22-year-old woman appears before Grand Jury investigating Peterson case

Stacy Peterson’s aunt, Candace Aikin, testified Thursday before a Will County grand jury investigating her niece’s disappearance.

Aikin declined to comment on specifics of her testimony but said she was asked about Stacy’s personality, parenting and her relationship with her husband Drew Peterson, who is a suspect in her disappearance.

About a half hour after Aikin concluded her testimony, the 22-year-old tanning salon employee and female friend of Drew Peterson rushed out of the Will County Court Annex building after her grand jury appearance.

Kim Matuska, of Darien, declined to comment on her appearance saying only, “I’m trying to get out of this.”

Drew Peterson was issued a written warning for speeding earlier this month while he was in route to pick up Matuska after the driver of a car she was in was arrested for DUI.

Matuska denied having a physical relationship with Peterson, saying “I’m not seeing Drew.”


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