Your Thread – June 19

Here’s Thursday’s thread. Thanks for the fantastic questions folks. We’ll get working on them today after the grand jury and have the first one up next week. As usual, we’ll let you know about grand jury proceedings as soon as we know something.

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12 thoughts on “Your Thread – June 19

  1. I hoep something happens soon… HUBBY is waiting for when drew gets the electric chair lol.. he wants him to fry for what he has done to those woman…

  2. How do we contact Admin? I just noticed that today’s thread is for June 9, not the 19th… But, we know where we are, don’t we?

  3. I always wonder if during this whole GJ time if there are witness testifying that no one from the media recognizes.

    Hopefully we will hear something soon. No new news and no Stacy makes it tough.

  4. Thanks for changing the date, Gatehouse! … and thanks for the GJ report. Sorry it wasn’t more exciting for you.

  5. Just popping in to see if there’s any news and to say “hi” to everyone.

    I’m wondering if the grand jury is done with witnesses, or if they’ve heard some witnesses via video link?

    What I’m thinking is that perhaps Tom Morphey, for one, wouldn’t want his location known if he’s in protective custody. They do video links frequently now at courthouses, and that may be one way to avoid media attention.

    Of all the possible witnesses, I would think Tom Morphey might be one of, if not the most, important to testify before the grand jury. We haven’t heard any reports that he’s testified, so perhaps we missed it because he was interviewed via video?

  6. Hi Everyone,

    First time posting, however. I have been reading here for some time. I hope the grand jury has rapped it up and justice will soon be served very soon. Wishing you all a great afternoon.

  7. Molly said: Of all the possible witnesses, I would think Tom Morphey might be one of, if not the most, important to testify before the grand jury.
    If they feel there is enough to indict (with other testimony) the GJ may never need to interview TM or Drew’s boys.

    Their testimony can be heard during the trial.

    I hope I can find that post … someone else said it much better and it was much clearer!

  8. Please don’t ask me to find links (google them) but, if I remember correctly, the GJ said back in Nov 07 they planned to have their inquiries completed in 6 months, which would equate to May 08.

    I really think the hold up for filing charges is passage of the “Hearsay Bill” and the GJ really, really, really wants to question DP’s teenage boys……maybe the littlest boy too.

  9. Does DP deny the whole thing with Tom Morphey or just the part about the blue barrel? I can’t believe DP would go into a public place with Morphey and then deny it. Anyone know? I don’t know where that coffee shop is, but you’d think just about everybody would know DP, him being a cop and all. But yet again, I believe that Morphey is telling the truth about moving the barrel.

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