Your Thread – August 25

Here’s a new one folks. Hope you all had a great weekend.

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33 thoughts on “Your Thread – August 25

  1. From Lennys

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Paul Huebl is a f….king idiot? He calls Len a snitch but isn’t he a private investigator? Not to mention that he has wore recording devices before to catch people, let me clue Paul and Joel in on what a snitch is, a snitch is someone that rolls over on a person to the cops for their own personal gain such as a deal worked out with the state to get lesser jail time or in fact to get the case thrown out all together. Len & Paula were not in any criminal trouble you stupid asshole, so the proper wording for them is Informants or CS’s – Confidential Sources, and wasn’t it you that wanted to help Drew with setting his neighbor up Paul? Yes it was, you wanted Drew to go in his backyard and f….k with Sharon while he had one of your recording devices on him. You wanted him to go out there, as you put it and not say a word but fuck with Sharon in ways that would get her going in hopes she would say a lot of ignorant things to Drew, so you guys could have it on tape to go to the cops with it and to the media, just to try and make Sharon look like a stalker and a crazy person. You wanted $500.00 a day, air fare, a rental car, daily meals, and hotel stay to come out to Bolingbrook. But Joel and Drew told you no because they think your stupid and said you were way too costly (Drew told all this to Len back when he thought them two were friends) . Joel and Drew laugh at you, ya dumb ass, but said since your help is for free they would let you. Then you told them about putting cameras on Drew’s house and Joel told you that although you were a bit too pricey that maybe you could direct Drew on how to do it and help him find some good used equipment (any of this so far ringing a bell with you Paul)? Your a loud mouth bitch and that’s why you got your ass whooped and pistol whipped in Phoenix, Arizona while delivering a eviction notice (you were so scared that you emptied your .38 revolver into the night air not knowing if you struck the assailant or not…lol your like Barney Fife from Mayberry) , do you remember that? You’re not worried about doing jack shit other than stirring trouble. Don’t worry what Len is doing on Sept 10th with his court date, he was given a ticket/Local ordinance charge a/k/a NOTHING for pushing and throwing Drew around. Len admitted to the cops on what he did to Drew. Len even filled out a statement with the cops saying what he did. He stood up and took responsibility for what he did why won’t Drew for what he did to Stacy and Kathleen? Then Paul says why won’t this Mike guy take a polygraph test that met with Stacy for drinks on the 26th of October, well lets ask why Drew won’t take a Polygraph test huh? Joel says they don’t mean nothing in court but yet Drew won’t take one. Len did one with no problem and passed. Drew don’t need to take a Polygraph because the cops already know he is a liar and a killer. Oh and BTW when I talked to Len earlier today he said all the boats were back up and running because Len,Roy, and Yelton spent all day Saturday fixing and welding them he also said wait until Drew sees the new sign Roy and Len are working on. It’s going to be parked out in front of Drew’s house everyday. Maybe this will be the week that Stacy is found and brought home. Everyday that passes brings us one day closer to justice for Kathleen and Stacy and one day closer to

  2. It’s unbelieveable, everyone gets into wars because this guy murdered his wives.
    I don’t see why anyone needs to leave. It’s our opinions that keeps this site fun.


    Claudia Schiffer – 38
    Rachael Ray – 40
    Billy Ray Cyrus – 47
    Tim Burton – 50
    Elvis Costello – 54
    Gene Simmons – 59
    Regis Philbin – 75
    Sean Connery – 78

  4. Hey all, I’ve revised my email based on Len’s revelations at the Ashlen blog. If anyone would like to model their email after my own feel free (just don’t cut and past or it will be seen as spam).

    Thanks again Hedidit for the email addresses!


    I’d like to call your attention to some links to offensive content appearing on the Herald News web site.

    If you scroll down to the bottom of this article, you’ll see some links to a blog site called Crime, Guns & Videotape. Clicking on the links open the site content within the Herald-News wrapper.

    Peterson Claims Vindication:,4_1_JO22_PETERSON_S1.article

    Offensive Content:

    Offensive Content:

    I do see a disclaimer about the content being the opinion of the blogger and not associated with Herald-News, but the content of the blog goes beyond opinion and the blogger in this case appears to be far from an independent party with an interest in due process.

    The man writing behind Crime, Guns & Videotape, Paul Huebl, is a private investigator who is a mouthpiece for Drew Peterson/Joel Brodsky. Huebl says he is working to ‘find Stacy’. If you read the two blog entries you’ll see that Joel Brodsky is providing Huebl with documents to be made public via the blog, and I suspect he is feeding him with other information to disseminate as part of his media strategy. The blog entries show Huebl casting suspicions on a classmate of Stacy’s who was interviewed by the ISP back in November. He gives this man’s home address and admits to calling him at home, identifying himself as a “private investigator working on the case”. I suspect that Paul Huebl is the “Internet PI” that Drew has mentioned hiring.

    I’m shocked that this defense propaganda is published on your site as “related content” to stories about Stacy Peterson.

    I understand that the links to his blog are provided by a third party – BlogBurst – but I checked out the Blogburst guidelines and frankly, I think the Crime, Guns and Videotape blog may be in violation of them.

    Please, please remove this offensive content from the Herald News site. That blog is an insult to the victim’s families…and to justice.


  5. hedidit // August 25, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Please delete my account
    We don’t. Don’t worry about unused accounts. It doesn’t hurt anything.

    The software could break if we deleted accounts, so accounts are permanent.

    See also Please delete my blog :


    Does this mean questions for Danya can also be directed to Hedidit?

  6. But then I just discovered a Coldplay song the other day that I liked and came to realize that it’s 8 years old.

    Someone on youtube commented that it had been their favorite song when they were “little”.

  7. Ha Facs! It’s tough getting old 😉 Used to work with a girl not long ago who had never heard a Rolling Stones song.

    Never heard.


  8. From

    Case Number 2008MR001303
    Next Court Date 09-15-2008
    File Date 08-21-2008
    Next Court Location COURTROOM 4000
    Next Court Time 08:30 AM
    Agency Sheriffs Office Assigned Location
    Legal Status ACTIVE Balance Due Amount N/A*
    This amount may not reflect payment made recently
    Counts Count Number Count Description Count Status Complaint Number

    Offender Record
    Offender ID: 201881
    Date of Birth: 01/30/1968
    Age: 40
    Custody Status: Out of Custody
    Reason: Bonded out
    Date: 08/22/2008
    Race: White
    Gender: Male

    Case Number 2008DT003472 Must Appear*
    You have to appear in court on the next court date.
    Next Court Date 08-26-2008
    File Date 07-16-2008
    Next Court Location COURTROOM 4002
    Next Court Time 09:00 AM
    Agency Naperville Police
    Assigned Location COURTROOM 4002
    Legal Status ACTIVE Balance Due Amount $200.00*
    This amount may not reflect payment made recently
    Counts Count Number Count Description Count Status Complaint Number

    Case Number 2008TR086242
    Next Court Date 08-27-2008
    File Date 06-02-2008
    Next Court Time 08:30 AM
    Agency State Police District 15
    Legal Status ACTIVE Balance Due Amount $55.00*
    (As of Date :: 06-17-2008 )
    This amount may not reflect payment made recently
    Counts Count Number Count Description Count Status Complaint Number

  9. Facs, do you know what this means “0001 FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE ACTIVE 08030234 “?

    It’s in the first section of text that you posted (last line).

  10. Awwwwwwwwww. You guys are very sweet. Many thanks to all of you. I’m sitting here patiently waiting for hubby to come home as he whipped out of here so fast when he saw that cake that WD posted in our forum….lol….he decided we can both cheat on our diets. (Albeit we did a lot last night when we went out to dinner.) Again…thank you all 🙂

  11. teneleven // August 25, 2008 at 10:51 am

    rescueapet // August 23, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    Hey giveitarest:


    So nice Joel and Drew are helping and supporting you. To bad you or them never helped or supported Stacys family.

    Picking favorites, giveitarest?


    Iknoweverythinglol – was it a PACE bus you were thrown under? Just curious.


    Ok someone tell me what a pace bus is so I can get mad or happy.

  12. teneleven // August 25, 2008 at 10:47 am

    iknoweverythinglol // August 24, 2008 at 2:10 am

    giveitarest // August 23, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    Rescue, that was a terribly insensitive post about Exlaw. How could you couple comment of a personal family tragedy with a person’s opinion.

    I am sickened by your comment, not that it matters, however I think you are being incredibly rude. I am shocked that you can’t put personal difference aside. The entire second half of your post is completely un-necessary. Ugh.

    Hey, she is the one that brought up Drew and Joel in the post.

    She was the one that is taking the opertunity to try to further the nice guy/selig look for Drew in a statement about her loss.

    Did she ever give Stacy’s family any kind of break because of their loss???

    Hell no.

    And you were the one to D R A G it here from the board where it was posted. Are you under some delusion that the readers here don’t read there?


    Ok what is the DRAG ref here?? Should I be mad?

  13. Pace is the suburban bus division of the Regional Transportation Authority in the Chicago area. It was created in 1983 by the RTA Act, which established the formula that provides funding to CTA, Metra and Pace.

  14. Well thanks folks!! Now I know it wasn’t a very nice thing…….

    teneleven, do you know Marcus Patterson? Now that is a guy I bet drew talked about on the tapes lenny made. I bet he was thrown under a bus.

  15. You are all invited Wednesday August 27th 2008 at 7:00pm to the STACY ANN PETERSON CUE Missing Persons rally held at the Bolingbrook Aquatic Center 200 Lindsey Lane Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440

    Sponsored by the:
    North Carolina-based CUE Center for Missing Persons

    There will be lots of information on missing person, a Self Defense Lesson, Living Will copies and there will also be Carnations to give away in honor of Stacy.

    Family, friends and supporters will be present. Please stop by and show your support for the missing and Stacy.

  16. Joel urges us to laugh things off:

    “Joel A. Brodsky said…
    Nobody has a sense of humor anymore. Its kind of sad. I can remember shen people got taken in a gag they used to laugh at themselves and their own gullibility. (Who remembers Alan Funt and Candid Camera) Now people get fired, charged, sued, etc. I think we were better off when we could laugh at ourselves and our situations, rather than be so serious. Life is real short, so lighten up!!!!!

    August 25, 2008 8:16 PM”

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