Reporter’s Notebook: Brodsky responds to wiretap allegations

Just received this e-mail from Drew Peterson’s publicist Glenn Selig. July 23, 2008
The following is a statement from Joel A. Brodsky, criminal defense attorney for Drew Peterson, on this morning’s published report in the Chicago Sun-Times that former friends of Peterson wore a wiretap and secretly recorded conversations with Peterson for authorities.

“The obvious questions are: Why would Paula Stark and Len Wawczak be sharing their story with the media? And if they were acting on behalf of authorities would the police allow these supposed undercover agents to reveal anything Drew said which would incriminate him?”

“To answer the second question first, if Drew had made any incriminating statement to Wawczak and Stark when they were supposedly undercover agents, today’s news would include their arrest for obstruction of justice. The police would never allow the disclosure of any such information in an ongoing investigation. The fact is that Drew never made any of the statements Wawczak and Stark attribute to him, period”.

“Secondly, the reason Wawczak and Stark and talking now can be attributed to the fact that they are about to be evicted from their home, and they are in a dire economic situation. A month ago they tried to borrow money from Drew and he refused. It seems obvious that they want to sell their story and they used a reporter to get the word out.”

“If there truly are tapes Wawczak and Stark secretly recorded for authorities as they claim, Drew hopes the tapes are released soon because he knows that they will prove he is innocent.”

View the full press release here


7 thoughts on “Reporter’s Notebook: Brodsky responds to wiretap allegations

  1. “A month ago”

    Hurry and catch up JB… They have been along for the ride for more than 9 months…. 😀

  2. Glenn, if this didn’t come from Joel’s Google Blog, I don’t think we can accept it as being from the Real Joel.

    Just checking.


  3. If that’s what they’re releasing, can you imagine
    what they have that is not being let out to public?

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