Drew Peterson’s son appears before grand jury

Drew Peterson’s 13-year-old son Kris appeared before the grand jury investigating the disappearance of his step-mom and the March 2004 death of his mother.

Kris Peterson arrived at the Will County Court Annex building at about 11 a.m. in the passenger seat of a black sports utility vehicle. Authorities ushered him directly into the building.

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7 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s son appears before grand jury

  1. Bless your heart dear Kris. I pray that you feel the support and love that surrounds you and that you know no matter what you have family who will always love you.

    Please remember that nothing from this is your fault, the world knows you are suffering and we wish for you to one day have peace in your life again.

  2. Kris, I am praying for you again, especially today. I realize all of this cannot be easy on you or your siblings. I hope and pray that someday soon you will all have peace again and be able to heal from all of this.

    There are so many of us that you do not know worldwide that keep you in our thoughts and prayers. You also have a family that loves you no matter what.

    Be strong and brave. May God be with you.

  3. As stated above, there are many, many people out here that keep you and your family in our daily prayers. Praying that you go with courage and strength today to do something that no child should have to do.

    Peace and love coming your way………….

  4. Kris, I can only imagine how nervous you might have been testifying at the grand jury. But, you are a strong young man, and I respect you for having done the right thing. I have no idea what you are feeling right now about any of this stuff in the news, Kris. You are a special young man, God created you perfectly. Please know that you and your brothers and Lacy are in my prayers daily, sometimes more than once daily. Life can be very confusing and sometimes adults act very childish so I hope you can forgive all of us adults and just lean on the knowledge that God does not make mistakes – He is the one perfect constant that we have.

    (that means that I am Grandma to ten (it will be eleven next month), not two hundred and ten!

  5. Godspeed Kris. You, your brothers and sister are in my prayers often. Just know that people everywhere care about you, and pray for strength, guidance, peace, love and protection for you and your loved ones.

  6. Good show and G*d bless you and keep you safe, young masters Kristopher and Thomas.

    I pray that the burdens of sadness and confusion will soon be lifted from your young, trusting, loving, and innocent souls…

    G*d Bless you and your brothers and sister.



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