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83 thoughts on “Your Thread – July 1 2.0

  1. Oh, no, I don’t think LE was behind it. She was on her own.

    I just don’t see the difference in the content of the matter. She’s got what he said “recorded.” That’s indisputable. What can be done with it is another thing.

    So, what’s the difference between what Amber did, although with LE’s knowledge,and what Amber did, without LE’s knowledge? Doesn’t it get you to the same place?

    The man, Peterson is a pig. Doesn’t prove he murdered anyone, but it sure cancels out Mr. Selig’s warm and fuzzy video.

  2. The difference to me Rescue, is we cant say for sure she hasnt altered those emails, pm’s etc.

    What Amber did, she did with LE telling her what to say, and having it all on tape. Tape that an officer can come into court and say, “yes, that is a legit recording blah, blah, blah.”

    And Drew didn’t “fake” who he was to Ashley, she knew who she was dealing with, and they discussed it. Amber on the other hand, Scott was telling her all sorts of things, I don’t think he said to her, “I’m the man with the missing wife” right away.

    I’m a bit fuzzy on the whole conversation between Amber and Scott. But what I do clearly remember was one phone call, he was at a rally for his missing wife, but was talking to Amber telling her he was in Paris, or somewhere like that.

    That’s the big difference to me.

  3. Just moving this over:

    IMO If he did (start to honor the 7th Commandment) after marrying Stacy, I could only think of one reason why… he had to walk the line because he was worried about her knowing about what he did to KS .

    He is a skirt chaser extrodinaire. (Fac is that spelled right

    He knew he would never land a young gorgeous girl like Stacy again and I think he was to busy keeping tabs on Stacy to find the time to try and land another youngin.

  4. He is a skirt chaser extrodinaire. (Fac is that spelled right 😉 sorry there was supposed to be a wink there.

  5. I never did get the answer to this question.

    When was it that Stacy said she knew about KS murder? Was it right away when it happened, or did she supposedly learn about it right before she disappeared?

  6. I think teneleven is right – that’s what has been deduced from the conversation she had with Pastor Schori.

  7. I have no ill feelings towards Stacy for not going straight to LE. None of us know the reason why she went along with it. I know some want to say to suite her lavish lifestyle and so on but we really don’t know that. I mean at some point lavish lifestyle or not, it had to turn to cold hard fear when it sets in that your husband murdered his exwife.

    I do believe that she shared that secret with her sister though. Maybe not initially, but long before her disappearance.

  8. dearheart88 // July 1, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    I am simply amazed at these posts from Ashley

    amazing how some random person managed to either come across or find Drew on the world wide web…yet Drew claims he’s spent tons of money on investigators to search for Stacy and has come up with nothin!???

    hmmm? still total silence from dumb and dumber too…I bet there is some scrambling going on in Selig’s office!
    Well I think ashley was/is one of the “crazy” man haters on the “blog” that jb keeps going on about, and she wanted to show JB how much worse it could be. I remember jb waiving around those papers on TV wanting to show the horrible things he found in the “blog”, LOL!! Man talk about getting PUNKED ! When will Ashton Kutcher show up?
    Honestly, I’m sorry I was not deceptive enough and smart enough to have done it myself. Be honest, who else will admit they feel the same way (even just a little)?
    Did they really meet in person? If so I haven’t found that bit of info, if so dp is lucky she wasn’t really a crazy person, it seems she is just a woman trying to shed some light on a shady suspect.

    Go on I can take it, but I am being HONEST.

  9. Ten, I agree completely about sharing her secret with Cassandra.

    Wouldnt you as the wife of this supposed murderer, that you know murdered his previous wife, want to keep kids out of this mess.

    Would you be concerned that the same thing could possibly happen to you, and you would end up leaving your children in the arms of this murderer?

  10. I admit it. Takes a special kind of someone to carry on and make nice to a man they are convinced killed 2 wives.

  11. I’m just wondering how much she is asking for her “story,” seems like everyone has a price, what’s her’s?

  12. What do you suppose the Savio’s think of Stacy’s knowledge and doing nothing about it?

    The Savio’s suffered a great deal, and still do.

  13. Yes I would be concerned let.

    I have never been in an relationship whereby I am afraid of someone, and I also have a stable family so it is easy for me to say why didn’t she just leave and so on, but I guess it may not have been as easy as it sounds.

    I don’t know. Nor do I ever want to 😦

  14. letthetruthbefree // July 1, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    What do you suppose the Savio’s think of Stacy’s knowledge and doing nothing about it?

    The Savio’s suffered a great deal, and still do.


    Yep, this is where it gets very sticky and nasty. I hear what you are saying.

  15. I will say this though, (and I am not making any excuses for her not doing the right thing and yes I understand your point about the Savios) at 19, 20 your thought process is so, what’s the word. Immature. I am not saying she did not know right from wrong, I am just saying that at that young age it sometimes doesn’t matter or affect people as it does as we grow older. Am I making any sense?

  16. Regarding the Savios. First of all, Stacy was the “other woman,” so my guess would be they couldn’t stand her. I don’t condone it, and it was plain wrong. I can absolutely understand their feelings if that is what they were.

    However, be mindful that Kathleen Savio was the “other woman” herself when Peterson was married to Vicki Connelly (not sure of the spelling, too lazy to look).

    So, once you get past all that, we get to the present place. Two women are dead and Drew Peterson is the reason we’re all here. That about says it.


  17. Rescue that is true. The only difference is Kathleen wasn’t the other woman who alibied him for murdering the second wife.

    But ultimately yes, the present place. But may not be that cut and dry for the Savios, and I could understand their feeling this way, if they do.

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  19. Rescue like Ten I agree with all except Kathleen didn’t keep a secret like Stacy did.

    Sad all the way around.

  20. Evening all…Can anyone here tell me a good place to go to search for the information that
    indicates Stacy did in fact know about KS murder by Supect DP Prior to a few months before she disappeared ?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. The only place that I know of where there’s details about the Pastor’s conversation is in the Fox News/Greta On the Records transcripts. Maybe it’s on acandyrose. I think Greta brings that out in her line of questioning. I THINK. It’s been a while.

  22. Stacy was very young, already married to Drew with one small child and perhaps another on the way. As I stated earlier today, she was between a rock and a hard place.

    She had to make a judgment call, whether or not to go to the police with what she knew.

    We know that later, when she was getting ready to make her break from Drew, she was fearful of the Bolingbrook police. Would they believe her over one of their own?

    Stacy may have considered this initially, when she first became aware that Drew had killed Kathleen.

  23. I just read that transcript, and I’m sorry but it pisses me off.

    She knew all that time and did, and said NOTHING.

    She had another child with him, she continued to let him give her whatever she wanted.

    She wasn’t between a rock and a hard place. She should have done the right thing. According to her, via the Pastor, Drew killed Kathleen, and she slept with that every night.

  24. WOW……I don’t know where the heck I have been…I did NOT know that she knew that long.

    This just blows me away !!!!!

  25. So if indeed Stacy knew that it was a fact that Drew killed Kathleen and never said anything to LE then she is not simply a missing Mother.

    That, if it is indeed fact, would make her a part in a Murder Conspiracy & an Accessory To Murder. Both very serious offenses.

    I think many people would flee from those potential problems.

    Just throwing it out there.

  26. I gotta go…This is just too much to swallow right now. Goodnight all..Try and have a pleasant evening.

  27. Does the Pastor have cleric privilege, or does that go out the window once he spoke to the meida?

    If so, wouldn’t that, or couldn’t that potentially get him in trouble also?

  28. No, Sher, didn’t miss anything. Pretty quiet.

    Although, I’m wondering what’s up with Basherette. She’s not been here all day.

  29. Oh man, someone copied and pasted a post from me over at Ashley’s, but added the words ‘lying whore’ as if I said them.

    Well, that’s a new low.

  30. facsmiley – it’s turned so ugly over there, I’m not even reading the posts anymore.

    Kind of like SYM. Another train wreck.

  31. I also hope Bash is doing OK.

    This is what Neil replied when Amanda asked him about waiting to got to LE until Stacy disappeared in October:

    “Neil, on May 2nd, 2008 at 9:21 am Said:

    I did not go to the cops in August but I did go as soon as Stacy disappeared in October. The only reason I did not go in August was because Stacy was deeply afraid for her safety. I simply honored her request. She was more afraid to report it than to simply try to live with the man.”

  32. I know, facsmiley. I don’t debate that issue anymore. She lived with the fool, she knew what she should or shouldn’t do. I’m beyond explaining my feelings about that, but, of course, everyone is here to blog and express opinions, and that’s the way it is. I’d be afraid of him too if I were her, from what I’ve seen.

  33. Rescue, I get weary too of returning to the same debate points again and again. Some of these things are moral and legal gray areas and we have our opinions of what we think was right or wrong and what we may or may not have done had we been involved.

    At this point, I’d just like to see an arrest and charges and see what the legal process determines.

  34. Facsmiley – but you have to admit, Brodsky sure does add the drama we need to get us through, until Peterson is charged for these crimes.


  35. I wish this was black or white because it would be much easier to take a stand, but it isn’t. If and or when stacy knew and is guilty by not going to le, is something that looks bad for stacy. But she is not here to defend herself so i let it go and question the one who can defend himself. I hear of too many women afraid of their spouses and allowing things to happen. We don’t know what he may have told her, or threatened her with.

  36. myblueshark // July 1, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    who thinks Matt will be called to the grand jury? I do!
    I hope that they do too.

  37. Some names I didn’t know … but Cass, Roy, and Ric Mimms … JIC, Anthony (admin from FSP).

    There were two names I didn’t recognize but I think they were “real names” of people and I mostly only know people by their blog name.

  38. If I read that right … and thanks to whoever is pulling my posts from here and putting them there. Saving me some time. 😉

  39. The biggest problem with this case is nothing is black and white. It’s got too many gray areas.

    I haven’t read all the comments on Ashley’s blog, but my impression from the emails and PMs is that Ashley didn’t physically meet with Drew. It appears that they communicated via Yahoo, and in one email he asked that she call him. So, they probably DID talk on the phone.

    Again…….my impression, but I think Ashley set Drew up. I could be wrong, but that was my initial impression.

  40. She said she did not know that BPD959 was Drew, initially, but that she did know who Drew Peterson was from the news.

    I still would like to see that original PM but so far … nada. 🙂

  41. ah…..ha!

    One thing I do know…….most police departments retire the badge number when the person retires. So that is Drew’s badge number for life.

  42. myblueshark // July 1, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    At sym they think bash is ashley? Who else?

    I’m willing to bet everything that Bash is NOT ashley.

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