Your Thread – June 13

And here’s Friday’s thread. Have a great weekend folks!

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17 thoughts on “Your Thread – June 13

  1. Looking thru today’s Bolingbrook Sun, the article says that indeed Stacy did meet with Mr. Smith (?), the Savio divorce attorney. It says they met twice.

    Hope that clears that up.

    Also to Basherette, I am so very sorry to learn of your recent news. Put faith in the Lord for He will not give you more than he believes that you, his child, can handle.

    Be strong.

  2. Looking back at the interview with Roe Conn, it seems as if they only spoke by phone (he refers to having conversations with her) but, yeah there was contact:

    RC: When’s the last time you talked to Stacy Peterson?

    HS: I’m sorry I don’t remember the date. I can tell you that it would have been the Friday before she disappeared. So she disappeared that weekend and I believe it would’ve been Friday of the week before.

    RC: And what was the substance of that conversation?

    HS: Ah, you know, there’s a pending investigation, and out of respect to her family, and to Drew, and to their children, I’m not going to talk about the substance of that conversation, but, in fairness, without . . . I don’t think it would be a shock to anybody, she did contact me for information regarding a dissolution of their marriage.

    RC: So wait, wait, wait – so she was, so in your opinion she was seeking a divorce on that Friday before she disappeared.

    HS: She at least wanted information about what the possible results were and how it would go, I suppose.

    RC: OK, so she’ seeking information.

    HS: That’s true.

    RC: And the piece of information that we are learning today for the first time is that she had contacted you on the Friday prior to her disappearance seeking information about a divorce from Drew Peterson.

    HS: It was Wednesday and then another brief conversation on Friday, that is correct.

  3. Hi everyone. Well, I don’t know where I got the idea that Atty Smith had already appeared before the GJ. Guess not.

  4. No problem, rescueapet. I thought he had too. It must have been the interview he gave to the press . . .

    And now I read that she met with him and that she only talked with him on the phone.

    It’s no wonder we can’t keep the “facts” straight … 🙂

  5. Earlier in the interview he says she had contacted him a couple of times earlier with some minor legal things and that she had referred a few of her friends to him as well.

  6. Well, I’m kind of surprised that he’s just being interviewed now by the GJ. Not that I know anything about the proceedings, LOL, but since he is involved in both matters, seems to me he may have some insightful information. That must be why I thought he’d already been before the GJ, especially since he have interviews months ago.

  7. People Who Have Testified Before the GJ:

    Drew Peterson
    Alex Morelli
    Paul Peterson
    Keith Rossetto
    Scott Rossetto
    Steven Carcerano
    Richard Mims (3 times total)
    Stephen Peterson (4 times total)

    Richard Mims (2nd & 3rd times)
    Stephen Peterson (2nd time)

    Sharon Bychowski
    Thomas Pontarelli
    Mary Pontarelli
    Nick Pontarelli
    Mike Robinson*********************
    Bruce Zidarich
    Cassandra Cales
    Mike Robinson (2nd GJ subpoena while he’s in jail)
    The Savio-Peterson WILL

    Anthony Rock

    Betty Morphey
    Albert Morphey
    Neil Schori
    Dr. Larry Blum

    Kyle Piry
    Vicki Connolly
    Walter Martineck
    John Morphey
    James Morphey

    Anthony Cales
    James Mitchum
    Kevin Mitchum
    Susan Doman
    Lisa Ward
    Steve Maniaci
    Anna Doman
    Richard Berg
    Melissa Doman
    Kim Matuska

    Harry Smith (? unconfirmed)

  8. BTW, I am feeling a bit better now. Some days are good, and some days are maybe not so good. Thank you all for your sincere prayers and kindnesses- I am humbled. I’ll do my best to avoid a public self-pity party from now on- it’s too damn embarrassing for me afterwards. 🙂

    “G*d never gives me more than I can handle. I just sometimes wish He didn’t trust me so much.” – Mother Teresa

  9. Basherette – good to see you!!!!!! I am sorry you had a bad day, and am hopeful that your future days are better.

    We here all worry about you!

  10. Please don’t worry about me, Rescue. Pray for my family instead, if you will. You see, I *know* what’s going to happen to me- but my situation pales in comparison to those who have missing loved ones whose fates we do *not* know… *yet*.

    Death comes for us all, but when it is deliberately brought prematurely to one by the criminal actions of another, all who rest in peace cry for justice for those souls who cannot and are not resting in peace. Without the diligence of the living, however, none of those silent pleas from the dead will be heard.

    Thank G*d for inquiring, curious minds!

    “G*d never gives me more than I can handle. I just sometimes wish He didn’t trust me so much.” – Mother Teresa

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