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32 thoughts on “Your Thread – June 17

  1. Good morning, everyone. I apologize for posting OT and I sure hope there’s some action in the case as soon as today!

  2. lol … we all posted something off topic, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

    They won’t take away your Bloggers Badge. 🙂

  3. I don’t Noway, but it’s such a sweet picture of Kathleen enjoying her boys. So sad that she had to miss out on watching them grow up because her killer cared more about having her dead than her children having their mother around.

    Just curious though, why do want to know? Think that was a place that Drew might have frequented? And put Stacy there?

  4. Has anyone heard from Bash lately? Just wondered how she’s doing. We miss you Bash!! Please drop in to say hello, even if nothing is going on here. We just want to hear from you. Hugs!

  5. Since nothing much is going on lately, and we’ve had very little to discuss except pigs, racing and other countries, I would love to hear some input from all of you as to why this particular case interests you. Some of you may follow criminal cases all the time. Others may be like me, and when they heard about this one, wanted to see how it played out, even though we’ve never followed a case before. What is it about this particular case that has so many interested? Or do I just think that because I don’t blog about or follow other cases? Is it the people involved, the circumstances, both, or what? Would just love it if you all would share your reasons, and thought maybe since our posts on here are down to less than 20 most days here recently, it would give us a little something to discuss until the GJ concludes and we see where this is headed. Anybody game? If so, please share. Thanks! 😀

  6. cfs7360 ,

    I think we all are interested in this case cause it started with OJ being on TV so that got everyone interested in what happens in murder cases . I think this one of PETERSON , is intreg, mystry. why did he do it , possibly womans right with a husband doing domistic violence, why does he get AWAY with this. when the AVERAGE JOE gets put into jail… and we have no rights ….

    this is almost like a mystery book.. from danielle steel. or one of those other books ..

  7. Muddied area.. padded to an extent.. looks like there’s a lot of water nearby.. I can see a backup so to speak.. she was dropped here.. I see a riverbank.. and what looks to be a dug up patch of ground.. it’s close to being flooded… I get the word western involved with it.. maybe it’s in the west section somewhere?

    HERE again of what someone said that she could be at.. any Ideas anyone???where could that be at???

  8. Good morning everyone!

    Noway asked about the picture of Kathleen and the two boys. It’s a great picture showing Kathleen having fun with her two little boys.

    I don’t know where it was taken, but do note there’s a sprinkler in the middle of the “lake”, which suggests it’s some sort of man-made fish pond.

    Perhaps someone familiar with the Bolingbrook area knows of a man-made fishing pond?

  9. noway406 // June 17, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Does anyone know where this picture of Kathleen and the boys was taken?

    Hidden Lakes in Bolingbrook. It is the old “trout farm”.

  10. Would just love it if you all would share your reasons, and thought maybe since our posts on here are down to less than 20 most days here recently, it would give us a little something to discuss until the GJ concludes and we see where this is headed. Anybody game? If so, please share.

    My interest in this case has nothing to do with OJ.

    My interest started in June 2007 with the Vaughn case. I read the initial reports and the facts sounded very suspicious. I started Googling for more information and came across some crime forums. It was fascinating to see people coming together with facts, leaks, rumors and theories in an attempt to get to the truth of the case. It wasn’t long before there was an arrest.

    Then, when I read about Stacy’s disappearance I had that same feeling…the previous death of a wife, the statements from her sister, etc. The facts presented were very unususal. My curiousity was piqued and I wanted to see what other info and theories were out there…


    After a year, no trial date in sight for Vaughn

    OSWEGO | Father and husband Christopher Vaughn awaits trial on murder charges. their home sits like a haunted house, an untidy reminder of tragedy within a community of neighbors who hope for justice and new peace.
    June 15, 2008

    It has been a year since the bodies of an Oswego mother and her three young children were found in Channahon Township.

    They were inside a blood-splattered Ford Expedition parked not far from a cell phone tower on an Interstate 55 frontage road.

    The Vaughn home in Oswego sits vacant. It has been foreclosed upon as Christopher Vaughn awaits trial..

    Early on the hot summer morning of June 14, 2007, four members of the Vaughn family — Kimberly, 34; Abigayle, 12; Cassandra, 11; and Blake, 8 — were shot to death as they sat inside the SUV…

  12. As a domestic violence survivor, I watch as many cases involving this “disease” that has caused way too many to be maimed, disfigured, or dead.
    I am really having my doubts regarding this case, that justice will prevail. The corruption going on, isn’t going to stop…it will just get swept under the courthouse rug.
    Sorry just my opinion from where I am sitting.

  13. I was forced to medically retire from law enforcement and found myself on the internet reading about crime and pyschic’s in general, when I came across this case. Something had just piqued my interest, now I am close to being obsessed with it. ( In a good way ) Since I am too far away to help search etc, I follow the forums to see what people are saying and feeling about
    this case. It just totally pulls on my heartstrings and I pray for justice daily. I sure hope they find her.

  14. bbismytown // June 17, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    noway406 // June 17, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Does anyone know where this picture of Kathleen and the boys was taken?

    Hidden Lakes in Bolingbrook. It is the old “trout farm”.
    Thanks, BB.

    I’m not sure what it is about this picture that interested me. I guess I wonder why this picture is displayed (and whether it was displayed BEFORE the reporter was allowed into Drew’s house).

    The Hidden Lakes area is interesting to me too.

    And in response to what brought me here: This is the first case I’ve followed via the Internet. When I first heard the story, I figured it was entirely possible that Stacy had left on her own.

    The fact that she had not contacted anyone at that point (late November/early December) made me think there was more to it.

    By the time I got interested, Drew had already been named a suspect and the other possibles had been discounted.

    I just enjoy talking about the case and the “what ifs” and all the possibilities. I sometimes forget these are real people and this is really somebody’s life … so be sure and let me know if you think my posts go too far.

  15. Hi everyone. I still check this blog a number of times a day, but, as it’s moving quite slowly now, I’m just lurking. I do find it hard to believe, though, that neither DP or his attorney have been pushing their mugs on tv. What’s up with that???

  16. Drew isn’t giving interviews now that he has been charged with a felony (weapons charge). This according to Joel.

    I expect Joel is keeping busy investigating Sharon’s camera situation and trying to figure out that weapons charge business in preparation for the June 30 court date.


  17. noway…your posts never go too far I don’t think.

    Hi to everyone…..i’ve been lurking and trying to keep from blabbering….news is slow, basically nonexistent at this point.

    I have this feeling that the ISP, LE, whoever……have enough information that DP is gonna be brought down one way or the other.

    I think people that know very incriminating things about him are going to crater and testify….trying to save their own hides.

    Wonder if the hold-up is with the GJ…….I’m sure they desparately want to speak to DP’s teen sons….they may very well hold very important details to both of these cases.

  18. bbismytown // June 17, 2008 at 1:14 pm
    noway406 // June 17, 2008 at 12:00 pm
    Does anyone know where this picture of Kathleen and the boys was taken?

    Hidden Lakes in Bolingbrook. It is the old “trout farm”.
    Is that the place many of the psychics at were focusing in on?

  19. Re: JB and his hissy fit about the cameras.

    Come to think of it, JB was all worked up about those cameras, and he was going to look into it all, since he didn’t believe the cameras were Sharon’s. Wonder why so quiet now. Seems he can’t get the ball rolling down the hill so much anymore these days. I’d say that’s a good thing. Gives DP more time to think about what’s coming.

  20. g8trgirl … I’m not sure I can get the words out as to why I was interested. I only realized after BB’s post that the spot was Hidden Lakes … and yes, there were several psychics on FSP who were interested in this area.

    I think actually that a body was found in this area already. I’ll go back and check the articles and see where this is in relation to that.

    I was thinking about Stacy and how I’d read that she was (as commented by Kathleen and Kathleen’s friend) almost copying Kathleen’s life …

    Then I saw that picture … and I’d seen it before … just started thinking about how they look like an average happy mom and kids … and that might be “where Stacy wanted to be” … just a regular mom … no dirty secrets of murder … no adultery … just a normal life.

    I was surprised when BB said it was Hidden Lakes … but in the back of my mind, I think that was mentioned before … I know the picture was discussed.

    Anyway … I don’t believe Stacy is alive. I do believe that Drew had something to do with her disappearance and death. So I was thinking about what he’s said … she is where she wants to be … she may go deeper or surface … all that stuff.

    I’m not sure where I was going with the picture question, except now that I know (again?) where it was taken, I’ll look at that area again.

  21. No particular reason I suppose but, I’ve always had the feeling she’s nearby (that’s as nicely as I can put it). He didn’t take Kathleen somewhere she couldn’t be found and I feel like Stacy is nearby as well.

    I’ve also always felt that he didn’t only murder two of his wives but, others as well. He looks creepy to me and he has a creepy aura around him.

  22. This is where the Aquatic Center is? And Blackhawk Pond?

    How ironic would it be if Stacy were in this area and all the meetings for searches have taken place here . . .

  23. Criminals are deviants of society…..they know no boundaries……so, nothing would surprise me noway.

  24. How deviant would it be of Drew to have that picture of Hidden Lakes trout farm in his house (and on national tv) and that is where Stacy is?

  25. Your idea may sound far-fetched to some people but some of these serial criminals do some freaky things.

  26. Thanks again to all who have shared. It’s been interesting to read your reasons and thoughts on this case. I’m just looking forward to the next chapter of this saga when the GJ ends. And yes Noway, I think I can handle the truth just fine. 😀

  27. I don’t consider myself psychic but i have had dreams that materialize either during the dream or shortly thereafter. I had a reoccurring dream for two weeks that I believe was related to this case before it was on television. I was watching the news when the story first broke and immediately recognized that it was related to the dream. I got on-line to find a way to contact the family and found the fsp website. I contacted the search team to give them my information. I have never done that before but felt very strongly that I should do so. Since then I have been waiting for Stacy to be found and justice to be served.

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