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Here’s Wednesday’s folks. We’ll have coverage, photos and video of the event tonight posted late tonight or early Thursday morning so keep checking in.

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25 thoughts on “Your Thread – August 27

  1. Most here misunderstand my “involvement” in the Stacy Peterson missing case. It’s not the Drew Peterson case.

    I found this interesting to investigate and write about. I have talked with prosecutors, cops and Peterson’s lawyer. I have never met them in person and never once talked to or received any communication from Drew Peterson.

    Is Drew Peterson a killer? If I took a vote of that question I’d be the only person here that would say, “I don’t know.” Peterson has no history of violence that can be used as evidence in a criminal court. Uncharged allegations don’t count in most states including Illinois. Peterson deserves a fair investigation and due process of law.

    All of the folks here have lost sight of one simple fact, that any good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. That says a lot about the lack of evidence in this case. Drew Peterson is not charged except for a bogus gun charge. That’s even with the overblown spying exploits of Len and Paula.

    I have been attacked as a mouthpiece for Peterson and his lawyer. That’s a lawyer’s job, not mine. I cannot and don’t speak for them. They do have a PR agent.

    I’m one of those guys that think defendants and their lawyers should be seen but not heard. It generally does not help clients sitting in the hot seat. A lawyer’s work is done in the courthouse. Joel Brodsky needs to represent all of his clients to the best of his ability and that does not mean he should agree with me.

    Like Brodsky I do a lot of criminal defense work and would take on this case if requested. That would never happen unless he was charged for some serious crime against Stacy Peterson. Even then it would be very expensive to bring me in from Arizona and L.A. where I normally work. It would be a lot cheaper for them to use a local PI.

    I’d like to see the Stacy Peterson case solved through proper investigation and anyone responsible for criminal conduct prosecuted. I will concede that Drew Peterson would know how to murder and not be detected. That does not in any way make him guilty of anything more than knowing the job he held for three decades.

    As for me, I’m a PI, TV news producer, writer, actor and anything else that I find fun or lucrative to do. The Zelda McCorville Show was the brainchild of a top TV producer that wanted to help me after I helped her adopt a child late in her life. She’s retired but gave me the material for a pilot and a real chance to win the Hollywood lottery.

    The goal of the show is to be very different and funny. It will be more guest driven like Oprah or Ellen. I invite you to visit and have a laugh. That’s the whole intention. While you’re at it please tell the USA network to put in somewhere the fall line-up!

    My screenplay Come Friday needs investors or a studio. It’s not about me but a true story of a terrific off-duty recruit Chicago policewoman who escaped a kidnapping by a prolific rapist by killing him.

    Please feel free to disagree with me or avoid my writings. Over the years I’ve gotten more than one innocent person their lives back and that have never brought me shame. I hope I have helped clear up your curiosity about my role or

  2. CrimeDude – No offense but I don’t think I’d watch that show because you make a very scary looking lady!

    I support you having your own blog and am proud to say I live in a country where you can put things out there that I totally and completely disagree with. However, I do really wish you would reconsider blocking so many posts of people who may post a reply that didn’t 100% agree with you. But it’s your blog so consider that a comment dropped into your suggestion box but without that ability I will likely not visit your blog again.

  3. Guess I’m out of the loop, whats the event tonight? I looked on Stacy’s site and I don’t see anything posted. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi grandam. Here’s what it’s about:

    Stacy Peterson Cue Center Road To Remember Rally Stop

    Stacy Ann Peterson
    Wednesday August 27th 2008 at 7:00pm
    Bolingbrook Aquatic Center
    200 Lindsey Lane Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440

    There will be lots of information on missing person, a Self Defense Lesson, Living Will copies and there will also be Carnations to give away in honor of Stacy. Family, friends and supporters will be present. Please stop by and show your support for the missing and Stacy.

    Advocates Are Traveling Cross-Country in the 5th Annual “On the Road to Remember” Tour

    Wilmington, NC – For the fifth year, volunteers from the North Carolina-based CUE Center for Missing Persons will set out on another cross country tour to raise awareness of missing children and adults. The team is scheduled to make numerous appearances throughout Illinois in August; distributing a trail of DVD’s, press kits and valuable information concerning 110 missing persons and 6 unsolved homicide cases. Many Illinois cases are included in this year’s tour and will be highlighted at the groups preplanned rally stops that will include participation from law enforcement agencies, advocates – organizations, families of the missing and local and state officials.

    “After so many years, missing persons and homicide cases fade from the public’s radar, but for the families and friends left behind, the nightmare continues — every minute of every day,” said CUE Founder, Monica Caison, who is leading the caravan of volunteers”. “We make this trip each year to assure no case fades from memory and to support the families who remain searching for a resolution. They need our help and the community’s help to bring forth information.”

    The 2008 tour, On the Road to Remember will depart from Wilmington, NC on August 21st, and will end more than 5, 299 miles later returning the volunteers to their home state North Carolina, on September 2nd. Hundreds of volunteers will take part in various legs of the tour, which will include thirty rally stops, traveling thru seventeen states in an effort to promote a public awareness.

  5. crimefile – thanks for your post.

    Rather than “skirt” the issues to pimp your endeavors, I would rather you attempt to justify the way you tried to paint Mike K as a suspect, insisting he be investigated and take a polygraph (although Drew Peterson never has), as well as printing his home address and calling him at his residence.

    I’m curious as to why you would so fiercely target a person who was interviewed within two days of Stacy’s disappearance and determined to not be a suspect.

    BTW, have you read ‘hangdrew’s’ post about you at Len’s blog? It would point at a little more involvement than you are admitting to here…

  6. I think tomorrow is a 9:30 court date for Drew, On the gun charges.
    They couldn’t nail Al Capone on all the murders, but they got him on tax evasion!!! Maybe, a charge to hold him until they can prove KS and Stacy’s murder.
    Hope so.

  7. posted at lenny’s

    trintrin said…
    Ok here is an idea, lets have a photoshop contest for Sharks mother’s murderer. Now I know she is not a teen so she won’t get the same thrill as the boys will seeing their dad like that but what the heck!!! Let’s have some real fun. Anybody else out there that would like to see there murdering dad’s picture photoshoped? We can do them for ever.

    August 27, 2008 3:25 PM

  8. posted at lennys

    trintrin said…
    There are laws governing a contest. Do you people think you are above the Law?

    August 27, 2008 3:58 PM

  9. Tests Confirm Evidence Of Decomposition In Casey Anthony’s Car

    POSTED: 4:21 pm EDT August 27, 2008
    UPDATED: 5:37 pm EDT August 27, 2008

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Tests have confirmed the stench in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car did come from a human body. Casey was offered limited immunity if she’d help detectives find her missing daughter, but they said the deal expires Thursday.

    PADILLA TALKS: Questions Decision To Bond Out Casey Anthony
    VIDEO REPORT: Bounty Hunter Questions Decision To Bond Out Casey
    CASEY VISITS JAIL: See Images | Watch Raw Video
    ROTTEN PIZZA THEORY: Second “Rotten Pizza Theory” Experiment Completed
    ARCHIVE: Read Previous Reports On Anthony Case
    MESSAGE BOARD: Talk About Anthony Case

    The State Attorney’s Office also confirmed on Wednesday that Casey Anthony was invited to their office to shed light on the disappearance of Caylee. The State Attorney’s Office is not revealing details about the offer of limited immunity.

    Investigators from the sheriff’s office and the FBI met with Casey Anthony on Wednesday afternoon at her attorney’s office. Cindy Anthony was also there. Casey only met with investigators for about 10 minutes and said nothing when she departed. Cindy Anthony left later in the afternoon, followed by the investigators, who were planning to go to the Anthony’s home.

    Preliminary results were back from FBI tests on physical evidence found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car. The samples, which included hair believed by investigators to be Caylee’s, a stain and dirt, came back positive for signs of decomposition.

    It was Caylee’s grandmother Cindy who first expressed concern about the disgusting stench that came from the trunk of Casey’s car. It came during a 911 call when she reported Caylee was missing.

    “It smells like there was a dead body in the damn car,” Cindy told the dispatcher.

    Cindy Anthony went on to change her story and say rotting pizza was behind the smell.

    Eyewitness News was working to obtain more details on this major development.

  10. crimfile says…

    I’d like to see the Stacy Peterson case solved through proper investigation


    …and WHO says it isn’t, that is exactly what you will see when the time is right. Your assumptions about LE makes no sense, why would they do it any other way but properly.

  11. C.F. News: Many of your statements are sensationalism and can be picked apart and disspelled.

    Take for example this statement by you:

    “Any police investigator worth his salt would have asked Kurdenok for permission to search his cars along with that Bayliner boat that he owns. Looking for blood and other trace evidence would have answered lots of important questions.”

    He was questioned within two days of her disappearance. Why are you jumping to the conclusion that this man is responsible for her disappearance and should have been hunted down and investigated when, in fact, her own husband claims she “called” and “told” him she was leaving him for another man? He is steadfastly holding onto that story, and he believes she is alive.

    You are, therefore, “admitting” that she is dead. Why else would you say police should have investigated this man, looking for blood and other trace evidence? Is she alive, as Drew Peterson STILL claims she is, or is she dead, like YOU and everyone else thinks she is? Why, then, did you print this mans name and address on your site? You did so merely to cause him grief at the direction of Joel Brodsky, didn’t you? Who gave you his personal information, and why did you take it upon yourself to publish it?

    Your piece defies logic and is nonsensical.

  12. grandam // August 27, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    Today would have been a good day for the Gov. to sign the hearsay bill.
    Based on what I read, since they didn’t put a date in, the governor will give this an amendatory (is that the word?) veto and it will need to go back to the House and Senate for approval once again.

    At that point, it’s back to the governor.

    It seemed to me that the Senator who sponsored the bill hoped this would take place in September.

  13. I have been attacked as a mouthpiece for Peterson and his lawyer. That’s a lawyer’s job, not mine. I cannot and don’t speak for them.

    Paulie, who provided you with the PDF of page 10 of the search warrant, the ruling on the gun charge dismissal, and the ‘appeal for Peterson’s children’ by Joel Brodksy (which, by your own admission, you were given permission to post)?

    If you are going to make your blog a clearing house for the defense and assist them by disseminating their documents and opinions, then you may as well be on the payroll.

  14. Crimefile, not that I think you do, but please don’t lose a wink of sleep at night over any of these attacks towards your character. You certainly are not the first and pretty sure you won’t be the last.

    Also, hats off to you for your continued curteous & cordial responses/posts.

  15. Crime file said: “The big question I have is why was this kept secret for nearly a year? This seems to suggest that Stacy Peterson may well be alive somewhere.”

    See what I mean? Why are you making a big deal out of the cops searching this man’s property and boat, that you so recklessly had to mention, and then say this “seems to suggest that Stacy Peterson may well be alive somewhere.”

    What exactly ARE you saying, Paul? Is she dead and this person, Mike, who merely gave police a statement when asked to, may have killed her, or is he hiding her right under every one’s noses? Would you clarify that?

    Thank you.

  16. I don’t find the statements from Mike’s conversation as supportive evidence for Drew Peterson. It’s common knowledge that women who may be in fear of their life and plan on trying to escape would have conversations similar to what Stacy may have had with Mike.

    This does not mean, in any way, that she acted through on running off (as Drew would like those to believe) and leaving her children behind.

    She was obviously in the planning stages of leaving Drew…that is evidence in the fact she already contacted an attorney, talked with family, friends including this Mike from school.

    I’m sure Stacy knew in her mind that leaving Drew in a “normal divorce” was not going to be “normal” considering she was around when what already transpired with Kathleen and Drew…hence, her thoughts of filing for divorce and fleeing with the children when he was asleep was a normal thought that anyone in her position would have…….especially if she held the knowledge of what really happened to Kathleen. She was no dummy. She knew filing for a divorce and telling Drew to leave the house was NEVER going to happen. What other alternative would she have had but to file and LEAVE HIM.

    So those conversations of “how” she was going to leave, in my opinion, is just more compelling evidence of the living situation she had with Drew and the fear she had of him and the only alternative in her mind was in knowing she would have to “sneak out” while the divorce process paperwork was being put together. Never in this world could anyone ever convince me that her plans were to do such without her children. I believe a jury of one’s peers would agree with me as well.

    Hence, this tid bit of what Brodsky calls a bomb shell is nothing more than more compelling evidence that the prosecution can use…………………..and will.

  17. CrimeFile said “My screenplay Come Friday needs investors or a studio. It’s not about me but a true story of a terrific off-duty recruit Chicago policewoman who escaped a kidnapping by a prolific rapist by killing him.”

    so sorry to tell you CF but this story has already been told by Patricia Cornwell, except instead of an off duty Chicago policewoman it was a female FBI agent who escapes being taken by a serial rapist, but I guess you could change the characters around to suit your needs, you seem to be very prolific at that!

    why is it you don’t print the posts that challenge your statements or your theories? I have to agree that what you wrote about Mike K is pretty redundant, either Stacy’s alive like you say or she’s dead like you say, why would his boat need to be searched if you believe she carried out this plan? And who says it wasn’t? He was questioned he gave a statement I’m sure they asked him if he had an intimate relationship with her or not since that was Drew’s story, seems to me you are assuming they didn’t check him out just as I’m assuming you are pro Drew all the way, contrary to your statement that says otherwise, I base this on the FACT you do not post all responses on your blog, so much for freedom of speech and the right to have an opposing opinion huh?

    and btw…I’m going to contact the USA network and BEG THEM NOT to put that trash of yours on TV, I encourage everyone to go take a close look at Zelda’s page, there’s a lot of anti female venom spewing from Zelda’s words and lips!

    but then again, woman haters seem to flock together

  18. For those of you that don’t know here…

    iknoweverythinglol is trintrin

    He posts on Lenny and Paula’s site, and then comes back here to post TrinTrin’s comments under another alias. Don’t be fooled by this maniacal blogger.

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