Judge to rule on Peterson weapons charge at end of month

Will County Court judge said Monday that he will make a decision July 30 on a motion to dismiss a felony weapons charge against Drew Peterson.

Judge Richard Schoenstedt also granted the defense’s motion to alter Peterson’s bond to allow him to travel out of state for vacation purposes.

Peterson’s attorneys argue that federal statutes provide him with immunity from state firearms laws. The state argued that the federal law does not apply to weapons that are considered illegal
in a police officer’s home state.


4 thoughts on “Judge to rule on Peterson weapons charge at end of month

  1. Hurry up and wait. For some reason I kept thinking this was going to happen on the 30th originally.

    Hope the kids have a good time.

  2. wow First I’ve heard of the GJ gun charges indictment! Adds some gravitas andsupport for ISP. yay.

    Facs, it was originally to be 30th June.

    Roll on Thursday.

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