Your Thread – August 28

Here’s Thursday’s folks. We’ll give you an update on the pre-trial hearing and then grand jury proceeding if we have time after court.

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  1. Heard a rumor that, the mayor of Boilingbrook Il, is removing the chief of police and is putting him to head of the park district. Can anyone verify? Also that the mayor is close friends with DP.
    Has anyone read or heard about this?
    If it’s true it sounds a little fishy to me.

  2. “During Tuesday’s meeting, Claar said Peterson had visited his home in the line of duty but never in a social capacity. Peterson contradicted this, saying he had been to Claar’s house for Christmas parties.
    Peterson also explained why he would go to Claar’s house while on duty.

    “When you’re the watch commander, and he wants answers to things, he calls you and says, ‘I want this and I want that.'” he said.”

    Does anyone know why this was brought up? Was there some question about Drew visiting the mayor’s home?

  3. Hello everyone,

    While it is too soon to say what happened today it does seem certain the state won’t charge DP today for anything. If they were going to, we would have heard by now.

  4. from WBBM on Peterson pretrial

    At a Thursday status hearing, the judge set a December 8th trial date. He also scheduled a pretrial hearing for September 18th.

  5. The wheels of justice are turning very slowly for Mike Robinson’s cases. Very strange things with that.

    His matters have been listed as pretrial, final, pretrial.

    I’m not understanding how his went from final back to pretrial. I’m wondering why his cases weren’t concluded – they’re staying on the Court Call forever.

  6. Ola mi amigas para Granada, Espagna!

    Only on my last evening here have I found a lovely,lovely open air cafe with wifi where they’re spoiling me with free tatsy-bits and fire water. Have missed you all, and my daughter has been taunting me via text message about going through “Drew-detox”.

    I logged on here first, so haven’t seen any news since Sunday, but hear things are hairy with Russia.

    I am wondering (love ya, Wonder) if someone can explain this pre-trial hearing to me.Is this usual? Sorry so clueless.

    I have read somewhere that Drew was Claar’s “enforcer”, and if what Drew says about it (above) sure sounds like it.

    It has always bothered me mightily that the mayor stopped the Chief from issuing press releases. Sounds sort of unconstitutional to me.

    September is good for arrest. We can be patient more easily than a murderer can.

    Best wishes all

    Hasta manana. (insert smiley wearing a flamenco costume). 🙂

  7. By Erika Slife | Chicago Tribune reporter
    12:05 PM CDT, August 28, 2008

    A Will County judge set a Dec. 8 trial date for former Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson, who faces felony gun charges stemming from the investigation of his wife’s disappearance.

    The trial could take up to two weeks, Judge Richard Schoenstedt said Thursday.

    Peterson, who appeared in court sporting a full beard, is accused of owning a modified assault rifle with a barrel nearly 5 inches shorter than allowed by state law. His attorneys argue Peterson used the gun as a duty weapon.

    The rifle was seized last fall after search warrants were executed as part of the investigation into the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy. The Bolingbrook mother, who was 23 at the time, vanished Oct. 28, and police named Drew Peterson, 54, a suspect in the case. He was arrested in May on possessing the weapon.

    Peterson is next scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 18 for a pretrial hearing.

  8. ps

    Wasn’t it interesting to read the full details of JB’s “unusual” treatment of his ex-partner’s client’s money on Ashlen’s?

  9. Hi ya, Bucket!!! Good to see you’re enjoying yourself. You’re as witty as ever.

    The pretrial hearing is usually the attorneys involved in the case, such as the prosecutors and the defense attorneys, meeting to hash out issues either side may have. Such as, maybe, requests for documents that may have been asked for but not received, or both sides stipulating (agreeing) to relevant issues, before actually proceeding to trial. This is so that the trial can then go forward, hopefully, without any glitches.

  10. Yo! so nice to have your greetings by return…I’ll probably run out of juice soon…

    Facs, laughing because I have already used all of my Spanish above, LOL. It will give me something to do in hotel room to look your reply up in my spanish/english dictionary.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Bucket – LOL, do what I did. Use Google.

    Translation: Spanish » English
    Hola, cubo. Soy muy celoso de usted y de deseo que enjying en España asoleada. ¡Bueno oír de usted!
    Hello, bucket.

    I’m very jealous of you and hope that enjoying in sunny Spain. Good to hear from you!

  12. It is gorgeous but muy muy caliente! I had the choice of coming here or to visit friends in Amsterdam, but as we have had the rainiest summer for a hundred years where I live (I counted only 8 sunny days since the beginning of May ) I felt the urgency to top up my vitamin D.I am refreshed and ready to rejoin the fray.


    Peterson’s Weapon Trial Date Set; Venue May Move
    Widespread Attention Could Affect Case, Attorneys Say

    POSTED: 1:18 pm CDT August 28, 2008

    JOLIET, Ill. — A judge on Thursday set a Dec. 8 trial date for Drew Peterson on a felony weapons charge, while Peterson’s attorneys said they might seek to move the proceeding out of Will County.

    Attorneys said the former Bolingbrook cop might have difficulty getting a fair trial on the gun charge in Will County because of the intense news coverage that’s been focused on him since the October 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy and the reopening of the police investigation into the 2004 death of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

    “Given the amount of media attention, it’s going to be very difficult to find jurors who don’t know anything about Drew Peterson,” attorney Andrew Abood said after the hearing in Joliet.

    Peterson’s lawyers said they haven’t decided yet whether to ask Judge Richard Schoenstedt to move the trial, and probably won’t until after a Sept. 18 hearing on what evidence will be presented during the weapons trial, which attorneys said could take up to two weeks.

    A large portion of that time could be consumed in selecting jurors who haven’t formed an opinion about Peterson, Abood and co-counsel Joel Brodsky said.

    “There’s a public opinion about Drew that is slanted in a certain direction,” Abood said.

    The lawyers also said they’re concerned that information made public about the Oct. 28 disappearance of Stacy Peterson and the drowning death of Savio could influence jurors hearing the weapons case.

    “We hope it will be just about the gun charge,” Brodsky said. “If it is, we’re confident of victory.”

    Peterson, 54, was charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon earlier this year, accused of owning an illegally modified assault rifle. Police initially seized the weapon during a November search of Peterson’s Bolingbrook home a few days after Stacy Peterson vanished.

    Peterson was entitled to own the weapon because he used it for his police duties, Brodsky and Abood have argued.

    He left Thursday’s hearing without comment.

    Prosecutors declined to say if they would oppose a request to shift the trial out of Will County.

    Asked where they might seek to have the gun trial moved to find jurors unfamiliar with the case, Brodsky chuckled, then replied: “Maybe China.”

    Copyright 2008, Chicago Sun-Times Inc.

  14. Oh, don’t you worry. I’m a weenie, and don’t prance around on my own after dark, anywhere.
    I have too much responsibilty to take risks.:-)

  15. Asked where they might seek to have the gun trial moved to find jurors unfamiliar with the case, Brodsky chuckled, then replied: “Maybe China.”

    Try Thailand.

  16. So the quote that stuck out the most to me was:

    Asked where they might seek to have the gun trial moved to find jurors unfamiliar with the case, Brodsky chuckled, then replied: “Maybe China.”

    I find it odd for him to make a comment like that because then it makes seems like moving the trial just to another county would not make a difference so why would the court want to incur the extra costs that they have to when they do move a trial.

  17. Doh! I see what happens when I start typing a comment and then step away for a couple of minutes. I’m imagining that a judge would tell them to go scratch because the defendent himself went on national TV on more than one occassion and I think was the one that started the national attention by going on the Today show.

  18. I sometimes think that we have a skewed idea here of how many people are interested in or follow the Stacy Peterson case.

    For those who aren’t obsessed, I think many people have it all balled up with the Lisa Stebic case and many have forgotten about it since November.

    As much as Joel and Glen have tried to taint the jury pool with their constant info leaks and blog-seeding, there are plenty of people out there who don’t know diddly and would make perfect jurors for the gun case…or even a murder case or two.

  19. well I have been following this since the beginning and will till it is over and I am from Canada. Also one the the people that was commenting on it was from Australia. So I think he will have a hard time finding a jury. Just judging by the case of Karla Homolka that went on over in Canada about the 2 murdered school girls.

  20. facs – I think you are right. I’m the only one in my household, immediate family, and many friends that has any idea what is going on with this case. When I say something about it they look at me like I have 4 eyes and 2 heads.

  21. Unfortunately, any case that news media spends any substantial time on will generally cause the trial to be moved out of county(to a minimum of two counties over). It doesn’t matter that a defendant might respond to the media every time they pop up on their doorstep (or anywhere else for that matter) the court just will not take that chance.

    As of today any major crime is likely to be in the news at least a few times before a defendant will come to trial. So a court will look at the extent of coverage, and to what degree that coverage villified the defendant. Relatives of victims who basically say “I suspect XXXX of commiting ” whatever the crime is wouldn’t qualify in that respect, since the court figures that the public expects that anyway. The same would hold true to any outsider who has nothing to do with the case saying the same since it would be considered just an opinion.

    But one thing that can slam a case out of county would be if an agent of LE kept blabbering about all the evidence that they had against the defendant, every chance they had, since this could be considered to be evidence dumped on a potential jury, and not an opinion. This is one of the reasons the state keeps agents silent until they have charged a defendant, and even then refuses most details of their involvement until trial.

    One last thing about Will County. This is not a rich county, and one thing that stands out about it is that in the case of convicting someone, if there is a choice between a fine or jail time, they almost always choose the fine so that they can skip the cost of incarceration.

    Just something to keep in mind when a out of county trial costs so much more than one in county.

  22. Back to jail for Anthony going back to jail on Saturday
    Aug 28, 2008 17:34 -0400
    Updated: 5:34 p.m.

    BREAKING NEWS: Casey Anthony’s bond will be revoked Saturday and she will be booked back into the Orange County Jail, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla just told the Orlando Sentinel. Padilla also told the Sentinel he no longer thinks Anthony’s 3-year-old daughter Caylee Marie is alive,0,289927.story

  23. grandam // August 28, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    Back to jail for Anthony going back to jail on Saturday
    Aug 28, 2008 17:34 -0400
    Updated: 5:34 p.m.

    BREAKING NEWS: Casey Anthony’s bond will be revoked Saturday and she will be booked back into the Orange County Jail, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla just told the Orlando Sentinel. Padilla also told the Sentinel he no longer thinks Anthony’s 3-year-old daughter Caylee Marie is alive,0,289927.story

    And yet, in the article itself, he says she is alive?

    Padilla said he still thinks Caylee is alive and that Anthony handed her off to someone. But he dismissed the story that the toddler disappeared in mid-June after being dropped off with a baby sitter named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, which is what Anthony has told detectives.

    “We don’t believe [Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez] exists,” Padilla said. Anthony’s “got an invisible friend that’s called Zenaida,” he said. “She’s got a world that she lives in that’s apart from ours.”


  24. Either the reporter has misquoted him or he himself has trouble remembering what exactly it was he was thinking.

  25. Yes, I think that article is a combo of a previous quote from Padilla because he says he still believes Caylee is alive in one section, but says otherwise in another.

    He’s been on both CNN and Fox today saying he does not believe she’s alive.

  26. Hi Wonder. This would be the second week without GJ testimony if no one was spotted going in or out today. Guess everyone was busy with the weapons violation court matter instead.

  27. Hiya Rescue, I guess. Is it also possible that testimony is wrapped up and they have already begun deliberating ? Do they announce that do you know or is it completely hush hush until they return a bill no bill of indictment ?

  28. I can’t imagine what they’re going to do anymore, Wonder. I suppose they’re still going to want the Hearsay Law in place, which looks to be delayed until Sept sometime. If they don’t get it right the first time, there’s no second chances.

  29. Thanks for the “wonderful” insight. Nice chatting with ya. Gotta run . Be back in the morning. Have a good night. 🙂

  30. Posted at lennys and paulas

    trintrin said…
    I have been on these boards for months now and I have never seen such filth or drunk posting as I have here.

    Shark you and your buddies are the nastiest bloggers I have ever seen. My only hope is you have all been fixed and can not procreate.

    I will tell you why you have not heard a single thing from lenny or paula about their showing up at the cue stop.

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    It is so sad it has come to this but you people are really giving the true anti drew people a bad name.

    You are really doing such a good job of it that people in the know are wondering now if you really work for Joel.

    Go ahead and delete this post. It will be posted all over the internet before you can. I guarantee it. LOL LOL

    August 29, 2008 3:30 AM

  31. For those of you that don’t know here…

    iknoweverythinglol is trintrin

    He posts on Lenny and Paula’s site, and then comes back here to post TrinTrin’s comments under another alias. Don’t be fooled by this maniacal blogger.

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