Your Thread – August 6

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38 thoughts on “Your Thread – August 6

  1. I wonder….where did Paula and Lenny go ?
    It’s obvious there is a problem, since everytime someone asks about them they get the run around…..sigh……
    As for Thelma and Louise….I am sure they are doing thier best, but as far as I can tell its a free for all over there. People just act like fools.


  2. Amazing does describe it. So does despicable.

    There is a new thread started about search efforts, just idiot comments.
    No details of searches.
    Do people still go out to search? Anyone know?

    Here is the last comment I saw, and I am done reading there for today, why bother?
    Stuff like this is the norm:

    [i]Anonymous said…
    Leave Len & Paula alone! They have done much more than you for the justice of Kathleen and Stacy. I agree with another Anonymous…go play with a loaded pistol and make the world a better place.

    August 6, 2008 9:02 AM[/i]

  3. FYI – I heard from Rescue and she just got her power back early this morning. She’s got a lot of yard clean up to do, but she’s fine.

  4. If you thought today was my birthday, then something more than your calendar reading skills that are askew. 😉

  5. Hi everyone,

    Good to hear rescue is ok. I do believe they are still doing searches. I would like to think that the post on Len & Paula’s was telling us that they are still searching.

  6. Search Information
    Volunteer Land Search – Every Saturday & Sunday

    Volunteer land searches will continue, please meet at the Aquatic Center at 8:30am.

    Please remember to wear footwear for muddy and rocky terrain. Tennis shoes NOT recommended! Boots or hiking footwear for your own safety!

    Please meet at:
    Bolingbrook Aquatic Center – Click here for Map
    200 Lindsey Lane
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    Time: 8:30AM

  7. Why, Facs, you little devil. You were trying to get extra birthday presents this year???? 👿

    Apple – thank you for your concern. We got “stormed,” but at least I can say we and our neighbors weathered the storm. Lots of clean up to do, but, hey, things could always be worse. The kindness of fellow neighbors helping each other out is a pleasant side effect!

    ~ Rescue

  8. Rescue,

    Sure does makes a difference having great neighbors, who help one another. We had a few branches that came down. I am such a baby when it comes to that lightning and thunder. I can take the rain, but, not the other. My poor little puppy was a wreck. It was his first storm and he did not care for it.

  9. It was one of the most intense storms I’ve seen. It was scary. I think what most concerned us most was the loss of electricity, which, in turn, knocks out the sump pump. Had it continued to rain any more over the 30+ hours we were without power, that would have been a major problem! But it didn’t, and it wasn’t. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the furry one. Harley was none too happy with all of the lightening and thunder either.

    But, it’s over!

  10. Rescue – glad to see you safely out the other side of that!

    Our poor dog was fine with the actual storm, but he was completely freaked out by the darkness and silence that happened afterwards. The emergency vehicles with the blinking lights, and people walking by with flashlights really freaked him out. We left him at home to go for a walk and when we came back we could hear him barking as we approached the house and he was all hot and panting. It took him a day to calm down as well.

  11. I forgot what it was like to puppy train….Yikes. Although, I love the cage training. It has worked out good for me.

  12. Do any of you ever go on Excellent live doppler and chat for the weather. I love the info I recieve there, it is very informative.

  13. Hi everyone!

    Sounds like you did have a mad storm…I read about people fleeing Wrigley Field. Glad you’re safe.

    It does bring out the best in people. I once lived in a small town that has a steep hill into and another the other side o
    out, and when we were snowed in for days at a time it was like a party,everyone out and helping one another, a farmer brought milk and potatoes in by tractor. We even had extra company! A busload of children and seniors on their way back from a play were stranded and put up in the rugby club. Everyone turned up with blankets and food and tea (of course) and toys.

    I love a thunderstorm, and from my home right on the Bristol Channel Iface the prevailing weather and it never fails to give a fine show.

  14. Hi bucket! I love your story.

    I usually don’t mind thunderstorms and kind of like them, as long as they leave our power supply alone, leave the roofs intact, and let the trees stay standing!

    Have a good one, bucket.

  15. Yo rescue!

    Yep, losing power seems like an adventure for the first 20 minutes or so, LOL. We often (well it seems often) have gale force winds so I hear you about the damage.

    I wish I could make a kind of pleat in the time zones so I could be around for the chat-action, I’ve got an early start tomorrow.

    A friend of mine will be in Chicago for a conference in November and he asked if I thought a DP trial might be in swing. I said I’d ask my wordpressers LOL.

    (I have become a bit obsessed. If someone asks where I am, my kids say “Chicago” if I’m on the puter. )

    Cheers! I’ll be catching you all up tomorrow.X

  16. Wonderwoman, do you wonder when charges will come? Do you wonder if anyone of interest will show up at GJ tomorrow?

    I do.

    I wonder.

  17. Yeah I wonder about alot of things…but what I really wonder the most is…will SP ever be found. I don’t wonder what charges will come, cuz I just know its a coming. As for the GJ I haven’t a clue. I trust you guys to keep me informed…I know that sounds lazy but it is true. You guys/gals are so great at it. I was completely floored by the whole wire tapping thing….makes me really wonder what is on those tapes ….but If I could choose just one thing to find out about this case, it would be to know where SP is…( or rather what I believe to be her remains are) I think I am beginning to wonder too much now, I cant seem to shut up! LOL

  18. I sent an email today to State’s Attorney Glasgow with my question about the Hearsay Bill, and whether a homicide suspect can be indicted before the Bill is signed into law, but later use the Bill at the trial. I personally don’t see why that Bill can’t be used if it’s signed into law prior to a trial.

    Don’t know if I’ll get an answer, but thought I’d try.

  19. Today, in Chicago, an alderman plead guilty to accepting bribes. When she was first charged, she went before the microphones and expressed her outrage over being charged, and was fuming over how much she did for her constituents.

    Well, the feds had her on tape – wiretapped. I saw an individual, I believe a lawyer, say that it was the thing to do, since wiretapping is what it is, and it’s hard to get around it.

    Ah, that was a good thing to hear today. Made me think of Peterson. No matter what they do to slime Lenny & Paula, that voice of his is on those recordings and there will be no disputing that.

  20. rescueapet // August 6, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    Today, in Chicago, an alderman plead guilty to accepting bribes. When she was first charged, she went before the microphones and expressed her outrage over being charged, and was fuming over how much she did for her constituents.

    Wow, that case is dragging out, too.

  21. Hi guys. What did I miss?

    No power or water for two days. What a storm! I guess tornado #2 bounced around us monday. We were lucky tho. Thank *od for family…brothers generator etc. and the pool water for flushing!

    So did anyone get arrested this week yet? I think it won’t be til after Blow dry signs the bill. Not sure if it has to be (to be used), but I also think the GJ has its interest peaked lately; going back over certain scenarios for additional witnesses.

    I think there will be a parade of character witnesses; plus his own cocky voice betraying his true self. And, if heresay holds up, he will go down cold.


  22. rescue, is this the respectable female alderman who crawled out her window to avoid police? or someone in the house did?

  23. Well that sounds somewhat encouraging.
    It’s been a long long long day for me…So
    G’nite..nice chatting with you. I will be
    back tomorrow I hope 🙂

  24. What is it with Illinois politicians? If the gov signs this it will be the only honest thing he’s done. a legacy of justice. Like Geo Ryan’s last stand on the death penalty.

  25. Yeah, the Gov has a whole host of his own problems.

    I’m hoping to get an answer about the Hearsay Bill, and if it can be applied in a case such as Petersons, as long as it’s signed before his trial, and not necessarily before his indictment.

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