Your Thread – June 16

Hello everyone. Here’s Monday’s thread.

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14 thoughts on “Your Thread – June 16

  1. Up until he retired I would have to say my favorite driver was “Million Dollar” Bill. A true child of the Lord.

    And even back then I had a fondness of Mark Martin. He is my favorite these days. A true competitor, gentleman and ambassador af NASCAR.

  2. Geez things are really slow! Every time I log on here, there’s stuff about other countries, NASCAR, and pigs, lol. Something needs to happen in this case y’all!! 😀

  3. I was just watching a video of the day when they took the guns, computer, boxes from Drew’s house.

    The reporter says that “Drew was next door.”

    Was he at Sharon’s during this? Or the neighbor on the other side … the one who is moving … at least I think it’s right next door that’s for sale …

  4. I’m sure he was at Sharon’s. They were probably still on good terms at that point…all up until he scared the crap out of her.

  5. Seems the neighbor with the house for sale is having a wee bit of a hard time reeling in any potential buyers.

    Could it be the decorating?

    Maybe it’s the market?

    Maybe it’s the asking price?

    Maybe it’s the neighborhood?

    Or maybe it is just the “baggage” that is included?

  6. BB, of all the people who would love to see a speedy arrest and conviction, I’ll bet that neighbor tops the list!

  7. cfs7360 // June 16, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Lugnut, from your post yesterday, what does this mean?

    this is what one got of stacy .. your thoughts

    HI, sorry I didn’t get back to ya all lol..

    I went for a job interview and I do hope I get it . it is day shift instead of working 3rd shift…

    but anyways What I was saying is a person said that , on a psychic forum I belong to and they have alot of interesting things on there … that is what I was saying she said about stacy……



    Yes JR is my favorite as well my son always says BOOO HIIISSSSS .. he wants the baby to win the 24car EWWWWW.. no way…. lol.. so if we go yah he gets up set teehee .. and he is only 8yrs old

  8. Lugnut: Thank you for the explanation, and I sure hope you get that job too! Bless your heart, 3rd shift has to be really rough on you, especially with children. Good luck!!

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