Your Thread – June 14

Here’s Saturday’s thread folks.

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20 thoughts on “Your Thread – June 14

  1. JANUARY 2008
    Sharon Bychowski
    Thomas Pontarelli
    Mary Pontarelli
    Nick Pontarelli
    Mike Robinson
    Bruce Zidarich
    Cassandra Cales
    Mike Robinson (2nd GJ subpoena while he’s in jail)
    The Savio-Peterson WILL
    So Mike Robinson maybe testified from jail rather than in front of the GJ?

    Hi, lugnut!

  2. HI, NOWAY

    how are you on this hot after noon or should I say evening ??? and anyone else??

    I for get who MIKE ROBINSON is , and I thought he was outa jail or something.. lol

    musta missed something while I was sleeping all day .. cause of working till 3am ya know..

  3. No, he received the 2nd GJ *subpoena* whilst still in jail for the domestic abuse incident. I believe that he had been released by the time he reappeared before the GJ to testify the second time.

  4. There was talk a day or two ago that Mike Robinson HAD NOT appeared before the GJ.

    I thought maybe he gave his testimony while in jail or via video or something.

  5. Just a little thought….yesterday was Kathleen Savio’s birthday. I wonder if her boys ever do anything to remember her, like visit her grave and take flowers. Somehow, I just can’t see Drew taking them, but the boys may not want to do that sort of thing anyway. Hope they do though. Just thinking about how sad and tragic this whole mess is.

  6. I thought Tom Morphey might have testified via video too since we haven’t heard about him appearing in person. Noway, are we the only ones here?

  7. cfs, not sure if we’re the only ones here. Lugnut seems to be around. Maybe we are the only ones currentlyposting . 🙂

  8. NOWAY,

    Iam here, just looken around on the net , just trying to find somethings ….. but am here teehee..

    has there been anything else in news or gossip of stacy’s brother or anything ???

  9. Lug, sorry … son has ear infection and have been “Dr. Momming” him. Just in case you’re still around …

    Other than Drew’s appearance in the National Enquirer, I don’t think there’s been much of anything in the news.

  10. awww sorry to hear that , I know how boys feel when that happen…..

    yes I saw that of drew and I get google alerts for it .. so nothing apparently is going on .. slow night I guess…

  11. i can’t wait for drew to be charged. why is it taking so long? and when the civil suit for wrongful death be? one sad thing about the plight of women in america – when something happens to them, the first suspect is their husband or their boyfriends. just that thought sickens you – to think that when a relationship goes sour, you cannot trust the person you were with anymore because he can kill you! so the smart thing is to bring the children out of the house and pack the essentials and then get your solicitor to speak to your ex about your divorce & never ever see him again. don’t even think of dropping the children at his place – get him to pick them up at another place where your life will not be endangered by him.

  12. in my country we may not have as much rights as the women in america, but we are definitely safer. i love my country and my government!
    our weather does not kill, our laws protect the people not the criminals and we have sunshine all year round…the list goes on…i have suddenly begin to appreciate how wonderful my country is. no white man dare to commit any crime here – the reason is simple – no guns & we caned our perpetrators – the canning leave behind indelible scars & the pain is excruciating. another important reason is our courts pass deterrent sentences [read long periods of incarceration accompanied by many strokes of the rotan – an indigenous word for the cane] we uphold our death sentence. murders are not allowed to hide behind the veneer of mental illnesses, – once you take away someone’s right to live, you forfeit yours. but that does not mean the laws are draconian and harsh – there are cases where death sentences are commuted to life imprisonment as well in extenuating circumstances. i love my country…..

  13. wildspicyrice // June 15, 2008 at 6:53 am

    i love my country…..
    Where is your country wildspiceyrice?

  14. good morning peeps.. I hear quincy ILL is flooding cause of those leves in the other states are comming over or down there. maybe stacy will get loose ….. or something

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