowing to me.

  25. People in Joliet had gotten po’ed when there were some people killed here and a girl had gone missing and was found dead 3 days later but the Peterson case was still getting the headlines. Plus for alot of people if they keep hearing about the same thing over and over again they get tired of it.

  26. It’s call no real development. People lose interest after so long. They go about their daily lives and deal with their own problems. It’s just us detective wanna-be’s and those who can identify in some way that can’t let it go.

  27. I agree that something doesn’t seem right.

    Why in the world would you turn away Equisearch because there were other people in the nation who need them more? Did they mean because Stacy is dead and Equi could find a missing person who is alive?

    That’s understandable, but it took me awhile to get there. It wasn’t my first impression.

    I think you were the one who said Pam Bosco should be their only spokesperson. I think you’re right.

  28. Scott, I remember that girl that went missing.

    The media picks and choices what they think will be a good, juicy story.

    Sorry, if your an african american, from a lower income bracket, forget about being in the headlines when you go missing.

    This case had it all. Young girl, older man, previous wife dead, plastic surgery, troubled family life….it had everything that people are interested in.

  29. letthetruthbefree, I didn’t know that much about the family (with the exception of the mom). I did have the impression the family was somewhat disfunctional, but that could describe most of the families in the world!

    Thanks for the info.

    For those who live there, do you have any idea where ISP/LE has been searching or IF they are still actively searching?

  30. That post from the Search team was the most egoistical thing I have ever heard.

    The nerve of them, seriously.

  31. Lttf, Yes this is a nice juicy story better than most things on tv. When that Joliet girl went missing a dj was talking about hearing women missing in Chicago and noone saying anything about it, he also asked if the ISP was looking at a person or persons who are abducting women. His point on it was that these women are disappearing without a trace, in bad marriages, and all about the same height and weight.

  32. Pearl, I think if they get something they think is solid the ISP does go out and search.

    Of course the ISP cant spend 24/7 on this case alone, there are many other missing people in the area also.

    If you look at some of the others, you will see the difference in how they are handled. They are handled with class, and dignity, not a circus that this has become.

  33. Yes, that’s the word. It came off as egotistical. I don’t think that was the intent, but first impressions can be lasting impressions.

    And as far as ISP/LE … I think they are giving some guidance to the searchers. I don’t know whether they are actively involved (don’t even live in Illinois).

  34. It got kind of quiet on the forum. Is it because we are the only ones that are on the road for Memorial Day weekend?

  35. Lttf the best part was when abc followed him home, we heard the copter and made comments that Drew must be on his way back. He actually was.

  36. letthetruthbefree // May 23, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    Scott, Im the opposite direction, and its that way even in the city.

    Why is there such a lack of interest?

    Something has happened along the way that have turned people off, and made them turn their heads.

    Was it always this way? In the beginning was there a lot of local interest? If so, when did that interest start waning?

  37. Scott, I agree.

    Could there be a pattern, possibly?

    And if there is, its scary thinking about being a women in this area.

  38. I meant to say NOT on the road. This laptop is hard to get used to after working all day on my other computer! I guess it is time to get the kiddies to bed.

  39. Molly, I would say in the first month or so, there was a lot of interest, and then it went down hill.

    And I think a lot of that lost interest was due to the site, Sharon, and the media living on that street, knowing the children were in that house, and the neighborhood children having to see that circus, which I have to add, Sharon invited to camp out at her place.

  40. Molly yes at the beginning it was a hot topic but I think everyone got tired of hearing about it everyday, that was all that was on the news, radio, and newspapers.

  41. I could see people being turned off by a bunch of bickering. I don’t remember anything like this going on with the Lacy Peterson case. Emotions certainly do run high in this case.

  42. Lttf, it could be a pattern. After I heard the dj I compared Stacy and Lisa Stebic’s height and weight and they are real close to being even.

  43. Crimony… is that group looking for a Missing Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend or is it a friggin’ Blue Barrel Recycling Fundraiser???

    Oh, what a circus, oh what a show….

  44. I know that for most of us who are in other states, it got to a point where there wasn’t any more searches because of the winter weather settling in, and many got busy with holidays.

    There wasn’t a lot to talk about. I would check FSP from time to time, but no real news there.

  45. But, I guess I always assumed that the local people would be very much involved.

    Your comments fit a theory I have.

  46. Molly, it got to the point that people were telling people to not go into a bar that Drew Peterson had gone to.

  47. Scott, so many possiblities.

    Very similar stories also regarding family life.

    And I wonder, if the family couldnt find a place for Stacy to go with the kids, where are they going to put Yelton up in a week and a half?

  48. Scott15, I knew about Lisa Stebic but there doesn’t seem to be the info and attention on her, but then it has been a year hasn’t it? It is weird how the two cases are so close in location and similar in circumstances.

  49. Pearl, the Stebic case is so tragic also. That one I truly feel her husband had something to do with it.

    The family has handled it so well, with class.

    They just had a walk for her, and from what I’m told it was very nice, and solemn, as it should be.

  50. Pearl, yes it has been over a yr. Lisa’s group is more low keyed, they came out and helped to search with Stacy’s group either one or two times. And with Lisa’s group they are not reporting every move her husband makes.

  51. I went to the FSP sight some, but I have to agree, it did tend to go way overboard in the Drew bashing. I got the impression that many of the posters had been abused women themselves by the emotional tirades.

    It was a way to keep up with any news, but I found that so much of what was being said was misquotes from misquotes from theory.

  52. They have the one spokesperson, Lisa’s cousin. They dont have a message board. They help out with every other missing person’s case in the area.

    They are just loving, caring, warm people.

  53. I think thats the frustrating part, we know so little concrete evidence. All we really know is what we have heard from Stacy’s family, and Drew’s statements.

  54. Lttb, the Stabic case is tragic and deserves more attention. When I first heard about Stacy my reaction was ‘you have to be kidding me’ 2 very similar cases within a year, people don’t have this near them in their lifetime.

  55. It’s just my own theory about this case………….

    I think Drew killed Kathleen, and was able to get away with through one thing or another……..friends in places.

    I don’t think Drew planned to kill Stacy that Sunday, but they argued and in a blinding rage, he killed her. Then, he had to find some way to dispose of her body. He could leave her in the bathtub as that would really arouse suspicion – two wives having accidents in a bathtub.

    With four children in the house he had to find a way to dispose of her asap and come up with a story.

    I think he made a lot of mistakes because he didn’t think things through.

    But, for Drew Peterson, he figured he had gotten away with the murder of KS, and if Stacy disappeared, he could get away with her murder too.

    On October 28th, the last thing Drew could ever imagine happening would be the national media getting involved in Stacy’s disappearance. And he would never have considered that Stacy’s disappearance could lead to having KS’s body exhumed and another autopsy done.

    On October 28th he had no way of know of the attention this case would get.

    If the national media had not gotten involved, and KS’s body exhumed, this may have stayed local. Cass would have filed a missing person report, and there would be a local investigation, but after a while it would all die down and Drew could go on with his life.

    I really think Drew may have thought that after a while people would buy his story of Stacy running off. Cassandra and Stacy’s family wouldn’t buy it, but without a body, he figured it would all eventually go away.

  56. Scott, I couldnt agree more. Lisa’s case deserves a lot more attention.

    But I think they are allowing LE to do their jobs, they trust in them, and are putting their efforts on trying to see the children etc.

  57. Oh, I dunno… I think we’ve got a lot more than that. Nothing would hold my interest for this long if there was nothing new to research…

  58. Statistically speaking, most women are killed by someone they know (according to LE, husbands or boyfriends). That alone does not mean that it is automatically the significant other.

    Lisa’s family have not reported everything that her husband did, but on the flip side, I don’t remember him calling into radio shows and making a joke of himself. I think that has been a big factor in the hate factor. I just can’t reconcile that in my mind, but that still does not prove he did it.

  59. Yes about Lisa Stebic… has the Texas equasearch team been searching for her lately, or did some of Lisa’s family or friends run them off? Some here believe equasearch was ran off by roy or sharon, I think the term “ego” was used. Maybe in all reality they KNOW there is NO WAY they are going to find Stacy or Lisa and may be able to find others , maybe thats why they have stopped searching, why is there always some drama equated into conclusions, maybe just using some common sense would suffice. I don’t understand why everything has to be so “as the world turns” sometimes things happen just because….not necessarily because so-and-so pissed off so-and-so. Geeze!

  60. Molly, very well put.

    And I can say the first time I heard about this case, I thought he must have done it.

    The more I heard, and the more I learned about everyone involved, I have some serious questions about it all, and dont know what happened.

  61. I don’t know if that made any sense. It has been a long day and I think that I might be losing my ability to control my fingers on this keyboard.

    I think I am calling it a night.

    Thanks to everyone for answering my questions.

  62. pearlsgirl you couldnt be more right about drew acting like a jerk. he is obviously a jerk. being a jerk doesn’t make you a murderer either.

    on the flipside auctioning off a sister for a day. trying to get someone to put visine in his drink at a restaraunt. drewbuster bats handed out at a fundraiser (given to kids too), turning away professional searchers, not being forthcoming with monies is not so good either.

  63. Myblue –

    You ask why does everything have to be drama?

    That goes both ways. Stacy’s family and friends have brought a lot of this drama on themselves.

    I’m sorry if you dont see it. But once they opened themselves up to the public like they have done, they are then open to questions.

  64. Joel says that Sophie in BB confrontation with dp never happened. Who’s to be believed? Can Joel lie? I that grocery store there were people that could come forward any time to say he lied.
    I have a hard time believing that the lawyer of a suspect who’s into an “image improvement” program dare to lie.

  65. I gave them a suggestion that went straight out the window.

    Why not go to some of these hundreds of towns that will be having Memorial Day Parades, and pass out flier there.

    Make a banner and march in the parade and hand people a flier.

  66. This is the link from my 930ish posting that I referred to the Anniversary ring;,2933,309617,00.html

    Its a Greta transcript with Pam Bosco concerning Stacy’s last days about the ring, renting etc. She said her and DPs relationship was “benign.” She was out of town.

    Now I’ll go catch up on your postings I missed while I was gone. fingers are flying!

    Gosh I’m amazed at my brain locating this, but acandyrose does a great job. What you guys talked about to include in a timeline here ends up being the conglomerate that is acandyrose.

    Sometimes hard to follow but the info is all there, somewhere.

  67. Lttb, or maybe Lisa’s group knows that anything they say will be all over the news and papers and they dont want the kids to see that. I can’t say that about the other case.

  68. That Sophie story was funny.

    And my first thought when I read it was, she wants to get in good with the cat people, and made up this tall tale.

    I think if half these people actually ran into Drew they would mess their pants. They dont have the guts to confront him.

  69. Scott, the kids are the saddest part of this all.

    I can remember the first snow fall last year, and being so pissed at the media and Sharon for being in front of the house.

    You remember as a kid, and the first snow came, you couldnt wait to get outside and play in it…Well Stacy and Drew’s kids couldnt do that….I was so mad.

    As much as people talk about Drew screwing up the kids lifes, Sharon and posse have done a good job of it also.

  70. msnbc:

    Sharon Bychowski: Most recently he bought her a motorcycle to ask her if it would buy him three more months with her.


    there goes the theory that she was just “acting” like she was happy with her diamond ring in front of drew. he knew for months that she wanted out. or at least thats what her best friend said.

  71. Lttb, I agree. And when I hear all these people who say they saw him at a bar and how it disgusted them. I’d buy the guy drinks and shots, alcohol does make the truth come out, now if it holds up in court is another matter.

  72. Very good Scott….lol.

    And I feel bad for you, when this goes to trial, Joliet is going to become the new zoo in town.

  73. pam bosco to msnbc says more than “benign”:

    Thursday, Oct. 18 was the anniversary. Drew gave Stacy a new bauble — a diamond ring. If she thought it was another attempt to buy time with her, she wasn’t saying so.

    Pam Bosco: She showed this ring. A big diamond ring. And she was just very happy about it. Showing it off to everyone.

    On Friday, Oct. 19, Stacy’s friend Scott Rossetto met her at a restaurant. Scott says the two of them had been exchanging flirty texts but they were not involved romantically. According to Scott, Drew showed up at the restaurant.

    Scott Rossetto: Asked me how’d I’d feel if my wife went off with another guy … Just kept staring at her. He sat with us for about a good 15, 20 minutes.

    Thursday Oct. 25, was only three days before Stacy disappeared. Family friend Pam Bosco says she got a call from Stacy, who asked if she could rent a property.

    Pam Bosco: She goes, “I have to get out of here, you know. I’m not feeling very safe. I’m afraid he’s going to hurt me.”

    Pam offered advice and later told investigators that Stacy had reached a decision. She was ready to file for divorce

  74. Lttb, yes I remember about first snow falls (barely) and yes their kids did get ripped off on that. It is a good thing I didn’t live near there, I would have been complaining about the media after one week.

  75. Scott, you and I both.

    They had that street lit up like Christmas almost 24/7.

    Now tell me thats good for the kids….I think NOT!!!!

  76. letthetruth

    absolutely not can i vision drew saying he hoped a bike would give him more time but stranger things happen. lol.

  77. So she took the huge diamond from Drew and was excited and a few days later she wanted out?

    What’s that all about?

  78. Wonder where that ring is now…
    Gifts given by an abuser mean alot but not so much to the one abused.
    After awhile it only brings on resentment to the one abused because you have to act so appreciative or you’re back to square one with the abuser. The promise it won’t happen again by the abuser gives somewhat of a feeling of hope but it ends up being a false hope. Until Stacy had a concrete future for her and the kids away from the abuse
    She had noooooooo choice but to act grateful.

  79. “letthetruthbefree // May 23, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Scott, you and I both.

    They had that street lit up like Christmas almost 24/7.

    Now tell me thats good for the kids….I think NOT!!!!”

    Did Sharon mention on her “FoSP’s spending list” her electricity bill?
    Anyway, she got herself a nice garden.

  80. It’s very bad for the kids. And I felt sorry for the neighbors who just wanted to live their lifes and had to worry when they left their house if they would get interviewed and the smallest things they have done wrong would be told to everyone.

  81. The one thing I think sets apart the disappearance of Stacy Peterson from the disappearance of Lisa Stebic is the background information.

    Although I haven’t followed the disappearance of Lisa Stebic as closely as Stacy, Craig Stebic doesn’t have the lengthy abusive history of Drew Peterson.

    When you stop and consider that Drew has had four marriages and many affairs, and has one wife dead, who’s death was originally listed as accidental but a second autopsy has ruled it homicide, you have to exam it a little more closely.

    Although Drew’s first wife hasn’t said much, his second wife fears him as does her daughter. Drew was engaged to a woman who broke off the engagement and she was fearful of him, and has said that he stalked her.

    Drew’s dead wife left documentation of her fear of Drew through her letters to officials.

    When you look at who had the motive and the means, there’s only one candidate, and that’s Drew Peterson. With KS dead, there would be a division of marital property, child support, and on top of all that, KS had a $1,000,000 life insurance policy.

    With Stacy, it’s basically the same thing. She was making plans to leave him, so again, with her death there would be no marital settlement and he’d retain custody of the children.

  82. The drama may have been started long ago but my point is why must it continue here? We are discussing the case, what’s with all the accusations? Why add more drama? I agree there has been too much drama, but for those of us truly interested in the case it causes unnecessary BS to wade through.

    I don’t know for sure that equasearch did look for Lisa, if they didn’t then why? Are we to assume it was because of personal differences? Maybe Lisa wasn’t the best example. Would you assume that there was a personal problem when equasearch stopped ANY search for a missing person or do you “only” think that about Stacy’s search?

  83. myblueshark

    there are questions and accusations flung both ways. when the accusations are flung toward drew-thats part of the case.

    when accusations are flung in the other direction-it’s drama & bashing?

    how is questioning both aspects of all the characters actions drama?

  84. Aw, gee… Stacy may have been a 23 year old mum to 4, but when the hedoublehockeysticks did she *ever* get to be a kid? A teenager?

    I have a pic of her in my brain that says of course she’d be happy as you know what to get a diamond whatever, but at the same time, can see how as she was getting older, branching out into the world, taking up nursing school, interacting with others her own age, well, I can see exactly how she’d be all gaga one day and not the next- she reminds me of what a regular teenage girl would be like.

  85. shark, aquasearch had came out for Stacy due to the media attention the case got. I think personally that aquasearch felt pretty damn unappriciated by Stacy’s camp.

  86. Myblue –

    Sadly, all of this stuff is involved in the case.

    If your looking at all angle, then the FSP site, monies etc, are all part of a different angle.

  87. as far as lisa stebic having equasearch or not, her family didnt solicit funds for professional searchers like fsp did.

  88. “scott15 // May 23, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    fasc, isn’t Sharon’s electric cords plugged into Drew’s outlets?”

    Excellent point. You do have some inside info, don’t you?

  89. Texas Equusearch donates their services, but they were tied up with the Natalie Holloway MP case and others at the time…

  90. I did it again………it should read, “with KS dead, there WOULDN’T be a division of marital property…….

  91. bash, not being rude but 1 minute she’s the protector of everyone, next shes mother of the year in a very mature way, then she’s just a kid give her a break. very different descriptions that don’t coincide. how can you be a mature protector to the point of not telling your sister about kathleen yet going ga ga the next over a diamond ring because she’s a teenager?

  92. You know what I’m talking about young man.

    Last few days, I’ve just lost all patience with people who want to start forum turf wars. None left. Nada. Patience just flew out the friggin’ window, I’m afraid.

    Now, care to get the conversation back on track? Or what?

  93. “basherette // May 23, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Scott15… come on… please play nicely…”

    Ooops, the bright eye’s watching! Scott you’re being gagged!
    Gatehouse are you watching this or you have on your blind eyes tonight?

  94. basherette // May 23, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    Texas Equusearch donates their services, but they were tied up with the Natalie Holloway MP case and others at the time…

    so they werent paid either?

  95. Everyone seems to be forgetting all the great things Drew did for her, and her family.

    Look at Stacy’s picture when she met Drew, and look how much she changed.

    Look at the vacation pictures they had.

    Look at the home they lived in.

    Look at the pool, cars, motorcycles, motorhomes.

    Look at the jewerly.

    He gave Stacy a pretty good life for a gal of her age.

    And as someone said earlier, the eyes tell you a lot.

    In all the pictures of Stacy her eyes look that of a happy person.

    Cassandra’s eyes speak of a person that has been sad for years.

  96. LOL- I never said she was NORMAL teenager.

    Heck, she was on meds for depression and anxiety since her sister Tina died- so her mental health at the time could have been all over the darn place. THAT’S why I compared her bahvior to that of a teenager. Everythings’ *SO* damatic, *SO* important, *SO* instant gratification with no thought about consequences…

    See where I was going a little better now? I should have done a better job explaining what I meant the first time… my fault. Sorry about that. Just was something I was thinking about, is all. Doesn’t mean squat.

  97. But Bash couldnt that be turned around then to think she might have left to meet someone else.

    I could see someone who is emotional etc doing something like that?

  98. What happened, unfascinating? Got tired of playing with yourself and decided to see what you could instigate over here while your raw willie rests?

  99. Yes Molly, you make some very good points.
    As far as the drama goes, I just think it’s best not to continue the personal attacks here where we are trying to discuss the case. Is there a gossip thread somewhere for that?

  100. “basherette // May 23, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    You know what I’m talking about young man.

    Last few days, I’ve just lost all patience with people who want to start forum turf wars. None left. Nada. Patience just flew out the friggin’ window, I’m afraid.

    Now, care to get the conversation back on track? Or what?”

    Basherette, please tell us what forum was mentioned here?
    Sharon and FoSP are NOT forums! Sharon is a player in this case.
    How dare you jump from your “watching tower” to cut our freedom of speech?

  101. “basherette // May 23, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    What happened, unfascinating? Got tired of playing with yourself and decided to see what you could instigate over here while your raw willie rests?”

    No I got tired playing with your husband!

  102. Can’t understand how can Gatehouse allow this absolutely foul mouth to run this forum like her own?

  103. The original, I guess it’s gossip to discuss Sharon, Roy etc. Even though they have made themselves part of this case.

  104. Aren’t we allowed here to tell jokes anymore? The only thing we can talk here is antichrist propaganda?

  105. I can remember being told once on these forums, that Cassandra’s jail stint wasnt anything, that “all” kids get into that kind of trouble.

    So you see how the two sides are. One side are all Angels, and the other Evil.

  106. letthetruthbefree // May 23, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    The original, I guess it’s gossip to discuss Sharon, Roy etc. Even though they have made themselves part of this case

    its getting to the point that we need permission to speak. tell ya what. we should have it written as to what we are allowed to speak of pertaining to the case.

    will it be to only question drews actions? or will it be the actions of all the characters in the case?

  107. Oh and Yelton, he was just a young man, and its really no big deal thats he’s in prison.

    Isn’t it possible that maybe Yelton, Cassandra or many other people could have had something to do with Kathleens death?

  108. scott15 // May 24, 2008 at 12:04 am

    original, you have to raise your hand if you want to post

    raising hand!

  109. theoriginal, its all characters in this case.

    As I have said before, I feel sorry for the DA that has to prosecute this case. Talk about having to rehab a witness on cross….YICKS.

  110. Lttf, One thing I wondered about with Stacy is what if it was someone Drew had sent away that did this.

  111. Scott, it very well could be.

    Thats what this is all about, trying to find out what happeened to her.

    It might not be Drew afterall. It could be any number of scenarios.

  112. thanks scott

    is there 1 person in this entire case that hasnt acted suspiciously? 1 person at all? names and why please for anyone that can.

  113. scott15 // May 24, 2008 at 12:10 am

    the younger kids have not acted suspiciously

    u got me on that.

  114. Basherette, your antisocial behavior can explain your exile in Alaska. You still keep being antisocial… you’ll reach Siberia soon!

  115. Thankfully we have heard the older kids are doing well. Great grades, active in school sports etc.

    And what that tells me is there are parents out there that have told their children that go to school with Drews kids, to be nice and not say anything to them.

  116. Scott15- Sharon and the electric cord ring a bell?

    OrigSami- No, they weren’t.

    LetTruth- That is very insightful… I am going to think about what you said…

    And Let Truth again- I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she was interested a man nearer her own age…

  117. Were the older kids in school Wed? If they were I wonder how bad it was for them when Drew turned himself in.

  118. Bash, so making a joke about where Sharon had plugged her electric is bad. I have been cracking jokes about using my neighbors outlets during christmas for the last 15 years, so get over it.

  119. Those children- all 4 of them, are the only innocents I see in this whole tragic twisted nightmare of a case..

  120. I believe they were in school. I’m sure they told them afterwards.

    I’m sure the school keeps a close eye on them. And if its true that Drew does have a conselor for them, hopefully that person can help them.

    Teenage boys dont normally show emotions.

    If they had activities after school, they might have been none the wiser to the fact that he was even gone.

  121. If there is anyone here who would welcome public scrutiny you are a better person than me. I have no record but I am NOT perfect and have yet to meet anyone who is. All though I have met plenty who THINK they are perfect, but they don’t count. Ha!

  122. Scott, I heard today on CNN Money that the only way to have a cheap Memorial Days Weekend these days is to sit in your backyard and drinking tap water….lol.

  123. You’re right, Scott15. I do need to get over it.

    I apologize.

    Loss of patience does not excuse me not getting a joke, I realize not everyone out on the internet is out and about some nefarious purposes.

    I’m a nudnik.

  124. Myblue….for the love of God, when someone spends time in jail or prison, its not a minor thing.

    We have all done our fair share of stupid stuff, but within limits, and my limits were I never wanted to see the inside of a jail cell.

    And when they start accusing Drew of everything under the sun, and he hasnt been charged, nor convicted of a crime, that its fair game that people look into their lifes also.

  125. Scott, will it pay for it, or cost you more by going in? lol

    Isnt it sad we have to think that way these days.

  126. basherette // May 24, 2008 at 12:16 am

    Scott15- Sharon and the electric cord ring a bell?

    OrigSami- No, they weren’t.

    LetTruth- That is very insightful… I am going to think about what you said…

    And Let Truth again- I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she was interested a man nearer her own age…

    no they weren’t what?

  127. when it becomes Thursday it pays for it, my work week starts on Sat. I have been kidding for the last 15 yrs i need to get a horse, I’m thinking it’s not a joke anymore.

  128. Scott, that will surely make the news. Maybe Fox could follow you in with their helicopter…lol.

  129. letthetruth

    i was just asking bash what she meant. i mighta
    forgot a question i asked & she was answering.

  130. Honestly, I think the teen boys are trying like allgitout NOT to think about their mums’ cases at al- just so they can function and fit in with their peers. Being stood out of the crowd in such a infamous manner for a teenager can be crippling emotionally… defense mechanisms will be fully deployed right now as they just try to fit in and get along with their friends/peers/etc.

    The younger bairns? Oy- one thing I do know, and believe- good, solid reseach says that by the age of *7* we have the hardwiring of our emotional health set. By age 7, our emotional personality is predominantly set for the rest of our life.

    What kind of “pre-sets”, if you will, do you think those wee ones are making? Even without a full comprehension of the events, they are already marking, shaping and scarring the psyches of those children…

    And that breaks my heart. For all of them…

  131. The children are the saddest part of this all.

    I think we can all agree on that.

    I pray and hope they are getting whatever help they need, and Drew shows them comfort.

  132. basherette // May 24, 2008 at 12:32 am

    Equusearch query- sorry, for some reason, my cable modem is out of sorts the last week now…

    haha ok now i get it. delayed reaction answer. i do that all the time!

  133. Scott, that would cost me a fortune to drive 20 miles….hahahaha.

    Thank God for Costco though, there gas is always a few cents lower.

  134. The children’s safety and peace of mind…. now *THAT* is a noble cause I believe we can all agree is of the utmost importance to achieve…

  135. myblueshark // May 23, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    The drama may have been started long ago but my point is why must it continue here? We are discussing the case, what’s with all the accusations? Why add more drama? I agree there has been too much drama, but for those of us truly interested in the case it causes unnecessary BS to wade through.
    Seems (letthetruthbefree) wants to continue to talk about Stacy’s family, Sharon etc.

    Gatehouse specifically said on the earlier post that she wanst NO MORE OF THIS.

    This IS rediculous that we have to wade thru these accusations about the family & friends of the family, DAILY here.

  136. Scoot15, yes, I hope so. I unfairly accused you of something that you were not guilty of doing, and that was not right.


  137. Just stopping in to say Hi. I’ve been playing Songstar with my kids and SO tonight – it’s totally addicitve!

  138. luvpups

    the family & friends of stacy have made themselves open to public scrutiny like it or not by their very public statements & actions as well as drew has.

  139. 3 versions of the truth:

    What one side says happened….

    what the other side said happened…

    and what REALLY happened…

  140. bash, i have no hard feeling. I do say things when i feel i’ve been wronged so if anything i said to you was wrong, it was out of anger.

  141. Where does it say here that we cant discuss the friends and family?

    Here’s some rules to keep in mind.
    1) Stop all personal attacks.
    2) Do not post personal information about others.
    3) No swearing (and deleting vowels or inserting symbols into the words, doesn’t make them allowable here).

  142. The gas prices are completely out of control.

    I know Chicago is the highest in the nation now.

  143. Correction- Chicago has the highest gas prices in the *Continental US*…

    AK gas = $4.98
    HI gas = $4.43

  144. There is also a rule about not ‘forum wars’ but as far as I know family and friends involved in the case are fair game;

    Here’s a few rules:
    1) Absolutely no personal attacks.
    2) Do not mention any members of other forums on this blog.
    3) Leave other forums as a whole out of your discussions. We did not want to make this rule. But, every time that subject is brought up, it engulfs the entire thread and leads to useless insults. We want everyone to feel comfortable posting here, regardless of what forums they are on. Unless a forum has some real news value, don’t mention it. We also want to encourage of variety of topics, and that isn’t possible with the current environment.

  145. Hey Bash,

    Songstars is a PlayStation 3 game (maybe other platforms too?). It’s kind of like karaoke but you get graded on your performance. You can sing duets and listen to the play back and play with your voices. If you really want to embarrass yourself and you kids you can use the camera to record the whole performance and then post on Youtube or whatever.

    No. I do not work for Sony.

  146. Fac,

    if you’re implying that talking about Sharon means talking about FSP where she’s a member then why are we allowed to talk about Joel who’s a member at SYM?

  147. Fac, I was looking for you earlier.

    Remember my theory on the Chief of Police wanting to possibly be a pundit one day?

    Well he has yet to return local news channels calls….lol.

  148. Scott, dont I wish….lol.

    Those suckers are making a ton of money. Have you seen them on Capitol Hill this week, trying to explain what they have done with billions of dollars? Its disgusting.

  149. Fascination – I’m not implying anything. Someone asked about the rules regarding who we can talk about, so I dug ’em up.

  150. dobitoaca de bashina

    Ah… let’s see… Spanish, Romainian, Itatlian???

    Someone’s trying much too hard to impress…

  151. TruthB, well I am disappointed I must say.

    I don’t know how you actually get to be a pundit. Do you have to be sort of played out in your own career and then you decide you look good on TV?

  152. So LTTBF are all those things the important things in a marriage, or life?? Or is it to be respected and appreciated and supported by someone you love? I’ve been poor, suffered and prospered and the most important thing to me is the love of family and friends (mind you, I’m not raising my voice, but I don’t have an emoticon for that).

    Occasionally we make the mistake in choice of spouse, but
    I know people with much less who love and respect each other much deeper.

    But most moms know, that even when hurting, a mother will try to make their children have stable family memories, happy birthdays and holidays. It’s what we live for.

    Stacy was sticking with it (and grinning) maybe to make the kids memories (and pictures) good. At least they do have that now.

    Just thinking

  153. One lady senator yielded her time back, basically saying, “Your not going to give me a straight answer, so I yield my time back, no sense in discussing this issue without truthful, open discussion”

    I was cheering her on…

  154. I haven’t been here for the conversation this evening and I haven’t read back t beyond one scroll to see what’s been discussed, so believe me, I’ve got no opinions about anything at present.

  155. Fac, Im not sure, but I guess it couldnt hurt to get your name out there, and let them see how you speak etc…..:)

  156. Liz –

    I can see that.

    Thats my problem, I can see too many sides to this case, and I dont know which hold more credit to me….yet!!!!!

  157. Speaking of creepy people.

    Neil Entwistles trial is about to start.

    Too bad Mass doesnt have the death penalty.

  158. What is embellished?

    And isnt everyone embellishing a bit, its called speculation.

    None of us much about the real evidence.

  159. “A search of Entwistle’s computer also revealed that days before the slayings, Entwistle looked at a website that described “how to kill people” and searched for escort services.”


  160. I’m going to the Cape in three weeks.

    I’m thinking about stopping in for a day of his trial when I get back into Boston.

    I wanna see the creep with my own eyes.

  161. Thanks fac for bringing here the rules.
    Gatehouse might wanna reconsider rule #3

    “3) Leave other forums as a whole out of your discussions”

    The reason is FSP action made a lot of people including myself to turn 180 and believe that dp has nothing to do with SP disappearance.
    If ever dp will be tried for Sp “murder” without a body being found, Joel will use FSP actions and INACTIONS in his defense. HE will try to show that even SP’s friends and family didn’t treat her disappearance like a murder. The word “Fun-raiser” will be very damaging for the prosecution.
    Talking about the case means talking about FSP as well.

  162. He’s the Brit that killed his wife and baby. He took his father in laws gun, shot them, drove back to his father in laws returned the gun, drove to the airport, and left for England.

    Shot them both. The baby was so tiny, and helpless.

    Come to find out, he was a big fraud.

  163. Let me take you….Your kidding right?? hahahaha

    You take me is more like it my friend!!!!

  164. “We believe possibly this was intended to be a murder-suicide, but we cannot confirm that. Obviously the murder was effected, but the suicide was not.”

    The least he could have done was save everyone the court costs.

  165. basherette // May 24, 2008 at 1:11 am

    Sorry, the only one I could think of was Pete… is that the same fellow?


  166. “basherette // May 24, 2008 at 12:56 am

    dobitoaca de bashina

    Ah… let’s see… Spanish, Romainian, Itatlian???

    Someone’s trying much too hard to impress…”

    what is it then? Can you tell us?
    Guys protect your keyboards, in case she got it right!

  167. Oh, you *ARE* so very naughtily trying to impress, aren’t you?

    Please, don’t you have any other hobbies that might be more fruitful for you?

  168. My guess is that it’s bastardized Italian. Kind of a mix of pan-Italian dialect and slang. Not like actual Italian, but what second-generation Italians think is Italian.

    Like writing “vafong goo” and not realizing that it’s actually “va fa in culo”.

  169. Scott…there are still plenty of women looking for the good men. We know your out there, we just have to weed through the rest to find the good ones…..;)

  170. Fac, even in different parts of Italy, words sound different. Up north it has a harsher german sound, then say Romans, their tongue is musical.

  171. Well for example saying equusearch was turned away if they weren’t may cause people to waste time trying to verify the fact. Suggesting it was due to the ego’s of team members or maybe against the suggestion of ISP, could cause many more questions to find answers for. I understand some people “think” this or that, or “heard” this or that, I was just trying to get to the truth of the situation rather than the rumors. Sorry if I’ve disrupted your normal course of conversing.
    I’ll let you get back to it, need sleep now, thanks for the grown up talk. later

  172. I can understand Italian. But get me near say the Vatican in Rome with a ton of German tourist, and I cant understand anything…

  173. And what exactly, are men like you like, as opposed to the men that screwed it all up??

    Just wondering in DuPage

  174. Liz, if you were asking me. I’m honest, faithful, willing to make a relationship work and treat others the way i want to be treated.

  175. Speaking of DuPage County I got a call today from the Congressman that represents my area, note I didnt call him my Congressman, telling me he is going to be at Jewel tomorrow and would love for me to stop by an chat with him.

    I guess he didnt check whom he was calling….lol.

  176. TruthB – I lived with houseful of Romans for a while – I think I like the Roman accent best. Great curses too!

  177. No, the other one Liz.

    And isn’t Jewel a bit odd place to be having meet and greets? lol

  178. “basherette // May 24, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Oh, you *ARE* so very naughtily trying to impress, aren’t you?”

    Please, don’t you have any other hobbies that might be more fruitful for you?


    Basherette, you lost your smarts? You were about to tell us something. You can’t do it?
    Why bring that thing up? You keep flooding us with your unintelligible words for a while now. What’s your problem then? Did I address that post to you? No. It’s for whoever understands it!

    Regarding fruitful hobbies; If I were you I would be more concerned about the extra care my own fruits need and I wouldn’t be spending 24/7 on a computer. Don’t you think your fruits need you while you’re here?

  179. Scott, its hard, but dont give up hope.

    An organization that you are interested in is always a good way to meet.

  180. I think that they think they will grab the independents and progressives that way. Feinstein (DWI) has been doing the coffee shops (Starbucks/dominicks)in every county and reaching out to many towns, really hitting the dirt in WI, and the purple is fading to blue there.
    It’s all about the swing factor.
    Crud, don’t get me started. My brother has run twice in grundy county…not well enough connected.

  181. I just laughed at the phone call.

    I was a paid employee of the person this Congressman ran against….thats why it was so funny to me.

    I will NOT be at Jewel tomorrow between 10 and 11 am…

  182. I think he is getting extremely nervous as DuPage is changing makeup.

    Lots of Chicago Dems moving into the County.

  183. How does posting lyrics from a rather disgustingly indecent song help find a young mother who is missing/a probable homocide victim, help defend or convict her husband or solve another woman’s murder/questionable death?

  184. We have a lab off diehl in nville, is that 6th? Or is that farther east…the area wher my BF has taught HS for 20+ years at DG south.
    dont have to answer. Just too many districts and the Illgov site is lengthy.

  185. The only good thing about Oberweis was on Election Day he gave away coupons for free Ice Cream…

  186. That might be borderline 6th. 6th is a really wacky district, it goes from way north like Elk Grove Village, down to Wheaton etc.

    The Congressmans name is Roskam.

  187. Foster is the 14th, and Bean is the 8th, and all border the 6th.

    Congressional maps are insane to try and read….lol.

  188. Thats a thought, why dont Stacys people get in touch with their Congressman and see what he can do in aid to helping the cause?

  189. I’ll bet you anything they could at least help with getting equipment etc.

    It’s an idea.

  190. Yes Pete is also my very own congressman!! And we’re so close, I’m a mile north of dupage airport, but yet so far.

    Yes I thought I was 6th dist. I scan my election cards so I can remember my districts, way too many, and we get surrounded by prop that isn’t even about us because we’re at the corner of Kane/DuPage/Cook counties.

    So what’s the story with Roskam? I missed anything except that he has brown hair and is maybe 35 ? good guess ? With the oberweis foster thing going on I missed this one. Bait and switch, I say.

    Should we not post alt topics on this thread? Dont want to break rules

  191. My wheels are turning now. If I was with the FSP, I would be contacting all my elected official, state and federal level asking for any and all help.

  192. Fosters mine too in the 14th. I dont know if he inherited Denny’s staff but I got the assistant’s email if you need to shoot anything over there.

  193. I have to call it a night, Im exhausted.

    Liz, we can find somewhere else Im sure to discuss this.

    Its very interesting.

    Good night all.

    Scott, stop back more often, I’ve enjoyed chattting with you.

  194. Im sure Foster has his own staff. Denny and him were on opposites of the aisle.

    But keep that handy.

  195. If FSP hasn’t done so by now, then I will publicly state how amazingly stupefied I am at their utterly incredulous simplicity.

  196. I missed the busy hour what with all the kid stuff. I do appreciate the quiet time after the kids are all safe and sound at home. hubs golfed 36 holes today in the cold Alaska air as he called our Friday weather. Then I go to bed last night and he is watching some show about scary alaskan jobs. Why exactly are your telephone poles so damn tall?? He I think has an eskimo fetish creeping up or something. Fish cravings? Walleye onthe open fire etc. lol
    How is your evening? I see you’ve been board hopping. no more kiss and tell?

    Except of course my georgia boy, billy. But my sister is there as are her kids here for us to watch over. hmmmm but she’s the thrice married pregnant at 16 one I left to care for my my eldest hope. Yikes.

    But then again he will be at Tybee Island, on the beach tomorrow in 90 deg air searching for sand dollars like my little bud, except he’s 23 and almost on his own. Miss him. He’s going year round to catch up on getting his BA and then masters.

    Savannah, GA is a great road trip if you can do it. high crime tho which is saying alot coming from here.

    Girl Scout capital of the USA

  197. What a hodge podge of comments at once. I’m used to a whole page of editing room, sorry if the paragraphs are a bit out of order. Use that gray matter to sort it out, eh?

    Nashville– good road trip, too!!

  198. AH… *REAL* beaches…


    Oh, how I miss those…

    Sea shells, real sand, birds chirping, waves crashing, gently forcing the air to carry the sweet salty scent of the sea…

    I am soooooooooooooo jealous!!! 🙂

  199. Yeah me too, he’s there and we’re paying for the motivational atmosphere. I must say that it was the best vacation we had as a family when we rented a beach house on Tybee last summer. Hot as Hell, never in June again, maybe September. Except the hurricane thing, they dont usually get hit, but there is the June/July rainy season. The mugginess just raises all day long off the ground until afternoon when its just so drenched it pours down again.

    But then again the US nor the world has anything as awe inspiring as AK. I’m a photographer, inspired by a adams and love the black & white renditions of this beautiful world He gave us.

  200. what are your beaches like?

    and about that aurora bourealis, what time of year do you see it best? How many colors?

    At our Northern Wisconsin place near Eagle River, we are lucky because we have a good night view into Canada. but we at best see greens and oranges I think.

  201. Ansel Adams… I actually named one of my children after the name of one of his incredible black and white portraits…

    Yes, Ak is lovely… but every US state has it’s places of beauty… and I use to travel quite extensively, so I was very lucky to see some of them in person. My photos never quite capture the entire scope of what I saw, the colors, the way the place made me feel, the incredible magnificence in even the smallest detail my eyes could take in… but, when I look at them, I can REMEMBER… and that is priceless…

    Goodness, when I left TX, it was 123 in the shade, with 95% humidity… got to CAN, and it *snowed* on me! Then up and over to AK, and I was wearing sweaters whilst the natives were happily basquing in their swimming costumes and walking round in shorts!! I remember being shockingly amazed that I had come across not one single igloo yet in my travels! LOL! So many years ago… never thought I would ever call one place home for more than a year or tow, and yet here I still stay, safely in my humble abode, for more than 20 years…

    Who’d a “thunk” that would ever happen????!!!

  202. Beaches, not counting those attached to CAN on the southeast of AK = silt and sinkholes

    Aurora Borealis = amazing! Every single year there is a different and more spectacular display of lights in the star studded heavens here… neon blues, flourescent greens, banana yellows, scarlet reds, electric purples… a veritable smorgasbourg of colored lights dancing to a song of the stars…

  203. Yes, even Illinois has its wonders. I am at heart a wanderer, what do you call that. The explorer type, but my husband is absolutely not. Rela homebody. Travelled too much on biz..

    I made him take the road to Georgia, stopping in Nashville for some honkey tonks and Hank Williams Jr. If you break it up into 10 hours trips, you can see a lot you only fly over in a plane.

    My husband was hooked. Had never done anything but the 22 hour straight shot to Florida each year when he was a kid and hated it. Then only flew over every bootiful thing and didn’t sit back and appreciate anything. Mr Type A.
    Up north I sit for hours on the pier in the spring just waiting for the new family of baldies to swoop in for my creeks bounty of fingerlings.
    Amazing grace.

    That’s also my dog’s (bitch #1) name–Gracie– born 9/14/01 during the funerals. Uma, her baby is my icon picture. She’s two now. I want to get a pure white swedish golden to breed with my studly Samson who I foster out.

  204. Do you get the auroras all summer long, I’m seeing them from the canadian side and just in the distance. No fair. I think if the earth were flat maybe we would get a better picture from here. But nooooooo they had to find some frozzzzen tundra and call it the US, just for oil??? would those northern pipelines screw the what my husband would call the substrata (did I mention we have an environmental lab).

    So much screwing with the elements, we found that our friend with the malignant glioblastoma was indeed living with an un capped well filled with vinyl chloride benzene and too much crap to have a resort housing area sitting on top of it. Vinyl chloride is a plastic remnant cancer causing product that is liquid in water but when agitated becomes a vapor and is easily absorbed by skin and inhalation.
    Bash- tell me the meso thing is not so

  205. What a beautiful name Grace is! Not to mention that she sure makes beautiful children!

    I know what you mean about driving instead of flying… I actually loathe air travel- nowadays, if I cannot be driven there, I do not need to go there! had a rather frightful experience, and since that point, I have avoided airlanes like the plague! Actually got to the point that I asked if a “no airplanes” clause could be written into my wedding vows! Should have seen the Rabbi’s face! LOL!

    Taking time to stop and smell the flowers as you gander at G*d’s wonderous creations… yipper- THAT’S the life!

  206. No, usually only in the winter can we see them easily where I live. Much harder to see in the summer when there’s so much light- not impossible, but very much more unlikely to see them unless there’s a storm.

  207. Well, it is now half past midnight… and sleep beckons…

    Thank you for the wonderful rememberences talking with you gave me… I retire with *such* a smile on my face now…

    Have a good night! 🙂

  208. lttf, I was called to give a ride home to a friend, and unlike Drew I didn’t get pulled over. ttyl

  209. scott what have you done now?

    (famous words of kevin foxes wife) are you at joliet? RE; el (blues brothers) gets released at JSP

  210. No they always come home drunk on their own accord. Even the hubby, who after 36 holes can still drive down (sorry get a ride) from kemper lakes, and we’re across from St andrews w chicago Haven’t had to bail out a son yet (0 for 4 s0 far) there is strill time. knock wood

  211. Miss bash, I am spending the next 24 on the meso spectrum. I’m sure you know where the abs came from, give me clue, I am doing random correlative (not causative cancer cluster research. Locations, sand and gravel nearby +land fills Many by products and need to identify generalized complications. Too many by products, just tell me whether petrol or plastic ie.
    My step father has black lung, many causes.
    It you’d like to speak freely please email me

    If you ever need a usa epa qualified reading on any samples of anything, let me know . . . I can send some sample bottles toward you n/c/

  212. lizanne61 // May 24, 2008 at 2:28 am

    Savannah, GA is a great road trip if you can do it. high crime tho which is saying alot coming from here.

    Girl Scout capital of the USA
    I will be taking a trip to Savannah in late December. And guess why? We will be earning the Georgia Coastal Badge and touring the birthplace.

    I hope the historical district is not where all the crime is. I am just a big chicken when it comes to danger…

  213. I have been reading some of the posts about Stacy and the family, etc. I’m sure that all involved in this ordeal have their good and bad points. I would just like to offer this about Stacy and hopefully put to bed some controversy.

    Stacy was just a kid when she met Drew. She was a kid who had a mom disappear without a trace. The family was disfunctional. From her perspective (and I have seen this in so many cases where children are abandoned by one or both parents) she was looking for something or someone to fill that void/need to know that she was loved and lovable. Drew came along and provided that attention and filled that void. But just remember what it was like for you as a teen. You had no real idea of how complicated the world could be. She was swept off her feet. I think she embraced the idea of being the perfect wife and mother. She wanted to please those around her (that is part of the low self esteem that comes from feeling unloved/abandoned). She went out of her way to “be perfect” for Drew and her children (she even adopted his older kids to solidify the family she always wanted for herself).

    However, kids grow up and mature and the very life she was living helped her to start see reality. As she grew and gained more confidence she probably also got more outspoken and realized that she was not happy in the situation (I will leave out the alleged details because they have not been proven).

    Does that make her a kid? Yes. Does that make her an angel? To some degree, because she tried to make things better than she had them and wanted to please. Did she do bad things? If reports we have heard are to be believed, she did have an affair with a married man (no matter that he probably convinced her Kathy was evil and so on and so forth). she had confrontations with Kathy. But that was the immature kid in her, that was the kid that still believed in a dream and wanted to please the man who she saw would provide her with the love and acceptance she craved.

    So I say, she was all three, young, an angel, and a troubled girl. Who among us has not made one stupid decision or mistake that we one day didn’t regret. We have heard from several different sources that Drew was controlling. I think Stacy is probably dead as many of you feel also. Stacy did not travel the road of her mother, she did what she thought was going give her a different life than what she had experienced so far. It just doesn’t make since that she would suddenly revert to how her mom was. She appeared to be a fighter, a survivor.

    I think Mollymcbee’s scenario is probably pretty close to reality. I also think that the family and friends are just doing what they think will bring results. I can’t imagine living with the knowledge that a close family member and friend might have been murdered. Of course emotion is going to be a driving factor and you can’t say that her family is stable and mature. They are broken and frustrated and hurting. Not everyone can be expected to be perfect and have all the right answers.

    I looked up some stuff on Lisa and her family have had their frustrated moments with this investigation and have voiced their feelings. They may have a more stable family environment.

    I do not see why we can’t discuss leads, information and things people have said without making some wild accusations. Bring the quotes, bring the statements that contradict what people have said. That is what I was talking about in having a fact sheet/timeline. Facts and then the comments of each person to see the contradictions. There is just too much being thrown out to us from the media and interviews to keep it all straight in our heads.

    Sorry for the long post. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I also don’t want to lose this forum now that I have found it.

    Thanks for listening!

  214. Does anyone have any insight into the cell phones?

    From what I gather Stacy secretly got a new cell phone so Drew could not track her every move (according to friends and family).

    Drew claims she got a new phone and gave the old one to one of the boys.

    Media claims Drew used Stacy’s phone.

    I have a few questions: 1. If Stacy secretly got a new phone where is it? Was it tracked after she went missing?

    2. How did Drew know about it if it was a secret?

    3. If it was a secret, how did the son get the old one?

    These issues have confused me from the beginning. Any info?

  215. Pearlsgirl, the first Q I asked on FSP was about the cell phone. Basherette was either in on that conversation or asked her own question about it later.

    Cass responded.

    Drew knew about the phone (I had wondered what he would think if the minutes on Stacy’s other phone suddenly dropped to 0).

    She gave the bag/box to Sharon and had the bill sent to Cass. This was so Drew couldn’t track her calls as he had with the other phone. I don’t think that would stop him.

  216. There has been no activity on Stacy’s (new) cell phone since the call (allegedly) made to Drew’s cell phone around 9 p.m.

    And actually there were three calls … I think the first two were about 1 minute each and the third one was, depending on sources, 2-5 minutes long.

    Considering what Drew says that Stacy said during that conversation, you would be hardpressed to get it to even last 2 minutes if it was really being said. If you were faking the call … you might not have a good understanding of how long it would take.

  217. Stacy’s old phone, the one she gave to her son, was the one Drew “found” the racy text message on.

    The one that was sent anonymously …

    Drew was just goofing around with the cell phone and found that message. I can’t remember the date of the message … or even the date when Stacy got the new phone.

    In that respect, I miss FSP. Lots of information.

    Since I have my messages, I’ll check to see whether there is anything in there.

  218. Rats. Can’t get to them. Hubby is working on our network. Our virus software update screwed it up.

    Will try to find elsewhere.

  219. On October 17, Stacy called her Dad to give him her new cell phone number.

    “Stacy’s family has posted a voice mail message online [12/07/2007] that the missing mother of two left with her father on Oct. 17, giving him her new phone number and telling him she loved him. The family believes it is evidence that she was not planning on running away. It’s the first time the public has heard her voice. “Hey dad! It’s me, Stacy. I just wanted to call you and tell you I love you,” she says in the voice mail.”

  220. Do any of you locals know:

    What is the new construction site at 119th st (Rodeo Rd) and Naperville Rd in Bolingbrook?

    Thank you.

  221. Sorry Noway, I dont go to that area enough to know. It could be anything, homes or another strip mall. New construction everywhere now.

  222. pearl,
    Stacy’s new phone is now missing.
    The theory is that Drew took the phone from her when he did whatever he did to her
    He used the phone to call himself then got rid of it.

  223. If I remember correctly, Stacy only had the new cell phone for two weeks or less when she disappeared. It’s that new cell phone that’s missing.

    Going back to the timeline, there’s one area of the timeline that we can be fairly certain of, and that’s the morning and early afternoon hours of October 28th.

    Sharon reported that she left to run a couple of errands at about 9:30am – 9:40am. When she left, she noted that both Drew’s car and Stacy’s car were in the Peterson driveway.

    Stacy was on the phone with Bruce. The time varies on this, with some saying the called ended about 10:15am and other reports putting the call ending at 10:28am. But for the purpose of this timeline, it’s sufficient to know that Stacy spoke to Bruce and the call was anywhere from 10:00am to 10:28am.

    Sharon reports that she arrived home from doing her errands at about 11:30am, and at that time Stacy’s car was gone, and only Drew’s Denali was in the driveway.

    At about noon, Sharon called the Peterson home and asked to speak with Stacy. She had bought Halloween treats for the children and wanted Stacy to bring the children over sometime that day. Kris answered the phone and seemed flustered, not knowing what to say. Drew took the phone from Kris and told Sharon that Stacy had gone to her grandpa’s. He told Sharon he would bring the children over after lunch.

    About 1:00pm Drew brought the children over to Sharon’s and asked if she could babysit while he ran a quick errand. He was only gone about 15 minutes.

    This part of the timeline is pretty certain. It shows a sequence of events, with only small variances in minutes, but overall, a sequence.

    From this timeline, we can see that whatever happened to Stacy in the Peterson home, happened between 10:30am and 11:30am, sometime after she got off the phone from talking to Bruce, and before Sharon arrived home at about 11:30am.

    I believe that after whatever happened in the Peterson home, that sometime between 10:30am and 11:30am, Drew drove Stacy’s car to Clow airport, which was just around the corner and walking distance away. He left her car at the airport and walked home, a walk that probably only took about 5 minutes.

    With Stacy’s car missing from the driveway, no one would question Drew’s story that Stacy had left to visit her grandpa.

    In a recent interior picture of Drew and one of the boys at the front door of the Peterson home, I noted that the staircase from the second story is only about 5 feet from the front door. It would be very easy for Drew to come downstairs and out the front door to move Stacy’s car and go un-noticed by anyone in the house.

    What did Drew do when he ran that 15 minute errand, while Sharon babysat with the children at about 1:00pm?

    He could have used that time to move Stacy from the master bedroom out of the house. To accomplish this, he would have had to back his Denali up to the garage door, opened the garage door, and quickly loaded her into the rear of the Denali. He probably would have had her in some sort of container – a duffle bag or something, because it would be too much of a risk otherwise.

    From there, he could have driven his car to Clow airport and transferred Stacy to the trunk of her car.

    The only thing about the above scenario, is that it doesn’t account for Tom Morphey helping Drew move a rectangular container from the master bedroom to the Denali later that evening at about 9:30pm.

    Perhaps Drew used those 15 minutes to remove evidence from the home and moved Stacy later that night with the help of Tom Morphey.

    The Illinois State Police have stated that Stacy did not leave the Peterson home willingly, and that they have evidence.

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