Your Thread – June 12

Here’s Thursday’s thread. We’ll let you all know what happens with the grand jury today as soon as we know something.

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59 thoughts on “Your Thread – June 12

  1. rescueapet // June 11, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    fugatzi – Well, then I guess we can disagree. However, for the record, there was no reason for this remark:

    “Well Rescue, I can see that you are unable to look at this things open mindedly and rationally.”

    I am open minded and rational, thank you. Seems DP, in your rational mind, should get a break, but people who put out plants and pictures shouldn’t. I get it.


    You know what you are right. Absolutely right.

    I still however feel that the “garden” that is not putting “plants” out. The “garden” who someone referenced as a graveyard, a funeral parlor setting and it was IMO a good reference to what that mess looks like on the front lawn, and the lit up yard sign on a cul de sac where it serves NO purpose in the efforts to “find Stacy Peterson” is WRONG.

    And Rescue, I think/feel/believe that he killed Kathleen Savio and Stacy Cales Peterson.

    All I care about right now are those kids.

    You can talk to the hand about if he cared about them he wouldn’ t have killed their mothers.

    We are in the here and now.

    Those kids are all that should matter to her friend, the woman who is bound and determined. Her neighbor.

    The end.

    Paint it, sway it, massage it, however you want.

    It’s bullsh!t

  2. fugatzi

    And Rescue, I think/feel/believe that he killed Kathleen Savio and Stacy Cales Peterson.


    Did Stacy ever use her maiden name?

  3. Ok I just checked her name is Stacy Ann Peterson.

    So what, you can’t even get the murder victims name right or what? Why put Cales in there? Is this to link her to her family the other victims of Drews murderous ways that you have trashed non-stop?

  4. Sod the bloody baseborn theatrics of the accused a well as the outrageously conspicuous flora…

    Shite or bloody well get off the pot, Grand Jury.

    Shite or get off the bloody pot, LE.

    Shite or get your bloody arse off the pot, FBI.

    If you mean to prove and try your case, then DO so…


    Out of bloody time, as well as patience, I’m afraid…

    What an outrageous and horrifying slap in the face for those denied even the common courtesy of a burial for their so inconventient bones…

    “No body” = “No crime”??????

    MY ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Would one of you in Chicago be so kind as to recommend a hotel with the utmost standards that is also immediately close to the best damn oncologists in your state?

    I thank you.

  6. bash,
    Sure wish I could help, lost my father to bone cancer almost two years ago. He had NO luck with oncologists in this area and choose to move to FL. He there found a most incredible Dr. that refused to give up on him and set a course of action that allowed my father to live 7 years of quality life…this after being told by oncologist at Loyola University that he should go home and prepare to die.
    Dad was not one to quit or give up, he had smiley face stickers everywhere he sat reminding him NEVER GIVE UP! I miss my dad so much as father’s day approaches, I know he is no longer in any pain and for that I’m thankful, just very sad.
    I wish you the best in finding a good oncologist, because you see, that was the key to my dad being around for those extra years! Love you dad…miss you so, so much . prayers to you bash!

  7. Hi everyone! I am new here, but I was on the FSP site. I really hope the GJ comes to a conclusion real soon! I cannot wait suspect to be away for good!
    I have been reading this blog for some time now, and was wondering what SYM means? Can someone tell me please? Also is there any good forums out there for Stacy? Thanks so much, and lets all keep our fingers crossed for an arrest soon.


  8. Morning, everyone!

    It is Grand Jury day … and they are hearing testimony. So does this mean they have extended the GJ until November … or just as much as they need up to November?

    Even if they hear the last of the testimony today, would they make a decision today? Can they or would they make an announcement on any day of the week? Nobody seems to know how the GJ operates. 🙂

  9. Bash, if I were you, I’d just stay at your favorite hotel downtown and don’t worry about proximity. Any of the medical centers are within a half hour by taxi.

  10. Bash, ask the medical center office if they can provide list of area hotels. And check with Lavanda. She seemed to know about different hotel chains and what to expect …

  11. basherette // June 12, 2008 at 8:35 am

    Would one of you in Chicago be so kind as to recommend a hotel with the utmost standards that is also immediately close to the best damn oncologists in your state?

    I thank you.

    My God Bash. Is it getting that bad now? Just wondering why you are considering Chicago. When you first told us about your mesothelioma, I researched it a little because I don’t know anyone else who has it. You may have already seen this link, but these are supposedly some of the top oncologists in the country that treat mesothelioma. Dear God, I’m so sorry you’re going through this Bash. My prayers are with you.

  12. Bash, I don’t know if there are any in the area but i would research cancer centers of america.

  13. Bash – let us know if you need someone local to do a little research. There are some of us here with time on our hands who would be happy to help.

  14. Guess it would be a good idea for me to get checked for that….washed a few hundred loads of my dad, and former hubby’s clothes when they worked the shipyards.
    According to the website above…lucky me has those symtoms mentioned…
    Bash take care of yourself…

  15. basherette // June 12, 2008 at 8:35 am

    Would one of you in Chicago be so kind as to recommend a hotel with the utmost standards that is also immediately close to the best damn oncologists in your state?

    I thank you.

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re ill.

    If you’re looking for the best cancer treatment, I understand that the premier hospital in the U..S. for cancer is M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston, Texas.

  16. The one in Houston is excellent. My ex sister in law went there, they are so good. My prayers go with you Bash.

  17. Bash, although I am new to the forums, I have come to respect you immensly based on your postings etc, My prayers are with you. Good Luck and God Bless.


  18. Add my prayers to the others, Bash. I’m so sorry that you have this to deal with. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you.

  19. #

    lugnut96 // June 12, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    good morning everyone,

    here is information Molly posted about dr. baden. he answered questions … very interesting .. tell how the corner is different then a medical examiner …thought you would like to read.. he answers questions …

    lugnut96 // June 12, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    ON my ABOVE POST , I miss posted lol.. just woke up cause worked till at least 230am … but anyways .
    I was looken up the differance btwn the two and came across dr,baden .. and ment to post that part lol but cramed what I ment to say from molly’s postings teehee

  20. didn’t one of you ask about kathleen”s death of , the decomp and that stuff,,, and was at lenth on this issue..

    here is what happens when …. after death if your wondering….

    How long after a person dies does the body start to decompose?

    Immediately after we die decomposition changes begin that manifest themselves at different times: the body is noted to stiffen – rigor mortis – within two hours because waste products such as carbon dioxide and urea produced by muscle cells are not removed by the blood stream; the red blood cells settle downward causing the maroon color of death – livor mortis – which is apparent within a few hours; the body temperature falls – algor mortis (not Al Gore mortis) – because oxygen cannot get to body cells; and bacteria move from the gastrointestinal track throughout the body because our immune system is no longer functioning, causing putrefaction and bloating of our tissues which proceeds with increasing rapidity the higher the surrounding temperature. Such decomposition can be very prominent within 24 hours on a hot summer’s day.


    SORRY to hear about that . my prayers are with you ….

  21. Oh, Basherette, I, too, am so sorry that your health is not good. I send good wishes to you and hope that you can find the quality of care you rightly deserve.

  22. I am not sure if all of you know this but, Drew is now in the National Enquirer…

    Well here is some more propaganda for Peterson, and WOW, is all Ive got to say!



    Exclusive NATIONAL ENQUIRER photos reveal ex-cop, prime suspect Drew Peterson hard at work with a bevy of babes as they ‘search’ for his missing wife!

    Just 12 days earlier the 54-year old ex-cop offered a $25,000 reward for any info on the mysterious disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy.

    Here, Peterson, awash in whiskey and barmaids conducts a body search at Pom-Poms All American Bar & Grill in Plainfield, Ill.

    “Drew was acting like a celebrity – drinking and posing for pictures with the barmaids,” bar manager Stephanie Reed told The ENQUIRER.

    “He sure didn’t seem like a man who missed his wife,” said tattooed blonde waitress Corinne Walski.

    For the full story – pick up THE ENQUIER – on sale now!

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  23. Sher69 – I usually thank someone for posting links, and, of course, I thank you for doing so, but, heaven above, what a chunk of garbage that all is, huh?

    He is just a piece of work. I don’t understand, too, why any young woman would want to even be seen in his company, let alone be in pictures with him. That kind of “fame” they can do without, me thinks.

  24. Lug, I have got to check it!
    yes indeed the lil girly’s want to get that attention dont they?
    I have not been the first to say this, but it is like a big game to him!
    Shame on him!

  25. Just noticed that the Enquirer cannot even spell their own name. Sorry … I can’t let every spelling error go!

  26. Gatehouse – You know, Harry Smith was already before the GJ, I believe. Maybe this could have had something to do with the Savio proceedings going on between the incumbents and the GOP. That’s what Dr. Baden was to be here about.

  27. rescueapet…………..I think it could very well be related to the testimony that Dr. Baden was to give in regards to whether to stay with a coroner or have a medical examiner.

  28. There was some discussion a long time ago about whether Stacy had actually met with the divorce lawyer. It seems that she did not … from the article only that she contacted Harry Smith, not met with.

    She was to meet with him on the Monday after she went missing, if I remember that correctly.

  29. From what was stated earlier in the article in which Harry Smith stated that Stacy had contacted him, my impression was that Stacy had called for an appointment, perhaps spoken to Mr. Smith briefly, and made the appointment for Mon., Oct. 29. That appointment on the 29th was to be their first meeting.

  30. Re: GJ ~ it sure doesn’t seem like there’s any one else being called to appear before the GJ regarding SPeterson. As to Atty Smith, I remember seeing somewhere that he had appeared already. That’s why I thought this had to do with the Savio thing that’s going on today, but, of course, that would mean that they’d be holding the proceedings in the same bldg that the GJ is held.

  31. Tired tonight, and forgot to add…….

    I’ve always thought that perhaps Drew found out about the appointment and that may have been the reason for Drew deciding he had to get rid of Stacy. If that appointment had happened, Stacy may have told the attorney what she knew of Kathleen’s death.

  32. FYI – here’s the latest regarding those proceedings today:,0,4344933.story

    Will County coroner defends his job to GOP board members

    Patrick O’Neil says move to a medical examiner would increase county budget
    By Erika Slife | Tribune reporter
    June 13, 2008

    Will County Coroner Patrick O’Neil appeared Thursday before the Republican-controlled County Board and steadfastly defended the performance of his office,which the board is considering eliminating.

  33. I don’t think Baden testified before the GJ … just before the Will County Board. Unless he went from one to the other …

  34. noway, that’s correct. He was here specifically to give the pros and cons of a coroner vs medical examiner. Nothing I’ve been reading, though, refers to anything about the Savio divorce atty, so, maybe he did, in fact, get called back by the GJ.

  35. Molly, I also think Drew find out about the appointment. Maybe Stacy even told him during their morning discussion on October 28.

  36. So does this mean the GJ remains in session until November? Or until they have no more witnesses? Or make a decision?

    Don’t they know they are driving us crazy????


  37. It sure seems like the grand jury isn’t anywhere near as active as it was just a few weeks ago, when they’d have at least two or three witnesses each session.

  38. I understand they are hearing testimony in other cases, and it makes sense for them to schedule who they can when it works for them.

  39. Molly, I think there were other witnesses.

    Well … this is why I thought so.
    Smith entered the annex at 1:15 p.m. but did not re-appear after several groups of people left the building at 4 p.m.
    I guess I thought some of those people in the groups were other witnesses, just not recognized by reporters.

    But who knows.

  40. It could be that there were others testifying to day, and Harry Smith left with a group and was un-noticed.

    I’ve wondered if the grand jury ever heard any testimony via video link?

  41. Molly,
    I was told they did hear testimony via video. As much as anyone “knows” what the GJ does or would do, at the time, I trusted the source.

    I have the feeling that someone is going to ask me who told me that … and I’ll have to find it.

    Maybe tomorrow with fresh brain.

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