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Here’s Monday’s.

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  1. Hi everyone

    *puff puff* I’ve just caught up with last night’s stuff. My crumbs of thought re Ashen’s site:

    I can’t understand how Ducky can see Stacy’s family/friends on that blog…I’ve only seen one or two call themselves searchers.

    It IS a bit of a free-for-all rough-and-tumble, but any decision about closing it down is up to the people who “own” it. There may be good reason to keep it up….eg. to draw fire from the bad guys.

    Won’t you be popping over there to see what’s being said next time something happens? If not, I’d be happy to report here. 🙂

  2. Does anyone know if Lenny and Paula have appeared before the GJ? It may be that they are still waiting to hear from them before DP gets indicted.

  3. I wonder……..How is everyone this fine wonderful beautiful morning ? Everyone ready to blog today ? It’s been way too quiet lately.

    Also, I have no idea if they have been before the GJ yet. But I have a sneaky suspicion that they already have and that is why they are no longer posting as themselves on their blog ( Yes I think they are both Thelma and Louise…Thelma is Ashley and Lenny in my opinion ( and I base this soley on the content of their posts )

    Thoughts ?

  4. If they have you should see DP charged this week (Based on what they have said to the media), but if they have not then this could take quite a while.

  5. my guess would be one of them is lorie. notice she has quit pimping out her site. i think she even had that eek its a pervert pic before. but honestly i could be wrong on the pic thing.

  6. I mean are Lenny and Paula there in person while the GJ listens to tapes or do they just talk with Lenny and Paula without hearing the tapes?

  7. Hearsay Bill Update via ACR, by way of HeDidIt:….&GA=95#action s

    Short Description: CRIMINAL LAW-TECH

    Senate Sponsors
    Sen. A. J. Wilhelmi – James A. DeLeo

    House Sponsors
    (Rep. Careen M Gordon – Dennis M. Reboletti – Jim Durkin)

    Last Action
    Date Chamber Action
    8/8/2008 Senate Sent to the Governor

  8. bbrcheri-I will answer your “statements” from yesterday. Yes, I know that more people post than just BB residents. I am not ignorant, nor am I stupid. Please go back and read all the posts that I wrote. I was in no way referring to all the bloggers on Ass-Len’s. I was referring to Lenny, Paula, Sharon, Searchers, family and friends posting on that blog. It is disgraceful and they do live in BB. There are not too many people with “class” that are associated with this case, as THEY have well demonstrated time and time again. IMO-nobody that is associated with this case in any manner (meaning the ones that will testify etc.), should be posting on that blog or any other blog. Lenny and Paula are witnesses to the potential trials. Sharon and the rest of them will be witnesses in the potential trial. The family and friends of Stacy and Kathleen will be witnesses in the potential trial. You don’t see Kathleen’s family blogging on that blog or any forum.

    The CHILDREN deserve to have all of these people treat their Mom’s and their Mom’s memories with respect and class. To be associated in ANY way with Ass-Len’s blog NOW is disgraceful and disrespectful to the children. The friends and family of Stacy Peterson should take some “class” lessons from the Stebics. The family and friends of Lisa would never do any of this garbage to their daughters memory and to the children.

    The fact that the friends, family, searchers, witnesses can’t comprehend that acting like this is a horrible reflection on their own character speaks volumes as to the types of people that they are-and the type of witnesses that they will be. IMO-they should get off their freaking computers, insist on that blog being shut down and shut their mouths-for Stacy, for Kathleen, but especially for the children.

    Lets all remember that there might be 2 murder trials. It may seem like ripping DP apart and calling him vile names and saying disgusting things may feel good for them at the moment, but it truly will hurt them at trial.

    That is JMO and like I said, a very strong one. If you don’t agree, I really don’t care. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Don’t read it if you don’t like it. Just that simple. Comprehend?

    Hi Bucktet-how are you? Trust me, I just know 😉

  9. bbrcheri // August 10, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Not everyone in the neighborhood supports DP, as a matter of fact very few do. As a matter of FACT “the” neighborhood is a highly caring one. SERIOUSLY that comment of ducky’s is just wrong on so many levels!
    Ok-one more 😉

    bbrcheri-you must not have ever read one of my posts. I do not support DP in any way, shape or form. I stated yesterday that I think that he is guilty of 2 murders. Again, read my posts before assuming anything about me. You know what they say about assuming? lol

    The “neighborhood” is a circus. It has been for a long time. I guess “highly caring” to you means that this is how “normal” people act. Well, the neighborhood is a disgrace to Stacy, Kathleen and to their children. Witnesses, friends and family shouldn’t conduct themselves in this manner. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to live next door to a potential murderer, but the way that they conduct themselves will hurt at trial. There is no way around it. If they were smart, they would shut down the blog, get all of the “neighborhood” off the computer and away from the circus and conduct themselves in a mature manner. I really wish that they would hire a professional person or just have Pam B. speak all the time. I’m sure that if she knew what they were doing, she would put a stop to it. None of this garbage will HELP the children or the trials. Why is the “neighborhood” lowering themselves to the way that DP acts? Look at the latest entry on the Ass-Len blog and then tell me that this is what two witnesses should have on their blog. If you think that this is right, then I don’t know what to say to you.

    JMO-don’t like it, don’t read it.

  10. “JMO-don’t like it, don’t read it.”

    That’s probably what the people at the Ashlen blog would say, Ducky. 😉

    For the record, I don’t disagree with most of what you have said. I fail to see the point in purile bashing for bashing’s sake. If there’s some method to that madness I must be missing it.

  11. facsmiley // August 11, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    “JMO-don’t like it, don’t read it.”

    That’s probably what the people at the Ashlen blog would say, Ducky.

    For the record, I don’t disagree with most of what you have said. I fail to see the point in purile bashing for bashing’s sake. If there’s some method to that madness I must be missing it.
    I don’t think ducky is going to be a witness like certain other people are that oughta keep their mouths closed. Why would people who might end up being witnesses conduct themselves the way they are doing??

  12. Does anyone honestly think that a jury would let Drew Peterson walk away scott free because they heard witnesses were posting on a blog, and discount the evidence that is put before them? I don’t think that’s going to be the case, personally.

    Not to mention it would have to be Brodsky’s team to get have to copy, organize and get all of those blog posts before the jury, and, needless to say, he’s got a few skeletons in his own blog closet. I think too much is being made out of these forums and blogs. They’re just people’s opinions, they’re not fact. Some of the posts are out of sheer anger, some out of boredom, and some just want to stir up their “opponents.”


  13. Oh, and “for the record,” I do agree they should all back off the blog and lay low, but I don’t believe the blog posting makes one bit of difference in the outcome of finding Drew Peterson guilty or not guilty.

  14. Ducky, what makes you think that any of the people you mentioned are posting at Ashlen’s?

    Most I have seen there are anonymous.
    And… Hi! Everyone.

  15. I think that it is pretty obvious that the site has outlived its initial purpose. Now it is moving in another direction and basically becoming an anti-Drew site. Please don’t get me wrong – I am certainly not a Drew lover by any stretch of the imagination.

    I just think the LE has to sort through this and I pray that the truth is discovered. I do think that the blog could hurt at trial time. Some jurors could discount any testimony that they give (that may not be backed up by whatever is on tape) because they certainly showed that they were very angry at him. Don’t get me wrong – I think they may have had a right to be very angry at him – but I don’t think that making that so public wasn’t in the best interest of the case IMO.)

  16. Hi Harleyjoey!

    Maybe this will be the week something comes of this whole mess. It sure is eerie how quiet the Brodsky boys have been.

    Maybe they got notification of the tape recordings and they’re plotting their strategy, their defense. That would be a new approach. wink 😉

  17. thinkaboutit – if Peterson is on those tapes saying something damaging, and LE has the evidence or can produce something that coincides with what’s on those tapes, I don’t see how Lenny and Paula’s actions could be damaging. The tapes are what they are. Hours and hours and hours. Besides, I think even the jurors would be more include to distrust Peterson and dislike him than they would any potential witness, and Peterson has only himself (well, and his attorney) to blame for that.

  18. Oh, I’m not typing well today. The jurors would be “more inclined” to distrust Peterson…..

    proofread, proofread, proofread, LOL.

  19. I agree about anything that is backed up by also being on tape.

    My point was about any additional information they may have that is NOT on tape. Jurors may wonder if that is true or not – you already see this happening on other forums.

  20. I know, thinkaboutit, I understand what you’re saying. But, who’s the biggest liar of them all? It will all come down to who’s version of the “truth” is more believable. So long as Peterson had the means, the motive and seems to be the only one in the sights of LE right now, I don’t think it’s looking real good for him. I think a jury would have to try extremely hard to let him get away with murder!

  21. Rescue – I absolutely 100% agree. The jury will have to decide who they want to believe and I’m sure that the LE is putting together as much evidence as possible to eliminate any reasonable doubt.

    Obviously though right now the prosecution doesn’t think it is a 100% guaranteed conviction right now or they would have charged him.

    There are actually more people out there that 100% think Drew is innocent than any of us could imagine. All it takes is 1 of these people on the jury.

  22. Hi Rescue!

    I sure hope something happens this week.

    I just don’t see Brodsky, or anyone for that matter in court….. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury….. Look at all of these people on blogs, forums, message boards, making fun of us….”

    I don’t see it happening, and I don’t see what any of this has to do with being charged with 2 murders. I really don’t.

    BFD… So people are making fun of Drew, and his idiot lawyer. Who cares?

    And I still don’t see where Sharon or anyone else has done anything wrong. I would be honored to have her as a neighbor. 😉

  23. Rescue, Harley, Think, 99 HI!

    I was thinking that they might just slap the cuffs on him on the 28th…he has to appear (best send him throught he metal detector this time), and he’ll be surrounded by all manner of officers.

    I’ll be a futher 2 hours east then!Criteria for hotel choice: wifi in the room.

    I beg your indulgence for one more thing about Drew’s eye (Iknow, I know, it obviously bothered me more than it did him). I think it was a suicide attempt. Suicide by Visine….only he didn’t realize you had to ingest it, he just “overdosed”.

  24. thinkaboutit2 wrote….

    Obviously though right now the prosecution doesn’t think it is a 100% guaranteed conviction right now or they would have charged him.

    Really? The mere fact that he hasn’t been charged yet doesn’t mean it’s obvious.

  25. As far as I am concerved, it is speculation on who is posting on Ashlens site. No one can make anybody stop from blogging on their computer, in their own privacy. I do not care for some of the posts, but hey, roll on past it. Better yet, best not to go to the site at all, its that simple.

  26. Hey bucketoftea.

    There are never any guarantees that’s for sure.

    I truly believe this/these cases are a lot more complicated than we can imagine.

    When they’re ready, it will happen 😉

    I know I am ready 🙂

  27. 1tankgirl – Well maybe then it isn’t obviously. Maybe it is possibly. It just seems like if they had him saying certain things on tape they would have arrested him already. I personally think they are waiting to find Stacy and for the Hearsay law to pass before charging him.

    Anyway – I wasn’t trying to be over the top on my post or say anything with certainty. It just truly seems like once they get enough evidence to move forward with a charge they would. They wouldn’t need to present their entire case to the GJ right? Some cases are made against people with much less evidence to go on but I think the LE is trying to dot every single I and cross every single T before proceeding on this one for some reason. Bottom line – I want to see the truth come out and justice served to whomever brought harm to either of these women.

  28. Any mention of blogs could be brought up by Brodsky in opening statements, that would be a bad move on his part, lol. Opening statements are not considered evidence that can be deliberated on even if he does.

    The prosecution will steer their case in the direction they desire to admit pertinent evidence. If it isn’t brought up in direct by the prosecution, it will not be allowed in cross by Brodsky. I don’t believe the prosecution is going to open the blog door so to speak.

    Voir dire would be very interesting to listen to during the selection of the jury. 😀

  29. thinkaboutit2~

    I agree, I believe they would like to find Stacy first and have the hearsay bill signed.

    I also believe the hearsay bill is key to Kathleens case.

    Perhaps they will charge Kathleen’s case first, play that trial out. If that was the case, there is no rush on Stacy’s case, remember, once he’s charged the clock starts ticking.

    Hopefully we will know soon, then we will all say, ahhhh, now it makes sense.

  30. If I remember correctly, although I cannot recite the exact language or circumstances, when Mark Geragos presented his opening statement in the Scott Peterson trial, he made references to being able to show or prove that someone else was responsible for Lacy’s death. In other words, he threw it all out there, but was never able to bring it out that there was someone else involved. He made a terrible mistake! The lawyers can say anything they want to, but if the jury doesn’t buy it or they don’t necessarily like the lawyer, bah bye.

    As to not yet charging Peterson, I think LE wants the Hearsay Law as an extra, not as their total prosecution. I know they wish they had Stacy’s body, but, if not, they have a ways and means of showing that there is no body solely because of Drew Peterson, and she can still speak from the grave in spite of it.

  31. I agree 1tank, I think they’ll charge him with Kathleen’s death first. After he gets sent away for a gazillion years for her murder, they can whammy him again with Stacy’s. One at a time.

  32. rescue~

    Mark Geragos is a perfect example 😉 At least he was smart enough not to blog and it still wasn’t working for him 😛

  33. Right Rescue… If I remember correctly Mark Geragos made a big stink in the beginning, but when it came down to it – He only had Scott’s parents testify. A big pffft…….

    I just pray Stacy is found, and can have a proper burial. Her children, and family deserve that.

    Mark Geragos, Yale Galanter, all of them – Laughing their asses off at the Brodsker! 😀

  34. Oh, and those tapes of dear, sweet (NOT) Scott trying to put the moves on Amber, while people were looking for his missing, pregnant wife, didn’t exactly do much to secure his innocence either. Amber didn’t exactly have an exemplary reputation, but she certainly knew how to record a murder’s voice. He didn’t incriminate himself; he just convinced the jury, in his own words, that he was a heartless, cruel hard ass. Hmmmm?

  35. OT

    Rescue and Harley
    I keep wanting to reach out and gently ruffle your ears.

    I wonder what kind of avatar would make everyone want to send me chocolate.

  36. LOL at you, bucket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you figure out that one, let me know. Maybe I’ll think about that one.

  37. I wonder…..What would it be like to have your very own copy of that “Black Book” Timeline ISP has. If I really had super powers I’d get us a copy….but since my super powers are all in my head…we do without..LOL

  38. Tee Hee

    …not sure had quite the desired effect, though. I wanted chocolate MORE without any compulsion to send you some LOL

  39. Found a news article for you guys:

    New law offers hope for family of missing Bolingbrook girl

    Rachel Mellon disappeared 12 years ago. Could legislation help solve the mystery?
    Her name may not be as well known as Lisa Stebic or Stacy Peterson, but the similarly unexplained disappearance of a young Bolingbrook girl more than 12 years ago remains a haunting mystery.

    Rachel Marie Mellon was 13 when she vanished Jan. 31, 1996. That bitter-cold morning, the bubbly seventh-grader stayed home from school sick with a flu bug, resting in a pink sweat shirt, yellow sweat pants and slippers.

    That evening, she was gone.

    Despite exhaustive search efforts on land, in the air and under water, no clues have emerged revealing her whereabouts.

    State lawmakers on Friday sent to the governor’s desk legislation that may affect the possible prosecution of murder suspects in cases such as that of Rachel, Stebic and Peterson in which authorities say they strongly suspect foul play but are limited by a lack of physical evidence without a body.

    Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow pushed for the measure that would allow a judge at a pretrial hearing in a murder case to determine whether so-called hearsay evidence – testimony or documents that quote someone secondhand who is not in court – may be admitted at trial.

    Prosecutors would have to prove in a pretrial hearing those statements are reliable and that the defendant’s wrongdoing made the witness unavailable to testify. The legislation is less broad but similar to an earlier failed effort that grew after 16-year-old Erin Justice was killed in March 2004, less than a month after accusing her stepfather of raping her in Naperville. He now is on death row.

    Glasgow is encouraging area police departments to review unsolved murder cases to see if the new proposal would apply.

    Rachel Mellon’s father, Jeff Skemp, said he long ago gave up hope that his hazel-eyed child is still alive. Still, he is buoyed by the legislation and hopes it may some day give him some measure of closure.

    “To me,” he said, “it would be a wonderful blessing if anything ever happened.”

    A life interrupted

    Rachel would be 26 in October.

    Skemp pictures his only child as a college graduate who fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher.

    Then, he is jolted back into a reality in which he harbors no such illusions.

    “I haven’t had any hope that she’s alive for a long time,” he said. “There’s been no sign of her in 12 years, but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her.”

    Before she vanished, Rachel lived with her mother, Amy, and stepfather, Vince Mellon, who helped raise her since she was 3. They have two other children.

    Skemp lived in Texas when Rachel disappeared, but he moved back to Illinois that same year to help find her.

    From the onset, police have focused much of their investigation on the last person to have reported seeing Rachel alive ­- her stepfather.

    They said Vince Mellon told them he stayed home with Rachel while between jobs. Mellon said the two played Nintendo before he ventured into wind chills of almost 20 below zero about 2:30 p.m. to walk the family’s German shepherd, Duke, while Rachel napped.

    Police said Mellon told them Duke slipped off his leash while chasing a rabbit. He reported returning home about 30 minutes later but didn’t notice Rachel missing.

    The family notified police later that evening. Authorities found no signs of forced entry to their home. Only a blue blanket and two pillows were missing.

    Rachel’s coat, shoes and her purse weren’t taken.

    The athletic, 5-foot-2-inch, 78-pound girl seemingly vanished in broad daylight.

    Police monitored her bank account. Not even a penny was touched. A ransom note never came. There have been no phone calls from her.

    Detectives could not find any witnesses who saw Vince Mellon walking the dog that day. He also had some scratches on his body, police said, which Mellon said happened while working on his car.

    And then there’s Rachel’s journal, which authorities found tucked underneath her bed, in which an entry penned a couple of months before her disappearance alleges her stepfather inappropriately touched and kissed her.

    Vince Mellon has a criminal history that includes convictions for drunken driving, resisting arrest, battery and domestic battery, according to Will County court records.

    But despite numerous interviews, lie-detector tests, saliva and DNA samples taken, phone taps and the convening of a Will County grand jury in 2000, Vince Mellon never has been charged with Rachel’s disappearance.

    He maintains his innocence. He and Amy Mellon still are married.

    “We’ve been through an awful lot,” 41-year-old Vince Mellon said during a brief telephone interview from his home in Tennessee. “We appreciate you keeping Rachel’s name out there and to keep the story going in the news, but we have nothing to say. They (the police) pretty much put us through hell and high water.”

    Reliable hearsay?

    Lisa Stebic vanished April 30, 2007, just before her 38th birthday in Plainfield.

    Stacy Peterson was 23 when she was reported missing Oct. 28 in Bolingbrook.

    Both cases produced a media frenzy, with friends and family telling reporters each woman wanted a divorce and felt threatened by their husbands, neither of whom has been charged with harming his wife.

    State Sen. A.J. Wilhelmi sponsored the legislation allowing certain hearsay testimony, which could include journal entries or alleged threats, to be heard in a murder trial.

    Critics argue the Joliet Democrat’s proposal is contrary to the 6th Amendment, which guarantees a criminal defendant the right to confront his or her accuser in court. Earlier this summer, in a California murder case in which a man was accused of killing his girlfriend, the U.S. Supreme Court again reiterated hearsay testimony may be admitted into trial only if it is proven the accused’s wrongdoing is the reason the witness is unavailable to testify. Still, Wilhelmi insisted his law is narrowly focused and includes several safeguards.

    “There are going to be a lot of cases that this could affect,” the senator said. “We need to make sure our laws are adequate to deal with these acts of violence. We need to make sure juries hear this type of evidence.”

    His bill passed July 10. Lawmakers sent it Friday to Gov. Rod Blagojevich for his consideration. Glasgow and Wilhelmi said they believe the governor will soon sign it into law. A spokesman for Blagojevich said Monday he is reviewing it.

    Attorney Joel Brodsky, who represents Stacy Peterson’s husband, Drew, said he doubts the legislation will affect his case and questioned whether it would withstand muster when reviewed by a higher court.

    Ironically, Drew Peterson worked on the Rachel Mellon case during his tenure as a Bolingbrook police officer.

    “It’s really an emotional law rather than a well-thought-out law,” Brodsky said. “I don’t think it’s a wise law. It has the potential to cause wrongful convictions, which Illinois has a history of, because it’s going to allow in a lot of unreliable stuff.”

    Recalling Rachel

    She has never been found, but police aren’t giving up nor is the case closed.

    Initially, police and the FBI searched for Rachel using helicopters, dogs, horses, dive teams, all-terrain vehicles, ground canvasses and thermal imaging.

    Detectives traveled from Washington, D.C., to Montana and Dallas to chase possible leads. They even worked with Philippine national police, who circulated Rachel’s photo long ago to see if she might have run away to her mother’s birthplace.

    “It haunts me,” said Terry Kernc, a retired Bolingbrook police lieutenant who long investigated Rachel’s disappearance. “I thought when I retired, I could forget, but I can’t. People don’t just disappear. I look at it as a failure because we never found Rachel, and no one ever got arrested. Rachel deserves better.”

    Bolingbrook police detective Mark Revis is the investigation’s current case agent. He was the original evidence technician more than 12 years ago.

    He called the hearsay legislation an “interesting avenue” that police plan to pursue. He said tips still slowly come in and searches, as recent as last year, are ongoing.

    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children also has taken an interest in the case; a 24-year private detective, Cindy Georgantas, involved from the start, said the search for Rachel “never stops.”

    Volunteers such as Anne Bielby, who did not know Rachel but lived nearby, maintain the Web site to keep her name out there, advertise other Chicago-area missing person cases, and link police with outside resources to help with searches.

    Through the years, trees have been planted, time capsules buried, rewards offered, memorial services held and babies named in Rachel’s honor.

    “It warms my soul,” Jeff Skemp said, later adding: “I’m glad I’m a believer in God because, ultimately, justice is waiting.”

  40. I wonder (sorry, wwoman) if the same mad picture appeared before anyone else’s eyes. You probably have noticed that there is another famous Joel Brodsky who was a rock photographer. I could see our JB in the studio (standing on a ladder) with a camera urging Jim Morrison “yeah, baby…that’s fierce! Beautiful!”

  41. Gosh that’s a great article, Rescue. We should remind JB that it’s OK, a JUDGE will decide what is “reliable” so he doesn’t have to worry about lots of unreliable stuff being admitted. He should watch that mouth. That remark was insulting to his betters.

    And he’s got more pressing matters to concern himself with.

  42. Yeah, bucket, that’s true, never thought of it that way. Brodsky doesn’t need to do any decision making about what’s reliable and what’s not. Oh, and there’s no reason to worry if his client gets convicted. It certainly won’t be “wrongful.” Geesh. He thinks he’s the judge and jury now.

  43. Brodsky says…

    “It’s really an emotional law rather than a well-thought-out law,” Brodsky said. “I don’t think it’s a wise law. It has the potential to cause wrongful convictions, which Illinois has a history of, because it’s going to allow in a lot of unreliable stuff.”


    lololol, try to say that three times real fast 😛

  44. bucketoftea // August 11, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    I’m missing Little-Noway-in-a-Tube, too, although the highway sign is cool.
    Little-Noway-in-a-Tube is being a stinker and refuses to go to bed. 😀

    I’m just a big softy and am letting her get away with it because she’s cuddled next to me. 😀

  45. Totally OT – Anyone watching the Olympics? I love to watch gymnastics…. They had the Chinese girls on last night. Apparently you have to be at least 16 to compete.

    My hubby and I were watching…. There is NO WAY those girls were 16. Their entire team is “16” except for one who is “20”. I don’t buy it. Those girls looked like they were barely 10…….

    Is is just me????

  46. Hi harley

    I know what you mean. Sad thing is that they might really be 16 and 20. The Eastern Bloc countries used to medicate the female gymnasts to prevent puberty. Yuck

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