Grand Jury Update

Attorney Thomas Glasgow speaks to reporters Thursday after his client Jennifer Schoon (background) testified before the special grand jury investigating the disappearance of Stacy Peterson and the March 2004 death of Kathleen Savio.

Jennifer Schoon, the former girlfriend of Drew Peterson’s son Steve testified before the grand jury Thursday.

Schoon and her attorney Thomas Glasgow exited the Will County Court Annex building at about 12:45 p.m.

“(Schoon) was the girlfriend of Steve Peterson and lived in the house with Drew Peterson and Steve Peterson during the time that Kathleen Savio’s body was discovered,” Glasgow said.

Glasgow said Schoon testified extensively but declined to comment on the content of the testimony.


6 thoughts on “Grand Jury Update

  1. Hmm. Still calling like one witness a week.

    Why I am picturing the old 3 Stooges skit??

    “Niagara Falls!! Slowly, I turn – step by step, inch by inch, …”

  2. Well, what’ya know. Isn’t that interesting. Never even thought of that person, but there’s a lot we probably don’t know about who was with who at the time KS was murdered.

  3. This might be breaking news, or who knows…

    A lot of squads and police activity.
    They are looking in a hole.
    135th and New Avenue, Romeoville/Lockport.

    Human bones found in the hole.

    July 31, 2008 2:01 PM

  4. in the meantime while i wait for something to happen to drew peterson, i go shopping, plan my holiday to seattle and vancouver and do my work well.

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