Your Thread – September 9

Happy Tuesday!

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24 thoughts on “Your Thread – September 9

  1. Happy Tuesday All

    Maybe today there will be some peace and resolution in Florida and Illinois.

    Is it tomorrow Len is due in court? I suppose there are some continuations to be had if need be…

    I google -imaged Judge Schoenstadt (sp?) to
    see what he looked like and up came a picture of JB in a hat looking like an extra from The Untouchables (where IS Eliott Ness when you need him?)

  2. I wonder…….Anyone else think it might be weird if this GJ Thursday is the day. With the date and all. Morning Bucket how are you today ? Sure has been quiet lately. Makes me wonder..naturally…lol

  3. Hiya Wonder! Thanks, I’m good. Hope you are ,too.
    Yeah, really really quiet. spooky. and sad. JB will be busy and having to be serious. I think it was their habit to make a fuss Wed/Thurs to add his so-called white noise to any reporting around the GJ. I wonder 😉 as well if the penny has dropped and he finally sees that everything they try on is roundly derided.

    I can’t remember…Have JB and DP been notitfied of the LenandPaulawire? 90 days they have, I think. I prefer to think that there was more than one operation on the same warrant, and as another is still running, they don’t have to notify until it’s all done. You see, this is what happens when it’s quiet. I can’t help following everything to its illogical conclusion….LOL.

    Similarly, I rather hope that arrest is seeming to take so long because they’re going to throw the book at him in the old fashioned way and are preparing to “do” him for everything….fraud, forgery, murder, witness intimidation, and every tiny infraction associated with, for instance, his stalking behaviour (telecommunications misdemeanors and all). Everything.

    Oh. And murder.

  4. Hello all. I’m trying to figure out if Team Drew is happy or sad that Team Casey and the presidential election has taking over the spotlight on the news.

    I really don’t mean to be a pessimist here – but I wouldn’t put any money on any bets that an arrest regarding Stacy or Kathleen is coming any time soon. Just my gut feeling there.

    I mean – look at some of the evidence that they say they have on Casey Anthony and she hasn’t been charged with murdering Caylee yet. The prosecution doesn’t jump into charging people with murder unless they believe they have a rock solid case.

  5. Hiya Think!

    I see what you mean. Many investigations go on longer than this. I’m good for doing it right.

    Team DP are going to be very busy with gun stuff, and eventually (can anyone think of any dates for?) Kathleen Savio’s estate matters. V. dodgy apparent mischief there. Yep, very busy.

  6. “The prosecution doesn’t jump into charging people with murder unless they believe they have a rock solid case.”


    A body. That’s key.

    As far as Kathleen Savio’s murder…………it’s hard to imagine that by now, considering the Grand Jury witnesses and the “tapes” that he is still on the street.

  7. Lenny’s court date is tomorrow.

    So much for his reassurance that Drew would be arrested by the time his court date came around.

  8. I wonder….If they are taking their time ( while hoping for the body of SP to be found ) so they don’t have to turn over any discovery to the defense and they might as well wait until the GJ finishes. One theory anyway.

  9. bucketoftea // September 9, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    Hiya Wonder! Thanks, I’m good. Hope you are ,too.


    I am “Wonderful” thanks ! 🙂

  10. Snipped from page 216 of the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS section of :
    The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson
    By Joseph Hosey

    “Sharon Bychowski helped me understand Stacy Peterson. Her concern concern for her and determination to not let hger missing friend be forgotten is truly admirable. Thank you, Sharon, for helping me bring Stacy’s story to readers. Candace Aiken and Roy Taylor also helped me fill in the blanks.

    I am deeply indebted to the family of Kathleen Savio for their willinginess to revisit the painful memories in the interest of getting the story right. Anna Marie Doman, Charlie Doman and Melissa Doman: thank you all so much for your time and for your insights.

    Bolingbrook Police Chief Ray McGury- thank you for your time and your trust.

    To the police and other officials who helped point me in the right direction and shared their knowledge, even when they were forbidden to, I can’t thank you by name, but you know who you are. So thank you. The same goes for the ones from the other side of the law who took the time to explain their views of events. You know who you are. I am equally grateful.”


    “Finally I must acknowledge Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio. Although you are not here to tell your story, I hope I have done you justice.”

  11. Hi,

    He did it, hi, it’s Windy City…..Yes, Joe Hosey is right on this one….. Sharon, Roy, Candice, Ray Mcgury and my beautiful hero herself, Stacy’s loving sister, Cassandra. I love that woman like no tomorrow……..thanks to all of the people who are the best, who took the time to make life matter and who mattered in it….Love you, and wink, wink to the garden girls!

  12. Hey, applealley/Wicndy City!

    I thought it was appropiriate and important that everyone should see those specific acknowledgements, because I’m sure not everyone has had an opportunity to purchase or read the book.

    I say all of the above are heroes myself and of course anyone that has given of themselves in whatever manner possible.

  13. Most of the time I just lurk here…( some smart, funny and thought provoking stuff ) Anyway, so close to the anniversary of Stacy coming up…cough and ahem…missing. Hope there’s some movement soon.

    Praying for justice for both Kathleen and Stacy!


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