Your Thread – September 2

Here’s Tuesday’s folks. Hope everyone enjoyed the much-needed three-day weekend! Now, back to work as usual.

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79 thoughts on “Your Thread – September 2

  1. This sounds interesting:

    Kunati Books announced yesterday, via their website at, that a new book titled Drew Peterson Exposed is to be released soon.

    From Kunati’s site:

    Drew Peterson Exposed breaks explosive news in the case of the disappearance of Stacy

    Peterson and the death of Kathleen Savio. The contents are under embargo until October 1, 2008. The news will break exclusively with Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today show.

  2. “The contents are under embargo…”


    Was this published in another country which is attempting to punish the U.S. by withholding publication of the fabulous contents of this book?

    Way to push the metaphor envelope! My guess would be that it’smore likely that they are waiting for the Hosey book date to pass before their own release date.

    Interesting news though Rescue. I didn’t realize there was another book in the works. Why didn’t we write one?

  3. Oh silly me! This must be the book that Drew and Joel were trying to get Matt Phelps to write.

    Clever marketing to call it “Drew Peterson Exposed” when it’s actually all from Drew’s viewpoint.

    I’ll bet Selig wrote the press release. EMBARGO. Hahahahahaha.

  4. “Drew Peterson gave crime author and journalist Derek Armstrong hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews, in hopes his “full story” would be revealed. Peterson has not reviewed a copy of the book and commented by phone, “I won’t comment on this book until I see it. But I intend to be on the Today show to respond.””

    Oh, ewwww. The thought of them trying to pull it off as if this was an indipendent investigative effort with new information is making me feel a little nasuseaous.

    Feeling more barfy when I think how low they are going to make some money for Drew out of this situation.

    Seriously, puke city.

  5. Hi everyone

    Embargo is a term they use to mean that the press release is not for immediate publication….it’s not anything official, it’s just what the publicist chooses.

  6. Thanks bucket. I just asked the journalist boyfriend and he told me they do use it in publishing.

    I have no excuse for my ignorance on that one! Ummm..the dog sat on my head?

    And, Hi.

  7. That’s good, facs. Ha ha ha.

    Wonder if sitting under a dog could do anything for migraine. Or missing homework. LOL

  8. It had to go back for an ammendment veto. The form it was in would not have become law until 2009, so it was vetoed by the gov’s office and sent back to make the changes that would mean it would become law immediately it is signed by the gov. I hope someone else can tell you best guess for when that will be done, but I think it’s expected before the end of September.

  9. Kunati Inc. (Largo, Florida)
    Private Company, Headquarters Location
    6901 Bryan Dairy Rd., Ste. 150, Largo, FL, United States

    So, I’m assuming this was the reason for Drew’s Florida ‘vacation’.

  10. Isn’t that the hallmark of a great author – one who publishes their own work?

    Oh right, that’s the halllmark of authors who can’t get anyone else to publish their work.

    I knew it was something like that.

  11. Interesting when I went to that link … I was “logged in as Noway406” if I wanted to leave a message … guess it was a WordPress blog that’s why.

    Guess someone must have the right connections. LOL 😀

  12. Hey Facs! Yup, you think the reason for his recent trip to Florida had something to do with this “mysterious” book that’s coming out?

    Matt Lauer is going along with this? I’ve seen it all now!

  13. If I remember correctly, another reason that Phelps decided he didn’t want to write the book is because he wanted Drew to do a lie detector test first…and Drew wouldn’t agree to it.

  14. This was from Matt Phelps on June 30th:

    “Look, I’m not about to get into the minutia of what was said, what was not said, etc … but I can release snips of the conversation on audio if need be. Notice what Joel Brodsky doesn’t deny. Also, during the radio show I specifically said I was very interested in pursuing the Drew Peterson book idea. Didn’t mean I wasn’t feeling dirty about the conversation or the potential book. In fact, my agent and I spoke right after–and I talked to him about my feelings. If they want me to start releasing emails, well, I can do that, too. I never signed a confidentiality agreement with them. I spoke to Joel Brodsky a few days after this call and told him–pointblank–that I was having trouble and struggling with some issues involved with the book. I said my journalistic integrity was more important. Drew Peterson would not take a lie detector test for me. That was of great concern. Now, this is the last time I speak about this. I’m done. I’ve moved on. They have an author, or so I’ve been told.

  15. I’m writing an email to Matt Lauer because I cannot stand the possibility that he’s going to allow Drew Peterson to promote HIMSELF in this book. That’s just plain wrong.

  16. So he passed on the OJ book. Peterson must have made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    “This week, a “close friend” of O.J. Simpson offered Kunati—a publisher focused on “controversial and provocative books”—a tell-all book project: “O.J. told me that I was the only man he was comfortable enough to talk openly with. Web of Controversy will remove the public facade of O.J. Simpson.” Nice friend. More O.J. controversy. Will it sell? Almost certainly. ”

    Posted on Monday, February 11, 2008 at 06:55PM by Derek Armstrong

  17. The more I look at Derek Armstrong’s teaser about Drew Peterson Exposed,the more it seems that he’s doing what Matt Phelps didn’t want to do. Write a book solely from the point of view of Drew Peterson, looking to expose the “dish” on his ex-wife and his current wife, solely to make it look as though they’re not the victims, he is. It’s like reading what Matt Phelps said the tone of the book was to be in the eyes of Drew Peterson.

    And it looks like Selig got him on The Today Show to help everyone promote the book and make lots of money from two dead wives.

  18. facsmiley // September 2, 2008 at 9:23 am

    “Drew Peterson gave crime author and journalist Derek Armstrong hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews, in hopes his “full story” would be revealed. Peterson has not reviewed a copy of the book and commented by phone, “I won’t comment on this book until I see it. But I intend to be on the Today show to respond.””


    Question. Is it true that Drew wouldn’t get to review the book prior to it being sold? That is really strange as I’d imagine he’d have worked his blessing being a requirement for publication.

    I mean – what if Drew thinks that he got his side out in all of the interviews and the book is written in a manner that is not flattering to him or not showing things the way that Drwe thought it would. What will he do then?

    I still don’t get a lawyer letting his client keep opening his mouth and giving multiple statements about a case where he is the only suspect. Maybe I’m just crazy.

  19. The Kunati website calls it a, “true crime story with a major twist.”

    How much do you want to bet that the twist is that Stacy killed Kathleen?

  20. Think – Yeah, I can’t help but assume that the statement from Drew about not getting approval on the final draft of that book is BS.

    Of course, that’s not really what he said. He said that he hadn’t ‘reviewed a copy of the book’, and he probably hasn’t actually seen the store-ready book so technically he isn’t lying.

    Geez, it’s scary when you start thinking in Brodsky-ese.

  21. Hiya all

    Good grief. It sounds like a bunch of b*llocks. Drew not seen it? What’s the title? Are they expecting him to be in custody and safe from the mob when it’s revealed?

    His book is a good idea if DP and JB aren’t satisfied to have his lies recorded on audio and video but need them in print as well. Yawn.

    Titles, anyone?

    If She Did It

    I Went on Vacation to Florida and All I Got Was This Lousey Book

    Mein Kampf

  22. Code of silence can protect abusive police
    Will County group holds seminar on how to deal with domestic violence involving cops
    By Erika Slife | Chicago Tribune reporter
    September 3, 2008
    A woman abused by a police officer endures a life of secrecy and desperation, domestic violence experts say.

    She feels she can’t report the abuse to the police, because he is the police. She can’t hide in a shelter; he knows where they are. In court, it’s her word against that of a sworn officer.

    “It’s something that is just bubbling underneath the radar screen in this country, when it comes to police family violence,” said Margaret Moore, director of the National Center for Women and Policing.

    But when domestic violence cases involving police officers are propelled into the media glare—most prominently, in recent months, the allegations against former Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson, who denied them—experts believe that awareness can encourage lawmakers and police agencies to institute policies that help protect oft-hidden victims.

    Last week, the Family Violence Coordinating Council in Will County held a seminar for social workers and police on how to deal with domestic violence cases when the abusers are police officers. About 130 people attended the daylong workshop, which was closed to the media and public. It was the second time in two years the council held a seminar on the topic, said Shorewood Police Lt. Jeff Hanley, chairman of the council’s Legal Action Committee.

    Experts say education is key in tackling the issue. Law-enforcement policies on how to handle abuse by police officers differ from department to department, and an agency with more lax procedures could leave a victim with nowhere to turn.

    “What we’re trying to do—and I know most departments are trying to do—is take it out of the [responding] officers’ hands,” Hanley said. “Policy requires that a supervisor or officer of a higher rank answers the call. We go right up the food chain.”

    Putting the responsibility on a supervisor’s shoulders addresses two issues, advocates for domestic-violence victims say. It takes the pressure off the responding officer, typically a patrol officer, having to mediate a situation that could potentially cost a colleague his police job. It also removes the possibility of officers covering up for a buddy in the department.

    “That’s a big part of the police culture, the code of silence,” said Diane Wetendorf, author, advocate and consultant specializing in police-perpetrated domestic violence. “Some officers may have direct knowledge of what’s happening. Many of them have an idea of what’s going on and purposely ignore it or look another way.”

    Even if a woman’s complaint does get funneled through the legal system, advocates say, a victim may have to stand up to a higher level of skepticism from judges and prosecutors.

    “She has to prove everything that happened, because not everyone is going to take her word for everything they would in perhaps other situations,” said Cory Ryan, executive director of the Connection for Abused Women and their Children. “It becomes, ‘he said-she said,’ and the officer’s word is often given the benefit of the doubt.”

    Even if a victim does have her abuse allegations taken seriously by law enforcement, the consequences of her speaking up could be severe.

    For example, if the officer loses his job, she and their children could lose an income, health insurance benefits and a pension.

    “It’s the No. 1 thing. They don’t want these men to lose their jobs,” Wetendorf said. “That’s the problem with some policies. It has a chilling effect on reporting.”

    Experts say police departments should bear some responsibility if they recruit individuals prone to violence. There needs to be a better screening process or tests administered that would weed out future abusers, Hanley and Moore said.

    But they also recognize the difficulty in predicting who is prone to domestic violence.

    “You can only screen so far,” said Lansing Police Chief Dan McDevitt. “Every police department I’m aware of does psychological screening. I don’t know if there’s an instrument out there that can accurately predict the potential for domestic violence.”

    Copyright © 2008, Chicago Tribune


    Gee. Awareness, eh?
    Sounds like they’re already well aware.

    Police officers suspected of thieving/drunk driving?…let’s raise some awareness.

    I don’t mean to belittle the efforts of the campaigners, just so bitter that they must beg.
    Voters need to demand stringent policy to protect families/citizens from abusive cops.

  23. facsmiley // September 2, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    The Kunati website calls it a, “true crime story with a major twist.”

    How much do you want to bet that the twist is that Stacy killed Kathleen?

    Or cass, she is holding the gun in the picture in Hosey’s book.

  24. facsmiley // September 3, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    So to you does it look like the AR pre-modification?
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I identified what she’s holding as a “gun” … that is the extent of my expertise and weapons.


  25. I wonder…Can anything in the book be used against DP in a court of law ?

    That is of course if there is anything of that nature in the book.

    Afternoon all, Hope everyone is well.

  26. I don’t know, Wonder :-)wonderin’ how you are
    I’m good, just a bit wind-and-rain-lashed I feel for Noway. It’s distinctly autumn al here.

    It surprises me that either book exists. I think here there would be injunctions flying left right and centre, preventing the lot. I think police here would not have tolerated the baying crowd pounding on the Anthony’s door. (That was chilling) Calling them “protesters”, indeed. Don’t get me wrong, we cetainly see our share of press sieges and small mobs outside police stations, but I find allowing them to bellow and pound the door inexplicable. A discreet police cordon at a respecful distance seems civilised.

    Weird world. CNN online news page featuring the plight of thousands of Indians now stranded and destitute flood victims, also offered advice on how to manage your vacation during hurricane season.

  27. Hiya Bucket. I am doing wonderful . Sorry about Noway. I am not sure what your talking about with her though.

    I feel for all the hurricane victims. They will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    Yeah I am amazed that books have already been written. I bet several books could be written by anyone at this point if they just read some blogs that are out there. It is amazing the amount of information on the Internet about this case.

  28. 1wonder – I don’t think Derek Armstrong has had to work even that hard. If my assumption is correct he only wrote down what Drew dictated to him in their ‘hundreds of hours of interviews”. (Exaclty how long was he in Florida)?

    I’ll bet after the disclosure and taping snafu with Matt Phelps, he refused to be interviewed over the phone. Too big of a risk. I picture Drew sitting on the yacht, sipping an Aqua Velva and spinning his yarn for Derek…

  29. FBI is now helping in search for little Caylee.

    EquuSearch officials said Sgt. John Allen, the lead investigator in the Caylee Marie case, as well as FBI agents, have been helping volunteers today search for the missing girl. Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary is scheduled to meet with volunteers between 3 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

  30. Wonder-

    Noway was saying yesterday how cold it was in Montana. 🙂

    So sad, poor Caylee. From the reports, Facs, they’ve got just about everything including drones.

  31. Caylee – if only her mother would just summon up whatever is left inside her cold heart to finally tell someone what she did with the poor baby.

  32. Hey Bucket!! Yeah, it is hard to understand what’s going on in her head, but the worst thing of all, IMO, is her enablers – her mother, father and brother. She didn’t get to be the liar and thief she is overnight. She apparently got a pass from her family, didn’t she? When I watch her mother on tv telling people to quit listening to the cops and go out and look for a “live and breathing” Caylee, I wonder how she became so oblivious to what her daughter is capable of. Is it years of dealing with her and buying into her lies, or is it she’s just so distraught over the fact that her daughter killed Caylee, that she’s not focusing on the truth?

  33. Yes, rescue. I imagine her poor mother knows that her dear little thing is gone, but facing that can make you crazy when you don’t know for absolutely sure.

    About enabling….I know someone who tells lies all the time, can’t hold down a job, falls out with everyone. No substance abuse. He’s always been like that. His family long ago gave up. Self preservation, I think, not enabling. It might depend upon whether you think narcissists are born or made by enabling parents or similar.

    If anyone has any tips on how to deal with a narcissist in the family, I would be happy to pass along.

  34. CADAVER DOG JUST HIT ON SOMETHING BY AIRPORT…more to follow coming up on the news. Will keep you posted. channel 9 WFTV is reporting a cadaver hit out on Boggy Creek rd south of the airport. The cadaver k9 is the independent owned by the Bodyhunters. OSCO is bringing theirs in.

  35. This is from the Kunati blurb about Derek Armstrong:

    “Drew Peterson gave crime author and journalist Derek Armstrong hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews, in hopes his “full story” would be revealed.”

    Crime author and journalist? Even on his author bio from the same site, there are no claims to being a crime author nor a journalist. WTF?

    Best known for historical thrillers and mystery thrillers, Derek Armstrong is also a screenwriter, publisher and well-known marketing guru. His defining signature style was described by Booklist as “brilliance in which Armstrong blends comedy, parody, and adventure in genuinely innovative ways.” Armstrong is the creator of Alban Bane, featured in the Alban Bane thrillers The Game and MADicine, a character affectionately compared by critics to House M.D., the TV character. He is the author of the popular Song of Montségur historical trilogy, including The Last Troubadour and The Last Quest. He is also author of two non-fiction titles: Blogertize—A Leading Expert Shows How Your Blog Can Be A Money-Making Machine and The Persona Principle: How to Succeed in Business with Image-Marketing. Forthcoming in 2009 is a breakthrough Harry Potter competitor: Magick Inc.”

  36. Chloroform found in Casey Anthony’s trunk
    5:31 p.m. Preliminary results from the FBI lab show that chloroform – a type of chemical capable of putting someone to sleep – was found in the back of Casey Anthony’s car, a source said.

    Its role in the Caylee’s disappearance is not clear. However, there is evidence showing that Casey Anthony may have been researching the chemical on the internet, sources said.

    Chloroform has been depicted in movies and television shows when a person uses a rag soaked in the liquid to cover the mouth and nose of another, making them lose consciousness.

    A person can die if too much of the chemical is inhaled.

    According to numerous Web sites, chloroform can form when chlorine comes in contact with skin, sweat or urine.,0,7110266.story

  37. Thanks Lavonda,

    Is this just breaking news? Do you have a link? Also, I wonder if this is by the Hidden Lakes Crematory off of Boughton Rd.

  38. Here is what is at the News Site:

    WFTV-Channel 6 started its 6 p.m. news with by mentioning that a cadaver dog had alerted in an area near the airport. As the newscast ended, WFTV offered a bit of home video from the spot and promised more details at 11.

  39. I wonder…Is there a way to say if it came from things mixing together , or if it was from a bottle to begin with. Hmmmmm

  40. Better way to phrase.

    Is there a way to determine if it came from chemicals etc mixing or if it came from a bottle?

  41. No worries about me and snow … today was 70 degrees and is currently 59. Winter was just a threat … but there is snow in the higher elevations from me.

    Wonder if Casey gave Caylee too much chloroforum.

    Maybe it was a fake kidnapping gone bad?

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