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Sorry for the delay folks. Here’s the new one.

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36 thoughts on “Your Thread – August 1

  1. I wonder….Has anyone been able to confirm
    if DP left without his kids for his vacation ?
    That is just so sad if that is the case..I feel so bad for those innocent children..sigh…

  2. A post to Basherette, You are in my prayers. I do not know what your medical condition is, I just know that you had medical issues. Stay strong my friend. During these trying times, you may trip and you may fall, but I know that you will get back up and stand tall. I am going to say a big prayer for you and I know your strength along with G*d’s will lead you the way. Hug’s to you……..

  3. Yeah – It’s quiet on all of the boards.

    I think people are feeling a bit wiped out from the ups and downs. Everyone wants this to be solved faster and I think a lot of people had their hopes up that the gun charge and the GJ were going to go a different way. Some may just be heading out for a long weekend or getting ready for one.

    I did get a good laugh though from Iknoweverything’s (I think that’s the name) avatar of Joel with his finger in his nose. Funny, funny stuff!!

  4. I did get a good laugh though from Iknoweverything’s (I think that’s the name) avatar of Joel with his finger in his nose. Funny, funny stuff!!
    Yeah that was a good one !

  5. I wanna know where she got it from!! I was trying to see if it was doctored up or if it was the real PICK (ha! ha! PICK instead of PIC – get it!!)

    LOL – I have to crack myself up today because it is too quiet out there and I’m bored but chained to my desk.

  6. thinkaboutit2 – I’m sure he grabbed it from that twitchfest Joel did on the Mike and Juliet Show. It was like he had St Vitus’ dance.

  7. Hi Wonder. Taking a break from the circus.

    I’m going to be watching Nancy Grace and OTR tonight to see what the latest is regarding that missing toddler, Caylee. Her mom is sure manipulating everyone! I almost wish that the mom gave her away to someone in a foolish moment rather than hurt her. At least that would give hope that she’s alive somewhere.

  8. Hi Everyone!

    I love your avatar IKELOL…. Very funny! 😀

    That story about Caylee is so sad. I’m with ya Rescue, it would be better if she sold her or something, instead of hurting that precious little girl. 😥

  9. I can’t get past the borrowing of the neighbor’s shovel, and two independent cadaver dogs hitting on the yard and the car. I am just saying I wish there was an explanation beyond that, and that this unbalanced mom did something stupid like giving her to someone. The mom just seems so disconnected from her daughter now, and is so nonchalant.

    It looks like she has her parents convinced she did something stupid, but letting them think Caylee’s alive and leading them on a wild goose chase too. Looks like Casey’s parents have a lot of practice trying to figure out what’s lies and what’s not with her. Unfortunately, that beautiful baby is suffering for it.


  10. I actually feel for the grandma. She seemed like she was trying to do the right thing when she called 911, even though she is a little goofy too. It must be hell for them (the grandparents), to have their daughter in trouble and the baby missing.

  11. i believe caylee’s mother will be found innocent. she is being setup like so many others have been by corrupt LE and judges and others behind the scenes. many innocent people will be vindicated in the near future. just my opinion, don’t shoot me.

  12. 1chord… Just curious…. Why do you think that? She won’t even work with the police or help them find her daughter. How do you think she is being set up? 😕 Why would the police or a judge not want this little girl found?

    P.S. – Gatehouse – hope it is ok we are discussing this.

  13. call it a hunch or a feeling. she won’t work w/ the police because she knows they are corrupt and i believe that is why the feds have been brought in. why has she not been charged w/ more serious charges? this is going on all over the country, world. people w/ power and influence using it to cover their crimes and frame innocent people.
    by the way, i don’t think this is the case w/ drew peterson. he’s guilty as it gets and the whole house of cards is coming down really soon. it’s a worldwide epidemic.

  14. harley-
    quite alright, good to see ya’ll coming back…too quiet. although, the last time we made the mistake of saying that, all hell broke loose and no one slept for three days.

  15. IMO- I do believe that the mother of Caylee is playing games and knows where her daughter is. Unfortunatley, I believe the outcome does “NOT ” look to good. I get very angry hearing the mother speak and sometimes even at the grandmother. This is a baby missing and the mother talks like her bicycle is missing. Her wheels do not turn all the way. The mother has “NO EMOTION” and seems very “DISCONNECTED.” It is just so sad. I am sorry, wake up JUSTICE SYSTEM…..That mother needs to sit in a 4×4 room until she tells the truth. PERIOD.

  16. applealley. Hey, don’t be so hard on her. She just didn’t call police for five weeks because she was conducting her own investigation…at a night club.


  17. Facs, Ok, I won’t be so hard. LOL…..I really would like to be the one to put her in that room. What is wrong with these people. And then the grandmother says that if Caylee is not found she will blame the reporters. HUH? Not her daughter not who is responsible. Fustrates me to no end. Ok, I am done ranting on that case. LOL

  18. Oh, but now that the FBI is involved, the grandmother isn’t so combative in her tone with the press. She is probably coming to the realization that harm came to her granddaughter, and it was because of her daughter. I understand she doesn’t want to believe that her daughter is capable of doing something like this, but it’s time for her to come to grips with it.

    Casey is one sick girl, and I think her parents know that. What a mess! Sounds like the brother is the only one that makes sense.

  19. So, did this Casey just snap and do something to her daughter, or could she have been on drugs? Although, she’s so out of touch with reality, I think she’s got mental problems. Which didn’t just happen overnight, especially since everyone that knows her says she’s a habitual liar.

  20. Who knows Rescue…. I’m torn… at one hand she appears to be a great mom. Then I feel like she has some weird jealousy of her mother, and did something out of spite. Seems like her mom is a bit of a……. caring grandmother that Casey somehow was resentful of.

    Very Strange….

    Seems like the grandma gave Casey the benefit of the doubt, at first. That first call that was aired, where Casey was so mean to her mom, said alot to me.

  21. HJ – actually, I think Casey’s mom knew right from the start that Casey did something bad. That was evident in her 911 call, down to saying she smelled death in the car! After she had time to think about it, she didn’t want to sell her daughter down the river, so to speak. But now that the FBI is involved, if she lies to them about anything, she’ll have her own legal problems.

    The grandparents are in a trick bag, but that grandmother is hard to take!

  22. Yeah, she ss hard to take. At the same time, I almost feel bad for her. Grandbaby missing, and daughter PROBABLY responsible for it. I heard the other day, someone talking about how the grandmother has come to terms that Casey PROBABLY did do something to Caylee, and her only defense mechanism is to now try to protect Casey, even though she really does KNOW.

    As much as she is hard to take, I would have to guess again that there isn’t a manual of what to do when your daughter kills your grandbaby. ;?

    Crimes against children just get me all riled. Some people should just NEVER be allowed to have them. 👿

  23. Yes, the grandmother and grandfather lose all around. No doubt about it. Just the thought of that baby being harmed is hard to imagine. Not knowing what happened, no matter what the circumstances, must be awful for them.

  24. facsmiley // August 1, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    applealley. Hey, don’t be so hard on her. She just didn’t call police for five weeks because she was conducting her own investigation…at a night club.


    Maybe Drew is down trying to hook up with this girl!! They have alot in common.

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