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First thread of the weekend folks. Have a good one.

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    Never forget
    Group raises awareness of missing persons during Bolingbrook visit

    August 29, 2008Recommend

    By JOE HOSEY The Herald News
    This week the mayor of Bolingbrook proclaimed Wednesday as Abduction Prevention Day, just in time for a national group devoted to missing people to pay a visit.

    Mayor Roger Claar made the proclamation right after paying tribute to the independence days of Pakistan and India. While reading the short statement during the villagebBoard meeting, he dropped the names of Bolingbrook residents Rachel Mellon Skemp, who vanished in 1996, and Stacy Peterson, who disappeared in October.

    On Aug. 27, the Community United Effort Center For Missing Persons stopped in Bolingbrook to raise awareness of the Skemp and Peterson cases during a 17-state tour.

    Still missing

    Skemp was 13 years old when she was last seen alive. The day she disappeared, she was home alone with her stepfather, Vince Mellon. She had a sore throat and called in sick to school. No one realized Skemp was missing until the evening, when her mother came home from work.

    About four years after Skemp vanished, police picked up Vince Mellon and held him for nine hours at the Bolingbrook station house. Police then served a warrant ordering he surrender samples of his blood, saliva and body hair as part of a first-degree murder investigation.

    Despite the presumption that Skemp was murdered, no one has been charged in connection with her disappearance.

    State police declared Stacy Peterson the victim of a “potential homicide” soon after she vanished and named her husband, former Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson, a suspect.

    But as with the Mellon case, no one has been charged in connection with the young woman’s disappearance.

    Stacy is Peterson’s fourth wife. State police also are investigating the March 2004 death of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio,. State police found nothing untoward the first time they probed Savio’s death, but are getting another crack at it in the wake of Stacy’s disappearance.

    Village not involved

    During this week’s village board meeting, Claar said Peterson had visited his home in the line of duty but never in a social capacity. Peterson contradicted this, saying he had been to Claar’s house for Christmas parties.

    Peterson also explained why he would go to Claar’s house while on duty.

    “When you’re the watch commander, and he wants answers to things, he calls you and says, ‘I want this and I want that.'” he said.

    Claar said that beyond proclaiming Abduction Prevention Day, the village is not involved in the Stacy Peterson case.

    Sun-Times News Group

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  2. Thank you, Hediddy!

    I’ve just been catching up all the posts I missed while I was away, and want to commend you, Hedidit for fighting the good fight at Ashlen’s. I haven’t joined there for the same reasons…all the intra-poster bashing and nonsense is BORING and means nothing to almost everyone.Spam. (I used to post “anon” as stopkillingmymommies there)

    I’ve never posted this, but months and months ago I came across a photograph of what was beclaimed to be a crime scene photo of The Tub. I was shocked by how much blood there was, smeared all over the tub. I didn’t mention it before because I couldn’t find it again, and had no idea how I came across it in the first place. I mention it now because of having read what one of the coroner’s jury said….the same thing.( a lot of blood) I wonder if anyone else saw the picture?

    Why does it strike me so funny that the mayor of a suburban village in Illinois needed to congratulate India and Pakistan? Showing off his statesmanship?

  3. Bucket, I remember seeing a picture that showed sort of a trail of blood leading to the drain. Is that like what you saw?

    Or maybe I dreamed it…

  4. Hiya Facs!

    No, I don’t think I saw that one. I mean a lot of blood, on sides, bottom, I think. No victim. I definitely saw it, but could well have been poubelle, because it disppeared so I discounted it. Or maybe I dreamed something, too. LOL

    It was reading what the juror had to say that made me think of it.

    I apologize; this is gruesome. Please take it down if it offends. It did not appeaar to be dilute. You could call it “frank” blood.

  5. It doesn’t seem to want to let me add the link to an MSNBC story

    Pakistani Lawmaker Defends Honor Killings

    Please strike “buzzard” above. I think I was right the first time. LOL

  6. Kathleen’s hair was wet because he had to wash what may have been the greater part of the blood away. She was on her left side, water pooled and sat in the crook of her arm/wrist, soaking the left hand enough to make it “prune”

    Just a thought.

  7. I googled a bit for images but couldn’t find pics of anything but the empty (and cleaned) tub.

    I got caught up looking at Zodiac Killer stuff.

  8. Found this:

    “According to a report from that night, Deputy Coroner Mike VanOver asked Robert Deel, a crime scene technician for the state police, and “detectives if there was any reason to believe that this was a traumatic death and they stated NO, therefore the homicide/suspicious death protocol was not followed.”

    Only a streak of blood was found in the tub, according to VanOver’s report, police documents and testimony by the state police special agent at the coroner’s inquest.”

  9. Hi

    Yeah, I know. That’s part of reason why I discounted it ages ago. Perhaps I did dream it after all. Who can say for sure? LOL

  10. I can’t find any pictures of the scene at all, but I do remember seeing some months ago.

    Note to Self: Right click and save…

  11. BUCKET:
    Please do not let the attempts of people who wish to disrupt stop you from posting at Ashlen’s blog. Just ignore them, the mods will ban and delete their stuff and eventually they will go away.

    Let me go digging because I would swear Walter James, one of the Coroner’s Jurors, stated to the contrary about the blood evidence. I think it was on a GVS transcript. He said there was a LOT of blood.

    And, I think Glasgow mentioned somewhere in a press conference about the amount of blood and lack of residue.

    However, I do not recall seeing a photo of the tub with blood in it.

    Off to 😉

  12. Here’s Mr. James’ transcribed transcript from Greta’s OTR:,2933,311713,00.html

    JAMES: We did, and I was kind of apprehensive with one photograph showing her face down in an empty tub. And there was a lot of blood remaining in the tub, and I just — I didn’t — myself did not consider — it was inconsistent with drowning. I feel that the blood that was in the tub should have probably dissipated into the water and drained out with the water. But like I said, I’m not an expert forensic person, so as a layperson, that’s just how I felt.

  13. Hurrah, Rescue…Hurrah,Hedidit!

    If the picture was up it was most certainly taken down again. Maybe I should start posting with the psychics. LOL I will be VERY interested to see the photos …..if we shall in due course.

  14. I wonder….where do the psychics post ? I have always been intrigued by their posts. It’s amazing to me how so many people claim to be pyschic yet no one has found SP yet. I just don’t get it. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  15. Hedidit and Bucket – you’re welcome. I remember him saying that when I watched it on Greta, so I knew what you meant. He was questioning why it didn’t go down the drain with the water at the time. Of course, that was the right thing to ask, but, of course, I’m sure “they” ignored it the best they could.

    Wonder – psychics, LOL? They’d be predicting the lottery numbers as much as they could so they wouldn’t have to worry about making money having psychic fortune telling parties. I’ve never put much credence in that stuff because they throw everything out there, and if one thing turns out to be right, they make big claims about predicting it. I do, however, believe that all of us have premonitions about things at one time or another, but I’m not convinced someone can see where dead bodies are buried. That is, without the help of reliable sources and “pings.”

  16. Sucks. We see our share of this here, too. There is a lot of suffering.

    It’s always struck me as bizarre that within the same culture where they practice arranged marriages, forced or no, Bollywood is full of young people falling in love *unarranged* (gotta love *our basherette*). Just by-the-by.

  17. bucketoftea // August 30, 2008 at 11:42 am
    Head wounds, even superficial scalp wounds can bleed like a tap.

    Yes, they do. I would guess it’s because the heart is pumping blood through the large arteries in the neck.

    So, if there were a lot of blood, could we assume that the injury was caused while she was still alive?

  18. Yup. Didn’t they say that she was alive (even just barely) to drown. she had to inhale the fluid. They also said that the wound to her head would not have been sufficient to cause her to lose consciousness.

  19. Psychic? Pffft.

    I attempted to post some information at about “spirit orbs” on a n FSP psychic thread once, explaining how the digital camera captures and displays dust motes – there was even a demonstrational video – and links to statements from various self-described psychics and ghosthunters who say that they don’t consider orb phenomena to be manifestations of anything otherworldly.

    My post got deleted for being too ‘negative’.

    I can’t respect people who prefer fantasy and ignorance when the facts are there for all to see. Isn’t the natural world fascinating enough? Why the need to make up things to believe in?

    /Stepping off soapbox.

  20. I do, however, believe that all of us have premonitions about things at one time or another, but I’m not convinced someone can see where dead bodies are buried. That is, without the help of reliable sources and “pings.”


    I agree with this 100%

    I was just wondering…again….Is there a site that is psychic’s post on about this case. If so I would be interested in reading it. So anyone know ?


    P.S. Ashlens site went to hell in a handbasket if you ask me, which I know you didn’t but I just gotta make you none of you have to “wonder” where I stand on that..LOL…I can’t seem to shut up…:)

  21. oops should say…I just gotta make sure none of you have to “wonder” where I stand on that..

    Damn I can’t type today.

  22. 1986 – Drew Peterson’s ex-girlfriend’s brother suspicious suicide ??
    1994 – Drew Peterson’s Ex-Wife #2’s new boyfriend found murdered
    1997 ? – Drew Peterson’s sister-in-law missing !
    1998 – Stacy Peterson’s mother missing
    2004 – Drew Peterson’s Ex-Wife #3 found dead in waterless bathtub
    2007 – Drew Peterson’s Current Wife #4 Missing

  23. omg His body was recovered on October 16, 1994, from the Sanitary Shipping Canal, one mile east of Routes 83 and 171 [Cook County].

  24. I’m good, thanks. Always nice to come home and so grateful I have one. I’m worried about Gustav and everyone to be affected. It must be terrifying.

    I read advice on a news site about preparing an emergency kit. I roared. They blythely suggest you assemble it in a container that’s easy to carry, and then go on to list stuff that you’d need a shipping container to hold.

  25. Hedidit

    Thanks for the support re Ashlen’s. That was very kind. It actually started to get a bit interesting for a bit, so I might think about it (ha ha , sorry thinkaboutit) 😀

  26. 1997 ? – Drew Peterson’s sister-in-law missing !
    If this refers to Tom Morphey’s ex-wife, then there is no mystery.

    Tom had not been in touch with her for years, but she was located alive and well.

    I’m surprised that is still on acandyrose …

  27. Yeah I hope it downgrades before it hits. I hate storms.

    BBL. Happy Blogging everyone. Always nice to chat with you guys/gals.

  28. JOEL BRODSKY (Peterson’s attorney): “We’ve learned as of yesterday [11/29/2007] that Tom Morphey’s wife vanished ten years ago and hasn’t been seen since.” [11/30/2007 CBS The Early Show]
    noway406 Has she been found since 2007?

  29. Grandam, use usual, Joel didn’t check his facts before speaking.

    Maybe Drew hadn’t seen Morphey’s wife in ten years but she is alive and well as Noway noted.

  30. Hello everyone. I have read this blog since it’s inception and would like to ask some questions.

    1. Is there any way that police cars have GPS systems on them? Can they monitor where an officer goes? Is there indication that any PD uses that?
    2. The list of those missing persons trying to attribute a possible connection to DP: Jeffrey Archer is not connected. He never dated DPs second wife, but Jeff did have an affair with a wife of a police officer, who’s name was Kathy. However, it was not Savio and Peterson. (I research for a writer who investigated it to the fullest extent.) The Steve Ray situation is not one we could not confirm. However, we found a steven ray that completed a suicide in that time, but he was 14 years old. No information was available other than that and no family members would talk to the writer. Does anyone know this story factually? The 2nd wife confirmed that the affair with a young girl did occur (Monica Ray) and first police officer on the scene claim goes to …. *drum roll please* DP!! WHO was terminated from the police force at the time.
    3. The indicating evidence missing in the Savio case is something to put DP on the scene. Was DP working the weekend Savio was murdered? I have heard conflicting stories. Were the boys with him when he ‘tried’ to return them? The conflict between the ‘health and welfare’ check is insane. DP knows protocol and he did not follow it, indicating quite a large conflict of procedure for a PO. Was there a call to PD to indicate that DP tried a health and welfare check or did he gain access illegally by calling a locksmith. Those that posted on the locksmith, would you care to repost the name please?
    4. What is going on with the Sen Bill 2718, hearsay? After going back to the Senate, what is the time frame for signing?
    5. What is statuatory rape law in IL? Wasn’t SP pregnant at 17? Is the age 16 in most states? Proof of pregnancy at such a young age by a pedophile– jmho … should be convicted.

    Thanks for any information you can give. I missed a weeks worth of reading, but follow the case to the best of my ability. If you have questions, I’ll try and asnwer today.

  31. Wow.

    Hi! Is it OK to call you Yis? What a great set of questions.

    1. You’d think so, wouldn’t you?
    2. Great stuff. How old was Monica? I believe Ric Mims tells of Drew laughing and boasting about disrespecting the victim’s remains.
    3. Of course it’s all nonsense.The discovery was just as staged as the rest of it. The identity of the locksmith has not yet been revealed, but a couple of candidates have been have been discussed, ie ? Steve Carcerano, ?Paul Peterson
    It is a question that at first JB said he would answer, but never did.
    4. I think it is expected by the end of this month.
    5. I am so with you there. I don’t know about Ill laws, but someone will be along to answer that for you, I’m sure. 🙂

    6. and welcome 🙂

  32. Monica must have been either close to or just out of high school… perpetrating his usual ‘younger’ victim. But I can’t find any records for the fact and her sister won’t talk. The 2nd wife doesn’t know a lot of facts about the affair, just that it did happen. I came across an old boyfriend of the 2nd wife’s daughter, but he didn’t remember anything other than the affair did happen as well and the street was knottingham, perhaps.

    The locksmith used is Larry. There are two different Larry’s lock companies in BB/Darian. Someone reported that one of the companies is owned by a former/current BBPO. That made no sense to me, but I can’t find records that I need yet.

    Should a locksmith have been called to ‘investigate’ property that was not owned by any of those present, seems a violation of ethics on the part of both DP and the locksmith.

    The hearsay law seems fishy at this point. What are they waiting for and who is in charge? I know that the bill was held in the Pres of the Senates office for the entire 30 days to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. It just seems to me that the legislative system could fathom an effective date might be included in that sort of EXAMINATION!!!

    Ric Mims information seems to all be regarded as factual, since we have proven a lot of it as true. Is there a place besides AcandyRose that has good information as to the facts on this case? Since FSP got shut down it’s been a little frustrating getting sound information.

    There are a couple of places that DP would have been comfortable ‘hiding a body’ should he have ‘reason to hide a body’ and those are all being investigated. If anyone knows of places that he frequented please post them.

  33. Yisliz – Hi and welcome. I’ve heard differing accounts about the locksmith but this is one version that Steve Carcerano gave:


    Aired November 30, 2007

    CARCERANO: That night I, was coming home from work. It was about 9:00, 9:30, and I was coming down the street. And Drew was accosting (ph) me on the street. He actually stopped me and said, I need you to go to the house in the next 10 to 15 minutes. I have a locksmith coming over there. Mary, her friend, he contacted to go over there.

    He said he he`d been trying to drop off the kids for the past day-and- a-half and she hasn`t been responding. So I pulled up in the driveway, and I went nest door to get Mary, and then we proceeded over to the house. And the locksmith and Drew were there.

    The locksmith opened up the door. Mary and I went up the stairs. Drew stayed downstairs by the door. And Mary`s husband and son went into the (INAUDIBLE) to see if the car was there. We went up the stairs and went into the bedroom. Mary veered off to the right and went to the bed because the covers were kind of puffed up, ruffled over, and I went into the closet …

  34. Sorry Yiz, I hadn’t read through both of your posts before I posted. I see you are already familiar with ACR.

    I don’t know of any other site that has as large a collection of resources.

  35. Thanks for all the info. I’ve read acr from top to bottom, but not in the last month. There are certain facts on there that have been proven and some of what is reported is from the media. I’m not interested in the media anymore. But, am interested in what lay people know. There are a lot of readers here who have specific facts and we are not interested in putting the investigation in jeopardy, just interested in clearing up the mis-information that has been reported. Larry is the name of the locksmith.

    If, indeed, it is the Larry that owns the locksmith company and is a BBPO THAT is something I want to know.

    I still question the fact that instead of getting police to perform a LEGAL health and welfare check, DP took personal liberty with the situation. It looks as though he planted people in the situation to give him alibi (must not accuse) and therefore got the result a possible killer would have wanted.

    There is MO, there is justifable evidence to support someone who could gain entry with ease and not leave a mark, and there is justifiable evidence that upon entry, after standing at bay, evidence (DNA/fingerprints, etc) would have reason to be there — entry after the intial find.

    WHAT PUTS DP THERE BEFORE THE LOCKSMITH ARRIVED? That is the piece that is missing. Now, we should note that possible suspects are innocent until proven guilty. No one else has the MO and evidentiary support to have committed this crime. That is why he is under scrutiny. What puts him at the scene prior to finding the body? That fact has to be there, who is going to find it?

  36. WHAT PUTS DP THERE BEFORE THE LOCKSMITH ARRIVED? That is the piece that is missing.
    There would be no point in calling a locksmith if the door was unlocked, so Drew must have tried the door, right?


  37. yislizablu,,
    WELCOME, these are good questions your asking. please stay awhile. NOWAY can anwer most of this stuff,. we have save things that we think is out of place. she is good at what is missing as well as lavanda, we have been trying to disect all of this that is out of place , as the average joe. we just hope the LE would listen to us an get better Ideas then they have on arresting drew…

  38. yislizablu

    Dp was reportedly working the night Kathline was found. He was reportedly shift commander and I believe there is video footage of him stating that. A Candy Rose has the most information I have been able to find of gathered information on the case as well as links to sources. ISP most likely has looked into his whereabouts the entire day. The statements made by the Pastor regarding Stacy reporting him being missing during that time and that she attempted to contact him as well as other details ISP may have regarding her statements to the Pastor would place him at the scene. We also have a shift commander using a lock smith on the house with no evidence of a proper health and welfare check being completed.

  39. I said it once and I’ll say it again
    I believe DP planned Stacy’s disappearance. I see him working the night shift crusing around, becoming angry about his upcoming retirement and how his wife was now about to file for a divorce. Look at the statements Thomas Morphy made to his friend about how DP told him that he had “a problem ” he “had to take care of”… his reported anger reportly observed by Cass the night before Stacy’s disappearance. I believe if his “beat” was followed ISP would get a better idea of where he may have intitally placed Stacy.

  40. That is factual. He was working the night she was found, but it is the two days before that in question. I heard one statement that he was off work, or Stacy would not have been able to say he was missing from the home in order to make the calls to him, however, we have no way of actually proving or disproving that. Didn’t know if someone here had factual information as to whether or not he was actually off work for the weekend.

    There is enough circumstantial evidence to convict for this case, however, in order to convict, you have to place the person at the scene of the crime. The NEXTEL phone records may just give enough support, however, again, it is circumstantial.
    Was Larry a friend or co-worker? Did this locksmith have the right to open the door without her consent, since she was the only property owner? DP had been taken off the house deed, hadn’t he? Or was that part of the division of assets? This makes a huge difference. A potential killer would know if he had access to the property–if his/her name were on the deed.

  41. I’m a member there, so if you do register, send me a PM at that site.


    P.S. If you find summer, send it back to Montana. I’m not finished with ‘er yet.

    It’s 38 fun-loving degrees here! Currently raining but I see snow in my future … ugh! 😉

  42. I beleive he may have had co-ownership of the property. You should be able to get that info by looking at divorce papers and the house ownership info which should be public record. There are numerous reports from Kathline of him entering the house at his leisure and threatening her. I’m sure the Savios have turned over all the info Kathline gave them.

  43. I think because the assets had not been distributed, the house could have still been in Drew’s name (in fact, I think Joel may have said that very thing).

  44. “To try to more clearly explain the divorce assets that were still being negotiated when Kathleen died, the major points were:

    1. proceeds from the sale of the tavern “Blue Lightning Corporation” (amount not stated, but already paid to Drew.)

    2. proceeds from the sale of the house at 392 Pheasant Chase Drive ($287,154,) Kathleen was in the process of moving out when she was murdered.

    3. Drew’s accrued retirement.”


  45. We have four different areas to search, but have no idea what kind of time frame there is to get these searches off the ground. It seems as if our conversations with a professional profiler have been narrowing down the point of process for disposal of a body.

    Some of the facts we are looking for are taking egads too much time.

    An arrest is imminent, that is all we hear. Starting to wane on the word ‘soon’!

    Sept. 18 there is another court date. Does anyone think the hearsay law will be in effect by then? Seems to me they take their own sweet time getting bills to law in this state. What, is someone running for office?

  46. And it’s finally hot again here and I couldn’t be happier becuase with most of August in the 70’s I admit I feel a little cheated!

  47. Here’s an exceprt from the “February 7, 2006 – First and Final Report of Richard J. Kavanagh” that explains not only the awarding of the assets after Kathleen’s death, but the shenanigans that ensued which pretty much gave Drew everything.

    “Kathleen (Savio) Peterson was represented by Attorney Harry Smith of the firm of Rice & Smith, Ltd., while Drew Peterson was represented first by Attorney Alex Beck and subsequently by Attorney Joseph Mazzone.

    After my appointment as Administrator, I conferred with Attorney Harry Smith with respect to the status of the property settlement portion of the divorce proceeding, and also attended several status hearings before Judge O’Leary. Attorney Smith continued to represent the Estate of Kathleen (Savio) Peterson in the divorce proceedings.

    Attorney Smith advised me that there were three (3) major issues with respect to the division of property, viz: (1) whether Kathleen’s estate would be entitled to any portion of the Drew Peterson pension; (2) the valuation of the business known as the Blue Lightning Corporation, which had been sold with all of the proceeds going to Drew Peterson; and (3) the value of the house, and whether Kathleen (Savio) Peterson’s estate would be entitled to receive not only her one-half of the proceeds of any sale, but an additional portion of the remaining one-half as an offset for the cash taken by Drew Peterson from the sale of the business.

    Attorney Smith further advised me that it was his opinion that after a full and complete hearing on the property settlement, the estate of Kathleen (Savio) Peterson would be awarded: (1) Kathleen’s one-half of the proceeds from the sale of the residence; and (2) most, if not all, of Drew Peterson’s one-half of the proceeds from the sale of the residence as an offset for the business sale proceeds retained by Drew Peterson.

    On March 23, 2005, after hearing, Judge Lechwar entered an order admitting the Last Will and Testament of Kathleen Peterson to probate and appointing James Carroll, the uncle of Drew Peterson, as executor of the estate of Kathleen (Savio) Peterson. The new representative immediately fired Harry Smith as attorney for the estate of Kathleen (Savio) Peterson in the divorce proceeding.

    Sixteen days later, on April 8, 2005, a “Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage” was entered in Case 02 D 420 by Judge Michael Powers “upon the agreement of the parties as to all issues.” The judgment awarded Drew Peterson not only the business known as the Blue Lightning Corporation, but also all the proceeds from the sale of the marital home, and further provided that Drew Peterson would not be obligated to fund any college expenses for the minor children of the parties due to the fact that life insurance on the life of Kathleen in the amount of $1,000,000 had been payable to the children. A copy of the judgment is attached hereto as Exhibit “A.””


  48. Hi everyone!

    Thank goodness you all turned up to correct my out-of-date idiot ramblings. That’s right. I remember Larry now…sounds like “Barry” I do apologize. D’oh.

  49. What was that about papers all over the bed? Did” SC say that? Did he just say something like “covers all rumpled up” ? Was she studying? Were they her private documents having been plundered to reveal any assets/evidence, and left where discarded?

  50. I couldn’t find any reference to scattered papers by Carcerano, but I thought this was interesting.

    Drew tried to make Kathy sell the house even before they were divorced. He sure hated paying that child support…

    “”In September 2003, Peterson filed a petition calling for the sale of the Bolingbrook home [392 Pheasant Chase, Bolingbrook, IL 60490] in which Savio and their two children resided to reduce the mandatory $2,000 monthly child support payment made to his ex-wife. The motion was denied and the divorce was finalized on Oct. 10, 2003.””

    (also from ACR)

  51. yislizablu , if you’re still hanging around I’d point you in the direction of HeDitIt or ResearchFanatic if you are looking for some excellent researchers.

  52. The Drew Peterson lynch mob’s wild-assed theories are beyond amazing. Many here obviously stay awake many nights trying to find motivation and or anything at all that could remotely suggest a murder case against Drew Peterson

    Every relationship on earth at some point will yield motive, means and opportunity for murder. Thankfully it’s a rare day when a murder happens involving a relationship.

    I won’t criticize anyone who wants to investigate a case like Stacy Peterson’s. The statistics are very clear humans only hurt the ones they love. Drew Peterson is a righteous suspect along with any other suitors of Stacy Peterson. There is nothing wrong with asking questions.

    I learned long ago that circumstances are just that, circumstances and the strangest coincidences can generate mountains of misplaced suspicion. Of course suspicion can be almost always be justified, but accusations don’t necessarily follow.

    The hateful and libelous remarks generated here against Drew Peterson absent probable cause, is simply unwarranted. This conduct is also un-American.

    This case may never be solved, that’s not so unusual because less than 40% of actual murders can’t be solved. Cases like Stacy Peterson’s are best solved by open-minded and objective investigators. Even the best investigators need to fight off the natural phenomena of tunnel vision.

    We still don’t even know that a crime was committed in this case. If you don’t have a crime then it stands to reason there can’t be a suspect.

    Our founding fathers got it right when they created the Bill of Rights that lynch mobs hate.
    I simply say watch, listen, and ask questions.

    I support the effort to find Stacy Peterson and anyone involved in a crime. Let due process take its course without the lynch mob.

  53. Noway – AFAIK Research Fanatic posts only under the one name. She posts here from time to time but I mostly see her at other boards.

  54. No, Crimefile.

    The majority of women murdered are killed by someone with whom they have/had a relationship.

    Do you just make all this up off the top of your head?

  55. Crimefile, a few excerpts for your edification:

    03/11/2002 Petition for 14 Day Emergency Order of Protection, Page 22 (Case No: 2002 OP 000460 Will Co, IL)

    DETAILS OF ABUSE: “A phone conversation was made that he is coming over to have to deal with me, He wants me dead, and if he has to he will burn the house down just to shut me up. I called after I drop my children off school, he came running after me, ready to beat me up. He (????) for me to return home to teach me a lesson, he has a gun, and other weapon I believe he will use on me. He just doesn’t care if he lives or dies, or I live or die.”

    PREVIOUS ABUSE: “Several time, he has restrained me, held me down, knocked me into a walls, came after me with a poker, ripped my necklace off, left marks on my body all the time. Threatened to steal the kids, and desert me. Put dead bolt on door, he broke through it.”

    11/14/2002 Kathleen Savio’s letter to Elizbeth Fragale, Assistant States Attorney

    “On July 5th, Mr. Peterson got into my home with a garage door opener he programmed for himself, while I was out of town with my son’s. I was unaware of his presents, and was very afraid for my live. This man pop out from our living room while I was walking down stair, with a basket of laundry. I was shocked and dropped all the cloths, and stood their, asking him to get out. Drew was in uniform (Swat Uniform), with his police radio in his ear. He yelled, for me to sit down and be quiet I refused and he pushed me on the stairs. He told me to move down to the third step and not to move or speak. He was very angry that in our divorce the judge ruled that he would have to pay me child support. He told me that he didn’t want to pay me anything. (He left my Boys, 8 And 9 and I With many bills, up to 2,000.00 and with an 11,000.00 income tax bill as well as a 6800.00 property tax bill for us to pay. Needless to say we are without money or any credit) He kept me in position for very long length of time, while trying to convince me how horrible I am, and I just need to die. He asked me several times if I was afraid, I started to panic! He pulled out his knife, that he kept tied around his leg and brought it to my neck. I thought I’d never see my boys again.”

  56. I wonder…….Does crimefile not think Kathleens murder is a crime ? OMG

    Also has he forgotten that DP is currently under indictment by the GJ on the gun charges.

    And he is the ONLY suspect in the disappearance of SP.

  57. noway406 // September 1, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    I’ve not seen ResearchFanatic post here, but HeDidIt is full of useful information.

    thanks noway I couldn’t think of hedidit lol earler this am. but yes a happy medium would be 71. hope to see ya and others a chatten soon..

  58. “Today [01/24/2008 Will Co Grand Jury] we talked about mostly some stuff that went on with the Savio case, some surveillance things I did with Drew on her,” [Ric] Mims said, shivering outside the Joliet building. “We followed her a few times. He’d have me watch her a few times at work while he did whatever it is he needed to do. “I was helping him. I thought he was going through a divorce, and just needed somebody to help him.” – “He said that he and Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, would communicate by two-way radios, and that Peterson suspected Savio was having an affair. The surveillance took place in late 2003 or early 2004, Mims said, which would have been after Peterson was already married to Stacy but before his divorce settlement with Savio was finalized.”
    “When asked if he felt bad about his participation, Mims said his biggest regret was the day he met Peterson. “I was not participating in [any] harassment. I never participate in any harassment,” Mims said. “At the time, I was just helping a friend. . .with this, what I thought was going through a divorce. I thought he was just trying to find dirt on her for a divorce. I regret the day I met Drew Peterson now, to tell you the truth.”

  59. 12/07/2007 Dr. Phil Show ( “A Killer Among Us?”

    “When I heard Kathleen was dead, I said to my husband, ‘He did it. Drew did it,'” says Carol, whose husband, Terry, Drew had hired eight years previously to work at his company. Terry presents his view of Drew’s relationship with Kathleen this way: “It was obvious that she was extremely afraid of him.” “I didn’t like Drew from the very beginning. She describes seeing Kathleen one day when, “Her eye, it was all black and blue, and she had bruises on her arms.” Carol recalls being horrified.
    Terry spoke to Kathleen at the time. “I said, ‘I’ve got a big house, so you can come up there any time if you need to get away,’” he says. Carol reiterated the invitation. “I said, ‘I don’t want to interfere, but I just want you to know that you have a place to go if you need one.’ She thanked me, but I never received a phone call. Looking back on it, with what happened to Kathleen, I am 100 percent sure that Drew murdered Stacy.”
    “Back in Dr. Phil’s studio, Terry describes Kathleen coming to work in sunglasses to cover up her bruises. He says, “I didn’t want to intrude into her domestic life, and her private life, and I said, ‘How are things?’ She says, ‘Not very good,’ and I said, ‘Well, you mean here, or … ?’ and she says, ‘No, at home.’ And I said, ‘What’s a matter at home?’ and she says, ‘We’re not getting along.’ And I said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry.’ I said, ‘Does it get physical?’ and she said, ‘Definitely.’”

  60. NOWAY , do you have the link to the 400 pages of casey anthony stuff. I’d appresiate it if ya could give link to where it is , thank you

  61. Stacy Peterson’s family fires back after Drew’s ‘Larry King Live’ appearance
    April 12, 2008

    ““Based on the technology today, and this being an evidence-based investigation, there was no other man,” Bosco said. “Unless there’s an invisible man out there right now, Stacy did not leave on her own accord.

    Bosco’s assertion was supported by a statement from the Illinois State Police released to King Friday night.

    “Stacy Peterson did not voluntarily cease all contact with her children, family and friends,” the statement read. “The investigation continues to make progress proving that claim”



    Reporter’s book on Peterson saga hits store shelves today

    September 1, 2008Recommend (4)

    Sun staff
    The first book about former Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson and the deaths of two of his wives hits bookstores today.

    “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson” is written by Joseph Hosey, a reporter for The Herald News in Joliet, a sister publication of The Sun and part of Fox Valley Publications and the Sun-Times News Group.’s description of the book says Hosey has been a reporter for The Herald News since 1999 “and has been on the cusp of every major development in the Drew Peterson case. He is the only member of the media to cover Kathleen Savio’s inquest, having broken the stories of her death and, later, the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.”

    Amazon goes on to say that in October, 23-year-old Stacy Peterson vanished from Bolingbrook, leaving behind her husband and children. Drew Peterson, 30 years Stacy’s senior, “steadfastly asserted his innocence and maintained that his wife had simply fled their tumultuous marriage and run off with another man.”

    “Throngs of journalists and camera crews besieged Peterson’s quiet suburban cul-de-sac, but the ex-cop seemed to relish in this newfound limelight.

    As exhaustive searches for Stacy’s body turned up nothing and suggestive clues led nowhere, questions were raised: about their unusual marriage, about Stacy’s past vocal concerns for her safety, and about Drew Peterson’s bizarre public behavior in the wake of Stacy’s disappearance,” Amazon says.

    In February, after the body of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, was exhumed and additional autopsies were performed, Savio’s death was ruled a homicide. Three and a half years earlier, Savio had been found dead in the bathtub of their home.

    “Drawing upon exclusive interviews with Stacy’s friends and family and even Drew himself, Chicago-area reporter Joseph Hosey presents the most researched account of the Stacy Peterson case yet. Still, as the charges against Drew Peterson mount, one haunting question remains: Where on Earth is Stacy?” Amazon says.





    Intelligent commentary by Gregory Tejeda on issues related to politics, crime, sports and other aspects of life — both domestic and foreign — as perceived from Chicago.

    News outlets compete to determine who can reach new low with Drew Peterson
    Friday, July 25, 2008

    I’m not sure which Chicago news outlet is most pathetic this week in its attempt to garner attention from the antics of Drew Peterson.

    Is it the Chicago Sun-Times for trying to peddle as its very own a Joliet Herald News story that Peterson’s neighbors wore electronic surveillance devices to try to get him to make incriminating statements about the death of one ex-wife and disappearance of another on tape?

    OR WAS IT the Chicago television stations (yes, you Fox News Chicago) that felt the need to put Peterson on the air Thursday so he could say as little as he could in as colorful a manner as possible.

    I’m inclined to say it is the TV geeks who bothered to interview Peterson live, even though it was obvious that he would say nothing of substance. Nobody who shows up for an interview with his attorney present ever says anything interesting.

    The purpose of the attorney is to cut off the person if it sounds like he might start to say something interesting or factual. The result is nothing but a bunch of platitudes, which are never necessary on television.

    Of course, the reason the TV geeks bothered with Drew this week was because they were instigated by the Sun-Times, which gave a big splash earlier this week to a story dug up by their sister newspaper in Joliet.

    THAT NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED claims that neighbors and one-time friends of Drew wore the wiretap devices at the request of police, who were hoping Peterson might open up and say something incriminating if he thought he was speaking privately.

    Police are refusing to confirm they ever did such a thing (although that doesn’t mean they didn’t do it). It just means they would have preferred the existence of audio to remain a mystery for awhile longer.

    That didn’t stop the one-time neighbors from grabbing at their moment of glory, as they appeared on ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America” program earlier this week to bolster their claims that Drew said things to them about his two most recent ex-wives (he’s had four, in all). One of those ex-wives, Kathleen, is the one who was found dead in her bathtub, while the most recent, Stacey, remains missing nearly a year after her disappearance.

    Not that the neighbors limited themselves to the one national program. They also did their share of local television, where one neighbor (the male one) gave WBBM-TV the dubious exclusive that he used to impersonate a woman (named Ashley) on the Internet to try to entice Peterson and draw his attention – perhaps to incriminate himself.

    KATHLEEN IS THE former wife whose body was exhumed earlier this year by investigators, who wanted to do more studies of the remains, and wound up changing her cause of death from accidental to homicide.

    Peterson is considered a “person of interest” in both the death of Kathleen and disappearance of Stacey, although he does not yet face criminal charges.

    Peterson claims he will never face any charges if people give these alleged audio recordings an honest listening to, although the excepts that are coming out appear to be intended to drum up as much negativity toward Drew as possible, so that if/when he is someday arrested, people will be seeking his immediate conviction.

    The line that seems to be getting people the most worked up was the Peterson wisecrack that he wished he had had Kathleen’s body cremated (while also calling her a “rhymes with witch”).

    PEOPLE WHO WANT to believe in Peterson’s guilt interpret that crack as a desire to cover up evidence of a crime. To me, it sounds like a pathetic attempt at humor from someone who would rather not have gone through the process of watching his ex-wife’s body dug up from her grave.

    Considering that Drew Peterson is the guy who earlier this week deflected a female reporter’s questions about the investigation by telling her, “God, you’re hot,” it sounds like a lame attempt to say nothing. Reading any more into it is wrong.

    With Peterson’s former friends going on television, we had to be subjected to the sight of him Thursday on various morning news television programs.

    While I understand he did NBC’s “Today” show and also made an appearance for CBS’s “The Early Show,” the one appearance I saw live was his local appearance on WFLD-TV, Chicago’s Fox affiliate, which means Fox affiliates across the nation and the Fox News Channel will get to see Drew with his attorney, trying to sound like a cocky, confident man, instead of a boastful jerk.

    WITH JOEL BRODSKY (the attorney who is being paid to ensure Peterson never has to do time in prison) at his side, Peterson said a whole lot of nothing, which shouldn’t be surprising. In fact, it seemed like Brodsky spoke more than Peterson did, spewing legalese in response to questions from Fox News types that naively were intended to get Peterson to break down and confess.

    Since that clearly was not going to happen, it just made for dull television.

    But it is the kind of dull television that was repeated over and over throughout the day. Within 10 minutes of the end of the interview, WFLD newspeople were doing stories summarizing what we had just seen.

    Broadcast reports informing us that no real news was made just moments ago, but that non-news took place right here in WFLD-TV studios, were soon on the air. What is worse is that this same interview will get WFLD its moment of national exposure for the day, even though their people didn’t get Drew to say anything of interest.

    I’D SAY THAT television people have no shame. Except that the instigator in all this is the Sun-Times, which took advantage of the fact that the remains of their parent company still own all those suburban daily and weekly newspapers to take the Herald News account of the tapes.

    All across the country, we are learning that the Sun-Times has broken yet another exclusive (try reading through the stories appearing in newspapers across the United States, I have yet to find one crediting Joliet), giving us some dirt that can be twisted in ways to throw more suspicion on Drew.

    I literally had to read through the package of copy in the newspaper three times before I finally noticed that it was a Herald News reporter whose work was on display.

    Of course, if something were to go wrong with one of the details, it would suddenly become the Joliet newspaper’s fault. I wish there was a similar place I could use for this weblog – stealing their best stories for myself while shifting the blame for any mistakes I might make.

    MY POINT IN going through all this is to note that too many people in the news business are peddling trash like the Peterson saga, trying to craft a definitive account from the trivial dreck that has managed to ooze its way into the public record.

    For what it is worth, no one who is talking really knows what happened to Stacey Peterson – despite the rants of those people who are prepared to electrocute/castrate Drew.

    Peterson may be a jerk, but the last I checked, being a jerk (or even stupid) was not a criminal offense.


    EDITOR’S NOTES: I’m not alone in being skeptical about the contents of the tapes made from alleged wiretaps conducted by police to try to get Drew Peterson to convict ( himself in the minds of the public, and possibly in the minds of a future criminal jury.

    One of Chicago’s media critics dings the Sun-Times for stealing credit for a Joliet Herald News story ( that may not be all that substantial in its content.

    Attorney Joel Brodsky issued the following statement earlier this week questioning the legitimacy ( of any comments that might exist on any tapes made of Peterson though electronic surveillance.
    Read more from this blogger

    The views expressed in these blog posts are those of the author and not of the Sun-Times News Group.

  64. HeDidIt, the blog links are provided by BlogBurst. I assume the associations are by ‘tags’ so that related content gets pulled up.

    I hadn’t seen the Chicago Argus blog before.

    For anyone curious there is a $ incentive for joining blogburst.

    What do bloggers get out of this?

    Visibility and exposure on major news and portal sites
    Traffic through attribution and links back to your blog
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    We rolled out the BlogBurst Rewards Program in Q4, 2006 with the first payouts going to bloggers on a quarterly basis. Details are available in the Rewards Program FAQ, but in short we provide significant payouts to bloggers at the top of the BlogBurst leaderboard, which tracks pickups across the publisher using the BlogBurst service.

  65. “The views expressed in these blog posts are those of the author and not of the Sun-Times News Group.”

    I should say! Especially considering the way Gregory Tejeda ripped the Sun-Times a new one in that blog post. 🙂

  66. OT …

    The links I knew that brought you to the Anthony discovery PDFs no longer work (2 different sites). I believe I saw the PDFs on Websleuths …

  67. NOWAY, thank you lots. by the way did you keep the one you have of the 400pages of casey. I hope so . cause maybe ya can link what you saved if you did . thanks

  68. Hello peeps

    Facs, you prodigious little poster you. Thanks for all the stuff.

    I don’t think Mr. Tajeda has been paying attention. I think he must have missed Mike and Juliet, too, if he thinks it’s boring.

    …which reminds me. I thought it was brilliant when Juliet asked Drew if he ever joked about Kathleen and Stacy’s death-and-disappearance. He replied gravely that he did never…far too serious subject …..

    now he “can’t” dismiss remarks on the tapes as jokes.

    I think Mr. Tajeda must have also missed Drew addressing the “cremation” remark as reported by Lenny and Paula…where he first wanted to have confirmation that it wasn’t recorded before denying he said it. Priceless TV.

    You’re a little bit awesome, too, Noway.


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